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Chapter 531: Violet Thunderhawk

Chapter 531: Violet Thunderhawk

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After the greaves were Identified, the stats had been increased. Vitality, 1,270. Strength and Dexterity 601, and 2,500 max HP bonus. 5% damage boost and 512 damage absorption. However, the Gemstone that Zhang Yang had socketed in were Strength Gemstones to increase his attack instead of defense. Hence, the increment of his HP limit was not as drastic.

As of then, with the bonus of Vitality Aura, Zhang Yang’s max HP was 134,520, 3,211 Strength, 24,547 – 28,147 melee attack, 2,480 Defense, and 2,886 damage absorption. Overall, his stats were equally balanced for attack and defense.

Along the route in search of the Violet Thunderhawk, Zhang Yang had been drawing in monsters unintentionally. In Level 130 or Level 140 maps, the monsters he faced pose no imminent threat to Zhang Yang. On the other hand, when Zhang Yang stepped into the Isaac Hills, his Rage gauge had started to charge up. He had been forced into a battle. Immediately, Zhang Yang turned his head around to search and after 2 seconds, he saw a black little dot in the sky that was heading towards him. It was a huge two headed vulture.

[Twin Head Corpse Eater] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 160

HP: 87,040

Defense: 4,260

Attack Power: 16,566 – 20,566

Skills: ???

What a ferocious beast! The twin headed vulture was still a few hundred meters away from him, yet Zhang Yang was already in its aggro range. In maps of high-level monsters, lower level players had not hopes of hiding at all!

That aside, the monster’s stats were too strong for a normal tier monster. The stats alone could rival that of a player equipped with Violet-Platinum equipment. That being said, that was also the recommended gear for players to enter this map.

As mentioned before, the monster’s difficulty increment was normal. In Level 180 maps, Holy tiered boss were considered to be the strong bosses whereas Ethereal tier boss were only mini-bosses. A small guild with a minimal number of strong players could defeat it. In accordance to that, a Mythical boss would be nothing but scrap then, only if they were of the same Level. Hence, a normal tier monster being as powerful as a player with a full set of Violet-Platinum gears was nothing to be surprised about.

The most important aspect was that Zhang Yang was only Level 105. Half of his gears were Violet-Platinum, and four of them was of Mythical tier. Generally speaking, Zhang Yang was already on par with the normal tier monster of that map. However, since the level gap was too great, Zhang Yang was at great disadvantage.

With a deafening shriek, the vulture zoomed through the air space and bit the flying serpent’s neck. In his mounted state, attacking the serpent would mean attacking Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang raised his shield up and blocked an incoming claw attack.


The metal plate vibrated violently and forcefully knocked Zhang Yang 7 to 8 meters back. Zhang Yang was fast. As he was reeling back, he hurled his hammer and managed to land a hit before breaking apart from the enemy.


Not bad. For such a large level gap, Zhang Yang could still deal more than 10,000 damage. It was due to the bonus 50% damage of the God of War Inheritance. Or else, his attack would have been reduced by 10% or even 30%.

"KAW!" The vulture took the hit and let out a high-pitched screech. In response to the attack, the vulture spewed out a cloud of black, putrid gas that made the flying serpent to feel nauseous. It had even wavered a little in the air, as if it was going to fall down!


Zhang Yang took the damage, frowning suspiciously. It was too high to feel right and he quickly checked the battle log. The attack was a skill called [Putrid Breath] that deals 20,000 fixed Shadow damage. However, since the level gap suppression was in effect, the damage that was dealt to Zhang Yang had been tripled, hence, the staggering 40,000 damage.

Zhang Yang had expected the amplified damage, but what he had not expected was the instant cast time of the skill. If a skill could lock onto a target and could be cast instantly, the chance to dodge it is practically zero.

Zhang Yang started to feel a little scared. If a normal monster was already that strong, what of the elites or the boss?

Argh. When that happens, he will find a way to deal with it. Now that the monster is here and ready, might as well just get over with it. Zhang Yang counterattacked and won the fight after using {Shield Wall}. When the vulture died, the loot appeared in midair and plummeted to the ground. Zhang Yang had no intentions of flying down just a for a normal monster’s drop and had Whitey Jr. fly higher, instead.

Unfortunately, the flying serpent was not able to fly too high. There was a certain limit to it which, highly depended on its tier. If the flying mount was a giant dragon, or a phoenix, it would be a whole new world for his flight experience. Higher tiered flying mounts could fly as long as they wanted to. The flying serpent was only a Yellow-Gold flying mount, hence, the distance of which it could fly, and the duration was greatly affected. As such, Zhang Yang was unable to dodge and avoid fighting all monsters that came after him. Occasionally, Zhang Yang would have to rely on {Shield Wall} to fight one normal tier monster.

{Shield Wall}. To fight a normal monster. Anyone would laugh at that!

Zhang Yang laughed at his own actions. Still, it would be suicidal for lower leveled players to enter this place. Zhang Yang knew the location of the Thunderhawk, that was why he had dared to enter this Level 180 map in the first place!

After killing his way forward, Zhang Yang had finally arrived at the forest that he remembered from his past life and found the sky scraping tree.

Zhang Yang was extremely fond of this place, which explained why he could remember it so clearly. Due to Zhang Yang’s late participation in the game, Zhang Yang had only managed to catch himself Green-Copper tier or Gray-Silver tier mounts. It was unavoidable since higher tier mounts were only available in small amounts for players to haul. After mounts were tamed, they would never spawn again. Even if they do, the tiers would drop. It was similar to that of a boss’ drop. Killing it multiple times would reduce the drop rate and the item grade.

For example, Zhang Yang’s Gold Eared Bear King. When Zhang Yang first caught it, it was a Yellow-Gold tier, if a second Bear King appeared in the map, it would be a Gray-Silver tier. That was why it is hard to obtain a high tier mounts. Besides equipment, the second most important aspect of all online games would be a player’s level. When you have the level advantage, you can be a few steps ahead of other players and obtain many perks such as the boss’ first kill, or a dungeon’s First Clear Achievements, and not to mention, the high tier mounts!

In his previous life, the information about the Thunderhawk mount being in his forest was known by many, besides Zhang Yang. Back then, Zhang Yang had to guard the place for more than a month to make sure he obtains the mount. Even though he had succeeded in obtaining the mount, it was an arduous experience that had left him exhausted. Things were so much easier now that Zhang Yang was alone! There was no one there to fight over the mount! Hence, the only threat that he would need to take care of was the parent of the baby Thunderhawk. King of the forest, the Mythical tier boss, King of the Violet Thunderhawk.

Even though Mythical tier boss was considered to be a scrapper in this map, Zhang Yang was barely on par with it! After setting and planning the battle strategy, Zhang Yang patted Felice’s head and asked, "Are you ready, Felice?"

"Leave it to me, big brother! Felice will make sure that she does her job!" said Felice as she thumped her chest proudly like a knight pledging her loyalty. Zhang Yang was at ease, but he was a little worried that her super strength might ram her chest inwards and ruin her growth.

Zhang Yang’s plan was to descend down with Felice and have her to lure the boss away. With her skill {Absolute Defense}, she could at least hold on for 2 minutes which would allow Zhang Yang to tame the baby hawk.

"Let’s go!"

Zhang Yang pulled the reins of the flying serpent and shot down towards the sky scraping tree. Zhang Yang had been too high in the sky and could not properly identify the exact location of the nest. As he got closer to the ground, Zhang Yang could see the nest, along with a large, blue color giant hawk that rested in it. The feathers of the bird were radiating with the blue color of electricity!

[Violet Thunderhawk King] (Mythical, Beast)

Level: 170

HP: ???

Defense: ???

Attack Power: ???

Skills: ???

Due to the large level gap between them, Zhang Yang could only see the boss’ level, whereas the other attributes were hidden away with three question marks. However, that information was not necessary, since he was not there to defeat it!

The boss noticed Zhang Yang’s presence the moment when he could see the nest. The aggro range was almost the same as Zhang Yang’s line of sight! The hawk spread its wings and shot into the sky. The sheer force of its lift-off tore fresh green leaves off the tree branches around!

Felice shot down in her human form and morphed into her Dragonhawk form while midair. When she was in the attack range, she immediately blasted off a {Fire Missile} and struck the boss with only 2,342 damage. The girl would then shot down to the ground and morphed back to her human form to activate the skill {Absolute Defense}.

While the boss was preoccupied with Felice, Zhang Yang was completely left at peace. The boss then closed its wings and descended to the ground to chase after Felice. Taking the chance, Zhang Yang flew to the nest and activated {Shadow of the Void} to leave the battle mode. Quickly, he dispelled the invisible effect and landed on the nest with the [Sealing Lease] in his hands. The reason he had entered the {Shadow of the Void} was because a player could not seal a monster during battle!

The tiny little bird, roughly the size of Zhang Yang’s palm was just sitting right in the middle of the nest. The cute little bird could barely stand up, and the way it blinked its eyes lid was as cute as he remembered in his previous life. If Wei Yan Er was there, she would surely be competing with Zhang Yang for the bird.

With time quickly running out, Zhang Yang hastily used the lease on the Juvenile Violet Thunderhawk.

1%...2%...3%...45%...Pak! Failed.

One more.



Fortunately, the little bird was in the nest of a boss. Hence, with the boss’ powerful influence around the area, there were no monsters around to disturb Zhang Yang in the middle of his sealing. Furthermore, Thunderhawks or hawks themselves were a species that are proud and non-sociable. Even during mating, they would only come upon each other for a moment, and part on to their own ways.

Hence, even if Zhang Yang was a 10,000 watt super light bulb, no monster would be able to pick up his aggro. As for the Thunderhawk boss itself, it could not even see that Zhang Yang was pillaging its nest and abducting its offspring since Felice was doing a wonderful job of kiting it away.




Zhang Yang grinned happily. In his previous life, he had owned a Thunderhawk. In this life, he had managed to own one as well! The only difference was the timing of when he got it!

Zhang Yang quickly tore a [Teleportation Scroll] up. During the teleportation process, Zhang Yang unsummoned Felice back into his inventory and disappeared without a trace.


Zhang Yang appeared in Morning Town, a big smile plastered on his face.