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Chapter 533: The Empire Helps Back

Chapter 533: The Empire Helps Back

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Zhang Yang had never planned to own Winst Castle forever, but he had never wanted to lose it so soon either! However still, the end must come. By hook or by crook, Zhang Yang would never allow the China Territory be lost! He would never allow the joke of the Japan-Korea region to be rebounded back at them!

Naturally, the first guildmasters he contacted were Snow Seeker, Sky Shaman, and Greensleeve Prince. In truth, there was no need for him to explain the situation. They had spies planted in Lone Desert Smoke. Luckily, all the guildmasters that he had contacted shared the same view as Zhang Yang. Without asking, they had all agreed to lend their members to Lone Desert Smoke. It was a gesture that any guild, friendly or otherwise would do, since it was a matter of national pride.

Not sooner after, Zhang Yang even received a private message from One Sword Stroke. Once Zhang Yang picked up the message, the first few lines were rather cross accusations on how One Sword Stroke believed that Zhang Yang was looking down on him. One Sword Stroke explained that he was not the kind of man who would still hold grudges and refuse to help his one nemesis to defend the nation. He was no traitor and would never allow the real enemy to strike their land without doing anything. Promptly, One Sword Stroke sent over 1,500 strong members to help Lone Desert Smoke.

The news spread out like wildfire. Forums had posts and topics about the war. Almost all Chinese players were enraged and invigorated. Even so, close to 90% of all players were still under-leveled, and since the manner of the war was between two guilds, even if they wanted to, they could not help out. They could only cheer their compatriots on.

During the preparation phase, Zhang Yang had even received supports from guilds that he had never heard of before. Even though the guilds were not big or strong, each guild would have a fair bit of Level 100 players. The guildmasters had kindly offered their help to Zhang Yang and offered all their eligible members to help out in the upcoming war.

As such, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream were as busy as bees. First, they would need to arrange a large number of under-leveled players to temporarily leave the guild to make space for the incoming reinforcement. This process was exceptionally complicated since it involved more than 20,000 members. Once a member leaves the guild, the amassed guild Contribution points will be reset. Hence, the number must be jotted down in order to reimburse them when they return.

After a short period of time, Lone Desert Smoke was now an army of mercenaries. The guild consisted of 40,000 players from all corners of China. Naturally, there would be enemies among them, and minor arguments broke out. Some had even crossed swords and killed each other. Hundred Shots had treated the conflict as menial matter. Since the players who had entered were only on a temporary basis, Hundred Shots had only given some courteous words. It would be their choice to listen or not.

When it comes to defending Morning Town, everyone was fired up and willing to put their lives on the front lines. However, when it comes to defending Winst Castle, only a tiny fraction of them was willing to fight. A majority of the players had insisted on fighting in Morning Town. Their reason being that with 40,000 players, they could at least guarantee victory on one front.

So far, Lone Desert Smoke was the only Level 4 guild with a maximum capacity of 40,000 players. They would have the upper hand in defensive fights. If they fully focused on defense, it would be a 100% sure win rate. If they were to still lose the war, it would be better for the game if all 40,00 of them just deleted their accounts and went to sleep.

Zhang Yang sighed. The defenders were all volunteers, he had no say in the matter.

In the end, Zhang Yang decided. He would take care of Winst Castle alone!

With the God of War Transformation, Zhang Yang would have 12,400 Defense, 90% magic nullification rate, 20% permanent passive damage reduction, and 20% active damage reduction. There had to be fewer than 100 players who could hurt him much!

Even so, he still had 2,886 damage absorption skill! The only threat to him were players who had similar Transformation Inheritances. Besides that, his HP would be 5,380,800 and he had a means of restoring his health completely every 30 minutes. Defending for 2 hours would not be a problem, but the war will last for 3 hours. What could he do in the final hours?

Even though the God of War Transformation would give him a massive boost of attack, it was only 500%, not 5000%, and surely not 50000%. Players are not monsters and would not stand closely to each other to take the {Crushing Strike} like idiots. It would be a challenge for him to kill 30,000 players within 2 hours…

Perhaps, it is time to use the Forbidden Scroll?

[Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday] (Usable)

Use: Creates a 5km field from the center of the caster and deals 10% of maximum HP as damage to all targets within the field. Maximum damage dealt per target is 100,000. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Level Requirement: 100

Zhang Yang could kill 99% of all players with this scroll easily. With God of War Transformation, he could easily kill all players! SOLO!

It was settled then. Might as well be flashy for once and create a legend!

Even though the Forbidden Scroll was a rare item, it would be a worthless scrap of paper if it not used. Right then, Zhang Yang had the confidence of obtaining the second, the third, or even more Forbidden Scrolls! It would not be a waste to use it on the Japs and Koks!

Zhang Yang steeled his decision to defend Winst Castle alone, and surprise the world with his feat!

The first Forbidden Scroll could be said to be the same as a nuke. It’s high time to let the world know that in ‘God’s Miracle’, such a weapon of mass destruction exists! The best part was that no one knew about Zhang Yang having such a weapon. After the war, those who would want to launch an attack on Lone Desert Smoke would have to think thrice before doing so.

Hmm. The Japs had taken a nuke to their nation once before. This time, in the game, Zhang Yang will drop another nuke on them! Let them experience losing one more time!

Thud thud thud…

From afar, the sound of marching footsteps could be heard. An extremely large horse come to Zhang Yang. The rider pulled the reins right in front of Zhang Yang, almost trampling him.

The horse calmed down, and a knight came down. The knight’s armor was big and bulky. It gave off a light greenish hue which reflected most of the light, making him look like a beacon of hope. The knight opened raised his helmet’s visor and spoke boldly. "My name is Rockovich. I am here in the name of Queen Serena to expand Her Majesty’s Empire. In accordance to Her Majesty’s will, I am here to lead an expedition to open a pathway to the Chaos Realm!"

[Rockovich, The General of White Jade Empire] (Mythical, Humanoid)

Level: 120

HP: 100,000,000

Defense: 5,200

Melee Attack: 19,410 – 23,410

Skills: NIL.

After Serena had conquered all eight kingdoms in China’s region, her had ascended to be the Queen of the Union, and had White Jade Kingdom become White Jade Empire. Zhang Yang had earlier known that the Queen would invade Chaos Realm, but he had not expected the army to arrive so quickly.

More importantly, why is this Rockovich here in Morning Town? And that HP. Surely he was not a random Mythical tier boss. Could he be an important character for a quest?

"General, why are you here?" asked Zhang Yang straightforwardly.

"As I said, opening a pathway to the Chaos Realm requires a land. The Queen had spoken highly of you and your deeds to the once King of White Jade. You have put your life on the line on more than one occasion! I will have 200,000 soldiers of the empire to rest and camp here for a few days before the Queen herself sets foot here!" said Rockovich boldly.

Zhang Yang widened his eyes. "You want to have your soldiers camp here?"

"Does it offend you? Would you assist the Empire no more?" said Rockovich, with a penance stare.

Felice was infuriated. The lance in her hand was ready to thrust out anytime to knock the man’s helm off. Zhang Yang immediately held her shoulders and pulled her back calmly. He was not afraid of Rockovich. Perhaps…

"General. I am more than willing to help. But Morning Town is operating at peak capacity. I am afraid that I cannot provide enough room for your troops. It would be an inconvenience to the army itself. May I suggest that you occupy my other land? Winst Castle. Both lands have Teleportation Circles that are linked to each other."

Rockovich nodded his head. "Very well. Off to Winst Castle then."

Zhang Yang interjected quickly and said, "I’m glad to be of service. However so, General. Winst Castle has been under constant attack by the savages who live nearby the castle. It might be some danger for---"

"Danger? I am here to lead the army to a greater cause. Be it a berserking demon or the evil Spectre, I shall exterminate them easily. What of savages? They mean nothing to me!" said Rockovich proudly.

Hehehe! That’s the right attitude! Just wait and see!

Zhang Yang was beside himself with happiness. Even though the Territorial Conquest War was between two guilds and other players may not interfere, it was not limited to NPCs! Zhang Yang had taken this chance to make use of the expedition army as his own troops that would not be kicked out of the war zone!

When the guild Sakura no Nagare Mae attacks, they would be surprised to see 200,000 NPC army occupying the castle! Zhang Yang could not wait to see the faces of the Japanese punks when that happens!

Such excitement!

Rockovich stood atop his horse, towering over everyone else, and commanded the army to use the Teleportation Point to travel to Winst Castle. Although the process of it could be seen by the players around, it was rather subtle and did not raise much attention. With haste, all 200,000 soldiers were teleported away. Everyone looked like hungry wolves that were forced to retract their claws and strike at the vital moment.

The news about him obtaining an NPC army was kept a secret among the Lone Desert Smoke higher administrators like Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream. China was a large country, there could be a chance that a traitor was already amongst them. It would be a waste if the enemy obtains news about the NPC army.

One day passed quickly and Lone Desert Smoke had gathered and prepared all of their 40,000 players. More accurately, there were only 39,999 of them in Morning Town. When E.E guild attacks, Zhang Yang would be in Winst Castle alone to welcome the players of Sakura no Nagare Mae!

E.E guild was the Korean’s strongest guild while Sakura no Nagare Mae was Japan’s. It was not revealed as to how the two nations decided on the attack formation. Zhang Yang only knew that the Korean guild only had professional Korean players while the Japanese guild had theirs.