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Chapter 534: 1 vs 30,000 (1)

Chapter 534: 1 vs 30,000 (1)

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Naturally, Morning Town was filled with players of the highest capabilities. Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Snow Seeker, and even One Sword Stroke himself was present. Additionally, Zhang Yang had even given Sun Xin Yu the Forbidden Scroll just in case. If they were to lose the Territory, Zhang Yang would be at loss for words.

Hence, there was nothing for him to worry about, while standing alone in the middle of Winst Castle!


‘Ding! The Territory Conquest War has started!’

As the notification rang, all non-Lone Desert Smoke players were teleported 10km away. On the other hand, players of E.E guild and Sakura no Nagare Mae were lined up neatly, 2km outside their target Territories.

Through the new battle UI, Zhang Yang could check out the forces of both army.

Morning Town: Attacker: E.E. Player Count: 30,000 Defender: Lone Desert Smoke. Player Count 39,999.

The guildmaster of E.E was extremely disappointed when he saw the differences in between the player counts.

Korea and Japan have fought among themselves for the right to choose their attack target. E.E was able to defeat all the other guilds in Korea but had unfortunately lost to Sakura no Nagare Mae. If he had been able to choose, he would want to attack Winst Castle instead of Morning Town, because that Territory was of the Japan-Korea territory. It was their pride. If they could win the war, their guilds would be award with the territory ownership, not to mention the honor and fame that comes from defeating the invaders.

Morning Town, on the other hands, was nothing but a small pile of chocolate sprinkles on top of a chocolate ice-cream. The honor of defeating Morning Town would never be on the same level of the honor of reclaiming Winst Castle. It could not be helped. Sakura no Nagare Mae was indeed stronger than E.E..

Hence, the only hope left for Hangugui Gugwang was for Zhang Yang to be stupid enough, or rather, greedy enough to protect both sides. He would need to divide 40,000 into two separate forces to defend both sides. In that case, with his 30,000 players in his guild, he could trample over 20,000 players with relative ease. However, the hope was crushed when he saw that the defending number of players was as high as 39,999. Even though he thought that Korean players were superior gamers, and were capable of fighting greater numbers, since the defenders had the terrain advantage, it might be too much to ask for.

"Tsk. Those Japs dogs have beaten us to it!" Hangugui Gugwang clicked his tongue in annoyance. There were 39,999 players here in Morning Town, that meant that there would be only 1 Lone Desert Smoke member there in the Winst Castle. Victory would be theirs even if they were to only bring 300 players!

"What a shameless bunch of Chinese swines!" cried Hangugui Gugwang as he displaced the blame on China. Hangugui Gugwang blamed Lone Desert Smoke for not daring to defend both territory, which had place Hangugui Gugwang in such a disadvantageous position.

With the war of nations looming, countless of players had already turned on their in-game recordings to record the scenery of the war. Right then, it would be too late for Hangugui Gugwang to retreat. With a gallant roar, Hangugui Gugwang laid down the attack order. Even if they had 39,999 players, what if they were truly cheap Chinese ‘products’?

On the other side of the war zone, Amaou Kuyoshi was happy as f*ck!

Winst Castle: Attacker, Sakura no Nagare Mae. Player Count, 30,000 Defender: Lone Desert Smoke. Player Count, 1.


Just one.

No one moved from their original spot as they laughed till their stomachs hurt. Just one man, trying to take on 30,000 players! Even when everyone had their guards heighten to its maximum, they could not help but relax instantly. It’s 1 vs 30,000! How could they not win?! And why would they need to even put up a fight? If they would still need to take it seriously, it would be useless!

No one in the great empire of Japan is useless!

Amaou Kuyoshi laughed and said, "Fellow mates! The Chines swine have returned to their pig sty and cowered behind it! Hah! Shall we take the offering they have left for us? Hah! Remember to thank the Korean dogs for their unrelenting spirits!"

The mocking laughter continued on amongst the members of Sakura no Nagare Mae.

"Kill! Kill till your heart content!" cried Amaou Kuyoshi. He was a Sniper class player and wielded a longbow. With an intense glare, he cried out, "The NPCs inside the castle were meant to serve us, the citizens of the great empire of Japan, and yet they had betrayed their loyalty and served a Chinese swine! Such an act shan’t go unpunished! Kill them all! Kill every NPC in the castle! The great empire of Japan has no need of these spineless weeds!"



All 30,000 players roared and charged into the castle doors like ants. There was only one defending player in the castle. There was no need to use the Trebuchets to destroy the magic cannons and the castle walls!

It was without a doubt, the easiest war anyone has ever fought. Or so they thought. If they had still lost the fight despite having only one defender, they would have to conduct sepukku to end their shame.

"Hmph. What a noisy bunch," said Zhang Yang as he covered his eyes. The roaring players were indeed greater than the roar of a single dragon. Zhang Yang watched as the attacking army approached the castle wall. With a sinister smile on his face, Zhang Yang walked to one of the magic cannons and loaded it with an Energy Crystal. Zhang Yang mounted the cannon and fired the first blast on the spot with the highest concentration of players.


A bright ray blasted off and created a large crater in the middle of the battlefield. At least more than 100 players had been vaporized by the attack. The magic cannon could deal a fixed amount of 200,000 Chaos Damage, and at that current stage, no player could take the hit without relying on skills.

Hell yeah!

Since he had the army in the castle as his trump card, he could use the cannons alone and the attackers would be held at bay. However, attacking is always much more enjoyable than defending! Plus, blasting those Japanese buggers up, up, and away is better than going into the field and killing them himself.

One blast costs 100,000 gold coins? So? Money is not a problem bro~


Zhang Yang did not hold back. In just one session of blasting, Zhang Yang had used up the Energy Crystals. Even the magic cannon was rendered useless after 10 shots. Zhang Yang shrugged and move on to the next cannon. After blasting till he was content, Zhang Yang moved on to the second cannon and blasted till it was rendered useless as well. Zhang Yang had a total of three cannons! No problem!


The magic cannons blasted mercilessly. With each blast covering 30 x 30 meters and causing damage as high as 200,000 Chaos Damage, it was an unrivaled killing machine! After all 30 shots was fired, the Sakura no Nagare Mae guild had lost 1,821 players!

The japs were not stupid monsters. No one would be stupid enough to cluster together and die. After the first few initial shots, many of them had scattered all over the field. Zhang Yang had only managed to kill close to more than 10 persons per shot.

With a flying mount, 2km was nothing but a short distance that could be reached within the blink of an eye. A few of the players had flying mounts and had made it close to the castle wall! Zhang Yang grunted and mounted on the Thunderhawk. With a flash of blue light, the Thuderhawk soared to the sky at the speed of lightning!


As expected of a high tier flying mount! Not only was its battle prowess commendable, its flying speed was truly something to behold. Zhang Yang had shot to within 30 meters of a Spellcaster and before he could react, Zhang Yang shot a {Spear of Obliteration}.

‘-27, 650!’

The player had taken the damage and before he could even gasp, the Thunderhawk had reached within the target’s melee attack range. Zhang Yang raised his Heaven’s Shaker and smashed the Spellcaster’s head.


Two hits were all it took to reduce the Spellcaster’s HP by half. Even though he could not examine the opponent’s stats, he could judge its maximum HP and stats by accounting the damage he received and the percentage of HP its dropped. With quick calculations, Zhang Yang estimated that the Spellcaster’s HP was at least 90,000.

After Zhang Yang had laid down the second hit, the Thunderhawk has activated {Shatterpoint Weakness} and {Madness}. Its original {Thunder Ball} 2 seconds casting time was shortened down to only 1.3 seconds, and its attack power was increased to 50%!


A ball of cracking electricity blasted off the beak of the hawk and hit the Spellcaster.


Just as Spellcaster was about to turn tails and run, Felice’s {Fire Missile} appeared behind the {Thunder Ball} and dealt more than 20,000 damage, instantly removing his head from his shoulders.

"Now, that’s what I’m talking about!" cried Zhang Yang with satisfaction. He led the hawk and rushed to a group of players. From the attack before, Zhang Yang’s Rage gauge was already filled up. All he needs to do now is to vent all the Rage on them!

{Horizontal Sweep}! {Destructive Smash}! {Frost Strike}! {Force Strike}

Like a true God of War, Zhang Yang kept on swinging his hammer about, each swing drawing fresh splotches of blood. With the Thunderhawk and Felice together, Zhang Yang’s presence was made even more frightening. Players that were on their flying mounts were limited to a few skills and could not simply escape Zhang Yang’s death grip.

The players that were flying in the sky were all turned into punching bags and fell down to the ground, their corpses dismembered.

"It’s Zhan Yu!"

During the war, Zhang Yang had publicly revealed his name tag. Since it was an all-out war with the Japanese, Zhang Yang wanted them to know the person that they were messing with. Players that were on the ground saw Zhang Yang shooting through the air at breakneck speed and felt a cold shiver through their spines. It was like seeing a reaper coming at you, with no hope of escaping. Even though they were disgruntled, none of them could deny that Zhang Yang was already several tiers ahead of everyone around. He was heads above shoulders when it comes to individual power.

"No fear! We, the citizens of the great empire of Japan, are the best people in the world! He is but nothing but a pig on a bird! Let him enjoy swinging that Inheritance about first, so be it! When we obtain our Inheritances, we shall be better than him!" cried Amaou Kuyoshi. "Thank the gods that he was not cowering behind the walls of Morning Town! Or we would not have had the chance to kill him! Brothers! Kill the man! The pig has come here to offer up his life!"

"Spellcaster! Hunters! Form a team of a hundred men and chase after Zhan Yu! The rest of you! Attack the castle walls! We will feast and bathe in their blood!" cried Amaou Kuyoshi like a demonic killer.