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Chapter 535: 1 vs 30,000 (2)

Chapter 535: 1 vs 30,000 (2)

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Although regular [Mounts] were not as swift as [Flying Mounts], the gap wasn’t much. The ground [Mounts] would arrive 10 seconds after the [Flying Mounts]. The army up ahead had already arrived at the front gates of the castle. They began to launch their assaults aggressively. The City Gate was not particularly tough, having a maximum HP of only 1,000,000! It was like a violent, powerful hurricane, threatening to tear the City Gate off its hinges!

A Territory Conquest is never about the kill count. As long as the attackers take down the City Hall of the Territory, victory would automatically be theirs!

So, it would not be worth their time to engage with Zhang Yang. Moreover, Zhang Yang had a [Flying Mount] that would allow him to move like lightning. It would almost be impossible to land a hit on him when he is buzzing about at that speed! Anyone could see that enemies would automatically achieve victory the moment they reach City Hall of this Territory. By then, Zhang Yang would be forced to surrender!

Zhang Yang had come all the way here, hoping to secure the Territory all on his own. Well, there is a saying about this. Attack the enemy's ‘key point,’ and they will come to you to defend it! So instead of wasting time trying to strike Zhang Yang down, why not force him to go to them?

Zhang Yang had not put much effort on reinforcing the Defenses of the Territory. The main City Gate is only Level 1, which only had a total of 1,000,000 HP, with 1,000 Defense and 1,000 Magic Defense. With an army full of different Classes, the City Gate would crumble within 20 seconds!

--- even then, 20 seconds is a lot. That was due to the City Gate being protected by a long, narrow arch, that made it possible for only 20 players to attack at the same time. Or else, the 1,000,000 HP would have been emptied out within seconds!

Although the City Gate had been breached, that was the least of Zhang Yang’s worries. He only smiled confidently. Just when the enemies thought they had broken through the City Gate, Rockovich and his army moved out from the shadows and wreck them!

Zhang Yang had no direct control over Rockovich’s actions. However, as long as Rockovich and his army are still camping in the Castle, they would treat Winst Castle as their base. Naturally, when a base is attacked, the leader of the army would rally his army around him and defend their base! It’s simple common sense.

"Uncivilized savages! How dare you vandalize my base! Are you seeking for death?" As expected, a thunderous, heaven-shaking roar came right out from the entrance of the Territory. The enemy players who were in the first few rows were blasted away by an invisible, powerful concussive force! With that impact wave pushing all the players back from the ruined City Gate, Rockovich took one booming step, and another, until he stopped and stood in the middle of the entrance! Dressed in completely green, ornate armor and a Crimson Golden War Hammer in his hands, Rockovish stood there stoically, right in the middle of the Winst Castle archway!

"Bo... Boss!?"

The Japan Players dropped their jaws, as they were so shocked to see such a powerful being standing before them!

They had taken part in a few Territory Conquests before, but they have never encountered any boss level NPCs before. This was actually their first time seeing a boss level NPC standing right before them. So, why did a boss spawn in a Territory? A Mythical Tier too, at that! What the hell! 100,000,000 HP? Are you kidding me? The enemies felt as if they had fallen completely into Zhang Yang’s hands!

They were even more furious that the boss had actually called them ‘a bunch of uncivilized savages’?

Uncivilized savages your *ss! They are the great and powerful Empire of Japan, for god’s sake! How could Rockovich call them ‘Uncivilized’! They definitely have nothing to do with being ‘Uncivilized’!

Instead of joining his comrades in their shock, Amaou Kuyoshi widened his eyes, sensing an opportunity. He began to shout into his guild channel, "Very good! Not only are the Chinese pigs giving us back our Territory Gateway, but they have also been generous enough to provide us a Mythical Tier boss! Haha! My little brothers and sisters! Time to slay the boss and get some powerful equipment! A boss with 100,000,000 HP is usually a Super Boss! The drops will be awesome!"

Indeed, Rockovich was only a Mythical Boss. He was not an Ethereal boss that would bring endless despair to all who dared show themselves before it! Furthermore, there was no Level Gap Suppression in effect, as the level of the boss was not too far from the level of the players here. Also, they had 30,000 players at their disposal now! Shouldn’t they be more than enough to overwhelm the boss? Taking down a Super boss was all about numbers, right?

So, are they not enough for a super boss?

At his rational, logical words, every single player from Japan charged at Rockovich with renewed vigor! In the setting of 'God’s Miracle', under the circumstances that players are not from the same party, any player who lands the last hit on the boss will gain an additional 50% experience points!

Although they are all under the same banner - ‘Sakura no Nagare Mae’, but they had actually been created from hundreds of different guilds. ‘Sakura no Nagare Mae’ was just a temporary guild, created solely for this battle. So, how would you expect them to be truly united? Therefore, many of them started to look for the opportunity and time to give the boss a final strike at 1% HP!

That should be about 50,000,000 experience points! Players would be required to kill more than 2,500 normal monsters just to get that amount of experience! If, by estimation, one minute is required to kill 2 regular monsters, they would still need 2,250 minutes, which was a total of 37 hours to get that much experience points. That would be almost two-days of in-game time!

Furthermore, once you leave a party, you would also get the chance to snatch the loot! Drops from a Mythical boss would certainly be impressive enough. However, for a super boss that has over 100,000,000 HP, each ‘dropping’ had to be a treasure for the ages!

With those thoughts poisoning their minds, every player from Japan had glowing red-eyes, like pent-up, horny old men who were in much need of a release. They all charged at the boss as if they had all turned insane!

"Humph! Mindless, uncivilized savages! How dare you raise a sword at mean! Let me show you despair!" Rockovich let out another thunderous roar as he raised up his left hand, and proclaimed, "Warriors of White Jade Empire! Leave nothing behind! Kill!"




His roar was so much louder and more intimidating than the roars of 30,000 players. The entire Winst Castle trembled beneath the roars of Rockovich and his army. Winst Castle was like a gigantic foul beast, roaring upwards into the sky! The soldiers of the White Jade Kingdom began to march out from the entrance of Winst Castle, one echelon after another. There were Infantries, Knights, Hunters, Spellcasters, and also white-robed Priests! The Army had the perfect spread of various roles!

"Kill! We are more in numbers! Those are just small fries!" Amaou Kuyoshi was still clouded up in his delusional thoughts.

"All uncivilized savages are the same!" Rockovich stared the players down and began to move towards the enemy’s front line. With an intimidating aura, he plunged into the enemy ranks and led his army into battle. The army of NPCs started to earning their keep!

However, the narrow entrance of Winst Castle did not do good to the NPC army as well. Because the players from Japan had swarm up on them by the entrance, the White Jade Empire troops could only squeeze themselves out slowly, like toothpaste from a tube! They had slowly force their way through. However, it was possible, thanks to Rockovich! Swing after swing, the hammer of Rockovich sent shockwaves all over the place, causing massive damage to the players from Japan. At the same time, the impact also sent them flying back, clearing some space, little by little, one wave after another, for the NPC army to emerge from the entrance!

Some of the brighter players began to react and adapt to the situation. A few Tankers took over the front line as they began to kite Rockovich away from the heated spot of the battle. They kited the boss about 1 Kilometer away from the entrance and began their assaults on the boss.

Many players had swarmed up to the boss, as the benefits of killing a boss were so lucrative. No one needed any reminder of that fact! As a result, the number of players attacking the Castle had been halved! Amaou Kuyoshi was furious to see that the players had actually been sidetracked. He berated them endlessly, pointing out their lack of foresight! They could easily hunt after other bosses in the future! It was just a Mythical Tier boss, after all. A few more levels later, and this boss would mean nothing.

Well, the Territory Gateway basically symbolized the dignity of the Japan-Korea Region. So, how long are they going to let the players from China slap their faces?

After hearing what Amaou Kuyoshi had to say, the players from Japan started to agree. After all, those who can join this battle were basically the best of the best among the Japan-Korea Region, and they understood that it was really not too difficult to farm for good equipment. As for their dignity... of course it would come first! They are the Great Empire of Japan after all! Honor and dignity will never be forgotten!

Under the ‘teachings’ of Amaou Kuyoshi, only about 200 players remained with the boss. A large number of the players had resumed their efforts in pushing against the large army of NPCs who guarded Winst Castle!

Inarguably, the Normal Tier NPC would not be able to do much against an army of well-equipped players! Although there were about 200,000 soldiers, they were just Normal Tier NPCs after all. Only the captains were Elite Tier NPCs.

Furthermore, the players from Japan had the ground advantage over the army. They had scattered into a curved formation that encircled the NPCs, allowing many more players to fight against a single NPC at a time. They managed to increase their efficiency in slaying the NPC one after another in the shortest time, minimizing the damage that they were receiving. The NPC army was truly in trouble!

If this goes on, the 200,000 soldiers would definitely be wiped out! It was only a matter of time!

However, that would only happen if Zhang Yang remained idle!

{God of War Transformation}!

Two large wings that radiated with angelic, bright light sprouted out from his back, and Zhang Yang was rejected off the Snake, as he was no longer permitted to be in a Mounted state. With a flick of his wings, he soared into the sky --- The {God of War Transformation} does not allow the player to be mounted to a pet.

Well, that was too bad. In his previous life, Zhang Yang was still able remain mounted on his pet even after activating his {King Kong Transformation}. Well, the developers were most likely trying to balance out the power of Class-S Inheritance. With 40 times the Maximum HP, a mounted player would be unkillable! After all, mounts added a tremendous amount of HP to players!

Shoof! Zhang Yang glided straight towards Ichiban Sake who was currently tanking against Rockovich!

Zhang Yang had observing from up above since the beginning, and he had noticed that this Ichiban Sake was also a Guardian. He had to be pretty capable, since he had managed to get a solid hold of Rockovich’s attention. To gauge the capabilities of a Guardian, one would have to keep count of the rate of successful {Blocks}.

A skilled Guardian would never waste any opportunity of using the Skill {Block}! Ichiban Sake was one such Guardian. Furthermore, his movements and maneuvers indicated that he was just getting the hang of ‘Supporting Attacks’. He seemed to have master it, and had the makings of a formidable foe in the future.

As the game aged, along with the Professional League Championships, many skillful players had been polished and born as they begin to show some promises in their performance. Like it goes with the mastery of anything, anyone can be a novice, or even an average Joe, but a master would take forever to form. Many would slow down greatly, or even be halted entirely as they approach the more advanced stages of the game. According to Zhang Yang’s estimation, this Ichiban Sake should already be 70% as good as he was!

Of course, that 30% of Strength and skills would require about 2 to 3 years of catching up! Without any hardships, he would not be able to catch up to Zhang Yang’s progress as well!

Zhang Yang did not turn to aid the NPC army, instead, he charged straight towards Ichiban Sake! The moment Rockovich has nothing kiting him, he would wreak havoc across the bulk of the player army. Additionally, Rockovich had a few AoE attacks up his sleeves, a typical trait of a boss!

Although Ichiban Sake was focused on tanking the boss, he had kept an eye out for surprise attacks! He quickly noticed Zhang Yang approaching him at a high speed! Well, some players had already acquired [Class C Inheritances], and the {Transformation} skill was no longer a stranger to his eyes. Therefore, when Ichiban Sake saw Zhang Yang flying without a mount, he figured it out --- Zhang Yang had activated a {Transformation} Skill!

He went pale white!

An [Inheritance] would really make a huge difference between players. The difference would be like heaven and hell! The power level of the player with an [Inheritance] would increase substantially!

Fortunately, Ichiban Sake did not know that Zhang Yang’s [Inheritance] was a Class S. He would have turned even paler, if it was even possible!

"Musashi Ousama, Shuro Ousama, you guys take a bunch of men and stop Zhan Yu!" Ichiban Sake shouted.

Shoof! Shoof!

Two shadows appeared right in front of Ichiban Sake out of a sudden. One of the shadows was Musashi Ousama who previously engaged with Zhang Yang in the Realm of the Sacred Glory. The other one was Shuro Ousama, a Berserker who wore a black helmet, and held a gigantic axe in his hands.

"Ha!" the two of them let out their battle cries at the same time. A small tornado emerged from thin air right behind one of them, while a skeletal spectre appeared right behind the other. The phenomenon only lasted for about 1 second before the mini tornado and the skeletal Spectre vanished into thin air.

Oh! Those certainly were {Inheritance Transformations}!

However, Zhang Yang was confident that these players did not share his luck. They did not have Battle Companions like Felice who could actually boost her own power and slay a boss by herself! But they did have {Inheritance Transformations}. Zhang Yang took a wild guess and deduced that their [Inheritances] should only be Class C. They couldn’t possibly be Class B, for bosses like Vampire Count Ferra were too powerful for them at the moment!

He recognized them as the [Tornado Inheritance] and the [Skeletal Spectre Inheritance]. Both of them should be Class C [Inheritances]. However, Zhang Yang had no idea at all about the details of the two {Inheritance Transformations}! Because the cool down for an {Inheritance Transformation} was 72 hours long, it was really rare to witness an {Inheritance Transformation} in action. Plus, the Professional League Championship prohibited the use of Skills that had cool down periods longer than 30 minutes, so it would be impossible to witness any {Inheritance Transformation} Skills in the arena!

However, sending two allies in an attempt Zhang Yang was futile gesture. It was like sending a mantis to stop a car!

Zhang Yang let out a cry and raised the [Heaven Shaker] high up, and swung the quarterstaff at Musashi Ousama.


After a solid strike from the [Heaven Shaker] that Zhang Yang wielded, the HP bar of Musashi Ousama was reduced by 10%!

Musashi Ousama was terrified by the amount of damage he received! What in the world is going on? He initially had a total of more than 60,000 HP, and once mounted atop his pet, he had even surpassed 100,000 HP! His Class C {Inheritance Transformation} boosted his HP amount further up to a total of 1,000,000 HP! That was the HP of a boss! But now, that amount of HP had been reduced by 10%, courtesy of a single hit from Zhang Yang! How is that fair?

A normal attack that reaches up to a total of 100,000 damage! What the f*ck! How much Attack does this bastard actually has on him?

Even though Musashi Ousama was wielding a two-handed weapon as well, a Class C [Inheritance] would only increase the Attack of the user by 100%, and the maximum damage caused wouldn’t exceed 25,000 damage. So Musashi Ousama would have to hit 4 times in order to cause a total of 100,000 damage! That one hell of a difference truly rendered Musashi Ousama speechless for a moment!

But ... Zhang Yang was just one man. He couldn’t possibly fight off all these players alone!

Musashi Ousama let out a roar and said, "Heal me now! Heal me!" and with his hammer raised up high, he struck Zhang Yang with all his might.


It was pathetic. Comparing to the normal attack of Zhang Yang, Musashi Ousama’s normal attack was a joke! The difference had indirectly humiliated Musashi Ousama!

Are you kidding me?

Although that was just a normal attack, without any power up from any Skill, it was still a normal attack under the power of an active {Inheritance Transformation}! Why was that attack so ridiculously low? Although a total of about 7,000 damage was pretty good under normal circumstances, it was a joke compared to Zhang Yang’s 5,000,000 HP. It had merely taken off 0.1% of his health bar!

"Arienai!" Musashi Ousama screamed. Fortunately for him, they had the advantages of numbers over Zhang Yang. Or else, he would have fled the scene, trying not to get himself killed! How could he possibly stand a chance against Zhang Yang!

Shuro Ousama also let out a raging roar of his own as he swung his giant axe at Zhang Yang. However, he only scored about 7,000 damage as well.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he began to retaliate, {Horizontal Sweep}!



Two terrifying damage values popped out on top of Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama as both of them lost a large chunk of their HP bars! They now truly knew despair! Even with their {Inheritance Transformation} Skills activated, they could not withstand the oppressive assaults of Zhang Yang!

Right behind the two of them were at least 10 healers chanting their Healing Skills as rapidly as possible.

Well, numbers do bring strength! With so many Healers healing their backs without having to worry about the shortage of MP, they actually managed to heal Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama back right up! Meanwhile, Amaou Kuyoshi was aware of the situation over there and had immediately sent more Healers to support Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama! Meanwhile, Spellcasters and Hunters were quickly arriving at the scene!