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Chapter 538: Wrap Up

Chapter 538: Wrap Up

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The battle was totally a one-sided slaughter. Zhang Yang planted his feet in the middle of the castle entrance. Right before the front row of the Japanese players could clash into him, he swung his [Heaven Shaker] like the legendary warrior Zhang Fei,1 who stood in the middle of the Changban Bridge2! Every roar was lethal, and every strike was destructive! With only one man, Zhang Yang was holding against tens of thousands of Japanese players, leaving no one to pass him!




The number of players from the Sakura no Nagare Mae had been reduced by half and they were only one hour into the battle! The casualty was increasing at an unacceptable rate!

While they were on the brink of despair, the Korean players were actually trying to acquire information concerning the Territory Conquest battle over at Winst Castle. Everyone knew that there were over 39,999 Lone Desert Smoke players at Morning Town. So, if Winst Castle was not an empty castle at the moment when the Territory Conquest occurs, then there should at least be one China player there!

Wouldn’t an army of 30,000 basically walk their way to victory?

Why haven’t the system informed them about the change of Barons for Winst Castle, then?

What have the 30,000 army of Japanese players been doing all this while? How could they be incapable of taking out a lone player in an empty Territory? Quite a number of players who were in between the Level 90 to 100 bracket were beginning to lose their patience and started cursing. They started saying things like - if they were of sufficient levels, they would ride over to the Territory Gateway and take it back themselves! Why would they even need a bunch of losers to help them take back their Territory Gateway?

Upon all the scoldings from those players, Amaou Kuyoshi could only endure the pain in his crotch silently. He dearly wished that he could simply summon those cynical Japanese players over to his location, so that everyone could witness the insanely powerful ‘Transformation’ of Zhang Yang!

Oh my god! How could one player be so powerful, to such an extent!

If Zhang Yang only had an extremely long HP bar, then they should still be able to take him. However, his attack power was also extremely high and powerful! Among the Japanese players, they also had players who could ‘Transform’ as well...but they were nothing compared to this. A ‘Transformed’ player could also be healed up by a few Healers supporting them from the rear, if and only if they were fighting monsters and bosses!

But this is not a boss, this is a god d*mned player! A player’s behavior in the game is not powered by the Aggro system of the game! A player could choose who to kill without being restricted by the aggro system! Worst off, Zhang Yang was basically immune to any sort of Status Restriction Skills! With all these conditions favoring Zhang Yang, it really did bring about a sense of despair upon the Japanese players!

Amaou Kuyoshi made quick calculations in his mind. He believed that they would need about 20, no, 50 players with {Inheritance Transformation} Skills to be able to take Zhang Yang down!

However, they only had Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama, so where would he find so many players with {Inheritance Transformation} Skills? It was not because the Japanese players couldn’t get any of the [Inheritance Fragments]. Some of the lucky ones had already obtained the Linking Quest for Class B [Inheritances], and some of them had even got the quests for Class A [Inheritances]. But all of them had been halted by the final bosses of their [Inheritance] quest. It seemed that they would not be able to magically gather 50 players that were capable of {Inheritance Transformation} in the short run.

‘ 14,322!’




As the battle raged on, the number of players continued to reduced steeply. Meanwhile, the number of players from Lone Desert Smoke continued to remain steadily at the single digit - ‘1’. All the Japanese players had their eyes glued to that number, as they gnashed their teeth together, and felt the shivers down their spines!

The murderous look on Zhang Yang’s face was bound to be a nightmarish scene that would haunt all of the Japanese players for the rest of their days! What a terrifying monster!

After the tormenting battle had reached the 120th minute, the Japanese players suddenly got released from their suffering --- the duration of Zhang Yang’s {God of War Transformation} Skill had finally come to an end!

Zhang Yang, however, did not lose himself in the lust of killing those Japanese players. He already had [Violet Thunderhawk] standing by on his side. The moment his {God of War Transformation} faded, Zhang Yang had hopped onto the [Violet Thunderhawk] immediately. The [Violet Thunderhawk] flapped its frosty-blue wings and rose into the air, 50 meters from the ground! There, Zhang Yang had gotten himself out from the attack range of all the players, regardless of their Classes.

The Japanese players had not be able to recover their senses, as they could not react to Zhang Yang’s actions as well. They were still wondering on why Zhang Yang had suddenly stopped killing, as if he had turned soft on them! But the more experienced Japanese players quickly realized the situation, and they started to shout, "His {Inheritance Transformation} has faded!"

"Hahaha! It is time for us to strike back!"

"There’s still time. 1 hour for us to take down the Territory’s City Hall!"

The Japanese players who had tasted despair for the past 2 hours suddenly saw a glimpse of hope, a glimpse of light! All of them began to cry in excitement! Before that, Zhang Yang had his stupidly insane {God of War Transformation} activated, so none of them could do anything to him! But even now that the {God of War Transformation} Skill had faded away, nothing much had changed! Just because their equipment were decent, it did not guarantee them victory over the mighty Zhang Yang! Even with those powerful equipment, they could not shorten the power level difference between themselves and Zhang Yang by much!

At that moment, the remnants of their Aerial forces had soared atop their [Flying Mounts], heading towards Zhang Yang. About 9 players with 9 different type of [Flying Mounts] charged towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang did not falter as he activated his {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} at one of the Spellcasters! At the same instant, he activated his {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current} on a Hunter. Upon the activation of those two Skills, he flew towards another Priest! With his [Heaven Shaker] raised up high, poised to strike, Zhang Yang merciless tore into the Priest.

The movement speed of the [Violet Thunderhawk] was extremely fast! The Priest did not have any time to react at all. His dilating pupils reflected the looming silhouette of Zhang Yang approaching at lightning speed! The moment he realized Zhang Yang was already in front of him was the moment when the [Heaven Shaker] crunched into his neck.


At the same time, the {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} and {Chaotic Dance of Electric Current} had started to take effect, causing a series of ‘10,000’ damage to the Spellcaster and the Hunter. As they were all 50 meters above from the ground, the Healers on the ground could not reach them, as they were too far away. Also, the only Healer that was capable of flight was currently being given a beating of his life. The Spellcaster and the Hunter struggled to go back down, within the range of the other healers. As Zhang Yang’s Skills were still active, there was no reason for them to stay in the sky, or dream on that the Healers on the ground would grow wings and soar into the sky!


The [Violet-Thunderhawk] spat out a ball of lightning. Bright, white electricity surged through the Priest’s body as he was winced and then fell still. That was actually the ‘Paralytic’ effect of the {Lightning Ball}!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he continued to beat the Priest up with his {Destructive Smash}!


After three devastating hits from Zhang Yang, the Priest let out a cry and fell from the sky.

Zhang Yang did not stop there, and turned his attention towards the remaining 6 Japanese players.

Nine elite players without [Inheritances] were absolutely no match to Zhang Yang. Without much of a fuzz, Zhang Yang sent them crashing down to the ground, their voices of misery echoing through the field. Only one Spellcaster had managed to flee back to the ground! However, he did not last long either.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he directed [Violet-Thunderhawk] to circle around the sky like a dragon. He would randomly lunge down to attack some players with one or two hits, and then get back up to the sky to circle around!

Meanwhile, without any firepower left in the sky, the Japan army could only stare at Zhang Yang, while he picked them off one after another like a bird of prey picking on a herd of trapped mice.

Well, if they couldn’t do anything against Zhang Yang, then they should just focus on taking down the castle, and take down the City Hall. That was their only chance now! However, the Japanese players finally realized that they had just lost another 4,578 players on their side!

So only about 4,000 players had survived the onslaught of Zhang Yang!

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of NPCs remained at the entrance of the Winst Castle, and Rockovich was still alive and well! Although Rockovich had already lost two thirds of his HP bar, taking into context his 100,000,000 HP, a third of that amount was still a lot! Rockovich still had over 30,000,000 HP! That amount of HP would definitely be enough to curbstomp the Japanese army!

Looking from another perspective, 4,000 players should still be able to take down the boss. However, even though Zhang Yang could no longer pose a great threat to them, but the NPC army had become their worst problem. They outnumbered them by over 2 to 1!

More and more soldiers of White Jade Kingdom gushed out from the entrance of Winst Castle, pushing the players of Japan army back, one step after another. By the end of it, the NPC army formed a circle formation and completely surrounded the Japanese army before they started getting busy!

NPCs behaved very differently compared to groups of players, they worked together in perfect tandem, focusing on one player at a time. Especially the Ranged soldiers, 10 Hunters and 1 Spellcaster would focus their fire power on the same target. Even a player with extremely good equipment would die in misery!

Meanwhile, the Priests of the NPC army started to shine. Earlier on they had been all trapped within the castle interiors, it was finally their turn to squeeze themselves through the entrance of the castle and start healing up the soldiers on the front lines. Although they could not heal those soldiers who were instantly killed, Rockovich still had an abundance of HP left, so they started healing the boss back up. Hundreds of Priest cast healing Skills on the boss, swiftly healing him up!

What the f*ck! What could the Japan army do with this?

After all, this army of NPCs was no ordinary army, it was the Expedition Army of the White Jade Empire! Of course they would be an extremely powerful force!

The formation of the Japanese army had finally crumbled. Under the suppression of the NPC army, they had finally given up on every last bit of hope. Their remaining numbers continued dropping, from 3,000 to 2,000, from 2,000 to 1,000... falling from 4 digits to 3 digits, then from 3 digits to 2 digits, then lastly, down to 1 digit!

When the final player, Amaou Kuyoshi was stuck down by the [Violet Thunderhawk] with a

{Thunder Ball}, the system declared that the Territory Conquest had ended in advance. The duration of the Territory Conquest was 2 hours 38 minutes 56 seconds!

‘Ding! Congratulations to Lone Desert Smoke, for having succeeded in annihilating the entirety of Sakura no Nagare Mae. You have claimed victory over the Territory Conquest in advance!’

The members of Lone Desert Smoke received the same notification at the same time.

Huh? What just happened?

The China players who were still engaged with the E.E Guild in guild almost popped their eyes out of their skulls!

After all, there was a total of 39,999 Lone Desert Smoke members stationed in Morning Town. Only Zhang Yang alone was defending Winst Castle. The system made no such mistake!

It only meant that Zhang Yang had annihilated all of Sakura no Nagare Mae and had even claimed victory in the Territory Conquest, in advance!

It did seemed to be a little over exaggerated!

Meanwhile, when the Korean players had also received news about the lost of Sakura no Nagare Mae, instantly, their assaults became even more aggressive and precise! It was now or never! The army that was supposed to take down Winst Castle had failed! That was definitely an impossible outcome! However, a loss is a loss, there’s no denying it!

All the Korean players began to go mad. Although they could not claim back the Territory Gateway that was supposedly theirs, they were very determined to take down the Territory Gateway that belonged to China Region! There was no need to think about the rightful owners of the Territory Gateways! Just take it down, and think about the rest after!

Wei Yan Er rolled her eyes as she suddenly looked at Sun Xin Yu and said, "Sister Sun, let’s just use that [Forbidden Scroll] and get this over with!"

Sun Xin Yu said, "We’ve won!"

She meant that the Lone Desert Smoke had already secured a sure victory over this battle, so it was not necessary to waste a precious [Forbidden Scroll] over nothing.

The little brat quickly added, "That noob tank single handedly took out the entire army of the ‘Shorty Japan’ even before the Territory Conquest ended, are we seriously going to battle for 3 hours, with all 40,000 of our men? When we see that noob tank later, he is going to laugh at us with that nasty face of his! More importantly, he’s going to make fun of me.. I mean us!"

Sun Xin Yu was also a person who loved winning. As she was listening to Wei Yan Er’s reasoning, the look on her face changed a little as her conviction on not using that scroll started wavering. She revealed a murderous look on her face, as her eyes gleamed in uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue added wood to the fire, "Humph! What a boring person you are! Are you seriously worried that you might get scolded by Zhang Yang after you use it? What a coward!"

"Do you want a punch in the face? You big-titted b*tch!" Sun Xin Yu shot a cold glare as she reached into her inventory and took out the [Forbidden Scroll].

Well, praise the lord, as Zhang Yang had given the [Forbidden Scroll] to Sun Xin Yu, for he knew she was a calculated professional, with a steel, ice heart of precision. She was mature enough to not be controlled by her emotions. But what he had not seen was the chemical reaction between these two ladies. That would really stir up disaster with unimaginably terrible consequences!

Sun Xin Yu had firmly decided to use the [Forbidden Scroll]. Without any delay, she tore the [Forbidden Scroll] into half, and there goes the first [Forbidden Scroll] of the game, sinking into the depths of past history!

The sky began to rumble!

The [Forbidden Scroll] had been activated! The entire sky instantly began ‘boiling’ in dark clouds, as the clouds shrouded every inch of the sky within their visible range. Within the fast moving dark clouds, there was also the continuous crackling of blazing white, electrical charges.

‘Ding! Player Frost Night has used the [Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday]!’

With Sun Xin Yu as the center point, every player within the range of 5 Kilometers from her received the same system notification! As the center point was in the middle of the town entrance, that had covered every single player involved in the Territory Conquest.

A for... forbidden scroll? What the heck is that?

No one had any idea on what a [Forbidden Scroll] was. Naturally, they wouldn’t know the power of one either! But, the name spoke wonders for itself. Imaginations began to run wild. After all, the scroll contained word ‘Forbidden’, so the power of this ‘magic’ should be terrifying, to say the least. If that was not the case, the system would not have even bothered announcing it!

However, as far as their imaginations went, no one would ever imagine that the range of this ‘Scourging Doomsday’ would reach out as far as 5 Kilometers! The impact of the strikes from the ‘Scourging Doomsday’ was even more powerful, to the point that people would piss their pants as they remained within its effective range!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the dark clouds rolled in the sky, massive thunder bolts hurtled straight down from the sky and countless burning meteor rocks came crashing down! It was the apocalypse, Armageddon, Ragnarok, whatever you wish to call it!

All of the Korean players began to receive damage in every passing second! The ‘Scourging Doomsday’ would reduce 10% of the target’s HP in every second, but the maximum damage would not exceed 100,000 damage! Other than the Korean players who at least had Class B [Inheritances], none of the Korean players would ever have 1,000,000 HP. Therefore, everyone, other than the Class B [Inheritance] holders started to lose 10% of their health in every passing second. Furthermore, ‘Scourging Doomsday’ is 30 seconds long!

As the Healer Classes still lacked the power to heal 10% of a powerful player’s HP, the situation was akin to a huge, leaking vessel!

From the 11th second, many of the Korean players started to die. On the 15th second of the ‘Scourging Doomsday’, the death toll had reached up to tens of thousands! The current death toll was beginning to catch up with the total death toll from the first two hours of the battle --- at first, when the Korean players saw that there was almost 40,000 players in Morning Town, they already knew that there was no hope in taking over the Territory Gateway. So, they simply decided to aimlessly wave their weapons around to pass time. However, when they received the news that Sakura no Nagare Mae had failed in their conquest, they started to get serious and charged towards the entrance of Morning Town!

On the 20th second, the total death toll for the Korean players had reached up to total of 20,000! On the 25th second, the last bunch of players who had activated their life saving Skills started dying, one after another!

The insane electrical surges continued to strike, and the meteors continued to fall on the ground, however, there were no more players alive to take anymore of that!

The Korean players had been wiped out!

‘Ding! Congratulation to Lone Desert Smoke, for succeeded in annihilating the entirety of the E.E Guild. You have claimed victory over the Territory Conquest in advance!’

The second system notification was sounded not long after the first, but the other players that Lone Desert Smoke had ‘borrowed’ from their ally guilds dropped their jaws as they stared at the aftershock of the ‘Scouring Doomsday’.

Oh my god!

TL Notes:

1. Zhang Fei - a military general who served under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period.

2. Changban Bridge - The Battle of Changban was a battle fought between the warlords Cao Cao and Liu Bei in 208 in the late Eastern Han dynasty.