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Chapter 539: The War“s Post Mortem

Chapter 539: The War's Post Mortem

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The Japan-Korea Region had launched their assaults on the two Territories of Lone Desert Smoke at the same time, however, the two massive armies were soundly annihilated like ants!

The news had spread across the official forums like wildfire. At first, many players could not treat it seriously, believing them to simply be rumors, however, after knowing that the two Territories of the China Region still belonged to Lone Desert Smoke, solid evidence to that fact, they could no longer deny the truth! Therefore, everyone began to wonder how did Lone Desert Smoke pull that off!

After all, guarding the Territory to defend their rights overruling the Territory in a Territory Conquest, and annihilating the enemies to claim victory in a Territory Conquest were two different things!

Furthermore, the news had stated that Lone Desert Smoke had over 39,999 players stationed in Morning Town, so victory via annihilation would be feasible. But the details about the Territory Conquest over the Winst Castle is a little bit absurd! One man against 30,000 and that one man had managed to wipe them out?

Holy mother of the cow as the goosebumps comes! Are you sure you’re reading the text right?

Is there anything else that could really be even more absurd than this? One man wiping out an army of 30,000? Did that one player lug a [Magic Cannon], with unlimited ammo?

But after Zhang Yang released the footage of the entire Territory Conquest over Winst Castle, questions and doubts on the forums were cleared out as the players began to shut up!

Everyone could not help but to feel sorry for the players from the Japan-Korea Region as they were really unfortunate to have clashed head-on with the Expedition Army of White Jade Kingdom, along with a very powerful boss!

Of course, the players were even more shocked to see Zhang Yang’s {God of War Transformation}!

To see Zhang Yang going all out without the need to heal as he toyed with the 30,000 to the point that they could not do a thing! This was no longer insane, this was ludicrous, this was insanity itself going insane!

So proud! So mighty! So dominating!

Who wouldn’t want to be so outstanding in a game? Who wouldn’t want to be the center of the attention like that?

All of a sudden, the search for the [Inheritance] had become a hot topic for the players. Every one of them started to imagine themselves ‘transforming’ like how Zhang Yang did. They would imagine slaying all their enemies from all directions like almighty beings! Of course, those who had certain knowledge of the game knew that Zhang Yang had managed to become the center of the attention because he was the first to get a high Class [Inheritance]. So when more and more players acquire [Inheritances], Zhang Yang would no longer be the invincible monsters that everyone had pictured him to be!

However, the players were not willing to open their eyes to common sense. They were only willing to see the mighty and undefeated side of Zhang Yang without thinking logically. In other words, those players who were not interested in getting any [Inheritance] back then were now searching for the [Inheritance Fragments] all over the place, like madmen. They did not even need the Official website to announce anything about [Inheritances]!

Other than that, some players had uploaded the footage showing the power of the [Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday], and all players lost their voices again for another 3 minutes!

Annihilated an army of 30,000 players in merely 30 seconds? That was something is even more full of ridiculous bullsh*t than the {Inheritance Transformation} Skill!

In the coming days, two words would be mentioned very frequently. ‘Inheritance’ and ‘Forbidden’.

Of course, the Japan-Korea Region had become the butt of the joke for the other 7 Main Regions in the game. The two armies had suffered devastating defeats, leaving them with broken halberds, buried in the sand. Ever since their defeat, the 60,000 who took part were heavily condemned by their own countrymen! The guildmasters for the E.E Guild and the Sakura no Nagare Mae, the names ‘Hangugui Gugwang’ and ‘Amaou Kuyoshi’ had become synonyms for the term, ‘disgrace’!

Those players that were ‘borrowed’ from other guilds had left the two guilds and returned to their initial guilds with shame and anger, while the players who originally belonged to the two guilds went back to their own Region in disdain! Now, these two guilds were facing fates far worse than anyone could anticipate, as these two guilds were actually super powerful guilds in Zhang Yang’s previous life! Now, the two guilds might fall apart and get disbanded sooner than anyone could think! Zhang Yang was no longer spreading his butterfly wings like a hurricane, instead, he was spreading them like a storm cloud, a force of nature that cannot be tamed!

After witnessing the powerful aftershock of the [Forbidden Scroll], everyone feared of its existence, an existence that could bring about devastating effects like a nuclear warhead! Not only was the range of this ‘bad boy’ ridiculously vast, but it could also bring about the substantial amount of damage to enemies within its range. Unless the players had {Inheritance Transformations} that boosted their HP up to the millions, nothing stood a chance.

Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream quickly regrouped their original guild members. Meanwhile, the high Tier players who were’ borrowed’ from other guilds saw that the warehouse of Lone Desert Smoke was full of powerful and rare items and equipment! So many of them were not willing to leave the guild --- Zhang Yang had limited the access to the guild’s warehouse to only his own guild members, however, only the high-ranking members of the guild could deposit and withdraw items to and from the warehouse. All those Level 110, Level 120 Violet-Platinum equipment that Zhang Yang and his party had acquired from previous battles lay gracefully among the slots of the warehouse. It was an act to inspire his guild members to work hard and earn them as rewards and prizes.

Zhang Yang attempted to feign ignorance about these additional ‘visitors’, as high Tier players were a form of ‘wealth’ that is hard to come by in the game. Meanwhile, the guild had recently been upgraded to level 4 Guild not too long ago, and there was a new wave recruitment going on as well. There was no need to worry about a shortage of space. Of course, Lone Desert Smoke paid more attention to the attitudes of the players when recruiting new members. If the players do not have firm resolutions, it did not matter if they are high leveled or high Tiered, their performances would definitely be below average.

After the battles, Zhang Yang and the Lone Desert Smoke had become even more prestigious than before! The players in the China Region were worshiping Zhang Yang, while the players from Japan-Korea Region hated him to their cores. Even players from other Regions now knew that the China Region had a super powerful player and a super powerful guild!

Zhang Yang did not blame Sun Xin Yu for using the [Forbidden Scroll]. He had actually planned to use it as a deliberate show of strength, making a statement to the world that Lone Desert Smoke had a ‘Nuclear Warhead’ in possession. After all, they did not need the other guilds and players coming at them with trouble in mind, slowing down their progress in the game! With such a ‘warning’ sign on their doorstep, Lone Desert Smoke could prevent a lot of unnecessary problems from other guilds!

Even though the Lone Desert Smoke was already on track to a decisive victory in Morning Town, they had still used one [Forbidden Scroll] on their enemies. So what did that mean? To be able to use one Scroll so generously, they had to have several more in possession!

Quite a number of players started to come down with paranoia, and that was exactly the effect that Zhang Yang wanted. He’s no battle maniac, it would be tiring to battle players day after day.

Of course, Fatty Han felt an ache in his heart as soon as he found out that they had used a [Forbidden Scroll]. After the triggering of [Forbidden Scroll] over the Territory Conquest on Morning Town, the price of the [Forbidden Scrolls] had rocketed out of orbit! That meant that the convenient use of a [Forbidden Scroll] by Sun Xin Yu had cost them at least tens of millions of dollars, like throwing a chest full of gold bars to the bottom of a river! Of course, that fatty was so greatly disturbed to the point that he could not eat well for the next couple of days! He actually lost a couple of pounds!

There, the Territory Conquests were finally over for now. After all, [Territory Conquest Orders] were not easy to come by. Meanwhile, players from the Japan-Korea Region had also found out that they would have no other way of restricting Zhang Yang at all, when he is in his {God of War Transformation} unless they had an army of Class B [Inheritance] owners! Otherwise, charging into a battle head-on with Zhang Yang would never end well!

Furthermore, they had to find a way to divide the forces of Lone Desert Smoke if they even want to claim victory over any of their Territories. Or else, they shouldn’t even attempt any single conquest!

So, the top guilds from all eight Main Regions had turned their attention back on acquiring the ‘First Clear’ for the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress. Ever since Mess Up Your Mama had cleared the Hard Mode of the dungeon, the other top Tier Guilds were beginning to share their progress, joining the ‘front line’ with the other pioneers!

Currently, Mess Up Your Mama had scored 5/15 bosses, securing the first place in clearing the dungeon. The following guilds had also cleared up to 4/15 or 3/15 bosses at that stage, as well. The first 5 bosses of the Dragon Throat Fortress were easier to slay, but the 6th boss is the line of demarcation for the difficulty of the dungeon. That was the boss that got Mess Up Your Mama stuck, and it was already days after they cleared the 5th boss. There were no signs of the battle log concerning the 6th boss for two months!

Zhang Yang was not worried at all. He knew that the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress was extremely difficult. The following 5 bosses should be able to keep the other guilds from progressing for at least a month. The last 5 bosses would definitely stop the guilds in their tracks for at least two months!

The priority now was to head out into the open world and slay some open world bosses and gather some powerful equipment to increase the guild’s Strength. Only then would the guild be powerful enough to push through the bosses and clear the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress!

Now that Zhang Yang had obtained the [Zinc Alloy] and the [Magical Fruit of Ying and Yang], he no longer had reason to hold back on locating the final quest item for his quest, the [Light of Miracle]. As it had started off as such a difficult quest, Zhang Yang would definitely stumble across some high Tiered bosses, and he might even get the chance to pick up some fine and powerful booty while he is at it. So basically, Zhang Yang would be killing two birds with one stone again, a situation that he would always welcome at any time of the day!

Zhang Yang hopped onto him [Violet Thunderhawk] as he began to zip across the sky like a lightning bolt. In just a brief moment, Zhang Yang had arrived at the Siccory Mountains, where he began to head on over to the Radiant Canyon in search of the [Light of Miracle].

When comparing the [Violet Thunderhawk] to the [Snow-Scale Wind Serpent], this Mythical Tier Thunderhawk could really travel swiftly, and it had far more stamina than Whitey Jr.. It did not show any signs of tiredness or fatigue, even after carrying Zhang Yang across the sky for a long time. If this was Whitey Jr. that was carrying Zhang Yang over such a distance, it would have been using its cute, large glittering eyes to beg for sympathy.

The Radiant Canyon was a magical, fantastic place where the night would never fall upon the canyon. Even after sunset, the rocks and stones in the canyon would release blinding light, as if they had recharged themselves throughout the entire day, unleashing the light that they have ‘collected’ into the surroundings.

However, Radiant Canyon was steep and treacherous. There were many spiky rocks across the path and it wasn’t easy at all for a [Flying Mount] to roam freely. They could only fly across the canyon from a height, tens of meters off the ground. Flying higher than that would risk crashing into the spiky rocks all around the place! Fortunately for Zhang Yang, there weren’t many monsters in the area. So, it wouldn’t be an issue to fly low in that area, as Zhang Yang did not have to worry about a bunch of monsters chasing after their tails.

After flying for a distance in the Radiant Canyon, Zhang Yang decided to land by the road that had forked off into three different directions, as he had spotted a Red-Skinned Orc who was struggling to crawl away. That Orc had three arrows buried deep in its back, and he had most probably been crawling in the same direction for quite a while, as there was a long trail of blood behind him.

[Aldo] (Normal, Humanoid Creature)

Level: 115

HP: 86/17,800

The HP bar of the Orc was slowly depleting. Judging by the rate of the HP reduction, it would probably only take about 1 minute or so before the HP touches zero.

There was a yellow exclamation mark on the top of the Orc. This was a quest-giving NPC. Furthermore, Zhang Yang would not risk missing out a quest in the middle of such a place, as there was a decent chance that this quest might have something to do with the [Light of Miracle] that Zhang Yang is looking for.

"Human ---" Aldo raised his head up when he sensed the presence of Zhang Yang. His dying eyes started to lose focus as he tried his best to speak in a trembling voice, "Help... me... with this! Take this message... to our Red-Skinned Chieftain Roger Kluge. Hellscream!"

‘Ding! Aldo has a quest for you: A message to Roger Kluge. Hellscream. Will you accept it?’


"Argh!" Aldo let out a long sigh, as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden, and went limp.

[A message to Roger Kluge. Hellscream] (Difficulty: D-rank)

Description: You have stumbled across a dying Red-Skinned Orc. As a compassionate Adventurer, you agreed to aid him in completing his errand, right before he died. You will need to deliver this message to Roger Kluge. Hellscream. It was most likely that the Orc had been crawling in his intended direction.

Completion: Pass the message to Roger Kluge. Hellscream 0/1

Zhang Yang quickly hopped back onto his [Violet Thunderhawk]. Then, he followed the road down the direction where the Orc had been crawling.

After flying for about 20 minutes, Zhang Yang arrived at a large campsite. The design and styling of the buildings within the campsite looked very Orcish. Every single one of the houses had spiky spears on top of them. Those spears would make good self-defense weapons, if the need ever comes.

By the entrance of the campsite, there was a platoon of Level 120 Elite Tier Orc soldiers. The moment they saw Zhang Yang descended from the sky, they charged towards Zhang Yang and surrounded him. Then one Orc came up to him and said, "Human, identify yourself at once!"