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Chapter 543: Heavily Fortified Goblin Campsite

Chapter 543: Heavily Fortified Goblin Campsite

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This mechanical city was a little smaller than the campsite of the Orcs, but they made up for that by sheer height. The buildings here are at least five-stories to eight-stories tall, made by layers after layers of gears and cogs. To locate for a specific monster in such a complex place was not exactly like looking for a needle in a haystack, but it would be a tall order, nonetheless!

Fortunately for Zhang Yang, he was provided with a map. He quickly took the map out to take a look at it. He saw a skull drawn on the left upper corner of the map. That must be where the target is.

Zhang Yang activated {Burrow} and began to move northeast. As his movement speed is halved when {Burrow} is activated, Zhang Yang made so progress. It took quite a while for him to reach beneath the building where his ‘target’ was.

It made sense for this quest to provide every player with [Magic Scroll: Wind Walk]. The goblins are afraid to die, and the ones who carry ranks would be even more afraid to die! There were many elite Tier goblin guards in every corner of the building, and Zhang Yang could not simply use his {Burrow} to get to the top floor of the building. He was left with two choices: One, use the [Magic Scroll: Wind Walk] to get to the top floor; Two, kill everything and charge straight to the top floor.

Zhang Yang was really determined to keep his [Magic Scroll: Wind Walk] for his own use in the future, so he had made up his mind to slaughter everything in his way to open up a way to the top floor of the building.

After observing the whereabouts of the goblins in the area, Zhang Yang began to sneak out from his hiding spot towards the entrance of the building. He used the blind spots of the goblins to avoid detection. Then he summoned Felice and Thunderhawk out. However, the size of this building is built according to the size of the goblins. Zhang Yang had to bend over his back in order to move around in the building, meanwhile, Thunderhawk had to hunker down just to be able to move forward. It was extremely inconvenient for them.

Under such circumstances, it would also be difficult for Zhang Yang to wield his weapon around freely, or even use his ‘Supporting Attacks’ for the moment.

Therefore, Zhang Yang was being extremely cautious. If he ever encounters 3 of the goblins at the same time, he might not be able to handle the situation, and he might even be forced to activate his {Radiance of the God of War}! Also, the {Radiance of the God of War} was not the same as the {Berserker’s Heal} which only had a 2-minute cooldown. The {Radiance of the God of War} can only be used again after 30 minutes, turning it into a very high Tier life saving Skill, instead of a regular Skill that can be used throughout an entire battle!

With his {Spear of Obliteration}, Zhang Yang attracted one goblin over and engaged it in battle. But this goblin is a Hunter type monster. It raised its firearm and aimed the muzzle straight at Zhang Yang. Without even taking a step, it started firing away.

Zhang Yang quickly dodged and hid behind a pillar, forcing the monster to come over to him.

If the enemy was a player, of course, the player would not be ‘tricked’ so easily. Even if the player would no longer be able to see its target, the player would still go around the pillar, maintaining a large distance. As a Hunter, the most important thing in a battle is maintaining their distance. Instead, this little green goblin let our a weird cry as it charged at Zhang Yang.

"Intruder! There is an intruder in the premises!" battling against an enemy all alone is not the style of the goblin. So the goblin was shouting out loud to alert its other little green friends.

For players, the only way to get the aggro of a monster is to enter the aggro range of the monster. It wouldn’t actually matter how loud the player shouts, the monsters will not be able to hear the player and would completely ignore them. However, monsters shouting at each other was another matter. If anyone of the monsters shouts, the others that are nearby will be able to pick up the ‘signal’ and get attracted over to the monster that is shouting.

Instantly, 7 other goblins came towards Zhang Yang, brandishing their firearms. Fortunately, these monsters did not shout out, or else, it would start a domino effect of more and more Goblins being alerted! Things would definitely be out of hands for Zhang Yang!

Such cowards!

The first goblin to shout had now earned Zhang Yang’s intense ire. But things had already escalated to such an extent, so Zhang Yang could only choose on whether to activate his {Shadow of the Void} to escape, or to stay and fight!

He took up his shield and tightened his grip on the shield strap. The terrain of this area was very suitable for Zhang Yang to block out the monsters with obstacles, causing the Hunter goblins to come near him and engage him in melee combat. Well, the Melee Attack of the Hunter goblins are far weaker than their Ranged Attacks, after all. So Zhang Yang had no reason to worry about getting slaughtered up by these 8 goblins.

Although it was really easy to use the terrain of the area to lure the Hunter type monsters to him, moving around with his back bent over was another problem. Zhang Yang was soon surrounded by the 8 goblins and they began to pummel him. As he sustained the assaults from the goblins, fortunately, Felice and Thunderhawk were there to share his burden. The two of them took on one goblin each, decreasing his workload.

Zhang Yang has {Shield Wall} which can recover 75% HP, Felice has {Absolute Defense}, while Thunderhawk has {Wild Recovery} and {Madness} to heal themselves up. They actually managed to hold their ground against these 8 elite Tier goblins! 6 minutes later, the 8 goblins all lay dead on the ground. Although the goblins have {Goblin Defibrillator} to revive themselves once, the resurrected goblins would only come back with 20% HP. So, it wouldn’t be a problem for Zhang Yang to slay them once again.

After clearing out that wave of goblins, Zhang Yang realized that he had cleared out all the guards of this floor.

Following down the narrow path, Zhang Yang felt like a little doggy crawling through a the flap in doors meant for dogs. That really had Zhang Yang cursing and making himself a promise that he would never set foot in the campsite of the goblins again!

On the second floor, there were another 8 elite Tier goblins scouting around. Zhang Yang repeated what he did on the first floor and he began to use the narrow entrance of the stairwells to get out of their line of fire. The surrounding space was really narrow for Zhang Yang, but was rather large and comfortable for the skinny and short goblins. Four of them could actually attack Zhang Yang at the same time.

Despite that, it was enough for Zhang Yang and Thunderhawk to block the goblins as Felice transformed into her Dragonhawk Form and attack them behind their safety line. As Felice’s {Absolute Defense} had a cooldown period of 12 hours, she was now limited to her flying, mobile cannon form.

They took out the goblins with ease and it was a brief battle. After that, they went on to the third floor, the fourth floor to repeat the same process. Half an hour later, Zhang Yang arrived at the top floor of the building.

Compared to the floors below, the seventh floor was far more spacious and adorned with a grand decor. There are quite an abundance of silk and satin used in decorating the floor. Every single furniture on the floor was highly stylized. However, the clanking between the machines would be the only reason for this place to be unsuitable for a boss Tier monster to live in. Excluding the goblins, of course. This place was more like a factory than a room.

Well, goblins are basically the bumpkins in {{God’s Miracle}}, so they would still look like a bunch of side characters even though they were wearing high-class robes.

However, Zhang Yang did not see any signs of a boss on that floor.

He thought about it and it clicked. ‘Poison em up!’ was basically a quest that requires players to complete it in stealth. Even players are using the [Magic Scroll: Wind Walk], would be forced out of stealth when they begin to poison the targeted ‘Pot of Honey’. If the boss is there to witness the players doing it, would the boss be stupid enough to still chug the entire thing down to its stomach?

Furthermore, Goblins are infamous for their cowardice. Therefore, the game developer decided to make things simpler by removing the boss from the scene.

Zhang Yang located the ‘Pot of Honey’ almost immediately. It was a quest objective, anyway. Any player who has accepted the quest will be able to see that ‘Pot of Honey’ flashing about like a beacon. He took out the bottle of poison from his inventory and poured the liquid in.

The moment Zhang Yang placed the ‘Pot of Honey’ down, he heard footsteps. Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Shadow of the Void} and entered the dimension of the void. Then, he quickly ran downstairs. 20 seconds later, Zhang Yang got out of the void as his {Shadow of the Void} faded away. He revealed himself on the fifth floor. Then he began to walk carefully towards the stairs leading down to the lower floor. Turning his head over to the side, he saw a goblin with the name - ‘Guitteny’ sitting in a chair like a boss. There were also 12 elite Tier goblins standing behind it. On top of the table right before Guitteny, there was a cup and the ‘Pot of Honey’. Zhang Yang recognized that pot immediately. That was the pot that he had just poisoned. Looks like the boss isn’t far from death now.

Guitteny is a Level 125 Mythical Tier boss and had a small troop of elite Tier goblins by his side. So Zhang Yang would not be able to solo the boss without his {God of War Transformation}. However, the quest did not need him to kill the boss. All Zhang Yang needed to do was to poison the honey, let the boss take the honey and drop dead!

"Argh! Cough! Cough! Cough!" Guitteny suddenly grabbed its own neck as it began to tense up a little. It’s eyes were almost popped as it was pointing its finger at the goblin soldiers. However, Guitteny could not even pronounce a word. After writhing about, Guitteny collapsed onto the ground and died.

Those goblins were looking at each other as it was happening. The moment they realized that their boss was dead, they suddenly screamed as they made their way out of the door.

Without any hesitation, Zhang Yang activated his {Rearm} to reset the cooldown period for {Shadow of the Void}, and then he reentered the void again before making his way out of the campsite to make sure that he does not stumble across some goblins! However, after he entered the void, Zhang Yang did not leave the scene immediately. He wanted to check on any loot that the boss might have dropped. But, the game system was not that generous. So, the boss did not drop anything.

Beggars can’t be choosers!

After shaking his head, Zhang Yang went down to the ground floor and activated {Burrow}. Then, he made his way out of the goblin’s campsite and broke out of the ground once he was outside the campsite. Zhang Yang summoned his Thunderhawk, and they left immediately.

Zhang Yang met up with the Chieftan back at the campsite of the Red-Skinned Orcs.

"Warrior, are you sure that you are a pure-blooded human?" Roger Kluge could no longer conceal his surprise beneath his calm facial expression anymore as he pointed his finger at Zhang Yang and said, "Only the great Orcs of our species can breed out such excellent warriors! Are you sure that your father is not one of the great Orcs like us?"

What the hell, man!

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes at the Chieftain, but he knew that this elder Orc was actually praising him in his own Orcish way. Still, those word were a little hard to accept!

Roger Kluge then talked about lots of unrelated things before he finally went to the main point, "So, my brave human. The death of Guitteny should have shaken up the entire tribe of the goblins, serving as a warning to them. They should now be reminded that we are not to be trifled with. I have just received news from the goblins that they are giving up on taking over the Miracle Mining Cave. They will honor and respect our proprietorship over the Miracle Mining Cave! However, the Blue-Skinned Orcs will not just stand by aside and let us mine as we please. They will never give us any chance to grow stronger than them and take over the top!"

He let out a sigh before he continued, "Those bastards have put a large number of Blood Spider’s eggs inside the mining cave, and now the eggs are hatching! They are wreaking havoc in the mining cave as we speak! I have sent warriors over to destroy the Blood Spider’s nest. So my brave human, are you willing to aid us any further on this?"

‘Ding! Roger Kluge has a quest for you: Exterminate the Blood Spiders. Will you accept it?’

"Very well indeed!" Roger Kluge was nodding with relief, and then he turned his head back to Zhang Yang and said, "Hehe, I am very certain now. Your ancestor must be an Orc!"

Zhang Yang, "..."

[Exterminate the Blood Spider] (Difficulty: A-rank)

Description: Roger Kluge wants you to go over to the Miracle Mining Cave, slay 20 Blood Spiders, and slay the leader of the Blood Spider, the Blood Spider King to eliminate all threats in the cave! Warrior, the Blood Spiders are not to be trifled with! Don’t go alone, or else you might just end up as one of their delicious meals!

Completion: Kill Blood Spider King 0/1, Kill Blood Spider 0/20

Quest reward: Heaven Armor Chest Plate, Bone Soul Robe, Fire Leopard Leather Chest Plate, Light of Miracle. Choose one among four.

Crying with tears all over his face, Zhang Yang has finally found what he was looking for after all this time! The [Light of Miracle] had finally revealed itself!