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Chapter 545: The Return of Dusk Phoenix

Chapter 545: The Return of Dusk Phoenix

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After listening to a bunch of crap that he threw at her, Dusk Phoenix’s face turned ash-white. As she was overwhelmed with shame and vexation, she shouted out loud at Zhang Yang, "Shut up!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, and suddenly got back to the main topic, "Out of boredom, perhaps you’re just here to admire my beauty as I killed monsters?"

"You ---" Dusk Phoenix was on the verge of popping her vein. Ridiculing her and blaming her for being bored right after that? Dusk Phoenix was completely pissed off! This sexy girl could not stand feeling so vulnerable before Zhang Yang. Her image of being noble and elegant would be shattered by Zhang Yang every time they happened to bump into each other! She truly felt like murdering Zhang Yang every time she looked at that goofy smile on Zhang Yang’s face!

She took a deep breath in an attempt to cool herself down, and reverted back to her cool, deadly poker face, "Zhan Yu, I am going to make you squeal like a pig today, and make your face end up like one as well!" She smiled confidently as she continued to speak, "I have already switched on the recording function of the game! Your defeat shall be shown to the public, let them gaze upon your pathetic face when I step on your dead body! Let them see that the world’s number one Tanker is just a pig who snorts way too much!"

It seemed as if she was extremely sure of her victory!

Zhang Yang suddenly frowned and said, "So, you are the player from Europe Region that did the quest for the Class A [Inheritance]."

Dusk Phoenix was a little shocked, but she did not deny it. "That’s right! I have just recently acquired the [Blood Angel Inheritance]! So I can ‘transform’ myself into a ‘Blood Angel’! As for you, correct me if I’m wrong, it hasn’t been two days yet ever since that battle at Winst Castle. So I am sure that your {Inheritance Transformation} Skill is still under cooldown! Zhan Yu, you have been bullying me over and over again! Today will be the day things turn around!"

Oh my... what a violent girl.

Felice came forward and said, "Despicable! If you’re really as good as you claim yourself to be, fight my big brother on equal grounds then!"

Dusk Phoenix did not waste her breath further as she immediately activated her {Blood Angel Transformation}. In just an instant, her body began to radiate with the colour of blood as a pair of wings spread open into the surroundings. Each of her wings were about 3 meters long. However, they seemed to be ghostly and intangible as they went right through the walls!

As her wings fluttered, her sexy hot body began to float into the air!

Zhang Yang narrowed his eyebrows a little, sensing danger!

Class C [Inheritances] like the ones that Musashi Ousama and Shuro Ousama have acquired do not provide players the ability to fly in the air. Even the Class B [Vampire Inheritance] that Fatty Han has acquired does not provide Fatty Han the ability to fly freely when he ‘transforms’! In order for Fatty Han to fly, he must first activate his {Bat’s Voyage} while he’s in his ‘transformed’ form! Even then, he would only gain the ability to fly for a brief moment!

Furthermore, it drains the Energy Bar for his [Inheritance]! Also, the Skill itself had a very long cooldown!

However, Zhang Yang could fly freely in the air without any restrictions. Although he still has the disadvantage of not being able to mount onto any [Mount], he could fly freely in the air at no cost whatsoever.

Zhang Yang had actually believed that the ability to fly freely in the air was an exclusive function that only players who have Class S [Inheritances] would enjoy. Apparently, his idea was proven wrong by Dusk Phoenix. It seems that there are also some Class A [Inheritance] that provides players the flying ability! Zhang Yang was looking at it with his own eyes. As Dusk Phoenix had just entered her ‘transformation’ form, she should start with 0 EP value. Since that she can flying around without the need to consume any EP, it is pretty obvious that this is a special effect that she gets when she activates her {Blood Angel Transformation}!

As they were currently indoors, the outcome of this battle between Zhang Yang and Dusk Phoenix would depend on their speed! However, Dusk Phoenix was now about 10 times faster than Zhang Yang!

Dusk Phoenix would not pass on this opportunity, as she had been defeated and humiliated badly by Zhang Yang in their previous encounter. She would definitely take her sweet revenge on Zhang Yang this time, as she now had the advantage over Zhang Yang! It was going to be sweet, and she wouldn’t mind it turning cold. Since the duration of her {Blood Angel Transformation} would last for 2 hours, Dusk Phoenix had plenty of time to play around with Zhang Yang!

"Zhan Yu, look closely at my attributes now!" She did it as a means of intimidating Zhang Yang as she posted her attributes onto the chat without a second thought!

[Player: Dusk Phoenix]

Level: 102

HP: 1,878,920

Defense: 1,008

Attack: Primary: 27,580 - 35,580 (Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds, DPS: 11,280), Secondary: 24,196 - 32,196 (Attack Interval: 2.5 seconds, DPS: 11,280)

Although her Attack was still no match to Zhang Yang when he activates his {God of War Transformation}, that amount of damage would be enough for her get her job done! Furthermore, Thief Class players use one-handed weapons, so it would be very normal for them not to have a high damage output. However, by adding in the damage of her secondary weapon into her total damage output, the DPS of Dusk Phoenix was nearing the amount of DPS that Zhang Yang had when he was in his {God of War Transformation} mode!

However, Zhang Yang was currently equipped with a Level 120 Mythical Tier weapon. With some quick calculations, Dusk Phoenix should only be holding two Yellow-Gold Tier weapons in each of her hands. That being said, she still had so much room for improvement in terms of her damage output when she gets her hands on higher Tiered weapons and equipment! So this was what the players are fuzzing about, the so-called ‘bug’ of Thief Classes!

Of course, because the attack speed of one-handed weapons are faster, they would be more easily affected by Defense, causing less effective damage on targets. However, that disadvantage could be made up for if players use Skills like {Eagle Eye}. If this woman is capable of rallying all the high Tiered players from the Europe Region to her cause, and could casually spend two [Forbidden Scrolls] without batting an eye, getting a [Skillbook: Eagle Eye] would be as easy as breathing for her!

But Class A [Inheritances] are one Class lower than Class S [Inheritances,] after all. So it made perfect for a small gap between the functionality and practicality of Class A [Inheritance] and Class S [Inheritance]. Merely a 30 times multiplication for the Maximum HP, without the ability to hold a shield in hand, due to her class limitation really did reduce the intimidation that Dusk Phoenix attempted to wrought upon Zhang Yang. Without a shield that augments her with more vitality points, the total amount of HP that Dusk Phoenix did not really terrify Zhang Yang, not yet!

But the Dusk Phoenix that was standing before Zhang Yang was out of his hands!

However, Zhang Yang did not abandon hope, showing no sign of faltering at all!

--- {Glare of the Death God}!

As long as the Skill is not ‘ineffective,’ and it’s effects begin to take place, the total HP of Dusk Phoenix would be pulled straight down to 1 point even if she has over 10,000,000 HP! In other words, when the effect of this Skill kicks in, all Zhang Yang would need to do is to give her a gentle tap in order to send her straight down to her demise.

The key to winning this battle would lie on whether Zhang Yang is able to land his attack on the agile Thief. And when he does, can he keep it up and survive long enough for him to trigger the effect of the {Glare of the Death God}? After all, there is only a 10% chance of triggering the special effects of the Skill. It would take about 10 hits. Even with Felice and Thunderhawk, and even with the summoning of his [Servant], it would still take about 3 to 4 seconds to land 10 hits on the Thief!

Furthermore, a player is not like a monster in the game. If she realizes that something is up, Dusk Phoenix can just disengage herself from the battle with her {Vanish}. Well, the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} would only last for 5 seconds. All she needs to do is to wait it out and re-engage into battle to continue her ‘crusade’ --- after all, every {Inheritance Transformation} can last for 2 hours!

Hence, Zhang Yang only has one shot at this!

He looked at Dusk Phoenix, grinning sheepishly as he asked, "I have been wondering, how did you find me?"

"You wanna know?" The Phoenix held her hands against her fair chin with pride as she humphed lightly, then she said, "I ain't telling you, go ahead and bask in that frustration of never knowing!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud at her, and suddenly lunged forward and activated {Charge} to engage himself in battle with Dusk Phoenix. He picked a suitable time to activate his {Glare of the Death God,} and it worked wondrously. A smokey shroud of a skull, dark and spooky, seeped into the black Phoenix's body. That skull then came to the top of her head and loomed over her. The scene was a little terrifying.

Zhang Yang then raised his hand and summoned [Devastator]. The servant descended from the sky and filled the entire passage. It even broke the ceiling of the cave and left a hole there! Felice and Thunderhawk went all out with their AoE attacks at the same instant --- what they were attempting to do is to trigger the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}. So, they only focused on increasing the rate of their assaults, instead of the damage output. Both of them were spamming their skills as soon as they were able to. The {Pulverizing Flame} and the {Purple Storm Guillotine} were flashing across the battlefield for every single second. Those skills were actually being activated at every second, twice the frequency of a normal attack. Each normal attack took place every two seconds. This meant that the skills were being triggered at every second.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Dusk Phoenix had already received numerous attacks before she could even read the ‘Negative Effect’ that was cast upon her. At first, she simply smiled coldly as if nothing mattered. She was still calm, as the damage to her HP bar was still at minimal, and there was nothing for her to worry about. However, when she read the description of the {Glare of the Death God}, her face changed in an instant!

The moment that she realized she was in great danger was the moment when Felice’s {Pulverizing Flame} triggered the special effect of the Skill!

In one split second, that smokey skull on top of Dusk Phoenix began to descend upon her with its dark mouth opened wide. It devoured her through it’s dark and bottomless mouth! After the stream of dark light flashed through her body, Dusk Phoenix was left with only 1 point of HP!

"Argh ---" the little black Phoenix was mad and terrified at the same time as she had not expected Zhang Yang to have such an ultimate trick hidden up his sleeves!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and swung his [Heaven Shaker] at the black Phoenix’s head without any sense of mercy. After all, that was not a time to have a tender heart for the fairer sex!

"You bastard!" Dusk Phoenix let out a scream. With a shoof, her body flashed with the color of blood and her HP bar suddenly recovered back to its full state! However, she was also added with an additional ‘Negative Effect’ --- Blood Angel’s Requiem.

[Blood Angel’s Requiem]: Ignites the Strength of the Blood Angel, instantly recover 100% HP. However, the caster will be affected by a weakening effect where Attack is reduced by 30%, and the total amount of HP is reduced by 30%. Lasts for 2 minutes.

Her skill was like of Zhang Yang’s {Radiance of the God of War}! However, the difference in between the capability of a Class S [Inheritance] and the capability of a Class A became obvious in that situation! There would be no 2-minute ‘Weaken Effects’ upon activating the {Radiance of God of War}!

Zhang Yang let out a long sigh.

Although her Attack had been reduced by 30% and her total amount of HP had dropped below the million mark, Dusk Phoenix was still too powerful for Zhang Yang to stand toe-to-toe! Everything that he had managed to do so far has only achieved in diminishing the power of her Classs A [Inheritance] down to the power of a Class B [Inheritance]

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. It’s time to run!

Zhang Yang activated {Burrow] on the spot, without any hesitation. He burrowed himself straight into the solid ground and disappeared from sight.

"Argh!" Although the black Phoenix went charging towards him, she was still one step late from landing her sword on him. So she could only swing her sword across the thin air as she missed. The black Phoenix roared into the sky with rage! It was supposed to be her day to take her sweet revenge on Zhang Yang! However, she had failed to kill Zhang Yang, even after activating her {Blood Angel Transformation}. To make matters worse, she had this on live recording, and she had actually fallen short of her claim on Zhang Yang's life!

The cunning man had almost defeated her, and got away with it scot-free!

As she was enraged, Dusk Phoenix took a small transparent crystal ball out of her inventory. With a single thought from the black Phoenix, the small crystal ball began to emanate in all directions. A hologram of a map was projected out of crystal ball and displayed two blinking dots on it. One of them was a green blinking dot that stayed stationary, while the other one was a red blinking dot that was moving towards a certain direction.

If Zhang Yang could see what was going on, he would have found out about how Dusk Phoenix had been tracking him down!

"You bastard! You’re not getting away!" the black Phoenix tightened her lips as she spoke, "There’s still about two hours left, and I’m going to find you, and I’m going to give you a life lesson that you’ll never forget!"


Zhang Yang was in a total hurry. He only managed to keep Felice back in his Battle Companion Slot. However, it would require a brief period of time to chat a spell in order to summon or unsummon a pet mount. Hence, Zhang Yang had to leave Thunderhawk behind for the lady Phoenix to slaughter up like a fat goose.

Fortunately for Zhang Yang, Thunderhawk was a [pet mount]. So, no matter how many 'torturous ordeals' it gets put through, or how many times it gets abandoned cruelly to a horrifying death, it would never be displeased, unlike a sentient Battle Companion. If Zhang Yang had abandoned a battle companion in such a manner, it might even turn on him in anger!

It seems that the future was full of risks!

His thoughts were still lingering on the risks that he is going to face in the future as he tunneled the ground. After all, the {Inheritance Transformation} Skill, when used at an opportune moment, would have a terrorizing effect over the players. It was just like what Zhang Yang had just gone through, without being able to use his {God of War Transformation}. Unless he can reserve his {Inheritance Transformation} Skill for an indefinite time, he would definitely have a really tough time engaging any player with an [Inheritance] that is at least Class B, or above!

Fortunately, there weren’t really many players with a Class C [Inheritance] yet so far. Most of those players were using their {Inheritance Transformation} on bosses, instead of killing players like black Phoenix over there. Well, only very few players would actually do this.

After tunneling beneath the ground for about 5 to 6 minutes, Zhang Yang had finally broke through the layers of rock and arrived at the lowest floor of the mining cave. The place seemed like a typical corner of a cave. However, Zhang Yang was ambushed by one of those Blood Spider the moment he resurfaced from the rocks. He quickly summoned Felice and the two of them combined their strength to take out the spider. They took the spider out in a brief moment, without any unforeseen circumstances.

Zhang Yang did not continue his quest on slaying the Blood Spiders. After all, he was still being ‘hunted’. He still had not gotten any idea to how Dusk Phoenix had managed to locate him so easily. If there is a second time around, there will surely be a third time and even a fourth time around!

The {Blood Angel Transformation} would last for 2 hours. Zhang Yang can only try to avoid detection at all costs for now.

Although Zhang Yang was not willing to admit it, the truth is always painful! The current him was no match to Dusk Phoenix at all! Zhang Yang could not help but to sigh at the fact that he had managed to take on tens of thousands of high Tier players while he was in his {God of War Transformation} form, and now, he could not even take on Dusk Phoenix while she is in her {Blood Angel Transformation} form, without his {God of War Transformation} form. That is the way the game should be after all. If one player can defeat another player with Class A [Inheritance] that has already ‘transformed’, the game would surely be deemed unfair --- of course, that has to exclude the usage of special Skills that depend on luck, such as (Glare of the Death God}.

No matter what the circumstances are, Zhang Yang would never flee from a battle willingly. The terrain and design of the mining cave was quite complicated. There was a complex network of roads that connected to each other in the mining cave. Furthermore, Zhang Yang deeply believed that the ‘secret item’ that black Phoenix had in her possession would run out of juice, sooner or later. In other words, she would not be able to track him so precisely in time to come!

As long as Zhang Yang could keep this up for another 2 hours, he would be able to change the tide of the battle the other way around. By then, it would be him who would pursue the black phoenix.

So there it began. Zhang Yang and Dusk Phoenix were both tied down in a game of ‘Hide and Seek’. Zhang Yang still had the {Shadow of the Void} ready at hand. He could use the Skill twice if he ever activates his {Rearm}. Furthermore, he also had two [Magic Scrolls: Wind Walk] unused. That being said, he still had many means of escape up his sleeves, giving Dusk Phoenix a really hard time in tracking him down!

After half an hour of pursuit, Dusk Phoenix had finally caught up with Zhang Yang’s pace. However, her face and the rest of her body was completely drenched in greenish vile liquid, putting her in an awkward predicament, just like it did to Zhang Yang! Evidently, she had been ‘sprayed’ on quite ‘violently’ by some Blood Spiders as she was making her way over here. Zhang Yang could not help but laughed out loud as he could already see her ‘glorious’ appearance from a far distance. After seeing Zhang Yang gloating at what she had been through, the little black Phoenix was so pissed off at him that she was trembling with anger.

The moment she tried to slash at Zhang Yang’s throat, Zhang Yang activated his {Shadow of the Void} and sent himself into the void dimension. Then, he took advantage of the complex network of roads in the mining cave and disappeared, beyond her reach.

As expected, the ‘Secret Item’ that Dusk Phoenix had been using to track Zhang Yang could not be used indefinitely. The moment she lost track of Zhang Yang again, she took out the item again and attempted to activate once more. However, there were no signs of any blinking dots or indicators on the hologram map this time. The black Phoenix got so mad to the point that she screamed and stomped on the ground repeatedly.

Half an hour later ... one hour later... one and a half hour later...

Dusk Phoenix was indeed worthy of being a Thief. Her patience was admirable. There were a few times when her blade had almost sliced Zhang Yang’s throat open. However, Zhang Yang had painfully forced himself to use one [Magic Scroll: Wind Walk] to escape on one occasion!

The moment 2 hours had passed, the two large, blood-red wings faded and vanished into thin air. That was the moment Zhang Yang had been waiting for. That was the moment the {Blood Angel Transformation} finally expired!