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Chapter 547: Abominating Guillotine Axe

Chapter 547: Abominating Guillotine Axe

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There were at least a thousand of these white spider eggs being spawned. These eggs had occupied almost half of the cave, leaving almost no room to step on, in that area. The place became disgustingly white, and most people would feel chills up their spines. The scene before Zhang Yang and the gang was really creepy!

As Endless Starlight was not required to channel Damage Output or tank the boss as a secondary Tanker, he was chilling at a spot that was more than 40 meters away from the boss. After seeing so many eggs, he could not help himself but to exclaim in great fear, "What the f*ck! This boss is such a strong breeder!"

"Well, she deserves to be awarded with the title ‘Mother Heroine(1)’!" Daffodil Daydream giggled.

Wei Yan Er could not understand the meaning of it, as she began to widen her eyes and blink them for awhile, then she asked, "Why so?"

"Once upon a time in a certain country, too many people died from serving their country against a war. Therefore, the government decided to encourage women to bear more children. If a woman can bear at least 10 children, the government will award the mother with a silver medal and also the title of ‘Mother Heroine’!" Daffodil Daydream tried to explain it to the little brat.

"Women are not pigs! It’s not right for women to bear so many children in one life!" Fantasy Sweetheart was definitely not on the same page with the term ‘Mother Heroine’.

"I would only bear one! At most!" Han Ying Xue showed one of her fingers, "Rumor says that it is extremely painful when women are giving birth to a child. If I have to bear that kind of pain, once is more than enough!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and he said, "If every woman is only willing to give birth to one child, then humans would be extinct sooner than you would know!"

That was the simplest maths of all time. If two becomes one, the numbers would be halved every time.

"But, even if ‘Mother Heroine’ can give birth to 10 children, she would be just a pile of junk, dealing only 5 damage, when she is compared to this boss!"

"Hehe, this boss is undoubtedly the best breeder in the entire game!"

Just as the gang was happily talking on a ridiculous topic, 20 white spider eggs suddenly burst open! Small little Blood Spiders were crawling out from each of the spider eggs. They were only about the size of a human fist. However, the spiders were still too huge too be considered normal!

[Newborn Blood Spider] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 120

HP: 19,200

Defense: 100

Melee Attack: 5,570 - 6,570


[Web Bind]: Traps the legs of the target with extremely sticky spider webs, the target will not be able to move at all. Last for 15 seconds.

Note: They are newborn spiders! They need to feed! "Tasty flesh and blood, where are you!"

The moment when these spiders appeared, they began to scatter into the surroundings, moving around with their eight legs irregularly fast! After a brief moment, they had set their targets upon Han Ying Xue!

When these baby spiders first spawned, they would have no aggro targets. As no one was causing any damage to any of them, these spiders did not have any ‘sense’ of purpose on whom to attack first. Furthermore, there were no Tankers attempting to get their aggro either. Therefore, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart both became their targets, as the two ladies were very focused in healing. Han Ying Xue became their primary target, as she was healing at the rate greater then any healer in the battlefield at the moment.

Without the need for Zhang Yang to shout out, Endless Starlight had already stood between Han Ying Xue and the hordes of baby spiders. He quickly cast his {Devotion} right before the spiders could reach him. Upon the activation of the Skill, bright golden light was shed upon the ground 10-meter across the surroundings. The golden light radiated faintly on the ground.

When the baby spiders stepped right into the effective range of the {Devotion}, every single one of them began to receive damage in every passing second. With that happening, their aggro were switched straight onto Endless Starlight. The spiders turned their fangs towards him and began to leap at him.

If normal Tiered monsters had the advantage in their numbers, they could be quite troublesome for DPS players and Healers to deal with. However, if they ever encounter a Tanker with extremely good equipment, then everything would be omitted! These baby spiders could only deal more than a hundred of damage on Endless Starlight. However, as they were small in size, they could all attack Endless Starlight at the same time. Be it small, overtime, it would be of a fatal cause.

The gang members who were taking their turns resting at the sidelines, and the idle Battle Companions immediately came forward and launched their assaults on the 20 baby spiders, They tried to keep the spiders rounded up so that they could exterminate the spiders more efficiently. The boss’s Skill description had stated it out clearly, that a new bunch of baby spiders would be spawned every 30 seconds. If they do could not exterminate them as soon as possible, their number would stack up indefinitely! When their number reaches a certain amount, the situation would become uncontrollable, causing the entire party to be wiped up in an instant.

These baby spiders had less than 20,000HP. In under 20 seconds, the baby spiders were wiped out after they were boxed in by the gang. However, the boss was enraged, and it began to stab its sharp legs at Zhang Yang repeatedly! The stabbings left marks of large holes all over the surface of Zhang Yang’s shield, causing the shield to look like a crippled umbrella, riddled with a thousand wounds. The durability of Zhang Yang’s shield was reduced steeply right after that series of attacks!

Zhang Yang had no choice but to endure it. He shook his head again and again as he recalled his proud moment of acquiring this [Titan Wall] from the lucky draw, back in Shang Hai. But now, Violet-Platinum Tier equipment were on the brink of being phased out by Mythical Tier equipment. It made perfect sense for this Level 80 Violet-Platinum [Titan Wall] to falter in the face of a Level 120 Mythical Boss!

Zhang Yang was swinging his [Heaven Shaker] at the boss, whacking it as hard as possible while he shouted at his gang, "Everyone, quickly! The boss is gaining an additional 10% boost on it’s Attack power once in every 10 minutes! I can still hold the boss here, but the AoE Skill {Virulent Venom Blood} is still an undeniable threat to all of us!"


Everyone adjusted their tactics a little. Sun Xin Yu, Lost Dream, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream were in charge of channeling the damage output on the boss, while Hundred Shots and Fatty Han were in charge on wiping out all the baby spiders that spawn throughout the boss battle. It’s not because Hunters could not do real damage to the boss, they were arranged in such a formation because the Hunters were ranged attackers. They could just stay 60 meters away from the boss while killing the baby spiders without having to worry about the {Virulent Venom Blood}. That would really lighten the load on the two Healers.

Among all Battle Companions, Zhang Yang’s Felice, Sun Xin Yu’s Ankh the Assassin, and Wei Yan Er’s The Artist, Reina had the most powerful DPS. Therefore, they were assigned to attack the boss. Meanwhile, Messick the whiner was ‘coaching’ the baby spiders with Endless Starlight.

Well, no doubt that this annoying whiner was really a pain in the *ss. Even the monsters did not seem to like him. All he did was to say something unpleasant at the monsters, and half of the baby spiders would leap towards him in a frenzy! Messick was more than capable of getting the monsters’ aggro over to himself!

At the moment, Zhang Yang and the 4 powerful DPS players were being supported by three powerful Battle Companions and his Thunderhawk. Their total DPS had reached up to 85,000 damage! Even though the Blood Spider King had over 37,500,000 HP, it would only take about 8 minutes for that kind of DPS to empty out that amount of HP.

The party could perform so efficiently, mainly because of Zhang Yang. After all, he was swinging about a Level 120 Mythical Tier weapon, and he also possessed the [God of War Inheritance] that provided him with an additional 50% increment in his Attacks. His DPS alone had already reached up to a total of 27,000 damage!

With about 10,000 damage in each passing second coming from Felice and Thunderhawk, Zhang Yang could channel out about 47,000 damage in every second! His DPS was actually much higher than the DPS of all the others combined!

Fatty Han could not help it but to feel shocked, then he said, "In any case, I’m also a player with a Class B [Inheritance]. Why is the difference between the power level of me and little Yang so much?"

"Well, try switching to a Level 120 Mythical Tier ranged weapon, and switch all your pets and your battle companion to Mythical Tiers as well. By then, you should be able to reach 10% of my full power!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud.

"F*ck off! I’m a real DPS as well, okay!" Fatty Han was unwilling to admit the fact. If his {Vampire Transformation} was no longer under its cooldown period, Fatty Han would have tried to take on the boss all alone --- of course, even then, against a Mythical Tier boss, a Class B Inheritance might waver. Furthermore, Fatty Han was not a Tanker. Even after activating his {Inheritance Transformation} Skill, his Maximum HP and Defense would not be as ridiculously high as Zhang Yang’s {God of War Form}.

The gang was used to working together. Zhang Yang was holding the boss back while Endless Starlight was holding against the monsters in the surroundings. Two Healers were supporting them as much as they were able to. Meanwhile, the DPS players were not willing to give in to Zhang Yang’s damage output, so they were also trying their very best to raise their maximum damage output!

However, upon acquiring the [God of War Inheritance], Zhang Yang could equip a two-handed weapon. He was now an anomaly. He was basically a Tanker and a DPS player at the same time! Meanwhile, with the additional boost of his Attack power because of the [Inheritance], Zhang Yang was now an ultimate source of DPS!

After bringing down the HP bar of the boss down to 12%, Zhang Yang activated his {Glare of the Death God} on the boss. However, it was a tragic attempt, as if failed to take effect.

Fatty Han was patting his chest in relief, realizing how lucky they had been when they were fighting the Vampire boss back then. If the rate of ‘Resist’ on that boss was as high as it is on this boss, Fatty Han would have needed to wait until the other gang members reached Level 120 before they could challenge Vampire Count Ferra. He would have to wait until then to get his [Vampire Inheritance].

Or, they could just do what the players from Europe Region did. They could just send tens of thousands of players and use a few [Forbidden Scrolls] to slay the boss.

Well, it did not matter if the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} did not trigger. Activating the {Glare of the Death God} would be like adding icing onto a cake, after all. At their current rate of DPS, they could just take the boss out in within a minute.

"Chi! Ji ji ji ---" When the last drop of the boss’s HP bar was taken out, the gigantic Blood Spider King instantly turned upside down, with its belly on the top, facing the sky, its legs curled up. A number of loot dropped beside the dead body of the gigantic spider. Wei Yan Er cheered as she ran straight towards the loot to take a look at them.

The following session was, of course, the happiest moment for them all. Everyone followed the little brat closer to the loot to take a closer look. Therefore, it did not really matter if the boss resisted the Skill, or not.

The boss dropped a total of 4 pieces of equipment. One was an axe that flashed so brilliantly that it would send chills up people’s spines when they laid eyes on it. The other one was a dark piece of leather armor. There was also a gray colored necklace and an old-school shield. Other than that, the boss had also dropped two [Middle-tier Aura Stones]!

"Haha! My prayers have been answered! There really is an axe among the loots!" Wei Yan Er picked up the axe with excitement.

[Abominating Guillotine Axe] (Mythical, Two-Handed Axe)

Attack: 4,850 -6,100

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 1,572

Equip: Increase 14% damage

Equip: Increase 3.5% Critical Rate

Equip: After hitting the target, there is a certain rate of beheading the target, causing your target to receive additional 10% damage whenever the target is struck by you. Lasts for 10 seconds. The effects cannot stack.


Required Level: 120

Special: Reduce 20 Levels from the Required Level.

Zhang Yang teased the little brat on purpose as he said, "Yo. This is really not bad at all! I can use two-handed weapons as well now, this weapon really suits me!"

"No way! You cannot go back on your own words! I even let you have the [Heaven Shaker] last time! How can you be so shameless! Snatching a child’s toy! You are such a mean, despicable, shameless bastard!" Wei Yan Er grabbed on to the axe as she held it in her arms as tightly as possible. She seemed to be worried that Zhang Yang might take it from her by force.

Zhang Yang could not help himself but to frown. He should have well prepared the moment when he decided to pull the little brat’s leg. As the little girl’s laughing standard was really low, and she was also extremely naive, this little brat would actually take jokes seriously!

TL Notes:

1. Mother Heroine - an honorary title in the Soviet Union awarded for bearing and raising a large family.