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Chapter 548: Breaking the Second Seal

Chapter 548: Breaking the Second Seal

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Without a doubt, the axe was Wei Yan Er’s. She finally had a weapon befitting of her strength. The axe was just as powerful as Zhang Yang’s weapon. When a Warrior equips an axe, the character’s class passive skill Axe Mastery would provide an additional 5% Critical rate and damage. Even though it was not as strong as the God of War Inheritance 50% damage boost, Wei Yan Er was now strong enough to act as Lone Desert Smoke’s top Berserker, one who would not be dwarfed by Zhang Yang.

The little girl had stopped picking up loot as she was too far gone in her own world with the axe. Han Ying Xue sighed and went over to take over the role. Firstly, she picked up a grayish white necklace. Expecting it to be made of pearl, the witch examined the necklace closer and sulked in disgust after discovering it was made of tiny skulls. The woman did not have such a heavy metal taste.

[Skeletal Necklace] (Violet-Platinum, Necklace)

Vitality: +212

Strength: +137

Dexterity: +137

Equip: Increases healing rate and damage by 2.1%

Equip: Increases 420 Maximum HP.

Use: Induces a crippling fear to a target, causing the target to run amok! Target will be disarmed. Lasts for 8 seconds. Instant cast. Cooldown: 1 Hour.


Level Requirement: 120

Note: Made from the bones of an unborn child. A curse necklaces.

"Urgh…This is bad…" said Zhang Yang after he examined the necklace. "Tell you what though, we should put this in the guild storage and let the newbies drool over it."

The flavor text aside, it was a rather strong necklace. The last effect could force an opponent to stop attacking instantly. It would be extremely useful for PvP fights. After the Japan-Korea Region war, a portion of "borrowed" players had quietly remained in the guild.

Besides having friends in the game, players would want to join a strong guild! However, what defines a strong guild? Generally, players would judge a guild by their capabilities in raiding bosses, which in extension, grants them access to strong equipment! Hence, Zhang Yang had placed many of the strong equipment in the guild storage to let the newbies drool over them. In a way, it would encourage the guild members to farm for more contribution points. The points can be used to level up the guild and allow them to exchange points for equipment! No transactions in the guild involved gold coins. The guild members were all accustomed to using guild contribution points in order to obtain equipment and potions. Since there were no gold coin transactions in the guild, most competition between the guild members were of a friendly nature. It would be of great advantage to increase the overall guild morale and the bonds between the members.

Han Ying Xue proceeded to pick up another equipment. She lifted a black shirt and examined it. Zhang Yang sighed and said, "Why could you not pick the shield first? Why must you raise my hopes high and crush them?!"

The witch smirked and dropped the shirt to pick up the shield. "I want to leave the best for last. You know, to give you a sense of excitement! Teehee~"

The shield was a triangular shaped kite shield with an edge as sharp as a blade. It would be a weapon strong enough to rival a hammer! The entire shield had a green surface and a had the emblazoned figure of a dwarven warrior wielding a hammer and a shield on it.

[Vera's Edged Shield] (Mythical, Shield)

Defense: +3,024

Vitality: +2,963

Equip: Absorbs 1,075 damage on attack.

Equip: Increases 6,000 Maximum HP.

Use: Toss the shield at a target to slice it apart. Reduce 1,000 Defense points from a target. Lasts for 1 minute. Instant cast. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 10 minutes.


Level Requirement: 120

Special: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Levels.

Note: Crafted by the great dwarven smith, Vera Copperhammer

By its stats alone, the shield had to be one of the best Level 120 Mythical tier equipment around. The active skill of the skill was rather strong, even though 1,000 Defense was not much. It was almost the same as {Cripple Defense}. Any lower, and it would be useless since it reduced defense by a fixed value.

"Woah," cried Endless Starlight as he drooled over the shield. However, since Zhang Yang was present and had done most of the work, Endless Starlight was smart enough to keep his wants to himself.

Zhang Yang knew that and purposely chose to give the shield to Endless Starlight instead. He then tossed the shield to him and said, "Starlight, I have many Mythical tier equipment for myself. Perhaps it’s time for you to get some as well."

"Thank you, sir! Thank you very much!" cried Endless Starlight with tears in his eyes.

The guy was the main tank in the exploration party of the Dragon Throat Fortress. While Zhang Yang could not spend time raiding dungeons, he would need to give a pass on some great loot to ensure that Endless Starlight gets stronger in order to defeat the Hardcore mode of the dungeon. He was already an overwhelmingly powerful tank, but had the usual shortcomings in terms of offense. This shield would help him slightly.

"Hah! Not bad! Boy! Endless Starlight has become a strong tank with the shield!" said Fatty Han.

It was true. Endless Starlight’s shield was only a Level 100 Violet-Platinum tier with only 1,680 Vitality points. On the other hand, the new Edged Shield had boosted his Vitality points to over 4,200 points. The shield had given him more than 8,000 over HP, bringing his maximum HP to over 30,000 HP. This would turn him into a more complete tank, increasing all his attributes.

Now, Endless Starlight had joined Wei Yan Er in the corner, indulging in their own world.

Han Ying Xue picked up the last item and examined it.

[Black Bull’s Chest Plate] (Violet-Platinum, Leather Armor, Battle Companion Only)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +1,210

Strength: +346

Dexterity: +783

Level Requirement: 120

It was an equipment specially for Battle Companions. Since Felice’s armors were all Mythical tier, Zhang Yang was the first one to select Pass. On the other hand, Messick – Han Ying Xue’s Battle Companion had already started off as Violet-Platinum tier. When he reaches Level 120, all his equipment would automatically be upgraded to Level 120 as well. Hence, there was no need for him to take the chest plate. Then again, the big pervert is a tank. Giving him leather armor wouldn’t be the wisest of choices.

In the end, the leather armor was taken by Sun Xin Yu. Even though Ankh had an extremely strong Dexterity growth rate, she was a Gray-Silver tier and required the help of stronger tiered equipment. Still, it was a little too early, since the equipment could only be equipped at Level 120. On the other hand, the officials had released information about the Dragon Throat Fortress.

Starting from the 6th to the 10th boss, there would be Battle Companion equipment drops. Coincidentally, the Hardcore mode of that dungeon would drop Level 100 Violet-Platinum equipment. Hence, it was considered to be a haven for Battle Companion equipment farmers.

After distributing the last two [Amateur Aura Stones,] there was no more loot on the ground. The [Aura Stones] were given to Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue, and both of them immediately used the stones to upgrade their Aura level to Level 6. Han Ying Xue could provide an 18% extra healing rate, and the other Aura increased the Critical rate of the party by 6%.

Once the quest was dealt with, everyone left the place, leaving Zhang Yang alone to run out of the cave by himself. Zhang Yang leaped on the Thunderhawk and flew out of the Red Skinned Orc Camp and submitted the quest to acquire the Light of Miracle. With the Light of Miracle in hand, Zhang Yang could finally complete the seal breaking quest.

Zhang Yang came to Roger Kluge. Hellscream and confronted the old orc. The orc had once again praised Zhang Yang for having orcs blood flowing in his bloodstream for being strong and brave.

Sadly, the quest’s rewards limited him to pick only one out of the four. Naturally, Zhang Yang picked the Light of Miracle instead of the other three rewards. The three rewards were Level 100 Violet-Platinum Cloth, Leather, and Heavy Metal armor. At the current stage of the game, those armors would still fetch up a good price on the market.

Zhang Yang had not yet built a Teleportation point in Morning town, hence, he used the Territory Baron’s teleportation skill to return to Tukula Fortress and headed to Pandemonium dungeon.

At his current strength, challenging the Hardcore mode of the Pandemonium was a walk in the park. With haste, Zhang Yang defeated the stone giant and talked to Margery the NPC.

"Young man! You have kept me waiting!" cried Margery with a disgruntled look. "Hmph. Adventurers in this generations sure take it easy! Adventurers back in my day would have taken10 days to gather all three materials!"

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Breaking the Second Seal. Obtained 10,000,000 Experience Points!’

After complaining on and on, eventually, Margery took the sword from him with a huff. She then placed the sword on a table and started to chant random gibberish. No sooner later, the sword glowed with an intense radiance which took 4 to 5 minutes to slowly fade away.

[Sword of Purging Devourer, The Ancient Mystery] (Mythical, One-Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 4,438 – 5,238

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds.

DPS: 1,728

{Level 4 Socket 1}

{Level 4 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases 20% damage.

Equip: Increases 5% Critical rate.

Equip: Grants a 3% chance to repeat the same attack to continue to attack the target.

Special: Consumes another weapon’s special effect.

Special: Level Requirement lowered by 20 levels.

Level Requirement: 120

Note: The second seals has been broken.


3%? 3% attack echo effect (1)?

Zhang Yang eyes widened with great interest. Before the second seal was undone, the sword had only a 2% chance of repeating the same attack! Perhaps…could it...after unsealing more seals, the special effect on the weapon will be strengthened!?

Zhang Yang took out a Two-Handed Weapon which he had already prepared for this occasion from a while back. Even though the weapon was a Yellow-Gold tier, it had a special effect of inflicting a stun effect on a target for 10 seconds. The sword’s equipment consuming effect targets the equipment’s special effect, and not the equipment tier.

‘You have activated the Sword of Purging Devourer special effect. Please choose the weapon to be consumed. Be advised, the weapon that will be consumed must belong to you. The weapon will be destroyed.’

Zhang Yang held up the Yellow-Gold Two-Handed Hammer and selected it to be consumed.

‘ You have chosen Octagonal Stone Hammer as your weapon to be consumed. The Sword of Purging Devourer will obtain the special effect: Grant a chance to stun a target for 10 seconds on attack. Be advised, the Octagonal Stone Hammer will be destroyed in the process. The weapon of choice is a Two-Handed Weapon. During the process of consumption, the Sword of Purging Devourer will have 20% chance of becoming a Two-Handed Sword. Will you proceed?’

Hell yea!

Zhang Yang was happy. Even though 20% was low, there was still a possibility that it could be stronger! Furthermore, even though the sword does not morph into a Two-Handed Sword, he still had the Heaven’s Shaker as his backup plan. That was the reason why he had not chosen the Heaven Shaker as a sacrifice for the sword.



A bright light radiated out of the sword. The Octagonal Stone Hammer started to crumble into fine particles, and the Sword of Purging Devourer started growing in length. Eventually, the sword’s blade and the hilt had grown to a point where it couldn’t possibly be a One-Handed Sword!

[Sword of Purging Devourer] (Mythical, Two-Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 7,400 – 9,672

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds.

DPS: 2,246

{Level 4 Socket 1}

{Level 4 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases 20% damage.

Equip: Increases 5% Critical rate.

Equip: Grants a 3% chance to repeat the same attack and continue to attack the target.

Equip: Grants a fixed chance to stun a target for 10 seconds on attack. Success rate will be lowered on a boss monster.

Level Requirement: 120

Special: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Levels.

Note: Second Seal has been broken.


Honestly, Zhang Yang thought that using a Two-Handed Hammer and a Two-Handed Sword would not make a difference since both weapon types could not activate the Axe Mastery. However, the Sword of Purging Devourer was much stronger due to its effect. Repeating the same attack over and over in a mass monster killing session would be OP as f*ck! What would it be when Zhang Yang activates his God of War Transformation skill…?

"There’s one more seal," said Margery. "The last seal has a strong power embedded in it. I would need stronger materials to unseal it. Warrior, do you want to proceed?"

‘Ding! Margery has a quest for you: Breaking the Third Seal. Will you accept it?’


Zhang Yang returned to White Jade Castle after the quest and socketed [Level 4 Strength Gemstones] into the sword. He then asked Han Ying Xue for Rune Stones and gave the sword a Vampiric Lifesteal effect. After having his sword upgraded in all possible ways, Zhang Yang left the castle to complete the messenger quest.

He had already sent out 23 letters in total and still have 67 more to go to trigger the Legendary tier Main Story Quest. In his previous life, he had joined the game a little too late. When the Legendary Quest was already in progress, he was still grinding in the Level 20 maps. It’s understandable for him to not know anything about it.

In this life, he will be the one triggering the Legendary tier Main Story Quest!

However, every single time when he tries to dive into the ‘zone’ and focus on something, he was bound to be distracted! This time, Wei Yan Er had returned to his villa and had brought along Zhao Bin, Zhao Yu, and Zhao Xue.

The situation was as follows, the University of Zhou Su had a rule whereby all students must be able to swim within the four years of their tertiary studies. Failure to do so would result in failing the course. It was opposed by many but was eventually accepted. After all, learning to swim was a lifelong skill. Being able to swim was a skill that would save one’s own life. It could actually be quite enjoyable! However, when the university made it compulsory for students to do so, it becomes rather unenjoyable.

The Zhao sisters were all rocks who would sink into the water. Wei Yan Er was no better. In fact, she would only dare to enter the pool with a floater nearby. Hence, all four of them had decided to spend the summer learning how to swim! Even though there were many public swimming pools, the girls dared not enter such places there the hygiene was questionable. Especially when new swimmers would surely be gulping more water down than swimming!

Eventually, after some slight persuasion, everyone managed to obtain permission to use the swimming pool in Zhang Yang’s villa.

Translator Note:

Echo Effect: The sword's copying the previous attack and casting it again.