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Chapter 549: The Bliss in the Pool

Chapter 549: The Bliss in the Pool

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The four floating driftwoods had no instructors with them, hence, Zhang Yang was unfortunately dragged to the pool and was forced to teach them how to swim.

The pool was situated indoors. Even though there was air conditioning inside the complex, it would never be the same as breathing the natural air of summer.

Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream were distracted by the noises that the little girls made and decided to join the fray and have some fun in the water. After everyone had gotten into their swimsuits, Zhang Yang felt a great sense of bliss in the pool.

Han Ying Xue had the most smexy, bootylicious body among all the girls. In fact, she was the only one who could pull off the string bikini look. She came to the pool, wearing only thin, skimpy pieces of latex that revealed close to 95% of her skin. Two tiny patches of material covered her pointy peaks, while the straps that were supposed support the melons had completely failed at their job. When she moved, her redonculous melons jiggled up and down, left and right, making Zhang Yang’s blood pump up to a dangerous level. While her top was completely "defenseless", her bottom half was much worse. Her thong was so small that only her important bush was covered, while the rest of her butt was exposed for the world to witness. Gazing at her back alone, Zhang Yang would have thought that she was completely naked, the strings were barely visible. If he wanted to, he could plunge his hands into her cleavage and bury himself in her lushness. She had the longest, fairest pair of legs around, that matched her supple arse. Zhang Yang was not alone, being lost in a dreamy land, in fact, the other five girls present in the pool were unable to avert their admiring gazes away from her body.

In contrast to that, Daffodil Daydream seemed rather ordinary. Even though she had the perfect curves on her body at all the right places, she was overshadowed by the presence of Han Ying Xue. She had C-cup sized busts, which was considered to be rare enough among Asians. While her front lost greatly to Han Ying Xue, the one factor that made her rather attractive was her arse. She had smooth and bouncy buns that were shaped in the outline of a nice peach. Han Ying Xue loved to teased the girl so much that she would occasionally smack her bum lightly, making them bounce like jello. Zhang Yang could not help but start imagining himself taking her from behind. The sensation and the image of her buns shaking as he penetrates her from behind was extremely lewd.

What a "torture"!

Zhang Yang averted his gaze away from the two matured ladies and landed on the triplets. All of them were too similar to each other. Like carbon copies, it was extremely hard for him to differentiate one from another. Since they had yet to fully mature into full-fledged women, they had bodies that radiated with youth. Still, they were curvy and rather slim. Their lumps were filled with the right amount of joy and had yet to succumb to the harsh effects of gravity. All three of them shared the same look. Thrice the delight!

Five ladies in swimsuits, splashing about in a pool, was truly a scene that every man would want to wake up to.

On the other hand, Wei Yan Er was just sad to even look at. She was completely extinguished by the presence of all the other jewels. Bust? Zero. Buns? Zero. The only redeeming factor she had was her beautiful, young face. Zhang Yang sighed when he noticed that her chest seemed to have a bulge in them, and poked at them with his fingers.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" The little girl shouted, covering her chest.

Zhang Yang laughed. "What are you shouting at? Worry not, I will never fall for your skeletal looks. Now, tell me honestly, did you stuff something in that swimsuit? I believed you did because that bulge has never been there before."

Wei Yan Er lowered her head and sulked disgruntledly. She then slipped her hands in and pulled out two pieces of sponge. Immediately after that, her chest flattened and Wei Yan Er returned to being a flat piece of wood.

Han Ying Xue had been holding back for the sake of Wei Yan Er. After watching her remove the makeshift "pads", she laughed on and on. Wei Yan Er was so furious that she lunged at Han Ying Xue grabbing hold of her badonkers, tugging them into the water. She had tugged with such force that the rest of Hang Yin Xue followed down, including her head. Han Ying Xue was not a swimmer, and so, when her head was submerged underwater, she struggled frantically while crying for help.

The pool was only 1 meter and 20 centimeters deep. Anyone could stand upright easily. However, if one is a poor swimmer, it would be a natural response for them to panic.

Zhang Yang rushed over quickly. Before he could lift her up, she had already grabbed onto the nearest and most prominent thing to her, which was his dong. The b*tch…could she not grab something that matters so much to him!? At least grab it with more care! You use it too, mind you!

Zhang Yang then wrenched her out of the water and princess-carried her above the water surface.

Huffing and puffing as she tried to catch her breath, the woman then glared angrily at the little girl and screamed at her. "You stupid little girl! You could have drowned me!"

"HAAHAH!" The little girl laughed away as she floated away with the floaters around her arms, and played with the Zhao sisters.

Now that Wei Yan Er had left Han Ying Xue, Zhang Yang could help but to feast his eyes upon Han Ying Xue’s chest. As the water waves flowed over and off her body, her chest floated about accordingly. The sight of it, and the sensation of Han Ying Xue’s graceful hands still gripping onto his flag pole, started sending blood rushing to a certain place!

Han Ying Xue was beginning to relax in his arms, but her expression changed when she felt the thing in her hand getting hard and stiff. At first, when she was drowning, she had genuinely grabbed onto Zhang Yang Jr by accident. She had been in bed, entwined, conjoined with Zhang Yang for many nights now, she would not have made a careless mistake like that intentionally.

The little minx just loved teasing Zhang Yang, and thus, when she realized that she had flipped a switch, she did not let it go but smirked at Zhang Yang. She pulled Zhang Yang closer to her and whispered, "Does it feel good?"

Zhang Yang kept quiet and bashfully nodded.

Han Ying Xue then let his dong go free. Before Zhang Yang was left hanging, she whispered again, "Let’s go to the other side!"

It was a good idea since they were only 3 to 4 meters away from Wei Yan Er and the triplets. Since the water was crystal clear, the young girls might catch the couple’s funny business.

Zhang Yang cleared his throat and faked a loud cough. "There’s too many people here. I’ll tell you how to swim underwater!"

When Han Ying Xue heart underwater, she twitched a little and with a gloomy face, she scoffed. "What do you mean by underwater?"

"Ah. Haha. Nothing."

Zhang Yang helped Han Ying Xue doggy paddle over to the other end of the pool. It was a good distance between them, hence Zhang Yang thought that it was safe to do their little thing.

Zhang Yang stood up, covering Han Ying Xue with his back and caressing her breast up and around, sloshing the water around those mountains. His fingers slipped under her swimsuit and started to flick and pinch at her nipples.

Undaunted, Han Ying Xue immediately retaliated, her fingers slipping beneath Zhang Yang’s trunks to lightly caressed the gearstick. After a short time, the little rod turned into a long, solid pole, ready to pierce the high heavens.

Zhang Yang then turned Han Ying Xue around and planted a kiss on her lips. That after, he whispered something to her which made Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes and shook her head. Zhang Yang became slightly sadden and made a sulky face. He then tried his best to persuade her again and again, and finally managed to get her to nod her head with glowing red cheeks.

She then caressed Zhang Yang face and sucked in a deep breath before going underwater.

After a short, awkward moment of waiting, Zhang Yang then felt Han Ying Xue’s warm hands pulling down his trunks. His stiff rod was then covered with a warm and moist sensation. The space around his little rod became tighter by the moment and he could feel a powerful suction around his shaft. Zhang Yang thrust his head backward at the surge of pleasure that rushed to his brain. The guilty pleasure of it was multiplied when he could hear the chitter-chatter of Wei Yan Er and the triplets behind him.

Han Ying Xue might have a hidden talent in holding her breath. She was underwater for close to 2 minutes before resurfacing. She was panting heavily, her chest heaving up and down, which made Zhang Yang craved for more. Zhang Yang kissed her again and asked for it one more time. After another session of teasing and persuading, Han Ying Xue let out a loud sigh before she went underwater again. The similar sensation of warmth enveloped him again.

Just when he was about to unload, Zhang Yang heard the sound of water splashing about behind him. Zhang Yang quickly tried his best to conceal his front and craned his neck over his shoulder. He saw Zhao Bin swimming over, with a floater below her chest. Fear basically paralyzed him! They were going to be caught!

Shush Shush! The sound of the water splashes grew louder as Zhao Bin got closer to him.


Zhang Yang shot a powerful blast of load in intense pleasure.

"Owph!" Han Ying Xue shot out of the water with a loud splash. Just as she was about to open her mouth, she quickly swallowed a mouthful when she saw that Zhao Bin was just behind Zhang Yang. She glared at him angrily. Her cheeks were raging red with a slight hue of bashful pink.

"Brother Yang, Sister Snow, what are you guys doing?" Zhao Bin hovered over the water with the air of her floating ring. It seemed that Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue were safe.

"Oh! I’m teaching the snow witch how to swim underwater!" said Zhang Yang casually.

Han Ying Xue’s coincidentally ragged panting what sold off his lie.

"Hm. Okay then," said Zhao Bin as she paddled her way back to rejoin Wei Yan Er. Zhang Yang’s eyes were sharp enough to notice a faint line of bashful pink in her cheeks.

Just after Zhao Bin left, a small patch of white foam floated upwards and dispersed.

Zhang Yang then sighed heavily and put up a fake annoyed tone. "Dear sister, you have just conducted an act that has killed many innocent lives!" (1)

Han Ying Xue was greatly aggravated. She then curled her fist up and punched Zhang Yang’s chest as hard as she could. In the end, she retracted her fair, gentle hand in pain. Zhang Yang, on the other hand, was not affected by it. "It’s your fault! Who in the right mind you want a blow---ARGH! You made me swallow that disgusting sludge!"

Zhang Yang laughed it off but silently, he blamed himself for not able to endure longer. He was with two world-class hotties, but was still unable to last longer than a dynamite bomb! A single touch and kaboom--!

"Noob---tank! Come---and---teach---us---swimming----!" cried the little girl as loudly as she could.

"Scram!" cried Han Ying Xue as she shoved Zhang Yang away. She covered her mouth and ran back into the villa. Perhaps…she was going to wash her mouth.

Zhang Yang laughed and swam back to the chirpy little girls. First, he taught them how to exhale underwater, how to properly thread the water with their hands, and the most important one, how to float on water without the need of a floater. Naturally, all of the teachings required Zhang Yang’s physical touch. Zhang Yang was fine with little girl since she was like a little sister to him. Besides, Wei Yan Er flat board body was extremely hard to appreciate.

On the other hand, the Zhao triplets had given Zhang Yang a hard time. Their youthful, young bodies had the potential to grow to be like Han Ying Xue’s. Even though Zhang Yang had just unloaded, he could feel his little Zhang Yang Jr. getting ready for round 2.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. He was a good man. He would never touch a woman with any ill intent. Well, in the case of Han Ying Xue, she asked for it. However, when instructing someone to swim, it is inevitable that he would accidentally touch their bodies. Touching their supple butts to correct their position was still somewhat forgivable, but Zhang Yang felt extremely guilty when his hands accidentally grazed their still growing chests. This went both ways, even the three girls would occasionally lose their sight in training and could not help but to fall for Zhang Yang.

After spending close to 2 hours in the pool, everyone played a little before getting out of the pool. Everyone was tired and ordered take out to be delivered to Zhang Yang villa. After dinner, the four university students were exhausted and were dragged along by Wei Yan Er to stay for the night. The villa had many rooms anyway, even if Wei Yan Er drags along a few more friends over, it would not be much trouble for the villa. That is, if she manages to give a valid excuse to Zhang Yang.

Translator Note:

(1): If you must know, the white foamy thing is Zhang Yang’s sperm.