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Chapter 550: A Malicious Invite

Chapter 550: A Malicious Invite

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After dinner, Han Ying Xue sneaked into Zhang Yang’s room and they spent the entire evening banging each other up. At some point, his bed started creaking and loosening up. It had had enough of their madness.

For a few days now, Sun Xin Yu had been extremely busy with a big case at work. She had not been able to come back to the villa and had been resting in the office or in her car. Occasionally, she would log in for a while and disappear without anyone noticing. It was a chance for Han Ying Xue to dominate Zhang Yang alone.

After a good bam-bam in the ham session, both lovers were soaked in each other’s sweat. They continued on snuggling and cuddling for a bit. Thanks to the lubricating, lewd, dirty sweat, Han Ying Xue managed to entice Zhang Yang for one last shag by smothering him with her shining, oiled up breasts. After that, they put their gaming helmets on and got to work.

Although the Korean players are said to be extremely good at gaming, the Europeans shared a similar sentiment as well. The guild, Nihilum had been actively training and had managed to take down the 6th boss, making it 6 out of 15 bosses in their progress. The speed was rather fast, which made everyone think that they might gain the chance of taking the boss’s First Clear Achievement.

Due to their insane progress, Fatty Han got anxious and had call for a group gathering to enter the dungeon to overthrown the Europeans. Ever since Endless Starlight had obtained the new shield, his survivability had been upgraded. Combined with Fatty Han’s Vampire Inheritance, and the experience of them honing their skills at the 5th boss of the dungeon for several days, it was a matter of time before they were able to proceed. Perhaps, the only aspect that they were lacking on would be the hardware.

With Endless Starlight performing his role perfectly as a tank, the party managed to take down the 5th boss of the dungeon after several times being completely wiped. Although the 6th boss was much greater than the 5th boss, the party had managed to rely on Fatty Han Vampire Inheritance Transformation to forcefully make it through the 6th boss. They had managed to pull the gap between China and Europe.

In one day, Lone Desert Smoke had managed to kill two of the Hardcore dungeon bosses and made those commentators that had doubted their skills eat their own words. Still, they had good reason to doubt Lone Desert Smoke, since they had not been performing any better at Normal mode or Hard mode. Even though they had managed to kill two bosses in one day, their ranks were only pushed up from the 20th to the 10th place. Since Lone Desert Smoke had not made much of a show battling the first four bosses of the Hardcore mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress, hence, their average rank had been going up and down, highest being at 29th rank and the lowest being at the 84th rank!

That was why there was the saying that had started spreading in the forums. No one was better at killing bosses than European players. Although China players were creative and highly adaptive, they lacked the innovation to create their own battle strategies. Previously, they were able to defeat boss thanks to imitating the Europeans, taking their strategy and making it their own. Now that the game was on a global stage, Chinese players were unable to silently copy their strategy without being noticed.

Being bombarded with such an accusation, players of China were greatly provoked. However, results and actions speak louder than words. All of China’s top guilds were performing poorly. Not only was Lone Desert Smoke not performing at their best, other guilds such as Crimson Rage, Imperial Sky, Sunset Amber, and the others were only able to match Lone Desert Smoke.

Due to their unsightly performance, the topic of "Chinese players being weak" got heated up.

Zhang Yang had been through this dungeon before, and he knew the means and methods to get pass through. However, he chose to remain quiet. He wanted to let Hundred Shots and Mountain Mover discover the strategy themselves. After all, Zhang Yang had only experienced the game till level 179. Beyond that, he could not help anyone out anymore. It was best that he starts letting them be on their own for the time being. Because of that, Lone Desert Smoke exploration party had always been in two phases, a raiding phase, and a conditioning phase.

Zhang Yang had gathered all the main party members like Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue to hunt for their own Inheritance fragments. On the side note, they had been hunting for Open-World bosses to gather strong equipment, in hopes of increasing the exploration party’s prowess. Still, it was not progressing as fast as he hoped.

Imperial Sky, and Crimson Rage were doing roughly about the same thing as Lone Desert Smoke. Ever since they had experienced the toughness of the Dragon Throat Fortress Hardcore mode, they had not been able to proceed further if they had only depended on the drops of the first few easier bosses in the dungeon. As a result, the guilds have been hunting for equipment from Open-World bosses.

Faced with such a difficulty, all of China’s top guild and players were in a rather stagnant phase.

While Fatty Han and Endless Starlight were progressing rapidly in the aspect of their own character development, they had fought valiantly to refute that statement. In an instant, the forum got heated up and rowdy with commentators as they tried to compare both Lone Desert Smoke’s and Nihilum’s strength. However, Fatty Han and Endless Starlight were not on the same page as the forum commenters. What the commenters were focusing on were the strengths of the guilds in raiding dungeons.

As such, Zhang Yang had no reason to get himself involved. Depending solely on his Inheritance Transformation skill was not the "authentic" way to raid a dungeon, even though it was extremely efficient. If the transformation skill was only activated to kill the final boss, it would be highly useful at obtaining the First Clear Achievement. On the other hand, if the Transformation skill was used to raid the entire dungeon, it would not be enough, unless the guild had many players with Inheritance Transformation skill. There was just not enough time.

Zhang Yang shrugged at the mess around him and proceeded to complete his messenger quest. The quest itself was a draggy long quest and would definitely waste a player’s time. Especially since it was too boring! By the time Zhang Yang had delivered the 54th letter, Zhang Yang felt like he could just smash all the orbs in his inventory. As such, he felt a great admiration for the previous players in his previous life to actually finish the quest since there was no way that that particular player would know that it would trigger the Legendary Main Story quest. Yet, he had done it all, and completed it! Such endurance!

"Hey dummy? The Hell Priest guy just messaged me, inviting us to a battle in the Hovering Amphitheatre. The winner will walk away with all 10 of the Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragments. Should I accept the challenge?" Han Ying Xue asked Zhang Yang, through the in-game communicator.

All 8 regions of the game were natural enemies. Hence, there was no method for a private message, nor the ability to befriend them. However, it was possible to contact a player of a different region via the standard mail service, in which, gold coins must be used.

"Hovering Amphitheatre?!" cried Zhang Yang in shock. It seems like the Hell family had lost their patience. It was weird that they had not dared to hunt Han Ying Xue for it, but had chosen to deal with her via the Hovering Amphitheatre.

Hovering Amphitheatre is a PvP matching arena where only two players could participate at a time. Hence, it was considered to be safe, since no one could barge in and interrupt the fight. Furthermore, the Hovering Amphitheatre battle had a betting function whereby players can place bets. It was not limited to just equipment, but other items such as potions and equipment. The battle would be fair and just since the system would be sort of a host and would ensure that the winner walks away with the prize without any additional trouble.

However…how could the opponent be that straightforward?

Fights in the Hovering Amphitheatre were not the same as Battle Arenas (Team PvP). All skills and item were not limited, unlike the Battle Arena where skills and item with 30 minutes or higher cooldown will be greyed out. Lone Desert Smoke had revealed the item [Forbidden Scroll] to the world once, could the Hell family truly believe that they did not have a second piece?

It was unlikely…but how could they ensure victory via a Forbidden Scroll?

If it was Zhang Yang, he would use a [Forbidden Scroll] to counter their [Forbidden Scroll], sending them both to their deaths. Still, it was a huge risk, for even if one side dies a millisecond earlier, they would be the loser. On the other hand, the Inheritance Transformation skill. Even though the [Forbidden Scroll] was overwhelmingly strong, it was not a one-shot skill type but a DoT type skill. The Inheritance Transformation skill was much stronger as one could kill the opponent in a shorter duration than the [Forbidden Scroll]. Once the opponent is killed, the loser would be removed from the Hovering Amphitheatre.

Zhang Yang felt a little guilty, but the Milkmaid Deity Inheritance was an S class Inheritance. There was no way that he would let such a godly haul be snatched away from his hands!

Zhang Yang went into a stupor and thought about it with all his might. He was sure that the opponent had some trick up their sleeves. As such, he should too! They were not stupid, if they suddenly notice the opponent had changed their challenger, they could cancel the fight before it begins…


Zhang Yang widened his eyes at a sudden brilliant idea.

[Guising Potion]: Consume to change your appearance to a being within 10 meters away from the user. Has a 50% chance of failure and morphs the user into a disgusting being. Guising potion lasts for 5 minutes. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Zhang Yang would take the potion and made sure that Han Ying Xue be next to him during the consumption of the potion. If the potion fails, then she should find an excuse to delay for 30 seconds until he gains Han Ying Xue’s appearance.

Once the disguise is implanted, Zhang Yang’s name tag will change to that of Han Ying Xue’s. He would then send out the challenge and enter the battle. Even if the opponent sees through his disguise after the match starts, it would be too late for them to do anything but to die under Zhang Yang’s blade. After winning, they should disappear with the haul.


Even though Zhang Yang dislikes cheating, an S class Inheritance was too important to let go of.

Zhang Yang collected his thoughts and nodded his head. "Yea. Tell them we accept."

"Oh. Okay then," said Han Ying Xue as she hung up and went to reply them via the mailing system. After a while, she called Zhang Yang again, "They want us to gather at Anthylor Holy City. The fight will be held there 3 days from now. Hey dummy, where is this Anthylor Holy City?"

"Sigh…It’s time for you to stop doing breast exercises. They’re huge enough already! It’s time for you to read more about the game!" said Zhang Yang casually.

"Dummy! It’s all your fault then! You grab and rub them raw all the time! What’s going to happen if they start sagging!" Han Ying Xue puffed with anger.

"Hehehe." Zhang Yang laughed. Both of them were lying down on his bed in reality. He then moved his hands up and grabbed her soft, supple tits. His other hand came around and grabbed them both, teasing them relentlessly. "Research states that a woman’s breast will only grow bigger when they are touched by a man! Worry not about your jugs, I will personally take care of them!"

The moment Zhang Yang touched Han Ying Xue’s perky points, her legs grew weak and she started rubbing her knees against each other. "Stupid! Not now! Stop teasing me, or….I might want to do it again…" Han Ying Xue let out a soft moan before crying out again, "Where is this Anthylor Holy City…Hmmm…."

Zhang Yang froze. Sun Xin Yu the ice queen was not at home, it was a good opportunity to give his magnum a well-deserved rest. It would be troublesome if the witch starts doing it again. Zhang Yang quickly removed his hands from Han Ying Xue’s puffy cushions and slightly lowered his hands to her waist.

"The Anthylor Holy City is located in the Chaos Realm. It’s situated at the center of the entire map. Like a major city, all PvP in the area is blocked. Players from all over the world could trade and place items in the auction house there. It’s like the central hub for all players all over the world."

"But, isn’t the Hovering Amphitheater accessible from any city? Why must we go to that bla bla Holy City for?" said Han Ying Xue intrigued.

Zhang Yang had a sudden glint in his eyes. He had only been 80% confident that the opponent would pull a trick, but now that Han Ying Xue had asked about it, he was 100% sure of it!