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Chapter 551: Disguise vs Disguise

Chapter 551: Disguise vs Disguise

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There is always a draw back for disguising as someone else, that is, the fake can never perform as well as the real deal.

Hence, when a player sends out an invitation for a fight, the system will still reveal the opponent’s profile information. However, a player could choose to hide their profile as a choice. It was to protect one’s dignity if they happen to be defeated. In this case where both sides had no choice to hide their profile information, who in their right mind would choose to accept a Hovering Amphitheater challenge? The penalty for losing would be the deduction of levels and the Inheritance fragments!

However, when a player walks to you and reveals their profile information and name tag, even if they had registered the invitation with a hidden profile, players would take it for real and accept the fight.

Sigh.. the things people would do to cheat and lie…

Zhang Yang had called for Han Ying Xue and explained the situation to her. The witch started fuming in anger. On one hand, she was cursing the people on the other side, on the other hand, she had also scolded Zhang Yang for catching them for their act. Birds of a feather flocked together. Only a cheater can catch a cheater. That was her reasoning, which left Zhang Yang a little troubled.

"Please, I’m just being observant! Unlike you! All breast and no brain."

Han Ying Xue raised her chest high and grabbed Zhang Yang’s ball sack. "Say it again. I dare you. Who’s all breast no brain?"

When men have their balls grabbed like that, they would have to surrender. Zhang Yang caved in, while his real hand caressed her fair legs and slid smoothly into her moist nether region. "Alright, you win! You’re the most beautiful woman, the smartest, the best woman any man could have!"

"Hmph! Pussy!" Han Ying Xue scoffed. "Well, now that you have explained what they are going to do, how do we deal with them? I can’t fight a player with the Inheritance Transformation skill.

There was no doubt about that. Zhang Yang did not have any more [Forbidden Scroll: Scourging Doomsday] either for Han Ying Xue to carry. She would be killed even if the player has a Class C Inheritance.

Sigh…such a graceful woman… Zhang Yang was truly distracted by the sensation of her thighs and her waistline. While his hands were still caressing her body in real life, Zhang Yang said, "Are you daft? If they could use some trick, we could do the same! Tell you what though, when the time comes, I’ll be the one challenging them! So, let them send a player with Inheritance, we will do the same!"

"But, do you know how to make a Guising Potion in the first place?"

"Haha! Well, not yet. There’s always the auction house! Even if the auction house does not have the item, we can still buy it. Fret not, these days, as long as we have the money, there’s nothing in the world that I cannot buy. It’s not like it’s a rare equipment."

Zhang Yang spent the rest of his time completing the messenger quest and getting Daffodil Daydream to search for the recipe in the main city. Without taking much time, Daffodil Daydream called back and told Zhang Yang that there was no recipe for the [Guising Potion] in the auction house. However, there was a player that was selling on the streets and had insisted on selling it for 10,000 gold coins.

Zhang Yang did not hesitate to fork out the money since it was crucial for the plan of robbing the S class Inheritance. However, when Daffodil Daydream wanted to pay the money, the player had promptly increased the price to 30,000 gold coins.

Zhang Yang matched his pace and immediately gave Daffodil Daydream the permission to pay 30,000 gold coins. Be it 10,000, 30,000, or even 30,000,000, Zhang Yang would pay the money. However, what of business ethics? How could a seller suddenly increase the price by such an amount? Zhang Yang was not greatly offended by it and had Daffodil Daydream pay the money. When he obtained the recipe, Zhang Yang had a few Assassins follow the seller around for a kill-on-sight order. He would keep the seller hunted down for a few days, and let the greedy f*cker know that Lone Desert Smoke is not to be messed with.

After 3 days, Zhang Yang managed to send out 72 messages. The day of reckoning arrived, and he brought Han Ying Xue to Anthylor Holy City.

The place was a safe ground. There were no monsters around and no PvP battles. However, even though the city was safe, the route to the city was filled with many monsters with Level as high as Level 190!

Even though they were mostly normal tiered, they were considered to be as strong as an Ethereal tiered monster from Zhang Yang’s current perspective. Luckily, Han Ying Xue was around to heal him, enabling him to kill one monster within 10 minutes of struggling. Both of them took close to 10 hours before they finally arrived at the legendary holy city.

Anthylor Holy City is a miracle city that floated 300 meters above the ground. The city was built on a hill with a flat top. Each structure in the city was built with a different sense of architecture. Somewhere big and flat, while the others were narrow and tall. It could be said that it was built to accommodate various races.

The two of them flew to the city and could see many different kinds of beings around. There were centaurs, minotaurs, gnomes, jinn and many more races that were never seen before. Even though the segregation of races in the pre-Chaos Realm lands was prominent, there were none in this holy city. In fact, everyone was having a good time with each other. Even a vicious Alligator Beastman could have fun playing with a little Lamb Beastman. One was drooling, while the other was having a good time being tossed around in the air.

To have such a peace in this land, only a powerful entity could have achieved it. Zhang Yang knew about the place, and naturally, he knew that the owner of the holy city was a powerful Celestial tier boss, the true Spellcaster, named Charles the Sun Chaser.

Charles the Sun Chaser was a powerful entity with a rich background. His father was an Elf Spellcaster while his mother was a Human Priest. The union of races was greatly objected by the Elven race of his father. Right after Charles was born into the world, a group of Assassins were sent to assassinate his parents. Charles was spared, and had dived into the world of the Arcane and had managed to be the first being in history to use two racial magic powers. After coming of age, he tracked down the group of assassins that had killed his parents. After removing them from the surface of the earth, he had built the Holy City of Anthylor in the Chaos Realms.

Anyone with logical thinking would be able to imagine just how powerful Charles’s magic was, to be able to create such a gigantic floating city. With such a powerful Celestial tier boss residing in the center of the city, no one had dared to cause any trouble. Not even Spectres nor Demons dared step into the area. Anthylor quickly became one of the most peaceful and holy places in Chaos Realm.

Zhang Yang had taken his slow sweet time to explain the lore of the city as he walked through the city streets. As per the city law, players were not allowed to travel in the city with a flying mount. Any lawbreakers will be promptly be expelled.

The two of them walked and came to the auction house. The streets were brimming with many NPCs but there were no traces of any players nearby. Han Ying Xue then sent a message to notify their opponent of their arrival. Not long after, the opponent had sent a message back and told Han Ying Xue that they would take another 10 minutes.

Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue exchanged a look. Both of them knew that the opponent had already arrived, but were trying to buy more time to get the disguise they want via the [Guising Potion].

"Well then, shall we start?" said Han Ying Xue. She then passed all five Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragments to Zhang Yang. The two of them then found a quiet corner to start using the [Guising Potion] as well.

Zhang Yang had crafted the [Guising Potion] himself, so he had managed to craft out a Transmuted version of it, lengthening the Disguise duration. Every one tier of Transmutation would provide an extra minute to the Disguise duration. During the three day period, Zhang Yang had crafted a whole pile of potions and among them, he had many bottles of Transmuted tier 10 potions which would increase the potion’s duration to 15 minutes.

Still, Zhang Yang was not as lucky. He had taken a total of three bottles and only then managed to proc the disguise successfully. With a flash of bright light, he turned from an overly large chicken to an old duck and finally turned into a beautiful female priest with a huge rack. His name tag then morphed and turned into Han Ying Xue’s.

Zhang Yang then reached out and rubbed his boobs. With a wide smile on his face, he said, "Woah! This is so real. I can assure you that my boobs and yours have no difference."


Zhang Yang walked over the auction house. He had made sure to sway his hips seductively with each step make a convincing Han Ying Xue. On the other hand, Han Ying Xue had hidden her profile information and had changed into a different set of equipment that concealed her identity well.

"Little Snow?"

After waiting for 7 to 8 minutes around the auction house, a man named Hell Priest came forth to Zhang Yang.

Hell Priest, Level 103, Human Male, Priest, Paragon.

Little Snow, Level 101, Human Female, Priest, Lone Desert Smoke.

Zhang Yang flashed "his own" name tag at the man. When both of them were satisfied, the man spoke, "There are no words left to exchange. Let’s just get down to it."

The man hid his name tag, and his character was immediately highlighted with an enemy’s red outline. He then sent an invite to a Hovering Amphitheater class A challenge. The penalty for losing would be Level -3! At that point in time, it would take roughly 10 days to gain a level. The losing party would have to grind for another long month to regain the lost levels!

Zhang Yang accepted the challenge. He opened the wager window and placed all five of the Milkmaid Deity Inheritance Fragments inside. This action can never be faked. After the opponent had placed their items, the system then locked and "confiscated" the items, and waited for both parties to accept the challenge.

Shush! When both of them had confirmed their selection, they were teleported into the battle field with a 5 minute countdown to the fight.


When the battle had been locked in, no one could leave or enter the battlefield. Even if Zhang Yang chooses to leave now, he would be forfeiting the battle and would have to accept defeat and have his level reduce by 3. Since the opponent felt that he had trapped Zhang Yang, he had let out a laugh and had dispelled his [Guising Potion] effect to reveal his true self.

Dusk Phoenix, Level 102, Elf Female, Bandit, Paragon.

Grah! It’s Dusk Phoenix again.

It would make sense since the opponent had taken into account the dangers of the [Forbidden Scroll]. Only A class Inheritance transformation skill would give a player a safe range of HP to take the damage, so Dusk Phoenix had been sent to take down Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang smirked to himself and quickly pretended to be surprised. "Y-Y-You cheated!"

"So what?!" Dusk Phoenix snarled through her teeth. "Blame your guild master for this. That perverted, wretched man must pay for it. In fact, all that is dear to him shall pay as well! His guild members included! Haha! I want to see his face the moment he loses an S class Inheritance!"

Sigh…Really…Women can never be offended. Zhang Yang remembered that he had smacked her butt a few times, and even then, he had used his shield, and not his own hands! Was it worth going so far to hurt him?

Zhang Yang remembered when she had hunted him in the cave for almost two hours back then. It was one of the worst experience for him. This time around, it should be his turn to hunt her down like a dog! He smiled confidently and said, "Are you sure that you can defeat me?"

"Hmph. The only trump card you have should be the [Forbidden Scroll]! I’ve researched it! [Scourging Doomsday] can only deal 10% worth of HP per second! The upper limit is 100,000! What that you don’t know about me is that I have an A class Inheritance! After Transforming, I will have 1,880,000 HP! Even then I have a full recovery HP skill! At most, you can deal 300,000 HP worth of damage, and I will kill you with my remaining HP!" said Dusk Phoenix, proudly and confidently.

"Oh woah. I can never calculate like that. Your calculus must be top of the class!"

"You---" Dusk Phoenix felt that something was off. The graceful woman in front of her certainly did not seem like a rascal. Dusk Phoenix sucked in a deep breath and adjusted her collar. She pulled down her collar that seemed to be too tight that it was strangling her. Her skin was so fair, unlike those of Asian girls.

"Don’t provoke me. I will not fall for it!"

Zhang Yang truly believed that the woman had to be of an upper class. The way she moved the tone of her voice all hinted towards that direction. Those of which, Zhang Yang thought to be pretentious and rather snobbish.

5 minutes was about to reach its end, and a large digital clock appeared in the middle of the battlefield.

10 seconds…

Dusk Phoenix immediately activated the Blood Angel Inheritance Transformation skill. A pair of red wings sprouted out of her back, enabling her to hover above the ground with a few flaps of her wings. Her wide wings had eclipsed the sunlight behind her and cast a long dark shadow over the field.

7 seconds…

"Dorky, let me give you a piece of advice. Before you know the opponent’s trump card, do not allow yourself to think that victory is already in your hands." Zhang Yang smiled lightly.


Dusk Phoenix was aggravated. If she could have started the fight then, she would have already zoomed to his neck and sliced Zhang Yang’s head off.

4 seconds…3…2…1…!

The horn of war was blown, and Zhang Yang activated his own God of War Transformation. A rainbow, radiant light blasted off everywhere and a pair of magnificent wings burst out from Zhang Yang back. The wings Zhang Yang had were far bigger, wider, and more beautiful than Dusk Phoenix’s.


Dusk Phoenix was flabbergasted. How could her opponent have a transformation skill as well?! It was impossible! If her opponent had a transformation skill, "she" should have an Inheritance already! Why would "she" fight for more Inheritance Fragments in the first place?! Perhaps, "she" too had taken a bottle of [Guising Potion] and had wanted to fight in the real Little Snow’ stead.

It would not make sense then…to make sure that the opponent was the real deal, she had even camped at the rendezvous. For the whole time she had been watching, she had not seen the "woman" taking any potions! If she had, the Disguise effect should have already worn off! The worst part of it all was that Little Snow had been alone for more than 5 minutes! The potion would only work if the person you are imitating is within 10 meters away from you!

Could it be, that Little Snow is fighting for the Inheritance, even though she already possessed an Inheritance, all for the purpose of obtaining an S class Inheritance!?

Dusk Phoenix was not an Alchemist, hence, she was not all too familiar with Transmuted potions. Thus, at that sudden appearance of Zhang Yang wings, she had instantly forgotten about Transmuted potions and thought of another reasoning behind the battle. To be just like her, to able to fly after activating the Inheritance Transformation skill, "Little Snow" must have an A class Inheritance!

Dusk Phoenix collected her senses and became serious. An A class Inheritance and the possibility of [Forbidden Scroll] being used might be the end of her. However, it would not make sense for "her" to even have a [Forbidden Scroll] in the first place! She could have already used the scroll to win the battle and obtain an S class Inheritance! Why would she choose to obtain an A class Inheritance just to fight Dusk Phoenix!?

Class A Inheritance vs another Class A Inheritance…

Hmmm. It should be a good fight then.

Dusk Phoenix smirked as she thought about it.