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Chapter 553: A Tiny Debt

Chapter 553: A Tiny Debt

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After initiating the S class Inheritance quest, Han Ying Xue laughed her head off as she went off to complete it. She had the big pervert Battle Companion with her as her tank, and she herself could heal at an outstanding rate. Han Ying Xue now had the ability to fight any boss below Violet-Platinum Tier all by herself, as long as the boss fight does not have a time-based mechanism.

That being said, if she is patient enough, she could fight alone. In fact, she had always been calling for Zhang Yang to help her do the rough work. It was somewhat like working for his wife. According to Han Ying Xue, she would rather do something fun with him instead of wasting time killing monsters alone.

No matter what class of Inheritance quest it may be, the first few initial quests should involve running around to talk to a few NPCs first. Hence, Zhang Yang was free to do his messenger quest while Han Ying Xue did her menial errands.

When it was close to morning, Zhang Yang was awoken by the little girl’s rude knocks on his door. She wanted him to drive her and the Zhao triplets back to the campus.

Zhang Yang sighed but eventually agreed. Wei Yan Er was almost his sister-in-law. And according to her own reasoning, a sister-in-law is half of a responsibility that he has to bare. Zhang Yang took a nice, long bath on purpose, making the girl impatient, and drove them back to school with the MPV.

Before they made to leave the villa, all triplets were all addressing Zhang Yang sweetly, calling him, "Brother Zhang". Although Zhang Yang could not recognize it, Zhao Bin had a slight blush as she stared into his eyes with a sort of admiration. She would also slip past him to evade his gaze, which left him a little weirded out.

Zhang Yang drove them all to the university and dropped them off at the university entrance. Since Zhang Yang had not yet had his breakfast, Zhang Yang parked his car on the side and planned to have a meal in the university’s canteen. Along the route, he spotted Yu Li who was carrying a small leather purse, walking towards the same direction.

"Huh? Zhang Yang?" Yu Li was surprised to see him in such a place. She smiled happily when she thought that he had purposely come all the way to the campus just to see her. However, when she noticed that Wei Yan Er and the triplets were with him, she sulked immediately.

"Eh?! Brother Zhang, you know Miss Yu?" asked Zhao Bin. She was a little afraid.

"Well…Yes. I do. She was my homeroom teacher when I was still a student in the campus." Said Zhang Yang as he waved at Yu Li while greeting her with a warm smile. "Good morning Teacher Yu!"

"Teacher? What is she teaching?" said Wei Yan Er with a frown on her forehead. Although she was a busybody in nature, there were a few aspects of life that she was rather sharp at noticing. She had picked up something from the way Yu Li had called out to Zhang Yang and how Zhang Yang had greeted her back.

"Software Engineering," said Zhao Bin. The triplets had chosen different courses to study, and Zhao Bin was the only one who had selected Computer Engineering as her course. Hence, she was the only person there, besides Zhang Yang who knew her.

Yu Li paced quickly and when she saw Zhao Bin, she nodded her head and politely asked, "My, my. Good morning, girl. Little Bin, how did you come to know Zhang Yang?"

"Ehrm. Well. Brother Yang is our friend. Yes! Just a normal friend!" Zhao Bin explained frantically. Along her sisters, Zhao Bin was the only who was rather innocent. After enrolling for more than a year, she had not engaged in any relationships with any man and was afraid that Yu Li might have misunderstood something.

Zhang Yang patted the little girl’s head and said, "Time for class then, little girls. The first period is about to start!"

"Psst!" Wei Yan Er gestured for Zhang Yang to lower himself for her to whisper. "Noobie tank. You better keep yourself clean! You must not betray my cousin sister or Sister Sun!"

Zhang Yang raised an eyebrow.

"I noticed that this Teacher Yu has a big bust and a nice butt. Hmph. I’m telling you. She’s not a good person!"

Zhang Yang shook his head. How could the little brat judge a person based on the size of their boobs and butts?

Zhang Yang pressed his knuckles against the little girl’s head hard and patted her back. "Off you go!"

Although the little girl never enjoyed having anyone rub or do anything to her head, she was extremely comfortable with Zhang Yang doing so. It was like a family thing for her. Wei Yan Er then walked away from Zhang Yang and joined the girls for class.


"I must say. You’re doing a splendid job at raising so many little sisters when you’re not with me," said Yu Li with a little trace of disdain and sadness.

Zhang Yang burst out with laughter, which made Yu Li slightly annoyed. "What about it? Jealous?"

"Please. I’m not in the place to be jealous of anyone. I have not forgotten my place. I am but your lover. Not your wife, nor your girlfriend. I am someone that you can use anytime you want. It is not of my concern to be bothered with whom you sleep with," said Yu Li with a monotone voice as she turned around with a saddened sulk on her face.

Ever since Zhang Yang had been breaking beds with Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu, Zhang Yang had never once been left alone by the two vixens. During the daytime, he was "allowed" to go to the office. Although there were 6 super bootylicious babes in his office, ready to do his bidding, Zhang Yang was not at all affected. Even little Zhang Yang Jr. would refuse to stick its head out for a peek. Clearly, his standards had been elevated to another level. That, or little Zhang Yang was just too exhausted from pacifying the two-universe classed vixens at home.

With that going on with his life, Zhang Yang had no more energy to meet Yu Li. Still, Yu Li had been left with a dry spell for only a short two weeks!

Zhang Yang felt that a man was rather different compared to a woman in terms of sex. Women would only do it with a partner that they like. On the other hand, there were many men who would willingly have sex with any women. The only question was if the female partner could make them rise to the occasion.

Yu Li had the body of a mature woman, and since Zhang Yang had given her the experience of love not long ago, she had started to feel a little lonely when Zhang Yang had left her "un-entertained" for two whole weeks.

Zhang Yang did no need to ask, as he already knew that she was dying to be filled up by him. Hence, he held her hands and pulled her close to his face. "Get in the car."

Yu Li could feel the heat rising up to her heart, but she refused to make it easy for Zhang Yang. "What for?"

"A man can do many things when he is not hungry. I need to have a meal first before I can repay the debt I owe you!"

"Poppy talk!" said Yu Li as she rolled her eyes. In the end, she sat in the co-driver's seat.

Zhang Yang quickly got to his driver’s seat and glanced at Yu Li. She was wearing a short-sleeved blouse that was completely covering her chest. It seemed that she had been reserving herself. However, the one thing that she failed to cover was her long slender legs. Compared to anyone else, Yu Li might be the one woman with the fairest and sexiest legs. Seeing her legs alone was more than enough to satisfy his hunger.

The little girl had made things harder for Zhang Yang. When she was sitting in the co-driver’s seat, she had made the seat position so low that when Yu Li had sat down on the seat, her legs were lifted upwards. Her pencil skirt was pulled backwards. Perhaps a little too far back that Zhang Yang could see the dark, forbidden region between Yu Li’s magnificent thighs.

The dragon was awoken and Zhang Yang turned off the car’s engine.

Yu Li caught his burning gaze and was happy and frustrated at the same time. Her body craved for the touch of the man that she loved, but to push Percy into the puss in the car would be a little too shameful. Plus, it was morning! There were many people, students, or even her own colleagues who will walk through the parking lot!

"Why did you turn off the engine for? Go on, didn’t you say that you were hungry?" said Yu Li.

"That’s right. I’m hungry, so I’ll devour you." Zhang Yang pulled her head closer to his and planted a hot passionate kiss on her lips. His left hand traced the lining of her neck and shoulders, his right hand crept beneath her skirt, "digging" through the bushes and into her cave.

Yu Li already had an amazing body before Zhang Yang was with her. That was one of the reasons, or rather, the main reason why there were too many horny male students in the university had beat their meat to her pictures. Now that Zhang Yang had plucked her fruit, her body had become more beautiful. Her perky curves had became curvier, not to mention so much bigger that Zhang Yang’s wide hands had trouble cupping them whole.

Zhang Yang continued to play wrestling with her tongue until he saw that her twin peaks were standing out for him, reading to be teased.

After a while, Yu Li opened her eyes and came back to her senses, just when Zhang Yang was about to bury his face in between those protected mountains.

"Are you mad!?" said Yu Li as she pulled herself away from Zhang Yang’s embrace.

"What?" said Zhang Yang.

"Do you want to be on the 8 o’clock news?"

Yu Li saw the sadden disappointment in Zhang Yang eyes, as if a little kid had had his favorite toy confiscated. She felt a sharp pain in her chest. Although she could not deny that she wanted him inside her right there and then, it was too much of a risk to bear. She would still, like any other woman, prefer a safer atmosphere to make love in.

Zhang Yang cried out. "It should be fine! My car windows are heavily tinted glass. No one can see through the windows!" said Zhang Yang as he removed his fingers from the system of caverns and bushes. There was a coat of glittering liquid in his fingers. "Teacher. It’s not good to lie. You want me to explore your cavern more, don’t you!"

"Erhm…Well. I do. But not here."

Yu Li caved in. When she heard Zhang Yang uttered the word "Teacher" she felt a sudden rush of carnal need for him. She felt the need of a man, no, not just any man. She wanted Zhang Yang to dominate her. The only thing that mattered was that he was hers.

Zhang Yang retracted his hands and looked as if he was about to cry. Yu Li then grabbed his hands and sucked on his fingers. Her tongue slithered around his thick, rough finger. After she had tasted her own fountain of youth, she removed his fingers from her mouth with a soft pop. "My office. Let’s go."

Zhang Yang’s eyes widened with a glint of joy. He then started the car and drove like the drivers of Initial D to the I.T department. The two of them entered the faculty and met a number of lecturers along the way. Many of them did not recognize Zhang Yang and some of them had already forgotten that they had once taught him. Some of them had even asked Yu Li if Zhang Yang was her boyfriend. Their voices were clearly disgruntled.

Yu Li was a flower. Perhaps, the most beautiful flower in the entire faculty. She could be one of the top girls in the entire campus! It was not clear as to how many male teachers or students were in love with her. However, Yu Li had been guarding her heart closely. She never again fell for the temptation of money or promotion. In fact, she had been reserving herself for quite some time after Zhang Yang had rescued her. Hence, none of the male lecturers had a chance to taste her forbidden fruit.

They say that fruits that were not allowed to be plucked, tasted better. In the campus, when Yu Li walked across the pathway, many male lecturers had been giving her flowers and some had even proposed a relationship out of wedlock! They had been barging into her office, even though they had no business with her.

Hence, Yu Li was rather popular among the male lecturers, but was rather scorned by the female community. They had been calling her a sly fox behind her back. When Zhang Yang was still a student, he had been hearing such things. However, he had not dared to do anything about it. But now that he was taking care of Yu Li in this lifetime, Zhang Yang "retaliated". He had publicly "announced" that Yu Li belonged to him by placing his hands over her hips. He even did a princess carry for her, carrying her up in his arms from the stairways to her office door.

"Sigh…What if others had recognized you as one of my students. I can’t bear to live with that shame!" said Yu Li as her face was as pink as a ripe peach.

"What’s wrong with that? As I recall, teacher-student relationships are all too common!" said Zhang Yang as he gently placed Yu Li on her office chair. He locked the door behind him and planted his face in between her thighs.

Originally, Yu Li was in no position to own an office room. However, due to few malicious acts of a few maverick male officers in the department, and a bunch of support from the male lectures, the department had agreed to assign Yu Li to her own private office instead of a small cubicle, despite many silent protests from the female lecturers.

The surprising feature of the room was that the noise cancellation of the room was too good to be true. When the windows and door was shut, there was absolutely no noise that could leak through, even if there was a gun fight right outside the hallway! The room was set up that way to allow the maverick male lecturer to have their alone time with Yu Li. However, Yu Li had been reserving herself to a point where no men could even come close to touch her hands! She was one of the prime example of women practicing the older traditional days. However, Zhang Yang had been able to tear that barrier down and Yu Li had been loyal to only Zhang Yang alone. She would never allow other man besides him to touch her. From her own perspective, it was a professional courtesy. She was, after all, Zhang Yang’s "property".

"Hmm~ You bad boy. Are you going to molest a teacher?" said Yu Li as she gazed at Zhang Yang with her seductive eyes. The buttons on her blouse had been unhooked, which made her protected mountains burst out, revealing her sinful, black laced undergarment that was slightly transparent, allowing Zhang Yang to see the different tones of colors at the tips of her mountains.

"Teacher. Do you want me to molest you?" Zhang Yang laughed.

Yu Li groaned with pleasure when Zhang Yang buried his head and used his tongue to roughly caress the bell above the temple. As she moaned and groaned, she held his head up and pulled him closer to her face. "You have been waiting for so long. I think it’s time to let the dragon loose."

When she pulled Zhang Yang closer to her, her hands had been rubbing hard against his groins. She could feel the great pressure of it that was pushing against the fabric of his jeans.

She had been waiting for 10 days and had amassed a dry spell so long that Zhang Yang would need to summon the rain from the high heavens to quench her thirst for him.

Without waiting any longer, Zhang Yang unzipped his jeans and introduced the hidden dragon to the crouching tiger. Yu Li gazed at Zhang Yang with unfocused eyes.

Neither of them could wait no longer. Zhang Yang pulled her undergarment aside and Yu Li swallowed the dragon whole.

The echoes of their delightful moans were only limited to inside her office, following close with the start of their journey to pleasure town.