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Chapter 556: Lion’s Pride

Chapter 556: Lion’s Pride

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Three lionesses leaped at Zhang Yang and pinned him down to the ground. The one closer to his face opened its large mouth and sank its fangs into his throat. The pounce attack was fast and strong. Zhang Yang had been too busy dealing with the other lioness and had not paid attention to the ones behind his back.

Those three lionesses were not light, obviously. However, Zhang Yang had remained standing, carrying their weight.

It was the monster’s certain kill skill. {Suffocate}!

If he does not do anything, the skill will deal the instant Death effect on after 10 seconds. It cannot be stopped with any Defense, or any amount of HP!

Zhang Yang grunted. He could feel the fangs in his throats digging its way further into his voice box. Zhang Yang bashed his shield against the lioness’ head but the lioness would not budge. On the hand, Zhang Yang only made the lioness to sink its fangs deeper into his throat. The skill description had explained that only attacks dealing 50,000 damage or higher could interrupt the skill. Any supporting attacks would not be effective.

50,000 damage? Not a problem. One {Horizontal Sweep} could easily fix the problem. There was still 3 seconds to {Horizontal Sweep’s} cooldown, hence, Zhang Yang ran around attacking other lionesses while waiting for the cooldown to finish. Although it was painful for Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er could not help but to laugh at his funny appearance.

"Dummy! The lion’s coat does suit you! You might even start a trend if you start wearing this in real life!"

"Noob tank! You're looking like you’re actually having fun with the lionesses!" cried Wei Yan Er as she rolled on the floor, laughing.

"Witch…I’ll smack your butt red when I’m done with this!" said Zhang Yang. The cooldown was completed just in time and Zhang Yang activated the skill and dealt more than 50,000 to all three lionesses that were "hanging" onto Zhang Yang.

"Auughh!" The lionesses groaned and finally released Zhang Yang. Their golden fur was tainted with splashes of red.

"HMPH!" Zhang Yang grunted as four more lionesses leaped on him. Luckily, only four that could bite his throat at one time. If one more leaped at him, it might have to find some other place to sink its fangs in. There was a limit to how long and thick his neck was anyway.

"Hahahahahaha!" Wei Yan Er dropped to the floor and laughed again.

What a useless team mate!

Zhan Yang sighed. He had just used {Horizontal Sweep} and the cool down was 10 seconds. It was just the same as {Suffocate}’s channeling time.

Fortunately, even without {Horizontal Sweep}, he could still inflict a high damage attack. The little girl may be useless in this instance, but the Thunderhawk and Felice would not stand by and let their master die.

However, as per the rules of the game, his throat had been bitten, hence, he could not even speak. However, it did not matter, since he could mentally command the Thunderhawk to attack the lionesses. On the other hand, Battle Companions would have to listen to a master’s verbal command to communicate. Since he could not speak, he could not command Felice to save him.

Unlike the little girl, Felice was more proactive. The 10 seconds of the lionesses’ {Suffocate}, was enough for the both the Thunderhawk and Felice to deal more than 200,000 damage. Technically, it should have already breach the threshold of the required damage to break the channeling 4 times. However, their attacks were divided into multiple hits instead of one strong hit. Luckily, Zhang Yang was still able to land a few strong hits himself, killing them off before they could finish their certain kill skill channeling.

"Well, I’ll say, this place is not suitable for solo grinding!" Han Ying Xue sighed.

It takes 50,000 damage in an instance, per monster to interrupt the channeling of {Suffocate}. Zhang Yang had the ability to deal that much damage to free himself from the grasp of death, due to this God of War Inheritance, and a Mythical tier battle mount and Battle Companion. On the other hand, the lionesses always came in packs. If a random team of 5 players had encountered a pride of 10 lionesses, there would be 90% chance that they would die. After all, to pull all 10 elite monsters together, and tank powerful barrages of attacks, would require tanks of a certain caliber. Sadly, there were too few of them in the game at the moment.

If the tank is not sufficiently equipped, it would take at least 3 or 4 tanks in a group to tank the lionesses.

Now that they had one problem solved, the battle with the remaining lionesses were much easier. Zhang Yang started to use supporting attacks to smack down the incoming lionesses before they could sink their fangs into his throat. All normal attacks were nullified and only skills struck him, which barely did any damage.

Han Ying Xue was rather relaxed during the fight. She felt that Zhang Yang had finally started to treat her like a real wife and would not want her to be in too much trouble.

The fight continued and when one of the lionesses was damaged till it was left with only 20% HP, it ran a distance away from them and let out a deafening cry that reached the end of the field.

As if it was made of lightning, two, much more imposing, larger lions had dashed out from the forest to rescue their harem. The lions stood in front of the females and growled fiercely at Zhang Yang and the two ladies.

[Baroque Lion King] (Yellow-Gold, Beast)

Level: 125

HP: 3,750,000

Defense: 2,120

Melee Attack: 9,257 – 13,257


[Maul]: Mauls the target and grants a chance to tear away at a target’s Defense. Deals 150% melee physical attack.

[Suffocate]: Bites a target’s throat, suffocating the target. Channeling required for 10 seconds. Immediate death will be inflicted once the channeling is completed. 100,000 damage or higher interrupt the caster.

Note: Every pride of lions would have 1 to 3 male lions. Even though the Lion King will not join in the hunt, it has the power to protect those to seek to harm the pride.

The male lions were huge; measuring close to 2 meters tall and 6 to 7 meters long. The wild, golden manes caught the wind that blew across the field, waving about.

Wei Yan Er’s eyes widened with a certain glint and cried, "Woah! I’ve always wanted to rear one of them!"

"Little girl, you can’t even take care of yourself, yet you wish to take care of a pet? I bet that it will die after one night with you!" Zhang Yang snickered.

"Hmph! Stupid! Idiot! Wei Yan Er stomped her feet, just like a little girl. If only she was 13 or 15 years old, her behavior would be acceptable. But she was 18! 18 years old! A university student at that!

"*ahem* Am I the only one here that is normal?" Han Ying Xue shouted at the top of her lungs. Zhang Yang was rather shocked at her sudden cry and turned to her. "That’s two bosses right there! God! How are we going to beat them where they can just summon out random bosses?!"

Zhang Yang eyes widened and he laughed. "You freaked me out…Don’t worry about the boss. It’s just a Yellow-Gold boss. Treat it as an elite tier monster!"

"Easier said than done!" Han Ying Xue pouted her lips in protest.

Zhang Yang had reason to say that the Yellow-Gold boss were almost the same as the elite lionesses. The skills they had were about the same, while the Yellow-Gold boss had stronger attacks, higher {Maul} skill damage, and 100,000 damage to interrupt the boss’ {Suffocate}.

100,000 damage may be high, but it was proportionate to the Level 100 map Yellow-Gold boss prowess. Any Yellow-Gold boss above Level 60 maps was just a decorative ornament. As for a normal, average team, it may prove to be a challenge, but for Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er, and Han Ying Xue, the bosses were here to give free equipment!

Zhang Yang sudden had a thought. In his previous life, Zhang Yang had never heard of the name Baroque Islands. Technically, if there were random Yellow-Gold boss appearing so frequency, this place would be a treasure cove! There had to be more prides of lionesses in the flatlands. Every pride would have a few Yellow-Gold boss Lion Kings guarding the pride! More prides, more Lion Kings. More Lion Kings, more equipment!

If Yellow-God bosses were spawning like regular monsters, Violet-Platinum bosses should not be too far ahead! Zhang Yang had not yet proven the theory to be true, but if it was the case, the island would be a treasure island! Even though the island was huge, and the number of bosses fitting to complement its vastness, why had no guild ever occupied the island in his previous life? Such a lucrative money-making island should have been famous!

No matter how hard he thought about it, he had never heard of the island name itself!

So be it, once the quest is completed, the truth should be revealed.

"RAAWRRR!" the lions roared and charged at Zhang Yang. It bared its fangs out at Zhang Yang, ready to mangle him from limb to limb. Each of its fangs were so long and sharp that they looked like Sun Xin Yu’s daggers.

Zhang Yang planted his feet deep into the ground and forcefully knocked the lions away with his shield, via supporting attacks. His original Strength value could rival that of a Level 125 Yellow-Gold boss. Paired with Wei Yan Er’s Strength Aura, it granted a bonus to Zhang Yang Strength, giving Zhang Yang the ability to bash the beasts away.

"Rawr!" The lions got back to their feet and leaped towards Zhang Yang again. The other remaining lionesses joined in together and attacked Zhang Yang as a pride.


Zhang Yang casted {Horizontal Sweep} and dealt a wave of 50,000 damage to every monster there. The sword procced its skill and blasted another wave of {Horizontal Sweep}, almost sending all the lionesses to their last 20% HP.

The little girl cried in excitement and activated her skill {Indiscriminate} and {Tornado Cleave} after. With a swift blow, all monsters that had 20% HP or lower were instantly struck by Wei Yan Er’s attack, taking more than 60,000 damage critical hits.

Wan Yan Er sighed disgruntledly and said, "Sigh. My critical hit is still weaker than the noobie tank’s {Horizontal Sweep}! How sad!"

Zhang Yang shook his head. "Little girl, {Horizontal Sweep} is a 200% weapon attack skill. A Level 10 {Tornado Cleave} will only deliver 170% weapon attack. Then again, I have 50% extra damage boost from the God of War Inheritance. That is why my {Horizontal Sweep} is much stronger than your {Tornado Cleave}."

"Hmph. I see. In that case, I will get an A class Inheritance for myself, and get a strong skill that would deal AoE by 200% or 300% weapon attack! Haha! I will dominate the field then! Noobie tank! You’ve had your time, it’s my turn!" said Wei Yan Er proudly.

"Haha. It’s best for you to keep that in your heart. Aren’t you scared of me slacking off? If you hit too hard, I won’t be able to hold on to their aggros."

"Haha! You may slack, but my cousin sister has told me. If you dare to bully me, she will turn you into a dried up corpse!"

Zhang Yang frowned. Did that b*tch just teach her little cousin sister how to threaten him!?