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Chapter 557: Mountain Rat

Chapter 557: Mountain Rat

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Two Yellow-Gold tier joined the pride but it did not help to ensure their survivability.

After some time, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue completely forgot about their Battle Companions. The little girl had genuinely forgotten about her Battle Companion, while Han Ying Xue was annoyed at the big pervert’s dirty talk. That being said, Messick’s attack was rather low, and since Zhang Yang was here to tank the monsters, she had no reason to summon Messick out to the field. She would only be giving a chance for the big pervert to make a move on her.

After 4 minutes, the party of three surrounded the dead bodies of the lion and lionesses. It’s a shame that beast monsters do not have the tendency of dropping coins. Instead, they had dropped many ETC type items such as their fangs, mane, leather, and other useless items that would end up being sold to an NPC merchant. Still, the money obtained from selling them would be equivalent to that of gold drops.

However, ETC items were not equal to their value in gold. They take up inventory space, and that alone makes them far less desirable. If players were to grind for a long period of time, they might have to eventually pass up on them!

Zhang Yang did not have the slightest interest in picking up items that were worth several silver coins. On the other hand, the two money mongers were furious since there was no "real" money dropping from the lions. Luckily, the two Yellow-Gold bosses were kind enough to not drop any Gray-Silver equipment but 5 Yellow-Gold tier equipment. Selling them for 500 gold coins apiece should not be much problem.

Even though Zhang Yang had surmised that the island could be a potential treasure cove, the money generation rate was still lower than the Little Merchandize Shop and the Mining Cave. Still, free stuff was up for grabs, why would he not take it then!

The party continued to move forwards and came across another pride of lionesses after just 10 minutes. This time, the pride of lionesses had only summoned one boss. Zhang Yang suddenly thought up of a funny joke and he messaged Han Ying Xue privately. "Hey, the male lion is quite a stud, don’t you think? He, alone was able to "handle" so many female lionesses and is still standing strong! I wish I could be like him!"

Han Ying Xue playfully glared at him. "Perhaps you think that two of us are not enough for you. Are you planning to expand your den? Hmph. Those Zhao triplets could work. I’d say, if you just point your fingers at them, they would surely be following you like they’re the mice and you’re the Pied Piper!"

Zhang Yang merely laughed, but he knew that deep down, the woman was furious. It would be best for him to leave it as a casual joke. He also knew that the woman was jealous of them, since they had been coming to the pool on every alternate day and Zhang Yang would go on serving as their swimming instructor.

The three of them moved up the field, killed many more lions and finally came out of the flatlands. A few hundred meters away were waves of hills and mountains. The mountains were not too high. At most, the tallest one should be around 200 meters tall. The mountains, however, were filled with the "shooter trees", which covered them from base to peak. It was impossible for Zhang Yang and the two ladies to use their flying mounts.

As they walked on, Wei Yan Er turned and look behind. She laughed, "I think we did something good for the horsies and cows. They can now safely graze the field!"

"Heh. Elite monsters will respawn in 5 hours time. I think, we may have only provided them with a short period of peace before they run around again!" said Zhang Yang as a matter-of-factly.

"Nyeh. You don’t know how to be romantic, noobie tank!" said Wei Yan Er as she forcefully smacked his back.

The three of them moved up to the first hill. After just the first few steps, they came across an entity that had a grayish appearance. It was surprisingly as large as a fully grown German Shepard. It had a full coat of short fur, four short limbs, and a long tail that was a thick as its head. From a distance, the critter looked like it was a long black snake.

The critter moved so swiftly that Zhang Yang only managed to catch its shadow. Before he could turn his head and track its movements, Han Ying Xue screamed as the critter had already stabbed her fair legs with its long white teeth.

"F*ck you!" Zhang Yang lunged at the critter and bashed the critter with his shield. He stood to protect Han Ying Xue and said, "F*ck off, you! Don’t you know, only I can use my mouth at that region!" Zhang Yang turned back and grinned.

Han Ying Xue was panting and slapped Zhang Yang’s shoulder. "Hmph! Pervert!" Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes.

"Chi Chi!" The critter squeaked and came back at them. Now, everyone had a clear glimpse of it.

[Baloque Giant Rat] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 105

HP: 1,050,000

Defense: 1,100

Melee Attack: 6,881 – 7,841


[Fang Bite]: Bites a target’s legs and deals 150% melee physical attack. Target will be immobilized for 10 seconds.

Note: The Baloque Giant Rats are famous for their long sharp teeth. There’s nothing that they can’t chew off!"

"RAAAA!!!" Han Ying Xue screamed and jumped into Zhang Yang’s embrace. Zhang Yang frantically corrected his balance, laughing.

Wei Yan Er was surprisingly calm. Intrigued, the little girl glared at the giant rat and asked, "Hmph…such a big rat. It’s quite rare to see one that big. Hey, if we rear one at home, would any cat dare to eat it?"

"Chi!" the giant rat squeaked. Like a giant boar, the rat sprinted towards Zhang Yang and bared its long sharp teeth, preparing to bite Zhang Yang.

From the looks of it, the rat was aiming at his crotch. Zhang Yang frowned at the thought of having his magnum getting bitten. It was different compared when Han Ying Xue did it back then. That was a love bite, a pleasant pain, as if he was between both ecstasy and pain. However, if the rat bites it, he might have to prepare giving up on "Happy Father’s Day."

Zhang Yang immediately pulled his leg back and soccer kicked the rat. The poor rodent was sent flying off into the sky.

"Stupid perverted rat! Prepare to meet your maker!" Zhang Yang ran to the area where the rat was projected to fall, and slashed the rat in midair, like a baseball.

Han Ying Xue laughed and teased, "Hey dummy. The rat could be a female! Didn’t you want to make a harem? Think about it. You can take the rat home, and teach her how to swim. Perhaps, one day, the rat will bear you many children. Didn’t you watch <>? There are so many beautiful Rat Spirits around!"

Zhang Yang was at a loss for words.

After Zhang Yang had attacked the rat, Wei Yan Er leaped in and joined the attack. With the combined forces of two battle mounts and two Battle Companions, the rat was killed quickly. The party moved on and encountered more similar rats. Whenever one appeared, Han Ying Xue will never fail to scream and jump into Zhang Yang’s arms.

After crossing the mountains with little to no danger, they reached the peak. The top of the mountain had been flattened. So flat that it seemed like someone or something had chopped the top triangular head of the mountain off. The flat area of the peak was wide and large, and unmistakably white, like a huge stage.

At an edge of the flat peak, there was a rat that was as big as an elephant. Unlike its smaller brethren, this colossus rat was rather grand and beautiful. It’s fur was silky smooth and had a little glint of violet platinum luster. It was not as disgusting like its smaller brethren, but far more ferocious and grand.

[Baloque Giant Rat King] (Violet-Platinum, Beast)

Level: 109

HP: 10,900,000

Defense: 2,820

Melee Attack: 13,410 – 17,410


[Fang Bite]: Bites a target’s legs and deals 150% melee physical attack. Target will be immobilized for 10 seconds.

[Hide]: The Giant Rat King will dig underground and hide underground when its HP reached 10%. Will restore HP. Channeling: 1 second. Can be interrupted.

Note: The King of all of Baloque Giant Rats. Its sharp teeth can bite through even the toughest of steel.

Zhang Yang had a happy glint in his eyes and he cried out happily. "Looks like we’ve hit the jackpot!"

"What are you talking about? It’s just a Violet-Platinum boss. It’s not a Mythical tier anyway." Wei Yan Er asked.

"Hehehe. Stupid little girl." Zhang Yang pat and rubbed Wei Yan Er head. "Pay attention to the boss’ level. It’s only Level 109! That means, the equipment it drops will be Level 100. The kind of which we can immediately equip! Don’t keep thinking about Mythical bosses. How many Mythical boss can you find nowdays?"

For Zhang Yang and those around his level, Level 100 Mythical tier equipment were far more precious compared to Level 110, or Level 120 Violet-Platinum equipment. Level 100 equipment could be equipped right away and the rest would have to wait until they reach the appropriate level requirement. By the time they reach Level 110, or Level 120, they would already be targeting Mythical tier equipment! Hence, the significant factor about the giant rat was not its level, but the level of the equipment that it would drop!

"Huh." Wei Yan Er crossed her arms and nodded. "So, what you are saying is that a Mythical tier boss would drop equipment. However, unless the equipment they drop has a special effect that lowers the equipment Level requirement, it would make no sense to fight the boss then. Correct?"

"Haha! That’s a way to put it. Since when has the little girl became so smart?"

Wei Yan Er scoffed and spotted something. "Hey! Hey! Hey! Look! Look!" The little girl pointed at something beside of the boss.

Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue focused their sight at where Wei Yan Er was pointing at and saw a tiny, palm size rat that scampering around. The little rat had a violet-platinum fur coat. From that distance, anyone could mistake it for a violet colored ferret. It was undoubtedly cute.

[Juvenile Gold Biter Rat] (Violet-Platinum Mount)

Level: 0

HP: 50

"That’s a Violet-Platinum mount!" all of them cried out at the same time. Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Hohoho. It’s a good mount right there. That’s probably the strongest mount so far. Sadly, it’s just a regular mount and not a flying mount!"

Han Ying Xue shook her head and said, "I think its strong. Most of our battles are still occurring on the ground. There aren’t many aerial battles nowadays. Besides, a flying mount is only good for traveling!"

Technically, almost 99% of all battles took place on the ground. In PvE fights, there would hardly be any difference for flying mount or regular mounts. The importance of a mount was its attack power. During PvP however, a flying mount user would have the aerial dominance over the other user. If they are about to be killed, they could jump on their flying mount to buy some time. In which, in a similar situation, a player with no flying mount would have to face their defeat.

Zhang Yang laughed and pushed Han Ying Xue lightly. "Go and catch it, then!"

Han Ying Xue squeaked a little and shook her head rapidly. No matter how small or cute the little critter was, Han Ying Xue could never accept it. For her, it would always be an annoying, disgusting rat! That being said, Han Ying Xue was a healer. She had no need to be at the front lines to attack. Having this battle mount would not do any good for her.

However, if the little critter is of a magic attack type, Han Ying Xue might still able to attack from the rear. However, based on the stats of the giant rat king, the little rat there would probably be a physical attack type.

Wei Yan Er already had a Violet-Platinum Flying Mount, the White Tiger. Zhang Yang had the Mythical tier Thunderhawk. Both of them had no need for the mount. Zhang Yang then called Hundred Shots and the rest of his friends over, "Hey guys, I have here, a Violet-Platinum regular mount. Anyone interested in taking it?"

"WOAH! Boss, I want! I’m interested!"

"Little Yang. Let me have it! Endless, you f*ck off!"

"I’m interested. I want to upgrade my mount!"

Everyone flooded up the party channel and contested for it. Even though there were many mounts in the Chaos Realm, they were mostly Gray-Silver, and Yellow-Gold. Violet-Platinum tier mounts were still a rare hunt.

As the party chat were heading nowhere, Zhang Yang decided to make things easier for them. "The mount is suitable for melee attack types. Hunters should not join in, since it would effect your own character’s balance. When you’re still fighting, the pet dies, and vice-versa. Let the melee classes have it."

Since Hunters have [Beast Taming] skill, they could use their battle mount as a pet to attack, just like Zhang Yang and his Thunderhawk. On the other hand, it made Hunter’s lose their advantage of gaining the HP boost. It was fairly important to have high HP when facing a strong boss with powerful AoE skills. Besides that, separating both Hunter and their pets will split the target in two, increasing the load for the healers.

Secondly, if a battle mount is used as a pet to attack, the hunter’s original pet will be ignored, causing the Hunter to lose its primary attack power.

Hence, Hunters should only aim for ranged attack type battle mounts. In that case, the hunter could mount his battle pet and in the same time, use the class-specific pet to attack. That way, it would fully utilize the Hunter’s special class advantage.

Fatty Han obediently listened to Zhang Yang and withdrew from the raffle draw. Hundred Shots was in luck. Just a few days back, he had caught himself a Violet-Platinum Windy Wolf mount. It was a magic attack type and could cast wind blades that strike from a distance. Its attack power was on par with Wei Yan Er’s Winged Tiger. Hence, Hundred Shots withdrew from the raffle draw as well.

Eventually, only Endless Starlight, Lost Dream, and Mountain Mover rolled for the mount. The winner was Mountain Mover, but Zhang Yang did not immediately summon him over. After all, Zhang Yang would have to defeat the boss first before capturing the little critter.

"Let’s go!" Zhang Yang did not need to make any preparations. It was just a Violet-Platinum boss. If he still had [Berserker’s Heal] he would not even need come up with any game plan. The boss had only two skills. The first was an attacking type and the second was a healing skill that could be interrupted! It’s nothing but a walk in the park.

"CHI!" The Rat King squeaked so loudly that Zhang Yang’s ear drums rang long after.

Despite being as large as an elephant, the rat’s movement speed was as fast as lightning. With a quick scurry, the rat had rushed towards Zhang Yang! He did not even have any spare second to activate {Charge}!

Both the rat and the Guardian started duking it out. The little girl waited for a bit and entered the battle with her axe raised high in the air to strike down on the rat from the sky.

Zhang Yang, Felice, and Thunderhawk produced an explosive DPS that went over 40,000. The little girl had equipped her new axe and had upgraded her DPS limit to over 60,000! Just 3 minutes into the battle, the party had hacked away the Rat King’s HP below 10%. With a quick cast of {Crash Magic}, the Rat King’s digging animation was interrupted. Zhang Yang delivered a barrage of attacks and finished the poor King off.