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Chapter 559: The Pirate’s Old Lair

Chapter 559: The Pirate’s Old Lair

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The four of them summoned out their own [Mounts]. However, right before they could fly into the air, they were greeted with countless of arrows from the direction of the fortress. One brief moment later, the four of them were left with hundreds of holes on them. Their HP bars were reducing so rapidly that they were terrified to see it with their own eyes!

Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Vanguard’s Aggression} and his [Heart of the Death knight] at the same time as he started to panic, then he quickly said, "Retreat!"

Shoof shoof shoof!

Arrow continued to rain upon them endlessly, one wave after another. There were so many arrows flying through the sky at the same time that they looked like a swam of locusts that blotted out the sun!

Under the supporting protection of {Vanguard’s Aggression}, the damage that the 3 ladies received had been reduced by 10%. However, they were still loosing their HP at an insanely fast rate. Fortunately for them, they were already ambushed the moment they left the ground. So, it did not take long for them to return back on ground.

It was actually unnecessary for them to get back on the ground. As long as they do not fly too high up in the sky, they would not be shot at. The situation was actually similar to the trees.

"So, those trees grow underwater too?" Wei Yan Er was amazed.

"There should be."

"How can there be such ‘trees’ under the water?" Wei Yan Er was very eager to dig deeper into the logical explanation on this topic.

Zhang Yang frowned. That was because they were in a game after all. It wouldn’t be weird, even if there was a bunch of cabbages growing nicely in the clouds! After deciding to ignore the little brat, Zhang Yang summoned out his [Mythical Turtle]. It had been quite a while since he last brought the Turtle out for fresh air. Water area environments was where the Mythical Turtle could unleash it’s full potential --- most of the [Flying Mounts] were not able to go under water.

Han Ying Xue summoned her [Red Gold Cab] as well. Each of the [Mounts] were assigned to carry two persons as they began to ‘sail’ across the lake over to the fortress.

It was natural for Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue to be on the same ‘boat,’ as they were siblings after all. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang took Daffodil Daydream on his ‘ride’. The little lady felt safe and sound as she was leaned on the back of Zhang Yang when they were on the way over to the fortress. She blushed all the way through.

Considering that all [Mounts] can only provide their owners the ability to breath underwater, The [Red Gold Crab] and the [Mythical Turtle] had to travel above the surface of the water. That way, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream wouldn’t drown.

The four of them were able to see everything that was happening beneath them, as the water of the lake was crystal clear.

As expected, there were countless ‘Spiky Treants’ all over the lake floor. Their branches were as bristly as ever, and they seemed completely at home in the water.

"I didn’t know there is such trees that is amphibious!" Wei Yan Er widened her eyes a little as she spoke, "Let’s plant some of these trees in our swimming pool!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Then, you better watch out! Those spikes will surely poke right through your butt!"

"You jerk..." Wei Yan Er muttered in low voice.

Although the lake was vast, the entire journey across the lake to the fortress was just about 4 to 5 kilometers. It only took a few minutes for them to approach the fortress as [Mythical Turtle] and [Red Gold Crab] were both agile swimmers.

Maybe the pirates had been overconfident about their elusiveness. The base was barely fortified. After looking around carefully, Zhang Yang could only see a few pirates with dark clothing and wretched faces. They were sitting casually at the high tower. It seemed that they were supposed to watch out for any sign of intruders outside of their fortress.

However, players and monsters would only engage into battles based on the mechanism of the aggro system that the system had provided all along. So, as long as players could stay out of the aggro range of the monsters, they could avoid the battles with the monsters. Therefore, the four of them were basically clueless of their presence as they snuck around the guards stationed on the outpost towers. It was considered as a successful stealthy infiltration.

"The leader of these pirates must be living in the largest house of all. That means..." Zhang Yang hopped over onto the ‘deck’ and took a look around the surroundings. Then he pointed at a very large wooden house that was not far from them. "That should be the one."

"Let’s get moving!" Wei Yan Er was excited as she began to whirl her axe around. Other than those weird and unexplained phenomenons, this little brat would only be interest in coins and battles. Since she could fulfill her own lust for battle and also earn some coins along the way, Wei Yan Er would always be very happy slaying monsters to level up.

"Who goes there?" one of the pirates who looked like an Orc suddenly popped out from a wooden house. Well, he was an Orc indeed! Although his mouth had uttered an inquiry, his hands were not as courteous. He swung his black giant axe mercilessly across at Zhang Yang without any signs of warning.


The giant axe was deflected away as Zhang Yang raised his shield and blocked the attack. He could not help but to wonder, why did the monster target him at first sight, even when he was not the closest to it? Was it because his face was so ugly that the monster could not stand the sight of it, and had to attack him to vent out the discomfort?

"It doesn’t matter what you do, you’re as good as dead!" The Orc revealed a row of filthy yellowish teeth as he smiled. Only god knows how long has it been since he last brushed his teeth! That foul stench from his mouth could really ‘knock’ people out!

The monster pointed at Zhang Yang before he diverted his attention over to the 3 ladies. His eyes were rolling around randomly and he said, "What a shame. I have no interest in you ugly people. But you girls should be worth at least a couple hundred coins!"


"You’re the one who is ugly! You ugly horse... Orc!" Han Ying Xue and the other two ladies were enraged by his words. They pointed their fingers at the Orc in rage. Their rage were fueled well enough for them to begin the battle.

[Blackbeard’s Crew] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 115

HP: 1,150,000

Defense: 1,200

Attack: 7,623 - 9,623


[A Nibble of Death]: Heavily strikes a target, causing 150% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Pirate’s Madness]: A pirate is filled with the spirit to take on an adventure! A pirate would be willing to burn up his own life span in exchange for incredible power! Upon activation of this Skill, the pirate would lose 10,000 HP in every second. However, all targets within the range of 3-meter radius from the pirate will receive the same amount of Shadow Damage. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Note: They are the crews of Blackbeard Ditch after all. They fear no death. Every single one of their hands are tainted with blood!

"Just die! Human!" the Orc pirate let out an intimidating shout. Then, he began to raise his large axe up high in the air before he swung it straight at Zhang Yang.


Though Zhang Yang’s {Block} was still under the cooldown period, that did not stop him from using his ‘Supporting Attacks’. With a heavy slam right in the pirate’s face, Zhang Yang knocked the Orc off a few steps back. The two fangs that jutted out from his lips broke off from the impact.

"You filthy human! How dare you!" The Orc screamed in rage as his entire body turned bloody red. He was loosing 10,000 HP in every passing second. However, every time when he lost his HP, a bright red light would radiate out about 3-meter radius across the surroundings.

Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er were instantly hit by the radiance as both of them received damage. Zhang Yang received an amount of ‘-5,114’ damage while Wei Yan Er received an amount of ‘-9,822’ damage. The little brat did not receive a full amount of damage from the radiance because she had one Mythical Tier equipment that could absorb damage.

That was the {Pirate’s Madness}!

Indeed, that pirate looked like he was tormented in madness. So this was a powerful Skill that would cause destruction to both sides at the cost of sacrificing one’s own HP. Furthermore, the HP bar of the monster was long enough for it to use this Skill. A players would not last as long.

The fire power of the small party was already powerful enough as it was. They became even more powerful after Daafodil Daydream joined in. They put down the pirate with ease. The pirate had dropped a few coins and a few [Inscribed Cloths]. Other than that, the dead pirate also dropped a piece of Yellow-Gold equipment.

"Stinky pirate! You must be blind! I’m a pretty lady! Not some ugly human!" Wei Yan Er still wasn’t willing to let it go as she continued to mutter at the dead pirate’s body. She still wanted to correct the pirate, even though he was dead. She wanted to prove she was a pretty lady who could stun people with her looks.

"Stop wasting your life and keep moving!" Han Ying Xue kicked the little brat in the butt and ran off.

Although the fortress seemed a poorly attended, there were monsters lurking around the houses. They would ambush the players from concealed, hidden corners. Therefore, Zhang Yang and the ladies had no choice but to endure the annoyance of being ambushed by pirate after pirate.

Some wooden houses only had one pirate lurking in them. Well, some had two, or even three filthy pirates in the houses, ready to ambush any players who came by the houses.

The weird part about this was that if the house only had one pirate in it, the pirate would look neat in terms of clothing when he came out to block the players. However, if there were at least 2 to 3 pirates in the house, they would look messy, as if they just got out of their bed. Some of them did not even had clothes on them! They were stark naked, and their butt folds were as visible as day! Fortunately, the game had placed mosaic boxes over the filthy ‘vital’ parts of the pirates.

Wei Yan Er could not understand this, so she asked, "Do these pirates love to sleep in the buff? They’re just like cousin sis!"

Han Ying Xue was instantly enraged at the little brat for mentioning it out, so she humped, "How could you compare these filthy monsters with me, a pretty and elegant lady?"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he spoke suggestively, "Well, we interrupted them at the wrong time. We’ve committed a crime for intruding upon their ‘fun’ time!"

Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream spat at him for making such a lame joke. Meanwhile, the little brat blinked with her large eyes as adorably as ever in her cluelessness.

After clearing out the path and proceeding forward for another one and a half hour, the four of them finally arrived at the largest wooden house in the entire lair of the pirates. The place really looked like a house that belonged to someone important. There were already 4 elite Tier guards standing at the front of the entrance.

Zhang Yang could already unleash the potential of his ‘Supporting Attacks,’ because his equipment had reach the standard. There as no reason at all to be afraid of the 4 elite Tier monsters. So the four of them charged straight up to engage. Zhang Yang’s [Sword of Devourer] managed to cause about 30,000 damage to one of the monsters right in front of him. His rage bar went through the roof right after that strike. Without any hesitation, he immediately activated his {Horizontal Sweep}.

Four yellow numerical values popped up on top of the 4 elite Tier monsters. Unfortunately, there were too few targets in range. So, the special effect of the replicated Skill on the [Sword of Purging Devourer] was not triggered.

"Kill him!" the four pirates were struck by surprise. So they were enraged as they began to shout out loud. They swung their swords and axes towards Zhang Yang the moment they detected Zhang Yang’s presence.

"In your dreams!" Zhang Yang stomped the ground and activated his {Thunder Strike}. Electricity flickered across the 4 pirates as they received Movement Speed reduction effects. Zhang Yang became their primary target as he began to lead them around like a herd of cows.

Wei Yan Er swung her axe towards the monsters as she launched her swift and fierce assaults. After she had switched her old axe with a new one, her damage output had increased drastically. It was almost twice of her previous damage output! After all, weapons brought the most change on players’ Attack power.

The 4 pirates were taken out, one after another, neat and quick. Zhang Yang and the ladies gained quite a substantial amount of experience points from killing these monsters. The two [Mounts] that had not yet reached Level 100 were leveling up continuously. One of them had reached level 89 while the other had reached Level 75.

The four of them entered the house. All they saw before them was a grand, ornately furnished living room. The place gave people the feeling that the room was vast and spacious.

The ladies were dismounted automatically at they were in an indoor environment. Only Thunderhawk was still flapping its wings about idly. The wind the wings stirred up had blown Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream’s skirts up, revealing their panties!

"The pet is as perverted as it’s owner! You perverted hawk!" Han Ying Xue muttered.

Daffodil Daydream was holding her skirt down with both of her hands as she was blushing in shame.

What the hell! How did that become Zhang Yang’s fault, then? That was just wrong!

They had to proceed without the 3 [Mounts] that they had brought along. There were no signs of any monsters in the house. Zhang Yang and the ladies began to split up so that they could cover more ground in searching the house for the other half of the Treasure Map.

However, Zhang Yang was the only one who had accepted the related quest. So, only he would be able to recognize the unique appearance of the other half of the Treasure Map. The other half of the Treasure Map would only look like a normal piece of parchment in the eyes of Han Ying Xue and the other two ladies. They did not accept the quest, after all. However, Zhang Yang would see it as a piece of Treasure Map that glowed dimly.

That was the system’s setting. Quest items would all radiate in a dim light so to serve as a beacon so that players would be able to spot them more easily. If players could still miss out on them, then there wouldn’t be anything left to say.

After just a brief moment, Zhang Yang found the other half of the Treasure Map in a sealed drawer.

However, this was a S-rank quest. So the question was, will they be able to obtain the other half of the Treasure Map so easily?