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Chapter 561: Crimson Flame of the ‘Blazing Flame’

Chapter 561: Crimson Flame of the ‘Blazing Flame’

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After taking out ‘Snowman’ Snow, the four of them arrived at the second floor of the cabin.

As the special note of the first boss had stated that Snow was just one of the three generals serving under Blackbeard Ditch, Zhang Yang and the ladies knew that they would still have to defeat two more general bosses before they could actually face Blackbeard Ditch himself!

The monsters on the second floor of the cabin were also similar to the monsters on the first floor of the deck. Other than the pirates of different races and species, there was also a new type of monster: Pirate’s Parrot.

[Pirate’s Parrot] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Attack: 7,381 - 11,381


[Dive]: Charges down from the sky, causing 150% Physical Damage to the target. Causes the target to fall. The target will be able to get back to their feet after 1 second.

[Parrot's Infection]: Infects the target with a virus, reduces target’s damage dealt by 10%. There is a 10% rate of causing the target to have a fever once every 3 seconds. The target will descend into a chaotic state and cannot attack. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Note: Parrots are the symbol of pirates, how can a pirate ship be a real pirate ship without a parrot on it?

The irritating thing about these parrots was that they would come in a pack of 3 or 4. Because they were small, they could attack one target at the same time. Furthermore, these parrots certainly belong to the Agility-Type classification. Their movements were extremely agile. Zhang Yang could not keep up with their speed, and was not even able to use his Supporting Attacks.

Fortunately, Zhang Yang and the ladies were powerful enough to take it all. Zhang Yang could still endure the assaults from 3 to 4 monsters at the same time. Zhang Yang and the ladies proceeded forward without much of a problem, although the parrots greatly hindered them. It took them more than 3 hours to arrive at the end of the floor. Finally, they came face to face with the second boss, Crimson Flame!

Surprisingly, this pirate looked like well-dressed, muscular, middle-age man with a high collar around his neck. He looked more like a cocky general instead of an atrocious pirate!

[Crimson Flame of the ‘Blazing Flame’] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 130

HP: 13,000,000

Defense: 3,540

Attack: 17,739 - 21,739 (Determined as Physical Attack, but cause Fire Damage)


[Parrot Summoning]: According to rumors, before Crimson Flame was a pirate, he used to be a parrot seller. He has an amazing ability of communicating with parrots. Summons parrots based on the number of players on his aggro list.

[Roaring Flame Transformation]: Transforms into ‘Blazing Flame’. Increases 20% Fire Damage dealt. Immune to all Fire Damage and Status Restriction Skills received. Reduces 50% Physical Damage received. However, increases Frost Damage received by an additional 100%.

[Blazing Drift]: When Crimson Flame enters its {Blazing Flame Transformation} form, his body will be flowing with blazing lava. All enemies that touch him will receive 10,000 Fire Damage.

Note: One of the three generals under Blackbeard Ditch. The user of ‘Blazing Flame’ Devil Fruit. Has the power to control fire.

Zhang Yang was surprised and happy at the same time, after taking note of the {Roaring Flame Transformation} Skill on the boss description. He knew that there was a very high chance that the boss would drop a fragment of the [Roaring Flame Inheritance] upon defeat!

Did they come across King Solomon's mine or something?

Back in the mountains of ‘12 Zodiacs’, it was still reasonable to get few pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment that were dropped by earlier bosses like the Tiger King. It was simply because there were 12 bosses back there. However, they also got a few pieces of Violet-Platinum Tier equipment and one Violet-Platinum Tier [Mount] for every boss they slew! That alone was already more than enough for them to come to the island!

Now, this boss was even more generous. He even dropped a fragment for a Class B [Inheritance].

A Class B [Inheritance]! Any guild would like to have their hands on [Inheritances] of such Class. They had actually stumbled across 2 Class B [Inheritance] in a row, like freebies! What kind of luck would that be?

Well, this was definitely a treasure trove!

Even if the quest actually ends here, Zhang Yang was already contented. After all, he and his little party of ladies had already gained more than enough for the trip.

If the system is so generous, as if the girl that you adored for N years suddenly accepted your ‘mating call’, would you still pretend to be a decent guy? Of course you would just take the shot!

Zhang Yang let out a battle cry and charged towards the boss.

"Snow... that imbecile..." the boss humphed coldly as blazing flames started igniting across his entire body. It seemed that he was already transformed into his {Roaring Flame Transformation} form. Just like the first contact with the previous boss Snow, Zhang Yang swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] while Crimson Flame swung his fist. It seemed that this boss was as brave as the last boss, Snow. They were both powerful warriors who did not fear meeting their enemies head-on. Things were a little different for Crimson Flame. Instead of being covered with frost, the blazing flames on his body instantly formed a barrier that looked like a forcefield around his fist.


The fist and the blade clashed with each other. Zhang Yang was sent a few steps back by the impact of that punch. Crimson Flame charged in and threw another flaming fist at Zhang Yang, not even giving him a moment to catch his breath!

The great battle started off. Wei Yan Er, Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream were already in their positions.

However, Daffodil Daydream felt out of place. She was able to cause double damage to Snow in the previous boss battle. But now, she could only stare at the boss, throwing ineffective fire attacks at Crimson Flame. All she could do in order to help was to summon out her Battle Companion to provide some support on their damage output. Meanwhile, she could only stand at a corner and make sure that she was still alive by the end of the battle.

On the other hand, although all Fire Attacks that Felice had on her were ineffective against the boss, the little lady could still transform into her humanoid form. She could still attack the boss effectively with her normal attacks. Although her damage output had been heavily affected, it was way better than Daffodil Daydream who could not do a single damage to the boss.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The boiling lava on the body of the boss was dripping all over the floor, forming a sea of lava beneath his legs. Those flames that sprouted off the magma could cause 10,000 Nature Damage to whoever who touches them. Although 10,000 damage wasn’t that much, receiving 10,000 damage every second could still be terrifying. Even Zhang Yang wouldn’t dare to stand still and let the flames burn him for nothing. So he moved around agilely while kiting the boss along.

Fortunately, the lava required some time before it could turn the ground into a sea of blazing flames that started scorching players. Zhang Yang only needed to move to another spot once every 10 seconds. However, they could not afford to prolong the battle. Eventually, the entire floor available to them would be up in flames.

Daffodil Daydream was basically ‘riding shotgun’ for this battle while Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and Felice were all sharing the wheel to poor effect. Nothing was being carried out efficiently in the battle. The only one that could still promise a full effect from its Basic Attack was Thunderhawk.

A brief moment later, the boss suddenly let out a roar, "My little birdies, come and meet your guests!"

Shoof! Four elite Tier Parrots puffed out of thin air. They dive bombed Han Ying Xue.

It could not be helped. After all, the monsters had been spawned right in the middle of the battle, without any sign of warning. Without a Tanker and other DPS players blocking off the parrots, their first target would naturally be the Healer, Han Ying Xue.

However, the words of the boss struck the four of them with the impact of a thunderbolt. So great was the impact that foam started leaking out of their mouths. They almost fell to the ground in epileptic fits, almost drowning in their own foam, right before the boss, there and then.

Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Charge} and clashed into one of the Parrots. The moment he came into contact with the Parrot, he stomped his feet heavily onto the ground and activated his {Thunder Strike}. That instantly reduced the movement speed of all four Parrots. 3 seconds later, Zhang Yang’s {Horizontal Sweep} was ready to be dispatched. He activated {Horizontal Sweep} and swiped his [Sword of Purging Devourer] at the four Parrots. Instantly, all of the parrots received more than 50,000 damage and they immediately turned to Zhang Yang.

Daffodil Daydream finally found her use for the battle. Felice had also transformed into her Dragonhawk form and started to attack the parrots with her AoE attacks. Everyone turned to eliminate the parrots. They all understood. If they do not kill the monsters as swiftly as possible, they would only be wasting Han Ying Xue's efforts. The risk of being overwhelmed by a second wave of Parrots also grew, the longer they leave them be. If the second wave of Parrots ever gets summoned and reinforces the first wave, it would be the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

Fortunately, these parrots were not immune to Fire Attacks. They did not have the ability to reduce Physical Attacks by 50% as well. After the four of them focused their full firepower on the Parrots, the Parrots were taken down, leaving nothing but scattered feathers all across the floor.

It was really frustrating to see the boss’ Fire Damage Immunity and also the ability to reduce Physical Damage by 50%. It was a huge dampener to the firepower of the entire party. However, as a Violet-Platinum Tier boss, the Attack Power of Crimson Flame was not particularly high. The HP bar of the boss was reduced down to 50% before lava had even covered half of the ground.

But, the {Roaring Flame Transformation} of the boss was truly visually awe-inspiring.

Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er could feel that they were plunging their weapons into a pile of lava. It was soft, and there was hardly any sensation of their hard weapons hitting other hard surfaces. It was just like a kid slapping away at a pile of mud! Every time a blade slid across the boss, the body of the boss would break like how a plastic bag would. Lava would ooze out of the cut and drip onto the floor. Every single drop of the lava was boiling hot!

Wei Yan Er seemed to be a little interested in the boss, "Interesting, this boss is like a lava man!"

"The boss would probably be dropping a piece of a fragment for the [Roaring Flame Inheritance]. So you better think it through carefully. Or else you will regret it after I hand it over to other members of our guild!"

"Tsk! I’m not a child anymore! Why would I be crying over that kind of trivial matter?" Wei Yan Er frowned a little while she looked at Zhang Yang. Still, her expression did betray a hint of uncertainty.

Zhang Yang did not specifically demand for Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and the other gang members to get a Class S [Inheritance] or a Class A [Inheritance]. There was only a total of 6 Class S [Inheritance] in the entire server. So it would be wise not to waste time on that. Meanwhile, although Class A [Inheritances] were not as unique as Class S [Inheritances], you would stand a better chance coming across a dancing panda in a bamboo forest.

In his past life, only Imperial Sky, Crimson Rage and The Radiance had players with Class A [Inheritance] in their guilds. Furthermore, Imperial Sky had two players with Class A [Inheritance], making them indisputably the Number One guild in the entire game!

Unfortunately, Sun Xin Yu had always been a loner. Although she was the only Thief with a Class S [Inheritance], she had never joined any guilds. Otherwise, Imperial Sky’s position could have been challenged!

All that considered, it would already be enough for Zhang Yang’s party members to get at least a Class B [Inheritance]. Getting a Class A [Inheritance] would require luck. Insisting on getting a Class A [Inheritance] would only make one miserable. After all, everyone had witnessed the power that high Class [Inheritances] could offer. No one would be generous enough to sell a fragment of Class A [Inheritance]!

After a flurry of attacks from Zhang Yang and his small party, the boss managed to pave two thirds of the floor in the cabin with lava. That was the moment the last hit struck and the four of them took down Crimson Flame. The boss dropped a few Violet-Platinum Tier equipment and a few Yellow-Gold Tier equipment. The Violet-Platinum Tier equipment did not have any reductions in their Required Levels, as this boss was not a Top Tier boss. Zhang Yang shoved everything into his inventory. As predicted, the fragment for the [Roaring Flame Inheritance] appeared on the ground!

It was a Class B [Inheritance]!

Even Han Ying Xue was a little shocked, then she said, "Well, this place sure is a place full of surprises and treasures! We have gotten two invaluable fragments of [Inheritances]! I wonder what other treasure awaits us further ahead!"

Getting a fragment of an [Inheritance] was as good as getting a full set of it. The fragments would resonate and call out to each other. It would only be a matter of time before players can get the full set. Two fragments of two different [Inheritance]? Zhang Yang still couldn’t believe that they were greeted with such generous gifts upon killing the first two bosses.

Zhang Yang nodded absent-mindedly, more confused than ever. He had never heard of an island with such a name in his previous life!