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Chapter 564: Ferocious Battle with Blackbeard

Chapter 564: Ferocious Battle with Blackbeard

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Furthermore, all players that are joining the boss battle should be up to a certain standard. At the very least, they should be able to kill the illusion of the boss within the 30-second time frame. If they fail to kill the illusion, they would only end up aiding the boss by healing the boss 1% again and again, if they were to die one after another. That being said, 100 players getting killed by {Devouring Darkness} would already heal the boss completely! By then, it would be better to give up on the boss battle rather than torment oneself.

The three ladies seemed to have understood the danger of the Skill. They nodded to express their acknowledgment.

Zhang Yang took a deep breath. With a flap in his wings, he flew up into the air like a god and dove down towards the boss. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Yang had arrived before the boss and started with his assaults. With a shoof, he activated his {Charge} and swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] at the boss.

‘- 98,772!’

Right after the blow, Zhang Yang’s Rage Bar went over its regular capacity!

‘- 222,408!’

Unfortunately, the {Frost Strike} did not cause any Frost Effects on the boss --- If the Skill could cause a Frost Effect on the boss, Zhang Yang could delay the boss from entering his {Darkness Transformation} form for 10 seconds, at the very least. That would have given Zhang Yang more time to cause a great deal of damage to the boss, theoretically.

"Huh?" Ditch was a little astounded. A strange dark light flashed across the eyes of the boss as he threw a powerful punch towards Zhang Yang, pushing Zhang Yang a few steps back. "It’s you! If you have made it here, that means, Light and Snow are dead? Humph! What a bunch of useless imbeciles!"

Suddenly, the entire body of the boss quivered as he set his eyes upon the Treasure Map that he was holding in his hand. He could not help but to shout in shock, "I see! I got it! The Treasures is hidden beneath this island, all along!"

Ditch laughed boisterously as he rolled the Treasure Map up and pushed it into one of his sleeves. He glared at them murderously and said, "You f*cking boy, I’m going to get the Treasure. I have no time to deal with you. Just die and save me the trouble already!"

The air began to rumble.

The boss was suddenly shrouded in a barrier of darkness, as streams of dark energy surged and circled around his body. All of the sudden the dark energy flew up into the sky, piercing through the floors of the previous four levels. If one were to look up, layers after layers of holes could be seen. However, the light would never reach the floor of this battle. The dark energy was a rampaging, violent concentration of abyss incarnate. It was like a black hole, drawing in everything, including light. The sunlight from outside would be completely dissipated before even touching the ground.

Dark shrouds were beginning to gush out into the surroundings, engulfing the entire cabin into darkness. The dark energy filled up the floor of the cabin up to the knee levels of Zhang Yang and the ladies.

{Darkness Transformation}!

Zhang Yang charged up to the boss and activated his {Destructive Smash}. However, his sword felt like it had been stuck into a pile of mud. The cut only managed to cause a small part of the dark shroud to disperse. It seemed like the body of the boss had transformed into a dark shroud. Spooky!


With the boss’s ability to reduce 50% of all Physical Damage that he would receive, Zhang Yang could only deal about 100,000 damage to the boss with his {Destructive Smash}.

{Glare of the Death God}!

With an uneasy sense in his chest, Zhang yang threw his best boss-killer Skill onto Ditch!

A dark skull began to form on top of the boss’s head. The skull revealed a wretched smile, looking extremely spooky as well.

"What the hell is this?" Ditch was very surprised by what he saw. His ‘instinct’ told him that this skull was extremely dangerous!

The super boss on every map would have their own ‘Personalities’. It was the developer’s idea to implement such a system, to bring the characters of the bosses to life. The way the bosses talk and react should all be compatible to the standard of being a ‘person’. Therefore, this boss could also show fear, excitement, anxiousness and other complex ‘emotions’. So, it would not be possible for Ditch to act like a player who realized that he was being casted with a Skill. However, the boss would still be capable of receiving ‘secret notifications’ from the system to know that the {Glare of the Death God} would pose a deadly threat to him!

After witnessing that the {Glare of the Death God} had taken effect, Han Ying Xue and the other ladies cheered. Without wasting any of their precious time, they began to launch their assaults at the boss as rapidly as they could. They were trying to maximizing the chance of triggering the special effect of the Skill before time ran out.



Numerous damage values popped up on top of the boss, forcing him to act in a hurry. Ditch swung his fist, shrouded by dark energy, straight towards Zhang Yang.

A Level 130 Mythical Tier boss was so much stronger than Zhang Yang. The impact from every single punch from the boss trembled across Zhang Yang’s entire body, making Zhang Yang stagger back each time he was struck by the fist. His left hand that was holding the shield rang with numbness. He could barely hold the shield up with his arm, right after the series of punches!

Within 7 seconds, the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} had already been triggered for as many as 10 times. The HP of the boss had already dropped by 10%! Ditch roared in rage as he crossed his clenched fists together, before spreading his arms wide, double backhanding the areas beside him. His fists collided into the empty spaces to his left and right.

Bam! Bam! Crack!

The very air right in front of Zhang Yang and the ladies suddenly began to crack, like how a mirror would crack. Then, the cracked space shattered into pieces. The pieces shot out at the four of them like sharp blades!


The four of them received a basic damage of 40,000 Physical Damage. Other than Zhang Yang, the 3 ladies only had about 60,000 to 70,000 HP. They were only left with approximately 40% HP remaining. It had put them in perilous positions. The ladies were so shocked that they kept backing up until they were more than 40 meters away from the boss. They could not afford to be struck by the boss’s {Blastoff} or {Dark Arrow}. If they did, they would be instantly killed!

Han Ying Xue quickly healed herself up. Meanwhile, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream were using their own [Bandages] in an attempt to heal themselves up as quickly as possible. They wanted to reengage into battle to channel their damage output on the boss.

However, right after Han Ying Xue healed up the three of them back to their full health, the boss did it again. He spread his arms wide, and once again backhanded the empty spaces to his left and right, just like before! The space within 40-meter range from the boss was shattered completely!

"It was just 11 seconds after he used that Skill!" Zhang Yang said. So that was the time interval when the boss would use his {Blastoff}.

"Hahaha! What a bunch of weaklings! Just for me!" Ditch let out a good laugh as he revealed his teeth, some of which were blackened. The stench of booze came right out from his mouth. With his fists colliding into the empty spaces around him once more, Ditch had shattered the entire cabin to ruins with his {Blastoff}. He actually turned the ‘Indoor Environment’ straight into an ‘Outdoor Environment’!

As time passed by, he kept repeating what he did to activate his {Blastoff}. The space around him continued to shatter. The scene was grand and spectacular!

After 3 consecutive {Blastoffs}, Felice and Thunderhawk had to retreat. They only had about 180,000 HP on them. Three {Blastoffs} in a row was enough to send them outside Death’s doorstep.

"There is no way we can pull this off!" Wei Yan Er was hanging her head dispiritedly. She was a Melee-type player. She would require 4 seconds in order to get in range in order for her to whack the boss. Then she would require 4 seconds to get out of the effective range of the {Blastoff}. Meanwhile, the boss had already activated {Blastoff} for 3 times. First, it took 11 seconds for the boss to strike out with {Blastoff} again, and the second time, it only took the boss 9 seconds before he activated his third {Blastoff}!

Within the shortest period of cooldown, Wei Yan Er was only be able to run up to the boss and hit the boss for 1 second before she needed to start running away from the boss. There was more running than hitting!

"Tremble before me! Tremble before the despair of Darkness that is brought upon you!" The boss continued to laugh. He would just throw his punches at Zhang Yang and activate his {Blasoff} once a short while to cause havoc to the surroundings. The battle was ferocious at that point, that no words could properly describe it.

If Zhang Yang had not activated his {God of War Transformation}, if he did not have the knockoff version of heavenly powerful [Titan Chest Plate] with him, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against the continuous assaults from the boss. Unless he calls upon the best Healers from his guild to take turn and heal him, Zhang Yang had to activate his {God of War Transformation} in order to survive the onslaught of the boss.

Wei Yan Er could almost do nothing to the boss at that stage. Meanwhile, Daffodil Daydream, Felice and Thunderhawk could still continue channeling their damage output on the boss. The furthest range attack for Ranged players and NPCs was 30 meters. If they needed to be 40 meters away from the boss to be safe from the impact of {Blastwave}, all they needed to do was to run 10 meters away in order to get out of the danger zone. Running over the distance of 10 meters would only require 2 seconds. So they would still have enough time for 3 spells before running off to wait out for the {Blastoff} to end.

However, the boss was not consistent. Sometimes, it only took 8 seconds for him to strike again. But sometimes, he would waited up to 15 seconds before activating {Blastoff}. If any of them were careless enough to get hit by a {Blastoff} in the face, followed by a {Dark Arrow}, they would be as good as dead.

As long as they were still alive, they could still deal some serious damage to the boss over time.

"I will eat you all!" Ditch suddenly let out a roar as he began to merge himself into the dark shrouds around him. Then he devoured Zhang Yang and Daffodil Daydream who had coincidentally went up to the boss to deal some damage.

All Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er could see was a pitch black shroud covering the space in the cabin. They could not see Zhang Yang and Daffodil Daydream, nor could they see any signs of the boss! Felice and Thunderhawk were left idle by the side.

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang found a shadow standing in the middle of the sea of darkness. The shadow looked similar to the appearance of the boss.

[Blackbeard Ditch’s Illusion] (Summon)

Level: 130

HP: 300,000

Defense: 0

Attack: 10,000 (Determined as Physical Attack, but causes Shadow Damage)

Skills: None

Zhang Yang could not afford to waste any of the 30-second time frame. With a flap of his wings, Zhang Yang charged forward as he began to swing his [Sword of Purging Devourer] at the illusion. He gave the illusion a good normal swing from his sword, closely followed by his {Horizontal Sweep}, causing two large numbers of damage to the illusion.



Zhang Yang had almost killed the illusion instantly after the two strikes.

His DPS could theoretically reach up to a total of 96,000 damage upon activating his {God of War Transformation}. It would only take a brief instant for him to slay a monster with only 300,000 HP.

With another strike from his sword, Zhang Yang caused another high value of damage to the monsters. A yellow colour value of ‘-92,243!’ popped right on top of the monster. The monster then opened up his arm and vanished into thin air. Right after that, Zhang Yang was instantly teleported out from the temporary dimension he was in and reappeared at the position where he last stood before being devoured.

There was no sign of the boss.

Zhang Yang understood it. Unless the 30 seconds were up, or all of the illusions were destroyed, the boss would not reappear back in the cabin.

"Haha, noob tank! Why didn’t you get digested by the gastric juice of the boss?" Wei Yan Er laughed.

"I’ll have you know that my body is superhuman! The boss knew he would suffer indigestion the moment he couldn’t chew my hard flesh up, so he made the wise choice! He spat me out right away!" Zhang Yang was laughing while he tried to troll the little brat.

The time frame of 30 seconds was about to come to an end. Daffodil Daydream had finally reappeared back in the cabin. She had lost about 20,000 HP as she was battling the boss’s illusion. It wasn’t bad at all for her. It meant that she only got hit twice by the illusion while she was killing it. Judging from her DPS that had was only up to 10,000 damage, her performance was nothing short of a miracle!

She could not kill monsters with one or two hits like how Zhang Yang did. While she was in that solitary space, she could not get any healing support. Daffodil Daydream had to move around agilely while using her Status Restriction Skills to maintain a certain distance between the monster and herself. Under those sort of circumstances, she could still maximize her damage output. That required serious skill. She was indeed worthy of being one of the top 10 Spellcasters in China, during Zhang Yang’s previous life!

The moment Daffodil Daydream reappeared, the boss had also reappeared close by her. Because two of his illusions were slain, Ditch had lost over 200,000 HP. However, this amount of HP that he lost was totally insignificant compared to his full bar of 130,000,000 HP!

By the standards of Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream, they were able to kill each of the Blackbeard Ditch’s Illusion that was spawn before each of them within 30 seconds. However, if Han Ying Xue were to be devoured by the Skill, she would definitely be dead. As she was also aware of that, she had maintained a gap of more than 40 meters away from the boss throughout the entire battle.

Under the oppressively powerful {God of War Transformation}, the HP bar of the boss was reducing swiftly! Victory was at the tip of their fingers!