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Chapter 565: Darkness Inheritance

Chapter 565: Darkness Inheritance

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7 minutes before the {God of War Transformation} duration ran out, the HP bar of the boss had finally been reduced down to 10%!

Although the assaults of Daffodil Daydream, Felice, and Thunderhawk could not stay consistent, as they had to stop their assaults and run away from the boss, the three of them were still able to provide a certain standard of damage output at the boss. Furthermore, they were attacking with their Magic-type attacks, so their damage dealt on the boss were not weakened by the {Darkness Transformation} of the boss. They could still deliver half of their firepower even though they were required to move around constantly.

The DPS of these 3 Magic-type attackers had exceeded 10,000 damage. Even though they could not perform at full capacity, they could still deal a total amount of 15,000 damage in every passing second. That amount of damage should not be underestimated!

"You god damn f*ck! Why aren’t you dead yet! Why are you still alive!" Ditch began to lose his patience as he started roaring in rage. After multiple attempts of bringing Zhang Yang to the brink of death, Zhang Yang would still somehow get back to full health! At the same time, Zhang Yang would also use some mysterious sort of method to reduce the boss’s attack as well! The boss could not fathom that as he began to question how Zhang Yang could pull off such annoying stunts!

Of course, these were all possible because of Zhang Yang’s {Shield Wall}! As the special effect of the [Titan Chest Plate] actively kicks up, Zhang Yang could recover 5% of his HP every single second!

"This is the difference between a man and a god! Ditch! You’re just a man, and I’m a god! Bow before me and worship me!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud. The moment his {Shield Wall} was ready, he immediately activated it without any hesitation. The three transparent shields appeared and went around him, shielding him from all forms of attacks.

"This again!" The boss could only shout in rage helplessly. At first, he thought that he was way more powerful than Zhang Yang. He thought that he could have taken out Zhang Yang with ease. However, now that Zhang Yang had activated his {Shield Wall} repeatedly, the boss was totally helpless against him. He could only watch Zhang Yang heal himself back to full health each time he was about to die.

"Surrender your will to me, Blackbeard. Be a Battle Companion to one of my followers and I shall let you live!" Zhang Yang struck a price for the boss. The patch for the Battle Companion had stated clearly that any AI type NPCs that has certain intelligence of their own could potentially become a Battle Companion. That also included all powerful bosses in the game.

Ditch was a Mythical Tier boss after all. Even though his HP bar and Attack would not be as powerful as they were when he was still the boss, but a Mythical Tier would always triumph over others who were lower in Tier. Furthermore, the boss also had his powerful Skill - {Darkness Transformation}!

Since Zhang Yang already had Felice as his Battle Companion, he wouldn’t have any need of recruiting Blackbeard as his Battle Companion. His other party members, however, might need to switch to a better Tier Battle Companion. The Battle Companions that they had were only Violet-Platinum Tier at best. Some of them even have Battle companions who were just Gray-Silver Tier. Having Ditch as a Battle Companion would definitely boost one’s power level!

"Hahaha! You must be joking! I’m the man who is going to become the Pirate King! I shall serve under no one!" Ditch gave out a manic laughter as he smashed both of his fists into the empty spaces beside him. The rate of activating {Blastoff} had just increased again.

Daffodil Daydream and the others could no longer channel their damage output on the boss. Now, Zhang Yang was the only one who could kill the boss!

"Your answer is clear enough. Then, you die!"

Zhang Yang let out a thunderous battle cry as he activated his {Indiscriminate}. With his Rage Gauge full, he activated his {Killing Cleave}.


A very high value of damage appeared right on top of the boss. Zhang Yang widened his eyes a little, as he was shocked to see that amount of damage he caused on the boss. That was a hit, under the circumstances where all Physical Damage received by the boss had been reduced by 50%! The amount of damage would not be so high even if it was a Critical Hit! He quickly brought up the battle logs to have a look at the records. As expected, his {Killing Cleave} had triggered the Lucky Strike! Furthermore, his {Indiscriminate} had ensured that his {Killing Cleave} would deal a Critical Damage to the boss, causing Zhang Yang to deal 6 times of the initial amount of damage he was supposed to deal!

The sensation could not be described with words anymore!

Reducing over more than 500,000 HP with one hit was a little heavy on the boss, even though Ditch had a very long HP bar. Ditch was struck so hard that he was forced to take a few steps back. His eyes were murderous. He then let out a thunderous roar as he began to direct his fists that were shrouded in dark energy, straight towards Zhang Yang.

It was merely an attempt to delay the inevitable!

Felice had also reacted. She let out a cute roar as she transformed into her Humanoid form. Then, she charged up to boss, stabbing her lance at the boss repeatedly, trying to aid Zhang Yang.

--- she activated her {Absolute Defense} that made her practically invincible for two minutes.

Although the little lady was obedient, however, should Zhang Yang be in any form of danger, she would definitely step out of line to protect him. Zhang Yang could not do anything about it. After all, a Battle Companion had equal rights as a player, having their very own decision-making powers.

It was a fortunate thing that Felice would charge up and aid him in bringing down the boss. Unlike that super whiner Messick, he would have run away the moment he sensed any danger! He was a totally hopeless, unreliable Battle Companion!

"This... this is just outrageous!" Ditch’s eyes were beginning to turn red. Well, he had already gotten his hands on the Treasure Map, and he had also found out the whereabouts of the Treasure. But, here he was being beaten up by a bunch of unknowns to the point that he could not do anything in return!

With Felice joining in, the HP bar of the boss reduced even more rapidly. The {Blazing Dragon's Spear} of that little lady could cause Fire Damage, which dealt a full amount of damage on the boss without being affected by the Physical Damage Reduction attribute. It would be unwise to underestimate the damage she’s capable of dealing on the boss!




"No! No!" Blackbeard was finally panicking! He swung his two fists in an even faster manner, as if he was beating a drum. Bam! Bam! Bam! He continued to shatter the air around the area, pummelling Zhang Yang!

It was a futile, last ‘ditch’!




"Argh!" Ditch let out his final scream. The dark shrouds flew back into the boss, and the surroundings were restored back to normal. Zhang Yang and the ladies could see the wreckage of the cabin once again. It really made them feel as if they had been marooned on an island for quite some time.

"Time to reveal what’s in that pile of loots!" Wei Yan Er went up to the dead boss with joy. She had been bored to death, watching the battle from the sidelines. She was definitely in a mood to look at the loots now.

"We should get a total of 4 Class B [Inheritances], including the drop from this boss!" Daffodil Daydream spoke excitedly. After all, 4 Class B [Inheritance] would really improve the power level of the core players of Lone Desert Smoke.

"Haha! You were wrong!" Wei Yan Er corrected Daffodil as she picked up the loots.

"Hmm... the boss didn’t drop any fragment of a Class B [Inheritance] at all?" Daffodil Daydream was crestfallen.

However, when Zhang Yang looked at the joyful face of the little brat, he knew that something was not quite right. It suddenly clicked to him, and he said, "The boss did drop a fragment for an [Inheritance]! However, it was not a fragment of a Class B [Inheritance]!"

"How can you such a smart monkey, noob tank?" Wei Yan Er curled up her lips into a smile.

"Could it be Class A [Inheritance,] then?" Even Han Ying Xue was shocked to hear it.

Ditch was the final boss after all. It would make perfect sense that he would drop the fragment of a superior Class of [Inheritance].

"You’re right! It’s a Class A [Inheritance] fragment!" Wei Yan Er began to giggle. She revealed a dark piece of a metal fragment in her palm. It was a head of a sculpture. It seemed that the sculpture had been broken into a few pieces and this was the head of the sculpture.

[[Darkness Inheritance Fragment Piece (1)] (Inheritance Class: A)]

Description: N/A

"It is really a Class A Inheritance!"

Wei Yan Er was so happy that her eyes had been squeezed into a single, horizontal line by her smile, and then she said, "Haha, this [Inheritance] is mine!"

"Alright, alright, it’s yours!"

The other three of them were fine with it. Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue had already gotten their own Class S [Inheritance]. Furthermore, this [Darkness Inheritance] was not suitable for a Spellcaster. So Daffodil Daydream did not dream about having it at all. Also, the Class S [Inheritance] for the Spellcaster Class had yet to be revealed. Daffodil Daydream still stood a chance at acquiring the Class S [Inheritance] for herself.

So currently, Lone Desert Smoke already had 2 players with Class S [Inheritances], 1 player with Class A [Inheritance], and 4 players with Class B [Inheritances]! With more time, Endless Starlight should be able to enter the Level 130+ Map. Then he should be able to activate the linking quest for the Class B [King Kong Inheritance]. Of course, there was also Sun Xin Yu’s Class S [Shadow Dancer Inheritance]! When everyone could finally get their hands on their own [Inheritances], Zhang Yang’s party would be unstoppable!

Zhang Yang was excited and eagerly looking forward to seeing this dream come to fruition.

Upon knowing that the little brat had acquired a fragment of a Class A [Inheritance], Fatty Han and the others congratulated the little brat. Lost Dream, Hundred Shots, and Galileo began to beg Zhang Yang the moment when they discovered that there were still 3 more Class B [Inheritance] on Zhang Yang. They wanted to decide on and acquire an [Inheritance] for themselves as soon as possible.

Recently, Fatty Han had been on a mad rampage. With his powerful Class B [Inheritance], he was more powerful than Lost Dream, Hundred Shots and the others, even if he does not activate his {Vampire Transformation}! He could even tank against a boss when he transforms! Everyone was admiring that fatty. So, they had decided not to wait for Class A [Inheritances] to appear anymore. They believed that the 10% different in the Attack between Class A and Class B [Inheritances] would make little difference.

Lost Dream, Hundred Shots, and Galileo were basically the core members of Lone Desert Smoke. So Zhang Yang did not reject their requests, naturally. He informed them that he would pass the fragments to them once he reaches the Territory.

"Don’t get overly excited just yet. We should carry on with the rest of our loot!" Zhang Yang rubbed Wei Yan Er’s head as she giggled about the [Inheritance] fragment in her arms. It was actually pretty scary to see the little girl hugging a head in her arms...

Wei Yan Er was not happy with Zhang Yang rubbing her head, so she gave Zhang Yang a fierce stare all of a sudden. She slapped Zhang Yang’s hand away and said, "You bus tart! Can’t you just let me be happy for a moment? Don’t spoil my mood, please!"

The little brat then threw all the loot onto the ground altogether. There was a total of 3 equipment and 1 [Skill Book]. Among the 3 pieces of equipment, one was a dark-green shield. Although the craftsmanship of the shield looked simple and plain, the shield radiated with some sort of powerful aura. The other two equipment was a staff that coral-red in color and a robe that was aqua-blue in color.

Zhang Yang picked up the shield. He was looking forward to see how powerful it was.

[The Guewitt’s Shield] (Mythical, Shield)

Defense: +3,276

Vitality: +3,210

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 6,400 points.

Equip: Absorbs 1,150 damage when being hit.

Equip: When you use {Block} successfully, you will automatically use {Shield Bash} on your target without consuming any Rage Points. It does not trigger the Global Shared Cooldown period.


Required Level: 130

Special: Reduces 20 levels on the Required Level.

Note: This is the shield that was once used by the legendary hero, Guewitt. However, tens of years ago, the Nth generation of Guewitt was robbed and killed by Blackbeard Ditch. So this shield had been in the possession of Blackbeard Ditch ever since.

"This shield really boosts a great deal of HP!" Daffodil Daydream praised it profusely, "Futhermore, the special effect seems very promising! It lets you automatically use a free {Shield Bash}!"

Well, that was true!

Ever since the developers had patched the game, players have had trouble in handling the Global Shared Cooldown system. Zhang Yang had to abandon some of his weaker Skills that only could attack a target at a time. With this shield, his {Shield Bash} no longer required him to wait out for any Global Shared Cooldown. That being said, he could now shove in another Skill without having to waste any of his Rage Points while blocking regularly.

With his current Basic Attack, Zhang Yang could already deal approximately 10,000 damage in a single hit, even when he could only cast one layer of {Cripple Defense} on the target. He could even reach up to about 50,000 damage in a single hit when he activates his {God of War Transformation} Skill!

Unfortunately, he would be required to reach Level 110 before he can equip the shield. Zhang Yang was currently at Level 106. He would still need to grind another 4 levels to reach the Required Level!

His focus for the coming days should be on leveling himself up. He shouldn’t sway from his conviction on this. He should only think about other matters after he reaches Level 110!