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Chapter 567: The Legendary Quest

Chapter 567: The Legendary Quest

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The Ancient Creatures would drop different Tier of [Insect Shells] upon their deaths. Those [Insect Shells] could be exchanged for equipment of ranging up to the Tier of Violet-Platinum. Although the amount of [Insect Shells] required for a particular equipment from the Event Merchant still remained unknown, it would always be best to collect as many [Insect Shells] as possible. It would be even better if the players could collect better Tiered [Insect Shells]!

The eight armies of the Ancient Creatures had departed from the Baroque Island. They were going to reach the Territories of the eight Main Regions through their portals within the Chaos Realm. That was mainly because the best places to lay siege on were the Territory Gateways of the eight Main Regions in the Chaos Realm!

More importantly, the Territory Gateways were all strategic locations that could really serve as a defensive line between the Chaos Realm and the outside realm of the game. Therefore, the Ancient Creatures would not be able to invade any further, as long as the defensive line of the Territory Gateways were not broken.

Meanwhile, as the Baron of Morning Town, Zhang Yang would have the main control over everything in the Territory on behalf of Lone Desert Smoke. He could just remove anyone or any guild that he was not fond of, from the Territory. After all, players that were incapable of defending against the hordes of Ancient Creature. They would perish instantly if they were to face the large army of the Ancient Creatures head on!

That could really remove a lot of unwanted troublemakers!

Furthermore, if they could fend off the Ancient Creatures by the walls of the Morning Town, all players would be able to receive +4 levels reward when the war is finally over. Although the reward might seem to be a little bit less interesting for the players who were still below Level 50, the reward was really appealing for those high-level players! It was an extremely rare occasion where they had a chance of receiving such great rewards!

Ever since players had reached Level 80, they would be required to grind for about 10 days before they could level up again. In such circumstances, +4 levels rewards could aid these players by saving up to 40 days of grindings!

On the contrary, if the players could not fend off the invasion of the Ancient Creatures from breaching the walls and lay siege upon the main lands of their respective Main Regions, players would be receiving a penalty of -1 level for every Main City that falls if more than 3 Main Cities in their Main Region lands were to fall. That being said, players would experience a total of -5 levels, if all of their Main Cities in their Region lands were to fall! If one were to look at the difference between the results of being successful in defending the Main Cities and the results of being a failed attempt to defend the Main Cities, it would be a gap of 9-levels!

Furthermore, not only one or two players would be affected. Every single one of the players in the entire Region would be affected!

9 levels would mean 90 days, a total of 3 months of training and grinding! No Region could afford to suffer such a fate, as they were currently locked in a tight competition in claiming the top position in the Chaos Realm. To fall behind by 3 months, the guild would not be able to grab any resources at that point!

Zhang Yang and Snow Seeker invited Greensleeves Prince, Sword of Light, One Sword Stroke and other guildmasters from Top Tier guilds to join into a temporarily created party. Then, they began to discuss on how to handle the large-scale battle that was to come in 3 days.

Apparently, if they could just defend against the Ancient Creatures within the interior of the Territory by using the walls, houses and other buildings as their ‘funnels’, then they would be able to minimize the number of casualties while maximizing the benefits that they would earn! Therefore, the guildmasters tried their best to play the ‘card of friendship’ with Zhang Yang, trying to win his trust over, so that they could gain a good position for their own guilds.

Just like the old saying, everyone for himself, and the devil take the hindmost. Of course, Zhang Yang would look out for his own guild first. Currently, the Lone Desert Smoke already had over 3000 members who had managed to reach Level 100. After positioning them at the best strategic spots, Zhang Yang moved his attention towards his most trusted Allied guild, the Crimson Rage. After arranging the members of Crimson Rage into the best positions left for them, Zhang Yang then moved his attention towards the Sky High, Radiance, Sunset Amber and the rest of the guilds.

The other guildmasters could not make any changes to Zhang Yang’s arrangement. After all, the Morning Town belonged to Zhang Yang.

Fortunately for them, the number of players who had entered the Chaos Realm was not really that high yet. Although Morning Town was not a big town, the place could still take in about ten or twenty thousand players. That was almost the amount of all the players in China Region who had reached Level 100.

Of course, that number was merely 10% of the number of players in all of China Region! Most of the players could only head for Ten Barren Seas through the portals and prepare for the assault! However, they would not have any form of tenable defensive positions. They were bound to suffer greatly.

Players with even lower levels could only stay at the Main City as the last defensive line of the city. However, players who were Level 70 or below would only be wasting their time by doing so, as the monsters from the Chaos Realm should all be at least Level 100 or above. The Level 70 players would be restricted by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game and they should not be able to deal much damage to the monsters of Level 100 and above. They should be working hard on gaining additional levels instead.

Even though Lone Desert Smoke, Imperial Sky, Crimson Rage and other top Tier guilds represented the most powerful forces in the entire China Region, but their numbers were far lesser than the total number of players in the entire China Region. Therefore, after they were done discussing, the guildmasters went to the forums as one. They posted with the purpose of gathering as many top Tier players by the portal of Ten Barren Seas, so that they could to act together as one in defending against the army of Ancient Creatures! They attempted to recruit more muscle to stop any monsters from attacking the Main City. Everyone was striving to get the +4 levels reward.

After all, the outcome of this war would affect every single player in an entire Region! Therefore, the post was being jacked up with tens of thousands of comments. The administrators of the official forum were forced to lock down the original post and repost it as a new post.

It wasn’t just the China Region. The other 7 main Regions were also gathering their best players at the same moment!

The outcome of this war would become a decisive factor for every single Region!

It all came down to how they would handle the battle against the hordes of Ancient Creatures. It would determine the very standings of the different Regions.

The most unlucky Region was naturally, the Japan-Korean Region. As their Territory Gateway had already been conquered by Zhang Yang, they had no tenable defensive positions, whatsoever! They could only crouch behind at the portal of Ten Barren Seas. It was a ridiculously sad case for them, as they had already lost their ‘first line of defense’ even before the hordes had arrived!

Every guild had ceased their attempts at clearing the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress, as they were getting ready to face the hordes in a legendary battle that had yet to happen before in history! Players with [Inheritances] had reserved their {Inheritance Transformations} so that they could transform in 3 days time. Meanwhile, the system had given players 3 days to get ready, ensuring players with [Inheritances] could grab the opportunity to go all out and unleash their full potential.

Since Wei Yan Er, Hundred Shots, Lost Dream, and Galileo had already acquired their very first pieces of their [Inheritance] fragments, the four of them had begun their search for the remaining pieces of their [Inheritance] fragments elsewhere. However, 3 days did not seem to be enough for them to collect all the fragments of their [Inheritances]. They would also have to complete the quests for the [Inheritances] in order to acquire the [Inheritance].

Therefore, the four of them stood no chance at all at showing off their [Inheritances] in three days.

Zhang Yang took his [Cobalt Helmet] and [The Guewitt’s Shield] over to the Identifying Shop to be identified. Even though he could equip the helmet, he had not reach the Required Level for the shield just yet. He must first reach Level 110 in order to equip it. However, it would be impossible for him to reach Level 110 in 3 days.

Zhang Yang had another secret weapon. He still had the expedition army of White Jade Empire that currently stood guard at the Winst Castle. So, he decided to move the troops back to Morning Town. After all, that large army belonged to the China Region. So there was no reason for them to look after the Territory Gateway of the Japan-Korea Region for them.

Rockovich was truly cooperative. After Zhang Yang told him everything that was happening, he immediately mobilized his entire army to Morning Town via the Teleportation Circle. Rockovich had also informed Zhang Yang that he had reported the situation back to Queen Serena. Queen Serena might send more troops over to support the defense at Morning Town!

Anything that should be done or could be done had already been done. All they could do now was to wait!

3 days of the in-game time was just 1 day in real life. Although players could feel that the time was ticking by really slowly, in reality, one day could pass in the blink of an eye.

‘Server Announcement: The Ancient Creatures have begun their invasion of the world!’

Right after the Server made the announcement, countless monsters emerged from Baroque Island. The hordes of monsters were divided into eight different forces as informed earlier on by the System, as they started to advance towards the eight Territory Gateways.

The Camarro Islands were the Territory Gateway of the North America Region. The players of the North America Region were the first to encounter the assaults of the Ancient Creatures Army. However, it did not take long before the other Regions like Europe Region, South America Region, and Australia Region began to face the terrifyingly massive army of the monsters at their own doorsteps.

When it came to Winst Castle, the monsters went straight through it straight without facing any form of resistance, the other seven Territory Gateways were already engaged in a fierce battle with the Ancient Creatures!

Zhang Yang stood on the castle wall of his own Territory while observing the battle. The Defense of Morning Town had been leveled up to Level 4 at the moment. The Defense and the Magic Defense of both the City Gate and the City Walls were as high as 8,000 points. The HP bar for each of them had reached up to 100,000,000 HP! If the opposition side of the siege did not bring along some catapults in their attempt to bring down the Defense of Morning Town, it would is a total nightmare for them. The opposition side would be wasting all 3 hours just bringing down the City Gate!

However, Zhang Yang’s confidence was shaken up a little when he saw the massive horde of Ancient Creatures that covered every inch of the entire land, outside the walls of his territory.

Upon entering the 10-kilometer mark from the Territory walls, these Zergert Beasts started to slow down. They began to enter a disciplined formation while marching towards the Morning Town. Looking at the number of the monsters marching towards them, anyone would feel a chill up their spines.

"What a massive horde we are looking at!" Greensleeves Prince said softly as he gazed

at the far side of the battlefield. His eyes were filled with hope and expectancy instead of fear. After all, this was just a game, not a real scenario. The larger the number of the monsters they face, the more rewarding it would be for them!

Of course, it would also be natural for the battle to be even more difficult!

"We have no room for optimism!" One Sword Stroke was looking worried. The number of the monsters seemed to be a little too much for them to handle. Even if there were over 200,000 NPC army standing by in the Territory waiting to support them in battle, their numbers would still be not enough compared to the massive army of the Ancient Creatures.

"Wu ------" the strange sound of a clarion was projected over a brief moment. The monster hordes began to charge in increasing speed. The appearance of these monsters was beginning to become clear to the players.

These creatures were totally different from those giant cockroaches that Zhang Yang saw three days back in the cave. The massive army of monsters before them were beast monsters, they were humanoid in shape, and were about 2 meters tall. In fact, instead of beasts, they looked more like wild dogs that could stand humans! Their mouths dangled open to reveal their rows of sharp teeth that were as long as half a foot! The sides of their mouths drooled. With their two claws in front of their bodies, everyone could see the reflection of the moonlight on their sharp claws. Anyone would feel a chill up their spines upon taking in the sight of those claws.

[Zergert Beast] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 105

HP: 100,000

Defense: 1,100

Melee Attack: 6,884 - 8,864

Note: The lower ranked members of the Zergert Race. Of course, the low ranking would only be by Zergert Race standards alone. Beware of their claws. Those claws can easily slice through and crush rocks!

Although these were all Level 105 elite Tier monsters, their HP bars were not as abundant as they had expected. 100,000 HP was no longer a high amount of HP to most of the players at the current stage of the game. After all, the expedition on the Dragon Throat Fortress had been going on for many days. Many guilds had also managed to clear the first 3 to 4 bosses in the Hardcore Mode. Most of them also possessed at least a Level 100 Violet-Platinum Tier equipment.

But the number of monsters... was a little daunting!

"It seems like we’re going to have a hell of a time ahead of us!" everyone whispered to themselves.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Upon entering the 1-kilometer mark from the Territory walls, the Zergert Beasts started to accelerate! It was like countless kangaroos leaping and charging towards the Territory at an incredibly fast speed! Their ability to leap was astounding! They could leap over a hundred meters! The Zergert Beast Army was so densely packed that the entire land was covered in dark shadows! They instantly touched down directly in front of the Territory walls!

The battle has commenced!