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Chapter 569: Frenzied Attacks

Chapter 569: Frenzied Attacks

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It was not just a boss, it was a large group of bosses!

Unless it was a Legendary Quest, it would be very hard to imagine dozens of bosses charging at you in such manner!

There was a total of 13 Zergert Beasts with wings on their backs, hovering in the sky. These Zergert Beasts were a few times larger than the normal sized Zergert Beasts. Their skins were traced with golden, runic lines. Their fangs looked extremely terrifying.

[Zergert Beast King] (Yellow-Gold, Beast)

Level: 108

HP: 3,240,000

Defense: 1,800


[Mangle]: Mauls the target with their sharp teeth, causing 150% Physical Damage to the target.

[Rushing Pounce]: Lunges towards a target from afar and pins the target down to the ground. Stuns the target for 5 seconds. Range: 3 - 20 meters.

"Here comes the Yellow-Gold equipment!" Zhang Yang smiled gently as he hopped on to Thunderhawk and flew towards the bosses.

However, Zhang Yang was not the only one who had such thoughts. Mellow Venom from Crimson Rage, One Sword Stroke from Imperial Sky, Sword of Light from Radiance and other top Tier Tankers of China had flown into the sky to engage the bosses on their [Flying Mounts]. They were merely Yellow-Gold Tier bosses after all. It was a free gift given by the system! Anyone would want to fight for it!

Zhang Yang struck one of the Zergert Beast King with his {Spear of Obliteration} while his Thunderhawk shot a blast of {Thunder Ball} at another Zegert Beast King. Felice, on the other hand, threw her {Fire Missile} straight at the third Zergert Beast King!

The Attack of Zhang Yang, Felice and Thunderhawk altogether were extremely powerful. The three bosses immediately followed Zhang Yang, Felice, and Thunderhawk.

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu, please spare a monster for us!" Mellow Venom had a wide grin on her pretty face. Other than Zhang Yang, everyone was only able to get one boss to follow them. Some even came back with nothing! Although they were envious of Zhang Yang for getting three bosses to follow him, this was Zhang Yang’s Territory, literally! Who would dare to defy him?

However, the bad girls from Crimson Rage had been a bad influence on Mellow Venom ever since Zhang Yang last saw her. She was used to be honest and decent, but now she was just as rotten as them! Mellow Venom threw a {Provoke} on one of the bosses as she attempted to snatch that boss from Zhang Yang.

Unexpectedly, the boss actually fell for that woman’s {Provoke}! It immediately turned its *ss around and charged towards Mellow Venom!

What the hell! A sexy wink can actually secure the aggro of a Yellow-Gold boss?

Zhang Yang reacted promptly as he countered Mellow Venom’s attempt at stealing his boss by throwing his own {Provoke} at it. Immediately, the boss turned back to him!

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu! How can you hog it all!" Mellow Venom bit her sexy lip as she spoke. She sounded a little grumpy. Because the cooldown for {Provoke} was 10 seconds long, she couldn’t do anything within that period of time. She could only bring back the boss that she lured earlier on back to the large Crimson Rage unit that awaited her.

Zhang Yang did not bother about the piteous eyes that Mellow Venom threw at him at all. He knew that she was trying to make him feel guilty for trying to snatch the boss back from her. She hoped that if any new bosses appeared again, he would be too embarrassed to snatch the bosses from her again. However, Zhang Yang was a totally different type of man compared Fatty Han and Endless Starlight. He was basically immune to any form of seduction from a woman!

Endless Starlight had also managed to get a boss to follow him back. Along with that boss, Lone Desert Smoke had managed to secure the aggro of 4 bosses in total! It was like smacking the other players from other guilds right in their faces, saying that they were noobs! However, they couldn’t say anything about it, because Zhang Yang was the owner of the Territory. Zhang Yang had absolute control over everyone in the Territory. Anyone who gets on Zhang Yang’s nerves would risk being listed as a blacklisted person, never to use the Teleportation Circle of Morning Town ever again! That would be extremely troublesome for any player, losing access to the only Teleportation Circle in the Chaos Realm!

Witnessing Zhang Yang and his guild taking on the 4 bosses, other than Crimson Rage trying to steal a boss from Zhang Yang once, no one would dare pluck at the whiskers of a sleeping tiger.

The four Yellow-Gold bosses were considered a bonus for Lone Desert Smoke. With ease, the bosses were brought down, one after another. However, the bosses did not drop any loot, other than a few pieces of golden [Insect Shell]!

"Wu wu wu... why didn’t these bosses drop anything valuable for us! These bastards! They’re actually stingier than the noob tank!" Wei Yan Er complained grumpily.

Although they took out the bosses with ease, there were still some casualties. After all, the monsters were like a suffocating tidal wave. Fortunately, the dead players could just run all the way back here to resurrect themselves. As long as they did not die more than 10 times, the durability of their equipment should not hit 0 just yet. They should be able to fight the battle that is yet to come.

However, the City Wall of the Territory was soon completely destroyed by the horde of monsters as they began to gush into the interior area of the Territory! There was no way of repairing the destroyed City Wall. So Zhang Yang would have to reconstruct the facility from scratch all over again.

The number of player casualties began to rise tremendously as they were starting to lose their ground. There is an old saying, a large number of ants could kill an elephant! Furthermore, these were not ants! These were a large horde of elite Tier monsters! Their attributes were not far behind the regular players’ attributes! Fortunately, the players still had their backs covered by the large army of NPCs, providing them some time to regain their breaths before reengaging into battle. Rockovich was really ferocious and violent. He went all out with his hammer as he continuously smashed it against the ground, creating endless shockwaves across the horde of monsters charging at him. The monsters were pushed back by the shockwaves, unable to even get close to Rockovich!

More and more freeloaders positioned themselves beside him, finishing off the monsters gleefully. It was their chance to earn even more experience points.

Players would need to hunt all over the lands and mountains for the monsters in order to grind their levels. In other words, they would be wasting half of the time just running around, looking for monsters and bosses. However, in this battle, they only had to sit back and wait, while monsters came up to them! Furthermore, the amount of experience points earned from killing an elite Tier monster was so much more than the amount of experience points earned from killing a normal Tier monster. That was why this battle was the best possible moment for the players to grind their levels.

The monsters had the edge in numbers. The players had the luxury of resurrecting themselves an unlimited number of times.

Once every three hours, there would be a new wave of Yellow-Gold bosses spawning among the horde of the monsters. The number of bosses in each spawn differed. The numbers ranged from 10 to 20. Every time they appeared, a contest of snatching the bosses would occur among the players. Whoever who acts fast would have the loot from killing the bosses.

Although Morning Town stood right in the middle of the path which led to the portal of the China Region, there were simply too many monsters to handle. The moment the City Wall collapsed, the monsters gushed in continuously, like huge tidal waves. The defenders were unable to grab hold of each monster's aggro. A number of monsters managed to pass through as if the players never even existed in the first place. The leaks were sporadic and inconsistent. At times, only 3 to 4 monsters got past the defensive line of the players.

After all, the system had programmed the monsters to go through the portal that connects the Chaos Realm and the China Region so that they could conquer the eight Main Cities of the eight main Regions. Therefore, the monsters would go straight through the portal if their aggro is not attracted by any of the players on the battlefield.

Zhang Yang and the others could not possibly stop every single monster from getting past their defense line. It was humanly impossible for them to achieve that.

On the other side of the portal, there was a massive amount of players standing by at the Ten Barren Seas. Although those players were only Level 80 to Level 99, they definitely had the advantage in numbers. Furthermore, the Level Gap Suppression Gap function of the game would not be in effect. In other words, tens of millions of players could actually drown the monsters if each of them spat once on the monster!

One day had passed. Everyone was hungry and tired. They had lost count of the number of monsters that they have slain. However, these so-called Ancient Creatures have been in the dark, sealed up for eons. They have spent the entire time in a massive orgy, reproducing their kind and stacking up their numbers. Although millions of them had already fallen, the waves kept coming relentlessly. It was as if they came from an unlimited supply!

Zhang Yang let the Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er take turns in going offline for their break and having some food. No one could predict how long the battle would last. It would definitely affect the performance of the players in battle if one was to starve.

‘Server Announcement: The first wave of the Ancient Creatures Invasion is about to come to an end. However, their leaders are greatly displeased. They have decided to send a stronger and vengeful wave of Ancient Creatures in the next wave!’

Upon the announcement, the monsters stopped coming. Half an hour later, only piles of dead monsters were seen all over the Morning Town. The dead bodies were so closely packed that the entire land had turned dark! The Skin Flayers were very happy during the entire time of that moment. As they were too stressful in fighting off the monsters, they could not find any chance of cutting the skins from the dead monsters. So now, they took their sweet time as they harvested their goods from the ancient corpses with their little knives.

"That was just the first wave? Are you kidding me?" Zhang Yang tensed up, his face dead serious. Although players could repeatedly move back to their dead bodies and resurrect themselves as many times as they wanted to, players would only start off with 20% HP and 20% MP. They would be very vulnerable.

That was merely the first wave of the monsters. If they did not have Rockovich as the center pillar of their defensive line which held off most of the monsters, the players would have drowned in the massive wave of monsters!

Meanwhile, the system had stated clearly that the second wave of the monsters would be even more powerful! Inversely, the army of NPCs had sustained great losses, so they wouldn’t be able to provide any effective support for the players in the upcoming wave.

It was fortunate enough that Rockovich was still mighty and powerful. Although he had taken up so much damage that he had only 24% HP left when the first wave ended, he was different compared to normal NPCs. The moment he disengaged from battle, his HP began to recover on its own rapidly. In just a minute, Rockovich had recovered back to his full health state.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Suddenly, everyone could hear the deafening sound of wings, buzzing at a high frequency, coming from the sky. Every single player in Morning Town raised their heads up as they gazed into the distant sky, where the sound was coming from.

What they saw were dark clouds moving towards Morning Town.

About 10 Kilometers away from where the players were standing, there were countless Insect-type monsters buzzing their wings, flying towards Morning Town! These monsters were deep-red in color, with six legs and a pair of wings on their backs. They looked similar to cockroaches, but their heads were many times larger than the heads of a cockroach! Each of them was about 4 to 5 meters long!

As the monsters were about to descend from the sky into Morning Town, the entire sky was blacked out by their shadow. Darkness fell upon the players!

[Zergert Cockroach] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 115

HP: 300,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 7,623 - 9,623


[Earth Dig]: When the Zergert Cockroaches are heavily wounded, they will burrow into the ground and cause their enemies to lose track of them. They can recover their HP during battle.

Note: Zergert Cockroaches are the soldiers of the Zergert Race. They are ferocious and brutal. They love to kill but also know how to protect themselves.

"What the hell! These monsters can fly in the sky, fight on the ground, and they can even go underground and hide! These monsters are more like some sort of flying amphibian that can survive in the sky, on the ground and even underground!" Fatty Han wheezed.

However, other than the aerial army, there was also a massive army of the same Zergert Beasts from wave one on the ground. Their number was so massive that they looked like a land of darkness! In other words, players would be facing the army on the ground like how they did in the first wave of the monsters, along with a sky-full of other enemies!

This was not a one-plus-one situation we are talking about here! For example, during a battle between two players slaughtering each other up, player A could just slaughter up player B when the HP bar of player B is left with 20%. However, if player B suddenly had help from player C, and the two of them are equally strong, then player A would never be able to take out player B, even if player A went all out, trying to take their enemy down together with them!

That is the how the change in quantity affects the quality of the troops!

"Gururu...!" the Ancient Creatures were making some strange sounds. Instantly, the massive aerial army in the sky began to dive towards Morning Town, as they began to launch a uniformed assault towards the players on the ground.

"Kill one, you earn back the cost! Kill two, you earn more!" Fatty Han shouted out like a hoodlum as he drew the string on his bow, aiming at the Zergert Cockroach horde in the sky. He repeatedly released his arrows towards the horde in an attempt to get the aggro of the monsters. The Zergert Cockroaches came at Fatty Han the moment they made contact with his arrows.

Endless Starlight quickly went in between Fatty Han and the horde and kited the monsters that were coming for Fatty Han. Then he said, "Brother fatty, please cut down on the number of monsters you shoot! My tiny little limbs cannot kite too many monsters!"

"Haiyah! Monsters of this standard, little Yang could tank against hundreds of them! How can you be such trash!" Fatty Han waved his hand flippantly.

Not only was Endless Starlight silent upon hearing it, even Zhang Yang frowned hard when he overheard it. He could kite a few dozen elite Tier monsters, but hundreds of elite Tier monsters? Hmm... Zhang Yang might have to activate his {God of War Transformation} in order to do so!

The battle raged on.

Because there were forces coming from the sky, the defense line of the players began to collapse. They were divided into many ‘fragments’, surrounded by the Zergert Beasts. Furthermore, the cockroaches were also bombarding them from the sky. Several players were sent to the graveyard with each volley.

The massive army of the monsters began to cover both the land and the sky. They were basically unstoppable! No player could hold their ground against the horde any much longer!

"This is outrageous! It’s just too difficult!"

Everyone sighed as they could no longer see any hope of winning the battle.

Yes, why would the battle be so difficult? Zhang Yang thought about it. After pondering over it, he finally understood!

When the first Legendary Quest was triggered back in his previous life, it would be 10 more months from now! By then, there would be many more capable players. The players should also have acquired better Tier equipment by then!

Upon activating the Legendary Quest by 10 months earlier, the number of players eligible for entering Chaos Realm was minimal. There were only about 100,000 players from China Region who were capable of entering the Chaos Realm at this point. Furthermore, the equipment levels and Tiers of several players had yet to be updated to the standards of the map. Only a few players had managed to acquire some Violet-Platinum Tier equipment which they had earned by taking down the first five bosses in the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress.

Under those circumstances, it would be natural for the monsters to triumph over the players. Zhang Yang and all other players had managed to pull through because they had Rockovich and his army of 200,000. Without that additional support, the players might have already been overwhelmed.

"Little Yang, should we be using our {Inheritance Transformations} now?" Fatty Han asked Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang thought about it, then he shook his head, "The duration of our {Inheritance Transformation} Skills is only 2 hours, no more, no less! That wouldn’t be enough for us at all! Furthermore, even if we transform, that would only increase our individual power levels. It would still not be enough to take on so many monsters..."

"Then what should we do?"

"There are too few of us! Everyone, fall back to the castle for now! We shall take the terrain and buildings to our advantage to avoid the assaults of the monsters in the sky. We shall focus only on the monsters on the ground. Let’s leave the monsters in the sky to the players guarding back at the Ten Barren Seas!" Zhang Yang informed.

Hundred Shots gave a command and all members of Lone Desert Smoke began to move into the buildings all across Morning Town to avoid the cockroaches in the sky, preventing their backs from being scratched by the monsters. The players from other guilds had also realized that and they began to follow suit as well.

The cockroaches in the sky did not dive down to stop the players. Instead, they continued to fly for the portal that led to the Ten Barren Seas. Their numbers were so abundant that they looked like dark clouds blotting out the sun. However, there would be tens of millions of players waiting for their arrival!

As the total number of monsters was still the same as the total number of monsters in the first wave, half of the army was basically flying over the Morning Town, leaving the other half down on the ground. In other words, the number of monsters Zhang Yang and all players had to face was only half of the number of monsters that they had to battle in the first wave of the horde. Therefore, the pressure on Morning Town was reduced tremendously, and the players were able to fend the army off without much trouble!