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Chapter 570: All Out Attack

Chapter 570: All Out Attack

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Some 10 hours later, Sun Xin Yu finally joined in. When she had logged off at the Territorial Hall Teleportation Points. It was the place that Zhang Yang and the guild had been protecting with their lives. So, when she logged into the game, she was not attacked by any monsters. She would have been shredded into pieces if she were to appear on the streets!

‘Server Announcement: Edo Castle (Japan-Korea Region) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Creatures!’

The server announcement popped out, 38 hours into the battle.

The first major city had fallen.

Zhang Yang and his teammates shared a look and smirked.

The main reason why the main city of the Japan-Korea Region had fallen was due to their lack of, or rather the total absence of their primary defense line, Winst Castle. Due to the fact, there were no fortified defenses whatsoever in the Japan-Korea region, the cockroaches were able to waltz into the mainland. The first wave was still bearable, as only foot soldiers marched in the first wave. However, the second waves had those flying cockroaches joining in. Due to the enemy dominating both the sky and the land, the perfectly guarded Ten Barren Sea was breached. The Ancient Creatures were able to directly swarm their City.

"Hehe, Zhang Yang. I think the Japan-Korea players are cursing your name to the high heavens by now," said Lost Dream happily.

"Noob tank. People say, "When all fingers are pointed at you, even if it is for nothing, you are a dead man." I think you should go to the temple and get yourself a lucky charm from the head monk!" said the little girl. Zhang Yang had expected it since the little girl had never been "nice" to him.

"We might need to try harder on our end too. The creatures are too strong," said Zhang Yang as he activated a {Blast Wave} and stunned more than 10 creatures. The sword procced its effect and struck them again.

"Sigh…When will this battle end?!"

"Hey. Think about it this way. The longer we fight, the more experience points we get. We won’t have to look for EXP, EXP comes to you!"

"Plus! There’s a ton of Gray-Silver Insect Shells!"

The experience points gained from this battle were tremendous. After one whole day and night of fighting, Zhang Yang had gained enough experience points to reach Level 107, while the others had already gain whole new levels. The main reason that Zhang Yang was able to gain such an amount of experience points was due to his sword. The sword’s passive effect was so strong that it could clear waves of monsters with a {Horizontal Sweep}!

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. "You know, I have a bad premonition that the Sword of Purging Devourer will be nerfed after this battle!"

"It should have been nerfed much earlier!" the little girl snorted. "All you have to do is to cast {Horizontal Sweep} and you could kill a wave of monsters in a few seconds. I would have taken several minutes to do the same! It’s too unfair! Hmph!"

Zhang Yang grinned sheepishly. He realized that his sword had indeed given him a massive advantage compared to anyone else in the game. The Echo effect of the Sword of Purging Devourer would produce a power that rivals that of a nuke when paired with the {Blast Wave} AoE attack.

"Hehe. Might as well use it till I’m satisfied before the system nerfs it."

Hundred Shots and Fatty Han were in charge of kiting the monsters around. Their job was to lure monsters to the entrance of the hall to allow Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight, the two door guardians to block them, while the attackers kill them all with AoE skills. The strategy was by far the best and most effective method to ensure minimal death and a high kill rate.

‘Server Announcement: Andong Castle (Japan-Korea Region) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Creatures!’

‘Server Announcement: Gelma Castle (India Region) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Creatures!’

As the battle went on, many other major cities of other region were overwhelmed by the Ancient Creatures. While Japan-Korea region had lost two of their major cities, other regions had only lost, at most, one. On the other hand, Europe, North America, and China had not lost any cities for now.

At China’s end, Lone Desert Smoke had stationed many of their own members in the Ten Barren Sea to help Zhang Yang relay news about the situation back there. So far, players had the advantage in numbers. Since they were not being held back by their Levels, the troops were able to defeat them without a hitch. That being said, players dying was a hindrance as well. The graveyard was located rather far away, hence, the time taken to run back to their bodies took a while, allowing the monsters to gain a temporary advantage. If prolonged, or if the number of monsters rose, both the player’s side and the monster’s side would be evenly matched. The moment the players fail to stem the flow of monsters, they would be overwhelmed.

‘Server Announcement: Takeshi Castle (Japan-Korea Region) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Creatures!’

The little kid Galileo started cracking up, "Japan-Korea have just lost another major city! Right now, they should be struggling to keep the last one up. If they lose another one, all of them will lose a level as well! Imagine the pressure and stress! Even I would pull all my hair off my head!"

Everyone humored him and laughed along.

The main purpose of a Territory or a major city was not to reduce the forces of the Ancient Creature. It was to divide the incoming force into several smaller groups to share the burden and reduce the total attack force. When a force of several 100,000 is divided equally, the resulting smaller groups would be easier to defeat. As they say, United we stand, divided we fall. Divide and Conquer. That’s what this battle was all about.

Even though the system had not made it a contest, region players competed against each other in an unspoken manner. The first one to crumble would be the one to face the greatest shame.

The fire of war was lit up, and like wildfire, it continued on raging. After 10 hours, the number of monsters that were invading had started to show signs of letting up. It was the ending of the second wave. However, right then, a loud battle cry was heard coming from the front line. It was the final burst of battle cry, which led to the fall of Rockovich, the great general. Unfortunately, he had fallen to the monsters.

The general had a simple principle. Defending Morning Town was as good as defending White Jade Empire itself. Even with his last breath, the NPC had taken a step back. He had shown the utmost bravery any soldier could ever have. However, despite having 100,000,000 HP, the poor general was unable to face the attack from both the air and the ground.

The brave general’s death was not in vain. He had tanked several of the monsters for innumerable players to finish off. Without him, the DPSers would have already been overwhelmed, and their death rate would have been much higher!

"Your death shall be remembered, and your deeds shall be passed on. Rest in peace. General Rockovich, for you, are the bravest general of the White Jade Empire." Fatty Han saluted the man as he gazed into the distance.

Roughly half an hour later, the second wave of monsters was wiped out. Several minutes later, reports came in from Ten Barren Sea stating that all of the monsters had been successfully killed.

And so, the damage suffered by all regions were as such: Japan-Korea Region: 3, India Region: 2, Africa Region: 2, Australia Region: 1, South America Region: 1, North America Region: 0, Europe Region: 0, China Region: 0.

‘Server Announcement: The Ancient Creatures will start their final attack!’

After the system notification had ranged for several minutes, the earth rumbled as tiny pebbles on the ground started to dance around. The sound of a stampede could be heard from afar. As the creatures got closer, the earth trembled wildly like an earthquake.

Here it comes…

Players with flying mounts had jumped on their mounts to zoom into the sky. Their jaws dropped at the sight that greeted them.

800 huge elephants, as measuring roughly the size of a mountain were making their way to the fortress. Imagine an entity the size of a mountain, galloping on their megatonne feet towards you. Multiply that by 800. That was the fear the players were experiencing. Several seconds later, all the players, even the ones on the ground could see the incoming giants as clear as day.

A single of them would already be a huge problem to deal with. However, 800 though…

Each of them was at least 1km tall. That sort of size would hardly require any explanation as to how powerful they might be. With 800 of them were stampeding towards you, earthquakes would be the least of your problems.

[Zergert Mammoth] (Violet-Platinum, Beast)

Level: 125

HP: 50,000,000

Defense: 3,300

Melee Attack: 15,246 – 21,236


[Earthquake]: Shakes the ground and deals 30,000 physical damage to all targets within 40 meters. Causes the targets to fall and unable to engage in any action for 5 seconds.

[Stomp]: Tramples a target, deals 150% melee physical attack to the target and all nearby targets.

[Thick Hide]: Increases 100% Defense for 30 seconds.

Note: The mammoth is the strongest infantry of the Zergert. Massive power and brute force are enough to trample their enemies.

800 Violet-Platinum boss… The players were either lucky or extremely unlucky…

Without a doubt, even Zhang Yang would be killed, even with the God of War Transformation.

The boss was not alone. Being shadowed by the massive mammoth, there were countless of leaping Zergert Beasts on the ground and swarms of Zergert Cockroach in the sky. If Rockovich was revived back to full health, he wouldn’t be able to stand for any longer either…

The earth rumbled as the sky was blown away by the cries of the creatures. The sky was completely separated into two sides; the light of players, and the darkness of the Zergert. No wonder the battle had been classified as a Legendary Quest.

As the mammoths approached, a new boss appeared behind them.

The best way to describe them would be: octopuses. Giant, slimy, octopuses. They were walking on eight-tentacle like legs, each of them measuring close to a few hundred meters in diameter! Their appearances were outstanding enough, but since they had been eclipsed by the giant mammoths, players could only see them once they got much closer to the base. The number of those monsters was much lesser than the mammoths, roughly 80 of them. They were much stronger, however.

[Zergert Cthulhu] (Mythical, Beast)

Level: 130

HP: 100,000,000

Defense: 5,560

Melee Attack: 30,653 – 38,654


[Mind Control]: Forces all beings within 40 meters of the caster to attack each other.

[Sunder]: Severs the lifeforce of a Zergert creature, killing the target to restore 20% HP of another Zergert Creature.

Note: Cthulhu are the brains of the Zergerts. All of the Zergerts are controlled by the Cthulhu.

Oh lord. 800 Violet-Platinum tier bosses and 80 Mythical tier bosses. The stress and pressure was enough to send weaker soldiers frothing in their mouths.

How would they fight?

Zhang Yang almost folded his face into two with a frown. For the lack of a better plan, Zhang Yang had no choice to give up Morning town.

"Everyone! We are retreating! Retreat to Ten Barren Seas! Move! Now!" Zhang Yang cried. He had switched his chat mode to "Shout" mode to relay the message to everyone around him.

"Aye aye."

The little girl had quickly acknowledged the threat and followed Zhang Yang’s command.

Every player rode their mounts and flew to the teleportation point. Those without flying mounts had used their scrolls to teleport to White Jade Castle. It would be useless for them to run on their regular mounts. By the time they were only 30% to the teleportation point, the monsters would have caught up to them and turned them into mincemeat.

Everyone had evacuated the town and within a few minutes, the stampede arrived. Within seconds, the town was completely flattened to the ground, with no buildings left standing. Luckily, the town was already damaged, to begin with. It matters not if the town was destroyed or not.

The problem now was, how does Zhang Yang plan to fight such a massive force?