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Chapter 573: Sharing the Loots

Chapter 573: Sharing the Loots

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"S class inheritance!" Sword of Light cried out loud as he sucked in a deep breath.

Sword of Light would not have much trouble obtaining a C class Inheritance. He had done his research all about Inheritance. Although the information he obtained from the official site was not adequate, the official had released a few notices about the bonus attack that each Inheritance would provide. For example, the bonus attack passive that Zhang Yang had just revealed. According to official database, only an S class Inheritance could provide such a staggering amount of attack boost. An A class Inheritance would only provide a 45% attack boost, B class 40%, C class 35%. Deduct 5% for each descending tier and Z class Inheritance would only have 5% attack boost. Hence, the lowest Inheritance Sword of Light had allowed himself to obtain was a B class Inheritance.

Sword of Light was pretty lucky himself. He had managed to obtain pieces of the "Gaia’s Warrior" Inheritance Fragment which was a Class B. However, his fragments had been sitting in his inventory since Sword of Light had failed to defeat the last boss to obtain the last piece.

He wanted to finish the quest and proceed on with the Inheritance quest as soon as possible to obtain the Inheritance upgrade and further strengthen himself. However, there were only around 2,500 Level 100 players in Radiance. Even though he had sortied a large group of Level 100 players, he had never once succeeded in killing the boss.

It could not be helped, the level difference between the boss and his guild members was too great. Like Zhang Yang’s case, without a [Forbidden Scroll] to reduce the boss attack, or to increase the defense of the party, it would be impossible for Sword of Light and his guild to defeat the boss.

If they had problems with a B class Inheritance, what about an S class Inheritance? As such a thought suddenly crossed over his mind, Sword of Light had great admiration for Lone Desert Smoke. Someone had already defeated the boss for an S class Inheritance while they had trouble even defeating a B class Inheritance boss. That was the difference of strength between the two guilds.

There was no way he could have figured out that it was all thanks to Felice’s berserk spree during the battle of the black dragon. Due to that misunderstanding of him defeating the dragon all by himself, a boss of an S class Inheritance quest, which had led to Sword of Light’s misconceived grasp of Lone Desert Smoke strength, the shame of it was so great that he could just find a wall and bang his head until he passes out.

If Zhang Yang could read his mind, he would have been snickering, or perhaps shaking his head in disappointment.

Sword of Light felt a chilling fear down his spine as his guild members were all frowning at how crazy Lone Desert Smoke members were!

In the total damage output list, Lone Desert Smoke had dominated the board by having 66% of the total DPS while Radiance had only 34%. If was more than half! Lone Desert Smoke only had 28 members. Three of them were tanks, 3 healers, and 22 attackers. Radiance, on the other hand, had 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 23 attackers.

Although they had more players on their side, one or two non-attacker class should not have made much difference whereas Radiance should have the upper hand by having one more attacker! How could Lone Desert Smoke manage to create such a big difference in DPS when they had one less attacker!

What’s the point of continuing the fight? They would be only creating shame for themselves.

In the DPS list ranking, Zhang Yang ranked absolute first. Coming up next in descending order was Fatty Han, Daffodil Daydream, Sun Xin Yu, Lost Dream, Ghostly Leaf, Hundred Shots, Galileo, Dominance Unparalleled, and the 10th place, was Tang Dynasty Reverie.

What a shame. The strongest, most admired attacker in Radiance, Ghostly Leaf had been pushed down to 6th place. What a shame…


As the players pushed each other strike harder and faster, the Zergert Cthulhu had made a piercing noise that threatened to turn everyone’s brain into jelly. All of the sudden, everyone lost control of their characters and started to attack one another.

It was the boss’s mind control skill. Luckily, the skill required the boss constant channeling to induce the effect successfully and continuously. As such, many low-players, attackers and healers alike started turning against each other.

{Warrior’s Will}!

Both Zhang Yang and Sword of Light simultaneously activated the skill and headed to the boss to interrupt the boss’ channeling. Since the two of them were the closest to the boss, they had started attacking each other. However, since their status removal skills were activated almost instantly, they had managed to escape the skill, holding back their weapons from each other’s throats and diverting its trajectory to the boss instead.

Unlike the guild masters, the other members had dispelled their debuffs a few milliseconds after. They were all players around Level 100, all classes by then should have status removal skills.

Once everyone had dispelled the skill, the boss stopped its channeling and hurled its hairy legs at Zhang Yang. The legs were hard and long, like a carapace of a spider. The legs had long spikes that were sharp and deadly.

The boss had {Sunder} that could restore a Zergert Creature by 25% of its HP at the cost of sacrificing another Zergert creature. It was an extremely convenient skill. The boss could basically restore all of his HP by sacrificing five monsters.

Zhang Yang had already kited the boss further away from the portal. However, the number of monsters on the island were overflowing. There would be strays that had made their way to where they were. Hence, Zhang Yang had dispatched several teams, each complete with a tank and a healer to hunt and kill the strays. It was imperative to prevent strays from getting too close to the boss and becoming his "food".

The boss had a staggering 100,000,000 HP. In spite of that, 50 over players were able to hack away his HP like a hot knife through butter. The boss’ most annoying skill was {Mind Control}. Luckily, the skill had a 2-minute cooldown which was only double that of Zhang Yang’s {Warrior’s Will}, allowing him to easily counter the boss.

However, Sword of Light was unlike Zhang Yang. For his level, Zhang Yang had already obtained more skill points than he should actually have. It was all thanks to many First Clear Achievements and other feats that he had accomplished. Sword of Light’s SPs were all gained via normal means, hence, his skill {Warrior’s Will} was not yet maxed out. Other players, either in Radiance, or Lone Desert Smoke were unlucky to have lower SP. Hence, their status removal skills could not be maxed out to lower the cooldown time. At most, they could only dispel one of three occurrences. When they could not dispel the skill, all they could do was to let their characters roam around, killing their own friends.

However, players were not as dumb as monsters. Once they had understood the boss’s mechanics, it was easier to judge the boss’ movement and skill activation timing to preemptively leave the skill radius. Sadly, it took them several tries to get a hold of the boss’ timing.

As such, the boss’ strongest skill was easily countered by Zhang Yang. At most, the boss had only delayed the player’s DPS timing by diverting their attacks momentarily.


After what that seemed to be a draggy, time consuming, barrage of attacks, the boss was finally killed. Its mountain-sized body hardened into brittle stone before turning into dust. However, no matter how well animated its death scene is, the players’ sight were all fixed on the boss loot.

"Guild master Zhan Yu. After you," said Sword of Light calmly. As a guild master, he must maintain his posture and mannerism. His short, momentarily lapse of control was but a spark of something greater. It created a burning determination in his heart to surpass Lone Desert Smoke. To surpass Zhan Yu!

The boss had dropped a total of five equipment. Two among them were Mythical tier, and the rest were Violet-Platinum equipment. Zhang Yang shook his head and sighed. If only there were three Mythical loot, Zhang Yang could have gained two Mythical equipment. An extra Violet-Platinum equipment would not do much for him since Level 130 was still a long journey ahead.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Sword of Light, why don’t I take two items and you have the rest?"

Sword of Light rolled his eyes. Without thinking, he had already known that Zhang Yang would take the only two Mythical tier equipment. Only an idiot would trade two Violet-Platinum equipment for a Mythical tier. Sword of Light shook his head and said, "Stick to the agreement earlier. As guild masters ourselves, we must show an example to our members!"

Zhang Yang sighed and picked up one of the Mythical tier equipment, while Sword of Light picked the other. As for the Violet-Platinum equipment, Zhang Yang did not need even to examine the equipment to pick them. On the other hand, Sword of Light had thoroughly checked the equipment before taking one of them. The last Violet-Platinum equipment belonged to Zhang Yang by default.

"Noob tank! Did we get anything good?" When it comes to their own gang, the little girl would shamelessly claim dips on anything that applied to her. On the other hand, when there were other players around, the little girl was proactive enough to act befittingly to her lower position to make sure that Zhang Yang gets the respect he deserves.

Zhang Yang smiled and shared the equipment’s properties.

[Zergert Cthulhu’s Fang] (Mythical, Dagger)

Weapon Attack: 1,927 – 2,527

Attack Interval: 1.7 seconds.

DPS: 1,310

Equip: Increases damage by 14%.

Equip: Grants a chance to inflict {Confusion} on a target with every successful attack. Target will be unable to control its movement for 5 seconds.


Level Requirement: 130

Special: Reduces the Level Requirement by 20 levels.

Zhang Yang added, "The other Mythical tier equipment was a Cloth Armor glove."

Everyone else immediately understood his actions. No matter what type of class a player is, a weapon held the most influence in a player’s prowess. Hence, in a situation where Zhang Yang could only pick one item out of the haul, Zhang Yang had picked the weapon instead of armor.

The dagger was a Thief’s weapon. After both Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream rolled for it, the item was won over by Lost Dream.

"Feeling down?" asked Han Ying Xue in a private message to Zhang Yang.

"Why should I be?"

"Because your mistress’ gift has fallen into someone else’s hands!"

Zhang Yang snorted. "Since when were you the legit wife and she was the mistress?"

There was a loud crowd cheering from the side of Radiance. It was most probably Sword of Light sharing the equipment properties to all his members see the first Mythical tier equipment they had ever laid eyes upon.

"Tsk. What a bunch of loser…Why are they getting all excited about a Mythical tier equipment!" said Fatty Han pretending to be someone who had already seen it all.

"Haha! Fatty bro! You did drool and pop your eyes out when you first saw a Mythical tier equipment, didn’t you?"

"Huh!? I’m just a cool and calm guy. Would I be that outrageous?"

"Hehehe. I did record your reaction then though. How about I post it on the forums? That said, Fatty bro is a popular guy. Perhaps there would be a line of chicks waiting to express their admiration towards you!"

"Endless Starlight. Have you been constipating recently?" Fatty Han asked with an evil grin.

"Huh? Yeah. I actually am. But, why’d you ask?" Endless Starlight cocked his head.

"Because when I’m through with you, you won’t be getting any constipation for the rest of your life!"