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Chapter 574: Reinforcement

Chapter 574: Reinforcement

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Even though they had successfully killed a boss, the number of monsters flowing out of the portal door did not ebb. Sadly, the players’ killing speed was not as fast as the monster spawn rate. Hence, players had beginning to lose their advantage even though the monsters were bottleneck through the portal. Slowly, yet surely, the monster had gained the battle superiority and had pressured the players to the edge of retreat.

For better or worse, the monsters had made their way to the mountains and deeper into the lands. The player’s death rate had far exceeded the revival rate. Players who had just revived themselves were immediately torn to shreds.

The problem was the mammoths. Its powerful stomps were killing players who had just revived themselves. It was a complete bloodbath. Whenever a player revives, they would only start with 20% HP. It was not a mystery that they were instantly killed by the stomps of the mammoths.

They were losing.

"What should we do now?"

Everyone could see the sea of monsters that was coming from the horizon. The darkened sky that signified their doom was made worse when hundreds of giant figures emerged out of the horizon.

"Fall back. We kill them as we retreat," said Zhang Yang. "There’s nothing that we can do but buy some extra time with our lives. We should at least slow them down until they stop spawning. When that happens, it’s our time to strike hard."

"Easier said than done!"

Monsters were an issue. Several players could still manage to hold it up by a thin line. Even if the players were killed, at the very least, they could bring down many monsters with them. The bosses would be another issue.

A strong boss would be a stronger killing machine compared to a magic cannon. Even though the Zergert Cthulhu were Mythical tier bosses, they were positioning themselves behind the mammoths as their supporters. Every minute, they would take one small monster and tear out their souls to heal the mammoth. It was {Sunder} and it could grant the mammoths an ever-regenerating body!

The previous Cthulhu that Zhang Yang had managed to kill earlier was only by luck. No way that they could kill the Cthulhu if it was "paired" up with a mammoth.

In a strategic formation, the Zergert army had crossed the Ten Barren Sea and left behind a mass of dead bodies of both monsters and players.

Right after the border of Ten Barren Sea, the monster army split into eight smaller battalions and made their way to eight different directions. Each battalion of monsters still contained many monsters and bosses with them, but they were far more manageable now.

"Each major city will face an attack of 100 Violet-Platinum bosses and 10 Mythical tier bosses. That’s their plan!"

"What a scary formation!"

"D*mn that Cthulhu thing! It could heal the mammoths! A perfect tank and a healer formation! How are we supposed to defeat them?"

"It’s impossible. There’s no way we could get close to that thing! We’ll be dead when the elephant thing takes a single step!"

Everyone started exchanging ideas. However, even though the monster army had indeed been split apart, each of the mammoths was a problem to deal with. No matter what strategies players came up with, there would always be a flaw.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily as he gazed the battlefield from the skies. "It’s a pity. We might not get that Level +4 reward."

Based on the current strength of the players, Zhang Yang had foreseen that the monsters would inevitably reach the city gates. It was impossible for them to hold the defensive line in Ten Barren Sea, hence losing the best result and reward. The next tier of rewards that they could aim for would be the Level +3 reward."

"Are you seriously still thinking about rewards now?" Han Ying Xue crossed her arms under her breasts. Unsupported, they would completely envelop her arms, but that was another story…"Hello?" She snapped her fingers, annoying Zhang Yang. "Wake up! It’s not the time to dream about palaces, gardens, and the 72 concubines. Be satisfied with your own temple!"

Zhang Yang laughed at her joke. "No matter. The monsters dividing up is a good thing. For better or worse, it is still far manageable than having one massive army."

When the mammoths were in a line formation, their destructive power was unparalleled. It was not the mammoth and Cthulhu formation but only mammoths. Back at Ten Barren Sea, when all 800 mammoths grouped up, it was as if the pantheon of gods had descended to lay waste on the earth.

However, when the monsters were divided into eight different battalions, even though their attack power was still unbelievably strong, it was possible for players to fight with hope.

The monster came to a flat road and players had retreated down further to set up their absolute defense line. There, players would use the same bottleneck strategy to hold the line. However, even when their total attack power was reduced down to only 1/8, the battalion of monsters was still able to trample their way through the line and move on into the city. The players had failed to take into account that by allowing the monsters to clog up, their stomps would stack, causing even more devastation.

Several hours later, the monster army arrived at the city gates. Players then split up to defend their own cities of origin. Since there were free Teleportation points in between cities, players were able to maneuver in between cities with great speed to replenish defenses in different cities.

There were NPC there who joined in the battle. However, according to the NPC themselves, the Empire’s army had left the city to suppress an uprising. They had left a few days ago, and would take a few days to return! Well, obviously that was a scripted. The system clearly wanted players to rely on themselves to win the war. If they cannot do that, they would have to wait for the reinforcements to arrive. While players were forced to wait, the monsters were already knocking on the main gates.

Players immediately burned their pockets to set up the portable magic canons. A city was not the same as a Territory. A city could have unlimited numbers of cannons. Hence, when thhhe number of cannons had reached over a hundred, the damage inflicted with a simultaneous attack would be as equally devastating to the monsters. Unfortunately, when the cannons were fired, it had drawn the attention of the flying cockroaches in the sky.

As such, groups of valiant players had put all their efforts in hopes to protect the one thing that could aid them.

‘Server Announcement: Bahamas Castle (Africa Region) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Creature!’

‘Server Announcement: Hangul Castle (Africa Region) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Creature!’

As long as the war was still going on, the server channel would announce castles being torn apart by monsters. As such, Japan-Korea Region had suffered the highest damage, with FIVE major cities lost. On the other hand, North America had finally popped its cherry by losing one city. The only two great regions that had not lost a single city were China and Europe.

‘Server Announcement: All Ancient Beings have initiated their final charge. Heroes, press on, and victory shall be in hand!’

Zhang Yang sighed in relief. Finally, after a continuous chain of bad news, something good has come. From here on out, the monsters will cease spawning. Killing them now would drastically reduce their overall strength!

With such news in hand, players cheered on and started their final sprint. Though the monsters no longer had reinforcements, a great number of them were already clogged up outside the city gates.

‘Server Announcement: Elrond Castle (Europe) has been overwhelmed by the Ancient Beings!’

Unfortunately for Europe, they had just lost their first city, making China the only region that was still unblemished!

Now that the war had almost come to a climax, Zhang Yang did not hesitate to unleash his powers. Zhang Yang leaped down from the castle wall and activated his God of War Transformation in midair. Then, he flew into the swarm of monsters and laid down his attacks. He had even risked his life to draw the attention of a few mammoths and Cthulhus to draw them from the cities.

After he had dealt with a portion of the enemy, Zhang Yang headed for the portal and teleported to the city that was most vulnerable or in need of an immediate assistance. Right then, all of China’s players shared the same view on war. All eight cities represent eight levels. The first three were bonuses and the last five was a loss but could still be saved.

Fatty Han led the charge, persuading all of the players in China to use their Inheritance Transformation skills to lay waste to the monsters. Sadly, there were no guilds that could expend [Forbidden Scrolls]. As only a handful of players had surpassed the Level 100 threshold, they were unable to farm the scroll. They were not just rare, but diverse in variety. A [Forbidden Scroll] came in single attack types, supportive types, AoE damage types like [Scourging Doomsday]. Not every [Forbidden Scroll] could be used this situation.

‘Server Announcement: Ono Castle (Japan-Korea Region) has been overwhelmed by Ancient Beings!’

That announcement should bring joy to China players. However, since the monsters were coming in at great speed, none of them paid much attention to it, as they were too busy saving their own cities!

The number of monsters that had entered the city premises did not mean that the city had been overwhelmed. Instead, the entire city could be flattened to the ground and remain alive, as long as the main palace still stands. Before the dominance of Queen Serena, each major city was a Kingdom on its own and had a King or a ruler residing in the main palace. Although there were no kings or queen in other city’s palaces besides White Jade Castle, the palaces still signified the life of the cities.

The monsters pushed on, finally crushing the walls and spilling into the city.

Every 1 to 2 hours, the system would notify the fall of a city. The region that had suffered the worst damage was Japan-Korea. They were left with only one city. All players, including the ones who had just reached Level 50 had made their final stand there. It was their last city. The last piece of fabric to protect their dignity.

The best region that had all cities still standing was China. However, out of 8, 6 of them had already lost their city gates. Europe region players were doing a good job at maintaining their position ever since they lost one city.

‘Server Announcement: White Jade Empire Army is on their way back to the city. They will arrive to provide reinforcements in 3 hours.’

‘Server Announcement: Hangul Kingdom Army is on their way back to the city. They will arrive to provide reinforcements in 3 hours.’

Players’ eyes glinted with hope as the system notification rang in their ears. It was a certain victory if they could last for another 3 hours! The empire’s or kingdom’s army was as strong as a Celestial boss. Since almost all major city’s Kingdom rulers were Holy tier, it was enough to completely suppress the incoming monsters’ attack!

1 hour…

2 hours…

3 hours!

When one of China’s city was on the brink of falling, one player on his flying mount cried out jubilantly. "They’re here! Help has arrived! We’re saved!"

Zhang Yang got hold of the news and quickly made his way back to White Jade Castle. He soared to the sky on Thunderhawk and gazed upon the earth. There were rolling clouds, followed by tiny dots, coming at great speed from the horizons. They were soldiers riding towards the castle, with a huge flag behind them. The emblem of a soaring griffin was imprinted on the flag. It was the emblem of White Jade Empire, and they were coming to help Zhang Yang.