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Chapter 575: Preventing Future Trouble

Chapter 575: Preventing Future Trouble

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Amongst the crowd of soldiers, a single figure zoomed into the sky. It was the beautiful heroine, Queen Serena. The Meteor Sword in her hands gleamed with an intense brightness. The glow spread across her entire character. Flying through the air, she glowed like a fireball. Following closely behind her were the dragon knights. With her leading the charge and a total of 10 ferocious, mighty dragons behind her, it was the perfect wallpaper for anyone’s desktop.

"Pray that you live long enough to regret the day you decided to raise arms against my kingdom!" Serena gathered her strength and swung her sword with the might of an Ascended boss. The sword sent out a ray of light and morphed into a large green dragon. The green dragon crashed into the battlefield and flew through the ranks of the enemy. All that the dragon touched instantly turned into dust, even the strong mammoths!

As expected of Queen Serena! She was someone who Zhang Yang could rely on whenever things get a little out of hand.

The moment Queen Serena made her appearance, players who were attacked by the monsters cheered out loud, celebrating their savior. Even though Emerald Kingdom and Black Dragon Kingdom had no rulers, White Jade Empire itself as a whole had a god-like boss taking care of them. With the Empire’s army coming in from behind, the fall of the Zergerts was only a matter of time.

Zhang Yang stepped back and called out to his party. "I’ll take my leave now. I’ll be heading to the Chaos Realms."


Everyone cocked their head. Now that Queen Serena has made her appearance on the battlefield, was it not the time to pounce on the stray bosses and obtain loot?

Zhang Yang simply shook his head as they pebbled him with questions. He had no time to explain and hurriedly tore a [Teleportation Scroll]. "I have a quest. It has something to do with destroying or sealing the Ancient Creature Lair Portal."

"Couldn’t that wait until the war is over?"

"Sure, it can. By the time the war finishes, the system would announce the same quest to everyone else in the world. However, we have the advantage of knowing this. I will head to the Baroque Islands first. Since the end of the battle is almost near, I won’t make much of a difference in the outcome. Hunt and kill as much as you want for now, when I get there, I will summon you guys over." Zhang Yang explained.

Zhang Yang knew that time was short as it was already proven in his past life. The player who had delivered 90 messages all around the Chaos Realm was the player who had initiated the quest. However, he was not the player who had obtained the final reward. Hence, in the forum where Zhang Yang had read about it, he had posted his frustration. In truth, the system had given the quest initiator a head start. However, the ability to seize the chance would depend on the player himself. When the third wave starts, it would not be wise for an attacker like Zhang Yang to leave the battlefield. On the other hand, when the situation is under control, and everyone else is busy indulging themselves on rampaging bosses, Zhang Yang decided to take the chance to leave the place and get a head start.

Zhang Yang confidently believed that he was better than all players in the world, in terms of battle prowess. However, the main character in the battle was Queen Serena, the god-like boss. Everyone else, with or without Inheritance Transformation skill would only be tiny specks of dust. The only thing that they can do would be attempt landing the killing strike in order to obtain the boss’ loot.

In such a situation, it all depends on luck. If Queen Serena’s attack lands and kills a boss that was next to you, you’ll strike the jackpot. Otherwise, good luck, bro.

Zhang Yang had concluded that even if he remains on the battlefield, he would not be able to get a single item. Why not save his time and proceed on to Baroque Island, first? To put in comparison, the system had allocated 100 Violet-Platinum bosses and 10 Mythical tier bosses to each major city in the White Jade Empire. With such a "nice gesture" the end reward for the Legendary Quest should be even better! Zhang Yang had no idea what the quest would end up giving him, but the Treasure Chest? He would surely obtain it!

Just as he was waiting for the system to teleport him away after tearing the [Teleportation Scroll], the magic circle did not appear and Zhang Yang was greeted by the system notification,

"The Teleportation point of Morning Town had already been destroyed." When the monsters had attacked, Morning Town was the first "city" to fall. Hence, Zhang Yang’s Territory was gone. The destruction of the Teleportation point should have been known to him, but it had only crossed his mind when he tore the scroll.

Zhang Yang sighed in disappointment and shot to the sky on the Thunderhawk. Currently, it was still the swiftest mount in the entire game. That is, if nobody were to activate their class A Inheritance Transformation skills. Their movement speed would be much faster than a Mythical tier battle mount. However…who would do that? Probably someone with their head between their groin.

Two hours later, Zhang Yang arrived at Ten Barren Sea. Without slowing down, Zhang Yang zoomed through the portal and entered the Chaos Realm.

‘Server Announcement: The Ancient Being’s Invasion has been stopped. The system will now hand out the rewards and penalties to players based on the number of lost cities.’

‘Server Announcement: Japan-Korea Region has lost all main cities. All player will have 5 Level Deduction! India Region has lost seven main cities. All players will have 4 Level Deduction. Australia Region and Africa Region have lost 5 main cities. All players will have 2 Level Deduction. South America Region has lost 3 main cities. No rewards nor penalties shall be invoked. North America Region has lost 2 main cities. All players will have 1 Level Reward. Europe Region has lost 1 main city. All players will have 2 Level Reward. China Region has not lost any main city. All player will have 3 Level Reward!’

‘Server Announcement: Special Quest: Preventing Future Trouble, has been activated. All players that had participated in the war of Ancient Creature are eligible to take the quest and obtain luxurious rewards!’

At the same time, all players that had fought during the battle had received the quest, "Preventing Future Trouble".

[Preventing Future Trouble] (Difficulty Level: S)

Description: Even though the Ancient Beings have been annihilated, the origin of the threat remains. The leader of the creatures, Queen of Blades, Quesara is still alive. She currently resides on Baroque Island, planning to recreate the land of the Zergerts. She will close the portal and restore her powers in order to launch an attack in the far future. Adventures, steel yourselves and defeat the demonized Queen of Blades. Destroy the portal that connects both worlds and save the land! Good luck.

Completion: Destroy the Portal 0/1

Quest Reward: Skill Point +3, Luck Point +3, [Rising Dragon Strike], [Medal of Bravery]

[Rising Dragon Strike (Passive)]: All magic or normal attacks will grant a chance of unleashing a dragon to deal 10 times the damage of the attack that had triggered the skill. Deals 10 times the damage to all targets in a large area.

[Medal of Bravery] (Mythical, Accessory)

Equip: Increases 1000 Relationship points with all allied NPC.

Equip: Increases all damage and healing rate by 5%

Use: Grants you Invincibility from all attacks and effects for 10 seconds.

Level Requirement: 130

Special: Reduced Level Requirement by 20 Levels.

Note: The medal that signifies the bravest among all braves.

The rewards alone, made all players drool a river.

SP and Luck points were good, but the skill - {Rising Dragon Strike} was strong! It was a passive skill at that, too! Not only could it deal 10 times the damage, it was also an AoE skill!

What an OP skill!

Like automated robots, all players had taken out [Teleportation Scrolls] and tore them up. However, they were all greeted by the system notification that informed them of the destruction of the Teleportation point in Morning Town. After a short moment of panic, everyone summoned their mounts and charged towards Ten Barren Sea. Those who had flying mounts were grinning from ear to ear as they naturally had the advantage of speed.

"As expected of the big boss who could foresee the future! He has given us 2 hours of a head start!" cried Endless Starlight.

"Haha!" Zhang Yang laughed as he rode the Thunderhawk. "It’s not going to be that simple. The quest is an S class difficulty. We have all used our Inheritance Transformation skills. It would be the ultimate challenge for us to kill the boss within 2 hours!"

"Well said! There’s even a chance that we will get ourselves killed when the boss reaches 1% HP. Fresh arrivals might even end up stealing the last hit!" said Fatty Han.

"Enough with your crap. You just had to jinx it!"

Be it by luck or pure effort, Zhang Yang had bought 2 hours for Lone Desert Smoke to obtain fame and fortune!

There was one more advantage that Zhang Yang had earned from the system. Baroque Island was not visible on the map. The quest had not provided the exact location of Baroque Island either. Hence, players would have to spend some time searching for the location of the place!

As Zhang Yang flew towards the island, Zhang Yang took out The Guewitt’s Shield.

After three days (in-game time) of constant fighting and killing, Zhang Yang had reached Level 108. With the levels gained from the battle rewards, he had reached Level 111 and is now able to equip The Guewitt’s Shield.

[The Guewitt’s Shield] (Mythical, Shield)

Defense: +4,680

Vitality: +4,564

Equip: Increases 9,360 maximum HP.

Equip: Absorbs 1,644 damage on attack.

Equip: Automatically activates {Shield Bash} with every successful {Block} instance. This {Shield Bash} will not cost Rage points. Is not affected by Global Cooldown.

Level Requirement: 130

Special: Reduces Level Requirement by 20 Levels.

Note: A legendary shield that once belonged to the Guewitt family. However, the shield had fallen into the hands of Ditch, the Blackbeard Pirate when one of Guewitt’s descendent was traveling in the sea.

Zhang Yang equipped the shield, gaining a massive boost to his HP and Defense.

HP: 186,760, Defense: 5,240, Damage Absorption: 3,882!

Powerful! Tanky!

Take 10,000 physical damage and hurl it at Zhang Yang. First, the damage would go through his Defense, deducting 5,240 damage. Reduce another 20% of the resulting damage and you will have 3,808 damage. Lastly, the damage will have 3,882 damage absorb, resulting in NO DAMAGE! In the end, no damage under 10,000 can get past Zhang Yang’s thick skin!

Zhang Yang had loved the shield and caressed it, as he had just obtained a new toy to play with. Compared to the strongest shield that he had obtained in his past life, the Guewitt’s Shield was just one tier below it!

With this new powerful shield in hand, the Queen of Blades should be easier to defeat!

Zhang Yang zoomed through the skyline like a railgun projectile, leaving a trail of blue light in his wake. A flying mount would not be affected by the terrain effect, hence, even though the geography of the land was treacherous and difficult to trek through, Zhang Yang had arrived at the outskirts of Baroque Island without much delay.

When Zhang Yang had left the place a few days ago, the green island was still brimming with life. Now, it had been turned into a brown colored wasteland. There was a crater at the center of the island. It looked like the island had been ripped apart from the inside and something come bursting out from it, like a huge, ugly, popped zit. All the plants were dead and rotten. There were no animals, no plants, no grassy plains, but only a huge, violet colored, pulsating portal.

On the rim of the portal, Zhang Yang could see traces of lines that resembled a huge circle of magic runes. It was the circle that Zhang Yang was supposed to destroy. However, Zhang Yang did not zoom in immediately, as there was something huge standing next to the portal. It was several hundred meters tall. The "thing" had a female humanoid face and a woman’s upper body and a serpent’s lower half. Its hands were not hands, but long mantis-like blades that were sharp enough to gleam in the air. Although no clothing covered her upper body, her carapace-like skin was enough to "censor" her well-developed chest.

[Queen of Blades, Quesara the Queen of Zergert] (Mythical, Humanoid)

Level: 130

HP: 500,000,000

Defense: 5,560

Melee Attack: 40,204 – 52,204


[Queen’s Roar]: Stuns all target within 40 meters and causes 10% HP loss every second (not exceeding 20,000 damage each tick) for 5 seconds.

[Omnislash]: Continuously slashes at a target, dealing 100% melee physical attack for 10 continuous attacks. Can be interrupted.

Note: The queen of Zergert. A leader with a true sense of leadership and justice. Has the ability create Zergert lifeforms.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. Half a billion HP would be a drag. Furthermore, her attack was just too strong!

The skill {Queen’s Roar} was a skill specially created to counter a sea of players while the skill {Omnislash} was meant to instantly kill a single tank. Zhang Yang had equipped a new shield and gained massive Defense capabilities. However, since he had surpassed Level 110, the effect of the Titan’s Chest Plate had been weakened.

Enroute to the island, Zhang Yang had run some tests and found that the {Shield Wall’s} recovery rate was only 2% HP per tick. He had also removed the Titan Wall shield. {Shield Wall’s} extended duration was reduced down to only 10 seconds. As a conclusion, {Shield Wall} would only last for 10 seconds and only restore a total of 20% of his HP, which was a total of 72, 828 HP if he was mounted with a battle mount. Naturally, he could opt to use the Titan’s Wall to extend {Shield Wall’s} duration in exchange for lower maximum HP. Even though that would result in a total of 30% healing rate, the actual HP healed would be the same as Guewitt’s Shield.

A tough choice…

Zhang Yang thought about it as he flew to the island. Now that the islands’"shooting trees" were all gone, he could fly around the island without being bombarded by pricks. He then put on the [Party Summon Order] and summoned Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, and the rest of his core party member.

He had made some rearrangements to the party. He had Endless Starlight sit this one out, bringing in Galileo to replace him. This boss did not need two tanks, but more attackers to bring the battle to a quick end.

Even though he felt a little left out, Endless Starlight was an understanding man and accepted the change without voicing out any complaint.

When everyone gathered together and saw the boss’ properties, they could not help but draw a collective breath. The boss was really strong. Luckily, none of them were under-leveled and they would be able to deal proper damage without being suppressed. If not, it would just be as bad as Fatty Han’s Inheritance boss.

"Let’s get started. There’s not much time left, and I don’t know how long it will take for other players to get here. We have to kill the boss first before we can destroy the portal," said Zhang Yang.

Even though destroying the portal was the only way to complete the quest, everyone believed that it was impossible to skip killing the boss. Zhang Yang had explained that it was likely, that only a particular item drop from the boss could destroy the portal.

"Let’s go then!" Han Ying Xue patted Zhang Yang’s back and smirked.

Zhang Yang shook his head and collected his composure. With dilated pupils, Zhang Yang zoomed to the boss.