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Chapter 578: Certain Defeat

Chapter 578: Certain Defeat

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A coincidence? Did they think that it was really a coincidence that he dodged the attacks because he had timed {Block} perfectly?

Zhang Yang smirked. Although he could not deny that the ‘dodge’ was completely unintentional, the fact that he could sense danger without even looking behind should be proof that he was not an ordinary player.

Another blade came and he borrowed the boss’ knockback effect to flee from two Berserker and one Thief. This time, he did not use {Block} and took the damage directly.

"…" Was it another coincidence?

Sun Xin Yu and the rest of the attacking team did not wait for verbal orders from Zhang Yang and proceeded to counterattack. Sun Xin Yu, Lost Dream, Wei Yan Er, and Galileo made up the melee team. Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, Daffodil Daydream formed the ranged team. Both teams targeted one player at a time and started wiping them out with deadly efficiency.

Even though the ranged team had one member less than the melee attacker, their damage was still overwhelming since Fatty Han had a B class Inheritance. Fatty Han took the lead while Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream followed closely. Their combined damage was strong enough to kill anyone off unless they activate their emergency skills.


The three players from before who were tricked to use their status removal skills had died and fallen from the sky. Both the melee and the ranged team had managed to kill one player at the same time. Lone Desert Smoke’s side had taken only 5 seconds to kill 5 members of Paragon.

"Ignore Zhan Yu! Kill the weak ones!" cried Hell’s Knight.

When a player dies in the hands of another player, they will lose all experience points gained at their current level. Amongst the five players that were killed 5 seconds ago, one of them was at 92%, on the verge of leveling up. His death would throw his progress back by 9 days (real time)!

Hell’s Knight decided that it was stupid to fight a tank first, so when the other members of Lone Desert Smoke joined in the fray, he decided to target them instead.

It was the three-sided chaotic battle. Zhang Yang had unleashed his full potential. He was monitoring several things at once. He had to use {Sacrifice} on Han Ying Xue, to inflict Supporting Attacks to disrupt the enemy’s spellcasting, while swinging his sword around to deal damage to both the boss and the European players, as well as making sure to use {Block} to counter the boss’ attack. His mental capacity was at 99% during then.

He had to do so, or else, he might lose his team players! Death in a chaotic battle is a fickle thing. There is a saying in olden schools if martial arts. A grandmaster may die in the hands of a petty quarrel of greenhorns. Even though Zhang Yang may have the strongest Defensive armor around, and possessed the highest HP amongst many others, he would still die if he were to take the attack of a few players simultaneously! Anyone present in Baroque Island should either be extremely strong or on par with Zhang Yang’s equipment! Additionally, there was still one more variable to account for, the boss, Queen of Blades.

She was a rather helpful presence. Her {Queen’s Roar} could deal, at the very least, 10% HP to all players, even if they were to activate their status removal skill. On the other hand, if players had used their status removal skill to save themselves from Zhang Yang’s constant use of {Blast Wave}, they would take 50% HP as damage and be killed by Lone Desert Smoke’s focused fire.

At the second wave of {Queen’s Roar}, 20 players had died at her hands. Amongst the 20 who had fallen were Wei Yan Er, Galileo, Fantasy Sweetheart, Daffodil Daydream, Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, and Lost Dream. The rest were casualties of Paragon. The unluckiest player was Lost Dream. He had already left the battlefield with {Vanish} but was 0.0001 second too late to move out of the {Queen’s Roar} skill range.

The few people that were still standing on the battlefield were Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, and Han Ying Xue. Paragon still had the six Hell’s Family members and one extra side player. The boss still had 11% HP remaining.

"Zhan Yu! I call for a truce!" cried Hell’s Warrior. "If we continue this squabble, neither of us is going to kill the boss! We should kill the boss first and decide on the rewards later!"

"Haha! I don’t think so! I think the best way is to end this petty "squabble" is by ending you all!" Zhang Yang zoomed in without hesitation. Even though Zhang Yang had lost a lot of members, they were still evenly matched. He still had Felice with him! On the other hand, the boss’ HP was almost reaching 10%. His {Glare of the Death God} was almost ready to be used. If the skill is not resisted, killing the boss would be as simple as nailing a nail down her head!

"Hmph! Cocky bastard!" Hell’s Knight scoffed. "So be it. If you want to die together, I shall deliver your wish! It’ll be my pleasure!"

Hell’s Knight zoomed towards Zhang Yang and immediately banked hard to target Han Ying Xue. His plan was the most orthodox method of PvP. Target the enemies’ healer first. In this situation, after losing Han Ying Xue, Zhang Yang would have no means of restoring his own HP and will be taken down, either by the boss or by Paragon.

All surviving Paragon member swarmed in and surrounded Han Ying Xue.

Zhang Yang bumped into the boss and "forced" her to follow him like a dog on a lease. With rocked speed, Zhang Yang then shot towards Han Ying Xue and cried, "Woman, it’s time for our show!"


They reached out to grab hold of each other’s hands.

{Blizzard Sky}! {Lunar’s Dew}!


The entire battlefield was instantly covered with a thick layer of snow. A big moon emerged behind Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue, illuminating the area, around 30 meters from where they stood!

Immune! Immune! Immune!

Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue had gained 30 seconds of invincibility and would not take any form of damage from either the boss or Paragon. {Blizzard Sky, Lunar’s Dew} could only deal 5,000 Chaos damage per tick. It was barely a tickle to post Chaos Realm players. However, it totaled up to 150,000 damage, which was still something that no one could ignore.

All seven Paragon members quickly ran out of the skills’ radius, however, before they could, the boss had used {Queen’s Roar}. Everyone, besides Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue was stunned for 5 seconds.

If they had only taken the boss’ skill, they would only lose 50% of their HP. Fortunately for Zhang Yang, they were stunned within the range of {Blizzard Sky and Lunar’s Dew}. After taking 5 seconds of the paired skill damage and the boss’ {Queen’s Roar} damage, the total attack that they had received per person was around 70,000 to 80,000.

Right then, as Paragon was about to leave the paired skill attack radius, Sun Xin Yu swooped in and carved them up.

Lone Desert Smoke had been fighting the boss for more than 2 hours. It was not a mystery if they had a better understanding of the boss’ mechanics than Paragon. Sun Xin Yu had only appeared after all Paragon had been stunned and proceeded to kill them. As such, they were all sitting ducks, waiting for their deaths.

After spamming her blade, there were still 2 survivors remaining. The two of them quickly retreated. Sun Xin Yu quickly gave chase and Zhang Yang stopped the paired skill immediately to attack the other player with a {Spear of Obliteration}.



Two loud grunts were heard, followed by the two of them falling off their mounts.

"Such a waste of life. Humans will always be despicable!" the Queen of Blades scoffed.

"Dummy! Use the glare thing!" cried Han Ying Xue. She had just only consumed a bottle of MP potion. Without Fantasy Sweetheart to help with the healing, Han Ying Xue would only last for half a minute before her MP is drained.

"Alright then." Zhang Yang flung out his arms and cast {Glare of the Death God}.

A cloud of black smoke floated above the boss’ character and morphed into a grinning skull!


"Hell yeah!" Everyone cheered. The boss still had 11% HP left. Without the help from {Glare of the Death God}, they would not be able to kill the boss in time. The success of the skill was truly a lifesaver. Even the ice queen, Sun Xin Yu could not contain her happiness and she smiled a little.

"Kill it, quick!" cried Zhang Yang frantically.

Three players, with their own Battle Companion, and battle mount attacked with everything they had. Han Ying Xue was well within the danger zone, healing Zhang Yang with all her might, praying hard that the boss would not use {Queen’s Roar} during this intense moment. Since the boss had just only used it, it would be another 10 seconds or so before she uses it again.



Lines and lines of powerful damage texts ticked up on the boss’ character, greatly pleasing Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu.

"Little Yang. Hold on for a little longer! We’re coming back!" Fatty Han shouted at the top of his lungs in the party channel.

Zhang Yang frowned. "Fatty Han is coming back now. The Paragon members should be coming back at the same time! We have to be faster! We cannot allow them to take advantage of the situation!"

Zhang Yang kited the boss as far away as he could from the dead bodies of the Paragon members. It would be most unfortunate if the boss death happened at the same time as their revival. They might have the opportunity to snatch the loots! They had the "qualifications" to loot since they had attacked the boss.

"No! No!" cried the Queen of Blade as she knew death was approaching. Still, her cries and constant mockery would do nothing to stall her death!

Seven seconds later, all of the {Glare of the Death God} trigger hits were used and the boss still had over 1,300,000 HP left.

Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu bit down their frustration and went crazy.

They were able to kill all 30 members of Paragon because of their carelessness and the boss’ assistance. If all of the enemies returns, the same method would not work again. The chances of Lone Desert Smoke winning a 10 v 30 PvP match would be extremely slim!

After all, Paragon was the top guild in Europe! Their prowess was not something that Lone Desert Smoke could shrug off lightly. However, it would not be the same if Sun Xin Yu or Wei Yan Er had Inheritances!





When the boss’ HP has reached below 200,000, the first 5 players of Paragon had just revived in time. With haste, they took a bottle of Healing Potion and quickly made their way towards the boss.




"ARGH!" the Queen of Blades wailed as she fell to the ground, creating a powerful tremor and dropping a heap of loot next to her dead body.

"Ice cube! Take! Take! Pick! Quick!" Zhang Yang was so nervous that he could not even finish his sentence properly. His hands were busy sweeping up the loot as well. Not a single item must fall into their hands!

By the time the 5 players of Paragon had arrived, Zhang Yang stopped looting and quickly cast {Heroic Leap}. Unfortunately, he only managed to stun 3 of them. At the same time, he quickly cast {Brutal Smash} to stun the fourth player. Felice quickly morphed into her human form and stunned the last stray player with {Dragon Spear Barrage}.

"Haha! Good job, Felice!" cried Zhang Yang. Sun Xin Yu seized the opportunity to loot all of the drops and left nothing but the dead body of the boss for Paragon.

By then, Fatty Han, Hundred Shots, and the rest of Lone Desert Smoke had revived themselves and joined the team.

"Zhan Yu---!" Hell’s Warrior snarled angrily and bellowed. "HAND OVER THE LOOT!"

"Please, don’t be childish. You’re not a 3-year-old little kid. If our positions are reversed, would you hand over the loot if I ask nicely?" Zhang Yang scoffed and shrugged.


"Kill him! Spare no one! We will kill them until they drop all their equipment!"

"Kill them!"

Everyone gripped their weapon tighter. The boss Zhang Yang had just killed was a Legendary quest type boss! The item drops from the boss had to be powerful!

Now that the boss was gone and all the loot was secured, Zhang Yang could relax a little. However, when he heard that all Paragon members wanted to kill him. He directed all his frustration that had been built up since the beginning of the Ancient Creature war, all the rage and wrath towards the Paragon.

"If you plan to attack, you should have said so earlier. Now…I’m afraid you have absolutely no chance to win."

"Boss! We’re back!" cried Endless Starlight. As if fate had dictated his destiny, just when Zhang Yang needed help, the entire battalion of Lone Desert Smoke had arrived from all corners atop their flying mounts. Back when Hell’s family had arrived at the island and started threatening Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang had Endless Starlight to gather all Lone Desert Smoke members to come to his rescue. At the same time, Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince, and other guild master had noticed the guild’s sudden sortie and had followed them as well. Right then, the entire island Baroque was filled with top players of China.

"R-Run! Run now!" All the European members’ faces turned white at the scene. They had all been killed once and had lost all of their hard earned experience points. If they were to be killed again, they might drop their equipment, which will be of an even greater loss.

However, it was futile to escape now.

Endless Starlight, Snow Seeker, One Sword Stroke, and other powerful players had rushed into the battle and turned all members of Paragon into burger patties.

"The portal!"

Since the battle loot had all been taken, the body of the Queen of Blade had disappeared away. There was no evidence of a boss battle ever happening here. The other guild members knew nothing. All they could see was the bright, pulsating portal.

Shush! Pew! Bam!

All newcomers launched their attack on and on, however…

Immune! Immune! Immune!

All attacks dealt on the portal had not made a tiny scratch!

Zhang Yang grinned.