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Chapter 579: Shadow Dancer Inheritance

Chapter 579: Shadow Dancer Inheritance

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Snow Seeker frowned in annoyance and stopped attacking. "The only way to break this is to use a special tool, am I right? Mr. guild master Zhan Yu?" said Snow Seeker with a forced smile.

Zhang Yang shrugged and looked the other way. "Beats me. I just got here not too long ago and was fighting the European bastards!"

No one, not Snow Seeker, not One Sword Stroke could have bought his lie. Especially when he had pointedly looked away like that! However, with no around to say otherwise, there’s no other way but to accept his lie. Even though guild masters had smuggled spies into guilds of others, they were not able to smuggle secrets to all corners of the world.

"Find the clue! The quest had mentioned something about Quesara the Queen of Blades. Find her and we’ll find the way to destroy the portal!" said One Sword Stroke, cool-headed as always – unless it was Zhang Yang or Liu Wei dealing with him. With a swift snap of his fingers, several members of Imperial Sky had soared to the sky and spread out across the entire island.

The other guild masters had also made the same decision.

The island area was too huge. It may be time-consuming to search the entire island for a single boss with only around 10 people. They did not know what the boss looked like in the first place. In their minds, it was something huge, while others thought that she was a human queen. The search would take up more time if they stumble upon another boss and not the Queen of Blade. Still, that was what Zhang Yang wanted them to do!

To prevent a scenario of other guilds getting the jump on them, each guild had left 5 players behind. Additionally, they had made an agreement to stay away from the portal gates. If either one side breaks the agreement, that guild would face the wrath of 55 players of 11 different guilds.

Zhang Yang pretended to search and led his team to a quiet corner. With a huge smile on his face, "Let them be. Let’s take a look at our haul!" Zhang Yang took out several items from his inventory and showed it to everyone.

"I have here, 2 items. One is a ring, and the other is the portal-destroying item."

[Mercury Star Ring] (Mythical, Ring)

Vitality: +482

Strength: +226

Dexterity: +226

Equip: Increases attack and healing rate by 3.5%

Equip: Increases 450 maximum HP.

Equip: Absorbs 192 damage on attack.

Equip: Increases 50% Frost damage dealt by your weapon


Level Requirement: 130

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

Note: Made from the fragments of an asteroid. An indestructible ring brimming with the brightness of a star.

"Noob tank, I think this ring should be yours, as you have the skill - {Frost Strike}." Wei Yan Er was the first to voice out.

Based on the ring’s properties, the ring would suit a Knight, a Warrior, a Thief, or a Hunter. The ring’s effect was good since it increases attack and Vitality. Any class would benefit from the ring, but not as much as Zhang Yang, since he had the skill {Frost Strike}.

Although Zhang Yang could benefit from the ring’s effect, {Frost Strike} had a 60 seconds cooldown rate. Although raising the attack by 50% would increase the average DPS by a significant amount, it was only good for PvP. In a battle with players, {Frost Strike} could then be used as a nuke attack to deal heavy damage in a short amount of time.

Lost Dream, Hundred Shots and other members who suited the ring nodded to agree with Wei Yan Er.

"I’d say, only guild master has reached Level 110. You’re the only person in the guild who can immediately equip the ring! We would have to grind for a long time before we can reach your current level!" said Daffodil Daydream. Zhang Yang was Level 111, the highest leveled player in Lone Desert Smoke and in the world, while the second would be Level 107. However, to gain 3 levels and reach Level 110 would take as long as 1 whole month! (real-time).

That would take 90 days in the game and if an equipment takes that long to equip, it would be a waste, as it would be gathering dust in the inventory!

Zhang Yang smiled and took the ring for himself. He would only equip it after Identifying it in the city.

The second item that he had found was the most important item. A small, palm-sized, black colored bomb.

[Goblin H.E Bomb Mark III] (Quest Item)

Use: Destroys the portal and perhaps maybe, the entire island itself? The bomb was made to be extremely powerful but was accidentally created to be slightly stronger than it should have. If calculations are correct, the bomb would turn everything within a 10km range into a pile ash. You are strongly advised to run away as far as possible during the activation of the bomb. Tick tock goes the bomb, you should run or lose your dome!

Note: Product of the Globin Tech Engineering (™)! Quality that you can trust!


Huh?! Bound?

Zhang Yang was left speechless. He had not paid attention back then when he picked the item! However, if he had not picked the item, the European players might have picked it up instead, and all of Zhang Yang’s efforts would be for naught.

"Hmm…Now that we are in the same party as Little Yang, would the system count us in the completion of the quest if Little Yang is the one setting the bomb up?" said Fatty Han.

No one could have predicted that the bomb will be bound. Now that it has come to this, Zhang Yang had no choice but to be the bomber man. As it seems, no one in the party had any objections to it. After all, Zhang Yang was the person in charge and the leader of their party. Without his guidance, none of them would have had a chance to stand here. Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue had nothing to say, since Zhang Yang was their man. Anything that is his, would be theirs as well!

"I don’t think so. The skill {Rising Dragon Strike} is too strong to be made available for everyone. I think that is why the bomb has been made to be bound to only one person." Said Zhang Yang dejectedly.

"What a shame…"

Zhang Yang had taken out the items he had looted, and the next few items were all in Sun Xin Yu’s inventory.

Sun Xin Yu casually took out three items and showed them to everyone. They were a white, silvery gown, a grayish white glove, a necklace with an emerald stone, and a fragment of what seemed to be part of a weapon.

"Is that an Assembled Weapon Fragment, or an Inheritance Fragment?" Zhang Yang had not paid any attention anything else except for the broken metal piece.

The cold ice queen suddenly broke into a dazzling, warm smile. She had such a broad grin that Zhang Yang immediately knew that the item had to be something. She then posted the item’s properties on the party channel.

[Shadow Dancer Inheritance Fragment] (Inheritance Class: S)

Description: NIL

Class Restriction: Thief.

Oh d*mn! Everyone gasped at the sight of it. They have managed to find another S class Inheritance!

In the party of 10, Lost Dream and Sun Xin Yu were the only two Thief class players. However, Lost Dream had already started off with the Snowman Inheritance, and although he had only collected four pieces of the Inheritance fragment, he was almost done with it.

If he had not chosen to undergo the Snowman Inheritance, he could still voice out and roll the dice against Sun Xin Yu for the S class Inheritance. However, things were difficult, now!

"Let Frost Night have it," said Lost Dream as he swallowed his pride hard. He consoled himself that a B class Inheritance was only 10% weaker than the S class Inheritance. As for the Transformation skill, it would be the same 3-day cooldown duration for both B and S class. If that was not the case, he couldn’t have held it in!

Sun Xin Yu nodded politely and took the Inheritance fragment for herself.

Zhang Yang never knew much about the Shadow Dancer Inheritance and had only just found out that it was dropped by the Queen of Blades. Sun Xin Yu must have had hidden close by the battle back then. When the boss was killed, she must have instantly swooped in and picked all the drops, including the S class Inheritance, thus becoming the only player in China to obtain an S class Inheritance!

In this lifetime, as destiny would have it, Sun Xin Yu would still be the same player obtaining the S class Inheritance!

Lone Desert Smoke has now amassed a total of 3 players with S class Inheritance. Even though the two of them had not yet completed their quests, the team could be strong enough when all three of them reaches Level 120. Bosses would crumble beneath their feet when that time comes!

A guild with 3 S class Inheritance holders! If it was in Zhang Yang past lifetime, people all over the world would be laughing their butts off at that very idea! To have more than 1 S class Inheritance player in a single region was already a ridiculous idea, lest even mention about having 3! Now, what if all of them happened to be in the same guild?! Imagine BMW making 6 super limited-edition cars, and half of them ends up being owned by the same family…

Zhang Yang was so happy that he could fly. Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu were his women. Even though both of them still had their internal strive as they were still fighting over him, Zhang Yang strongly believed that even the toughest walls can be brought down with time, as long as that wall doesn’t fall when all three of them are in bed! The two female monkeys would rip his ‘banana’ to shreds, in that case!

Sun Xin Yu did not stop posting more descriptions on the party channel.

[Queen’s Attire] (Mythical, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +32

Vitality: +1,926

Intelligence: +905

Spirit: +393

Equip: Increases maximum MP by 1,810.

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 3,850.

Equip: Increases all damage and healing rate by 3.5%.


Level Requirement: 130

Special: Level Requirement lowered by 20 Levels.

Note: An attire befitting that of only a Queen! A dress brimming with the aura of a royalty!

Without rolling for the item, the dress was taken by Han Ying Xue. It could not be helped, she considered herself Queen and found no reason to give the equipment away to anyone else. However, as a compensation, the next Mythical tier equipment that the party found would be given to Daffodil Daydream and Fantasy Sweetheart.

The last two equipment were Violet-Platinum, battle companion specific only. The items were rolled for and distributed accordingly.

After all drops were distributed, it was time to end the quest.

Everyone rode their flying mounts and left the area. Zhang Yang alone had returned to the portal and made his presence on the public voice channel.

"*ahem* I have some bad news for everyone around here. The tool to destroy the portal is in my hands. I have but only one advice to give you all. Run."

After that, Zhang Yang promptly pulled the trigger bar on the bomb and tossed the ticking explosive towards the magic circle.

‘Ding! The Goblin H.E Bomb Mark III has been rigged to explode in 60 seconds. Based on the calculation of the Globins, the blast radius will reach an area of 60km. Please get to a safe place to avoid being vaporized!’

‘Ding! Time left to detonation: 59 seconds!’

‘Ding! Time left to detonation: 58 seconds!’