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Chapter 580: The Devastating Assault of the God of War

Chapter 580: The Devastating Assault of the God of War

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The moment Zhang Yang flung the bomb, every single player on Baroque Island received the same System Notification. Everyone hopped onto their [Flying Mounts] and ascended into the sky as possible as they could and flew towards the direction away from the island while cursing Zhang Yang --- because Morning Town had not been reconstructed yet, everyone still did not have access to the Teleportation Circle of the Territory.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he hopped on his Thunderhawk and fled like the others.

What the f*ck! These goblins had such shoddy handiwork! With 11 seconds still remaining on the counter, a sudden loud bang that shook the heavens went out far into the surroundings. The next thing happening was a gigantic mushroom cloud, rising from the center of Baroque Island, blooming straight up towards heaven!

Then, a powerful shockwave, as strong as a Level 13 hurricane spread out from its central point. The powerful impact shot right through every single player who was still in the blast radius, reducing everyone’s HP bar down to 1 HP!

Zhang Yang quickly activated his {Radiance of the God of War} to recover his HP bar back to full. If anyone were to jab at him with a needle at that moment, Zhang Yang would be dead, and that would be a devastating blow to his progress.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Preventing Future Trouble. Acquired 10,000,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have received a reward: Lucky Attribute +3, Skill Point +3!’

‘Ding! You have learned a New Skill: Rising Dragon Strike!’

‘Ding! You have received an item: Warrior's Honor (Medal)!’

After a series of sweet system notifications rolling across Zhang Yang’s ears, he became the person to have benefited the most in the Legendary Quest!

He acquired 1 Skill Point upon reaching Level 110. Furthermore, he was rewarded with 3 additional Skill Points! Zhang Yang added all of the Skill Points that he had just earned into his {Eagle Eye}, raising the level of the Skill up to level 8. Now, Zhang Yang could ignore 85% Defense of his targets! He also equipped the [Warrior’s Honor (Medal)] up the moment he got it. The item gave him a boost of 5% to his Attack.

[Heart of the Death Knight] could only provide 3 seconds of invincibility after the player holding it reaches Level 110. However, the player could clear out any Negative Effects upon activating the [Heart of the Death Knight]. The 3-second invincibility was more like a bonus power up to the player. The effect of this item was basically the enhanced version of (Warrior’s Will}.

With the [Warrior's Honor (Medal)] included, Zhang Yang had over 3 anti-Status Restriction Skills at the moment.

A Guardian with high Attack, that happened to be immune to Status Restriction Effects. How oppressive was that?

Zhang Yang could not help himself but smile like an idiot as he was very content with his current achievement. Then he said, "You guys go ahead, I need to meet the God of War to learn a new Skill!"

--- It wasn’t the special Skill for Guardians, instead, it was a New Skill for his [God of War Inheritance]!

After parting ways with his party members, Zhang Yang went straight to Ares, The God of War.

"Mortal, your improvement has been very slow and disappointing!" after being awakened by Zhang Yang once again, Ares began to express his disappointment. "When I was your age, I was slaughtering hundreds or maybe thousands of Low-Tier gods from hell!"

What the f*ck! If your dad was not the God Zolanor, would you still be all-powerful as you were back then before you died? F*ck you and your dad!

Zhang Yang tried to smile meekly as he said, "My great God of War, now that my Strength has increased a little more, does that mean that you can teach me a new Skill now?"

"Alright, since you aren’t really as stupid as a pig, I shall put aside my pride and guide you in your request!" Ares gave a gentle touch on the forehead of Zhang Yang with one of his fingers. A stream of light with seven colors emanated from Zhang Yang’s forehead and flashed down across his entire body.

Zhang Yang felt a dull pain in his head. Then he found another new Skill on his Skill list.

[God of War Devastation]: Delivers a devastating blow to the target, causing 300% Melee Physical Damage. When you are in your {God of War Transformation} form, 1 EP can allow you to attack one additional target. However, it will consume 1 EP for doing so. Required: Melee Weapon. Consumes: 45 Rage Points. Cool Down: 1 minute.

... 300% Melee Attack of Physical Damage was most probably the best additional Damage attribute for a weapon to have at the current stage of the game! It would become an absolute advantage over opponents in a PvP battle. The only unfortunate factor was that the cooldown of the Skill was a little longer than expected. So it might not be a Skill that he would commonly use in a boss battle!

However, whenever Zhang Yang was in his {God of War Transformation} form, this Skill could potentially become an AoE attack as well! Using 1 EP would let Zhang Yang attack an additional target. That being said, Zhang Yang could attack up to 100 targets at the same instant, as he has over 100 EP when his EP bar was full!

After all, Zhang Yang could deal over 500% additional Damage when he activates his {God of War Transformation}. If he could deal another additional 300% damage with that Skill while having the ability to increase the number of his targets by spending more EP, his attack would be as powerful as the blast from a Magic Cannon! This Skill could officially be deemed as an AoE Skill!

That was awesome!

It was definitely worthy to be called one of the Skills of a Class S [Inheritance]! There were only 6 Class S [Inheritance] in the entire world. If the Skills of a Class S [Inheritance] were not powerful enough, it would be another overrated piece of crap!

After teaching Zhang Yang the New Skill, Ares went back into the cave and continued to drift in his own sweet dream. Once again, he did not give Zhang Yang any information about the Goddess of War. Zhang Yang could only summon his Thunderhawk and make his way back to Morning Town.

Reconstructing the Territory would require the owner to be there in order for the reconstruction process to be carried out.

Zhang Yang had to take out a total of 20,000,000 gold coins in order to reconstruct the Territory back to its former glory. In just a blink of an eye, Morning Town had been completely rebuilt. On the other hand, Zhang Yang only had to spend 2,000,000 gold coins to rebuild the Winst Castle which only had a Level 1 Defense.

After the incident of the Ancient Creatures’ Invasion, the players from Japan-Korea Region now hated Zhang Yang to their cores! A few high Tier guilds from Japan-Korea Region had provided the best Thieves they had to offer to form a special party called the ‘Onikiri’. The purpose of this party was to assassinate Zhang Yang at any possible, appropriate time.

Well, if they were going to assassinate him, why would they be advertising their goal of assassinating someone, then? They even posted a challenge on the forums, saying that they would kill Zhang Yang over and over again!

Zhang Yang could not help but frown at their stupidity. All they wanted to do was to cover up their incompetency! Now that all cross hairs of the Japan-Korea players were aiming at Zhang Yang, the incompetency of their own players would be overshadowed by the current happenings, and they would not feel too embarrassed at the very least.

So that concluded the Legendary Quest. The main focus of the eight main Regions had been diverted back to clearing the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress. This time, Crimson Rage accumulated all their best forces and took down another 6 bosses in a row, scoring themselves a 10/15 on the progress of clearing the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon. They overtook the sub-guild of Lone Desert Smoke by 3 places as the top 10 achievers on the dungeon progression!

Zhang Yang only found out about it later. It seemed that the main Tanker, Mellow Venom of the Crimson Rage had completed the quests for her Class B [Inheritance]. She had acquired the [Petrification Inheritance]!

The strength of an [Inheritance] could not be judged by its Class. It could only be judged based on how compatible it was with a player! If a Spellcaster went on to get a Class B Physical-Type [Inheritance], it would become worthless to the player. It would be even better if that player had a Class D Magic-Type [Inheritance]

Although this [Petrification Inheritance] was just a Class B [Inheritance], after considering the power-up that this [Inheritance] could provide to a Tanker, it could even be worthy of a Class A [Inheritance]!

Without the ‘transformation’, there would already be a passive Skill that increases the Defense of the player by 100%!

For the DpS type players, even if a Berserker is equipped with a full set of Heavy Armor, a Level 100 Violet-Platinum Tier equipment would only provide about 420 Basic Defense. It would only provide 840 Basic Damage, even if the Defense was doubled. It wouldn’t affect the player much at all! However, for a Tanker, because Tanker could hold a shield, a Level 100 Violet-Platinum Tier equipment could provide 2,820 Defense. With the [Inheritance] doubling her Defense, she would gain over 5,640 Defense. That amount of Defense would be even higher than that Zhang Yang had when he is equipped with a Level 130 Mythical Tier Shield!

More importantly, this would be a passive Skill that could maintain its effect all the time, unlike the {God of War Shield} which would only last for 10 minutes! She could just use the passive Skill without even having to transform!

Therefore, the Crimson Rage had no trouble in clearing 6 stages of the dungeon in a row!

If they had to rely on the {Inheritance Transformation} Skill, they would have only cleared out the monsters and one boss in the period of 2 hours. They would be lacking endurance.

"Crimson Rage have done a very good job of hiding their ‘secret’! They actually completed the quests for the [Petrification Inheritance] underground. Now, they have managed to strike an impression!" Zhang Yang smiled vaguely.

Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes backward at Zhang Yang. She complained, "As the number one Tanker, you haven’t even joined the Dungeon Clearing! Not even once! If you did join back then, we might have taken out at least 10 bosses by now!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "I don’t want everyone to rely on me all the time! A powerful guild requires everyone to work together, not relying on one or two powerful ‘superhumans’!"

"However, the Crimson Rage must have given up a lot just to take down the final boss of the Class B [Inheritance]!"

"That may be true. Since they do not have Class S [Inheritance] in their guild like us, they must have used some powerful items like a [Forbidden Scroll]!" Zhang Yang gave some thought on it, then he smiled and said, "Sigh... If I have known better, I should have gone over there and helped Crimson Rage out myself! Then, I should be able to claim the [Forbidden Scroll] as my reward for helping them!"

"Yea, right! Dream on!"


After that, Zhang Yang did not join his party in Clearing the Hardcore Mode of the Dragon Throat Fortress. Other guilds have only managed to clear out the first 10 bosses at the moment. The last 5 bosses were the real pain in the *ss. Zhang Yang did not see any urgency in going all out to clear the dungeon just yet.

On the second day, the special effect of his [Sword of Purging Devourer] was nerfed, as expected! Zhang Yang had actually foreseen it, as he had overdid it with the sword during the battle with the Ancient Creatures. The official only added one restriction on his sword: The replicated attacks will not trigger further replicated attacks. In other words, the special effect of the sword would not be triggered two times anymore and so forth. Zhang Yang could only cause two times of damage on his targets, at most.

Well, he really did overdo it during the battle with the Ancient Creatures. There were many players who were so envious of him that they had flooded the officials with complaints.

Zhang Yang was on his way to the The Plagued Land.

The Plagued Land was basically the source point of where the Spectre was created. Although the level gap of the map was only Level 150 to Level 18, deep within the map, there was a sacred lair for the Spectre --- Malevolent Tower. It was the sacred lair where the ‘Wraith King of Death, Madravich - Leader of the Seven Wraiths’ rested. It was a Celestial Tier boss!

In Zhang Yang’s previous life, 7 Top Tier guilds had joined hands in attempting to bring down this boss. By the end of it, they could not even enter the Malevolent Tower! None of them survived the slaughter of the Skeleton army right before the entrance of the tower!

Of course, Zhang Yang was not there to challenge the Celestial Tier boss. He was there for the one particular item, the [Book of the Damned](1).

Initially, he would have waited until he reaches Level 150 before he was worthy of challenging the monsters across the map. However, ever since he had acquired the [Friendship Jade], getting the [Book of the Damned] had become the easiest quest item for him to acquire --- provided the monsters do not tear him to pieces first!

Zhang Yang ran along towards his destination as he tried to fend off the monsters that attempted to take his life. He only used his Status Restriction Skills as frequently as possible to get away from the monsters. Finally, after 7 to 8 hours of running and avoiding monsters, Zhang Yang finally entered The Plagued Land that was filled with Spectres.

After equipping his [Friendship Jade], Zhang Yang immediately turned into a white boned skeleton. When he lifted his head and looked across the land, he realized that all Spectres had turned into green-name monsters. It meant that he had become one of those skeletons!

The experience was as if he had just walked into his own garden. Zhang Yang then summoned his Thunderhawk and flew straight towards the Malevolent Tower. Because it was the motherland of the Spectres, there were no signs of any living beings at all. Only a few variations of Spectres roamed about. Zhang Yang could now roam in peace. If there were any living monsters about, he would still be under attack, and the [Friendship Jade] would not have worked its wonder.

Zhang Yang made his way to a valley full of skeletons and bones without any obstacles in his path. He kept Thunderhawk back into his inventory first. Then, he pretended to be a Spectre, acting like one, shambling like one as he made his way to the large tower right in the middle of the valley. The tower was so tall that it shot through the sky! Zhang Yang could not even see the top of the tower from where he was!

That was the Malevolent Tower, the lair where the Celestial Tier boss ‘Wraith King of Death, Madravich’ rested in! That was also the place where the Spectre kept the [Book of the Damned]!

TL Note:

1. Klaatu Barada Nikto, anyone? Not the one from The Day the Earth Stood Still, the one from The Army of Darkness, heh.