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Chapter 582: Warlord Hachir

Chapter 582: Warlord Hachir

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In this quest of delivering the ‘vibrator’ to Calina, Zhang Yang’s [Friendship Jade] would not be able to work its wonder. This would be due to the fact that this fallen wind ranger was a Demonic Baron. Zhang Yang could only put the quest aside for now. On the other hand, Zhang Yang was also unable to complete the other quest where he would have to send a letter to the Spider Kingdom. Both quests involved traveling into maps that would be too highly leveled for him to set foot in.

Therefore, Zhang Yang’s focus should only be on leveling himself up, nothing more.

During the day, he would just grind for higher levels. During nights, he would join his guild in clearing the Dragon Throat Fortress.

For most of the players, the time between 10 pm to 7 am was the best time for playing. After all, most of the players were social workers with normal jobs. Not many of them earned their income through playing the game all day, like Zhang Yang and his gang.

They were unable to do that because it would be very difficult and inopportune for players to pick up gold coins in the game. If players ever wanted to earn extra money, they would have to slay some monsters and earn some equipment. However, they wouldn’t be able to get high Tiered equipment without a high enough level!

Of course, it would benefit them a lot if they ever want to be crooked businessmen. Even then, they would require a good IQ and mind to be able to swindle money. Not everyone is born to be a trickster.

Fortunately, because the in-game time and the real time has a ratio of 3:1, one night in real time was equivalent to one full day in the game. That amount of time was enough for players to clear dungeons for quite a while.

Zhang Yang trained Felice and Thunderhawk to Level 111 during his daytime. [Pet Mounts] and Battle Companions would basically increase in Tier once in every 10 levels. So, when the both of them had leveled up to Level 110, these two had gone through a process akin to switching their Level 100 Mythical equipment with Level 110 Mythical equipment. Their attributes had shot up by a notch.

Currently, the total HP of Felice was 237,590 (With Vitality Aura) when she is in her Humanoid form. Her Defense had reached up to 4,840, and her Attack had a range of 30,531 - 36,531. When she is in her Dragonhawk form, her total HP would be 179,830 (With Vitality Aura), her Defense would reach up to 4,840, and her Attack would range from 17,777 - 21,777.

In her Humanoid form, she had far more HP than Zhang Yang, even when he’s mounted!

It could not be helped. Felice's strength, in her human form, was all due to her complete set of Mythical tier equipment along with the addition of a shield. Zhang Yang, yet to have found himself a complete set of Mythical tier equipment, was far weaker than Felice. However, thanks to the Identified and equipped [Mercury Star Ring], he had pushed his maximum HP to 194,150, allowing his HP to be almost, but not too close to Felice's.

After all, there was only one advantage that players had over their battle companions. Players could put on equipment that had Special attributes which lowered the Required Level by 20 levels.

The attributes of the [Violet Thunderhawk] were rather high as well. With {Iron Build,} which increases its Maximum HP by 30% and the boost from Zhang Yang’s {Vitality Aura}, the HP of Thunderhawk was a total of 233,780 HP. The only reason for it not being able to exceed Felice’s HP was merely because Felice had an extra Shield equipped.

Judging from that point of view, Felice was basically like Zhang Yang! She could also be considered as another holder of [God of War Inheritance]! Not only could she equip a two-handed weapon, she could also wield a shield! Her apparent relationship with the Goddess of War included, it wouldn’t be any surprise if she could do all that.

Agitated by the previous performance of Crimson Rage, Fatty Han and the other guild members went all out, with their explosive potentials and took out the 8th boss of the dungeon. After being stranded there for a few days, they finally broke through the boss’ blockade and was 8/15 to completing the dungeon!

However, they were still 2 bosses behind the Crimson Rage. That was the first time Lone Desert Smoke had been ditched so far behind by other guilds in a contest of killing bosses!

Therefore, the forum went into chaos as many people discussed the matter. There were topics like ‘The new tide is rising, the new dynasty is coming!’, ‘Crimson Rage! Cheers for the Strong Roses!’ and ‘Lone Desert Smoke, are you guys no longer the best?’ all over the forum. The arguments were rampaging across the forum pages!

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at their antics.

After all, most of them were not even regular players, they were just there to put a comment in. The contest on clearing the Hardcore Mode of Dragon Throat Fortress was not just merely based on the number of bosses one guild could slay. As the Chaos Realm had just recently opened up to the players, it would be the best opportunity to obtain [Inheritances]. Those who understood the flow of the game would know, the Classes of [Inheritance] that a guild has would define their strength! The more powerful [Inheritances] they had in their guild, the more powerful the guild would become!

Well, when Mess Up Your Mama was leading on the progress of clearing the dungeon at the beginning, they only had 2 players with Class C [Inheritances]. With the {Inheritance Transformation} Skills supporting them in battle, they managed to obtain the ‘First Clear’ of Hard Mode for the dungeon. Furthermore, they were able to stay ahead of others during the early stages of the Hardcore Mode contest. They had stayed as the lead until Fatty Han managed to get his Class B [Vampire Inheritance]. Together with the rest of the guild members of Lone Desert Smoke who were eager to clear the dungeon, they finally overtook Mess Up Your Mama’s progress!

Meanwhile, Crimson Rage was experiencing a similar situation. They relied on the Class B [Petrification Inheritance] of Mellow Venom to clear out 10 bosses in total. With that, they were now the leading pioneers!

From that point of view, Tankers would be the most important role in clearing dungeons.

Although both of the [Inheritances] were Class B, Fatty Han’s [Vampire Inheritance] would only be strong enough to tank against a boss head-on. However, Mellow Venom could rely on the passive Skill that came together with her [Petrification Inheritance] while tanking against a boss. That was how the Crimson Rage managed to take down 6 bosses in a row!

Therefore, most people believed that Crimson Rage would be the victor and would acquire the ‘First Clear’ of the Hardcore Mode for Dragon Throat Fortress by the end of all this. Their supporters were massive in number! Because everyone believed that Crimson Rage would be unshakable, with Mellow Venom leading the way! However, Sword of Light would have ‘Pui’ed at them saying that, "What’s so powerful with a Class B [Inheritance]? That Zhan Yu has a Class S [Inheritance]! That is an exclusive [Inheritance] for the Warrior Class. If that [Inheritance] cannot match the power of the [Petrification Inheritance], that’s what I call a joke!"

Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, and the others were still searching for the missing pieces of their [Inheritances]. Therefore, although Zhang Yang had joined up with the Exploration Group of his guild, the Lone Desert Smoke still could not unleash their full potential. Without Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, Lost Dream, Hundred Shots and Galileo, the DPS force of the Lone Desert Smoke did not really strike much of an impression to the public.

"Don’t worry! I’m here! One against 3 is not a problem to me!" Fatty Han thumped his chest proudly while saying it. The girls at the sidelines were screaming like a bunch of crazed girls.

After everyone had gathered around, the party of 50 players went forward into the dungeon with vigor.

Upon seeing Mountain Mover speaking and swallowing back the words on the tip of his tongue from time to time, Zhang Yang could not help but laugh at him. Then he said, "Mountain, I think it’s best for you to command us. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a dungeon or on a battlefield. I’m just one of your humble Tankers. My hands, your will!"

After hearing what Zhang Yang had to say, Mountain Mover began to smile with confidence. Like one of the old sayings, two tigers cannot live on the same mountain. If Mountain Mover was to be the commander of the party in the dungeon, he would need absolute power over the party. Zhang Yang knew that. That was why he had said it out loud in front of everyone.

The Refresh period of the dungeon would commence in 3 days time. The party managed to clear out the first 8 bosses. So currently, they were stuck with the 9th boss.

[Warlord Hachir] (Violet-Platinum, Humanoid)

Level: 105

HP: 50,000,000

Defense: 2,820

Attack: 30,126 - 36,126


[Poisonous Blood Infection]: Randomly infects 3 targets with infected poisonous blood, causing 10,000 Nature Damage once in every 3 seconds. Lasts for 15 seconds. When the targets are infected, the poisonous blood will continue to infect all targets within the rage of 10 meters with the infected target. However, all infected targets will not be able to infect each other any further.

[Infectious Wound]: Weakens the target, increases 50% damage that the targets take. Lasts for 10 seconds. Will only apply to the target with the boss’ highest aggro. Cannot be undone.

[Warlord’s Wrath]: Sends a conical blast out, causing 200,000 Damage to all targets within the effective range. The Damage will be shared among the number of targets struck.

[Hysterical Drive]: When the HP of the boss is reduced down to 10%, Hachir will enter his Hysterical Drive mode. His Damage will increase by 50%. His Movement Speed will increase by 100%.

[Madness]: When the battle exceeds 10 minutes, Hachir will enter his Madness form. Both his Damage and Movement Speed will increase by 10 times.

Note: Hachir is the Infamous Executioner of the Dragon Throat Fortress. He kills without mercy, without sparing a single blink.

It was a Red-bodied Orc. The Orc was humongous. It towered over the party of 50 like a giant. The Orc had an axe in both of his hands. Its eyes were completely red as well! By the looks of it, this Orc had obviously been corrupted by the Demons and was now a loyal ‘dog’. That was the backstory of the Dragon Throat Fortress. Every single Orc in the fortress had been infected by the Demon’s blood and they were now loyal servants of the Demons. That would be more than enough reason for players to slaughter them!

"We have encountered the boss once yesterday. I believe that everyone is aware of the difficulty of this battle." Mountain Mover started talking. "I shall say this once again. All Melee players stay on one side while all Ranged players stay on the other side. Anyone who gets infected by the {Poisonous Blood Infection} needs to get away from your party members as far as possible the moment you realize it. There will be a 3-second gap for you to move. If you can’t run away in time, just ask yourself if you’re a pig! After the effect of {Poisonous Blood Infection} is over, you will return to the formation from the right. When you’re infected, run left! Don’t forget! I want this in a single flow, or not people running into each other from opposite directions! Secondly, everyone needs to stay together as closely as possible when the boss uses this Skill. No one can survive the {Warlord’s Wrath} alone ---"

"Guildmaster would survive~!" someone suddenly shouted, causing everyone to laugh.

Mountain Mover was shocked to see that the amount of HP that Zhang Yang had on him was a total of 190,000 HP! He could only quietly scold Zhang Yang for being insane. Although the Attack of the boss had reached up to 200,000 damage, a normal Tanker with 20% Passive Damage Immunity could reduce the damage received down to only 160,000 damage. So it was possible for him to take that hit alone.

Mountain Mover was used to seeing Endless Starlight’s HP which only reached up to 90,000 HP. Now that a ‘beast’ had joined his ranks, Mountain Mover could not help but feel isolated from the world. He felt that Zhang Yang was no longer human!

He smiled and said, "Alright, other than guild master, no one else can take this hit alone! Players with the lowest HP amount would only have about 35,000 HP... hmm? It’s 43,000 HP! What the..."

--- Zhang Yang also had Level 6 {Vitality Aura} with him. That had enhanced the Vitality of his entire party by 24%. Mountain Mover was ‘moved’ once again as he could not get used to it.

"Hmm, so the player with the lowest HP would have 43,000 HP. That means, we need 5 players to share the damage of the {Warlord’s Wrath} in order to prevent anyone from dying. Therefore, everyone, especially those who are infected by the {Poisonous Blood Infection} should maintain appropriate distance with each other from the boss and the party teams. Make sure you don’t take the hit from the {Warlord’s Wrath} all alone!"


Everyone replied in unison.

"Lastly, this is my request to the Tankers!" Mountain Mover turned his attention towards Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight. Then he said, "Which one of you will be kiting the boss?"

"Boss is here! Of course, it will be him! I shall cheer for him from the sidelines!" Endless Starlight quickly pushed the responsibility away. It would really be a joke if he did not do so. Just look at Zhang Yang’s equipment. They were in another realm compared to Endless Starlight! Furthermore, Zhang Yang was well equipped with tons of insanely powerful Skills. He not only excelled in his Defense but also in his Attack. His Attack might even embarrass the other DPS players around him! Therefore, other than Zhang Yang, who else was more suitable at kiting the boss?

Endless Starlight was not the kind that would wear himself out unproductively!

Zhang Yang laughed and he said, "Alright, I’ll be the one who tanks and kites!"

"Good. Guildmaster will be our main tank!" Mountain Mover continued to talk, "After about 3 hours of experimenting, we all know that the {Infectious Wound} will only be activated once every 30 seconds. The boss will be granted a 50% increase in its damage output. Tankers might be in trouble at that point. But uhm ---"

He took a second glance at Zhang Yang’s HP. Once again, that amount simply broke all logic.