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Chapter 585: A Chopped-off

Chapter 585: A Chopped-off

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The next minute gave the party a moment to take a deep breath and rally up. They took the opportunity to use some [Bandages] and wait for their Skills to cooldown. The Magic-type players recovered quite an amount of MP during that period of time.

The third minute had passed. The corpses of Frost Spawns melted into puddles of water. Then, the water gathered around together and reformed the massive body of Maron Curse.

Everything went back to normal. Everyone was attacking the boss in their previous places.

"One Sword Stroke is about to get married!" Fatty Han suddenly said it out loud, "According to some rumors I just heard, the Imperial Sky had purchased tons of [Fire Crackers]. They are using the [Fire Crackers] in Greenfield City!"

One Sword Stroke was about to get married? With Luo Xin Yan?

Zhang Yang could not help himself, thinking that it was odd. It was not because he could not let go of Luo Xin Yan. After everything she did to him in his previous life, there was nothing left between them anymore. Zhang Yang could not fathom the decision that One Sword Stroke had just made. One Sword Stroke would still marry Luo Xin Yan even after finding out that she was a mistress of Liu Wei --- in truth, the two of them met when Liu Wei introduced the girl to everyone, including One Sword Stroke. That was how everything started. That was why One Sword Stroke turned against Liu Wei. He even intended to marry the girl now? Could he already be doomed by love?

"Who’s his wife then?" Everyone was a little curious. After all, One Sword Stroke was considered one of the celebrities in China Region. He was officially known as the second-most powerful Tanker in the entire game. The best Tanker was, of course, Zhang Yang.

"She’s my wife’s classmate!" When Fatty Han mentioned the words ‘My wife’, his eyes were glittering. He seemed to take great comfort in that.

"However, can Liu Wei accept such humiliation, then?" Well, the incident between One Sword Stroke and Liu Wei had been quite a hit on the forums. Most of the players who visited the forum would know the squabble between those two.

"What can he do if he cannot accept it? Can he bite?" Endless Starlight squinted with his mouth twitched.

Because of Zhang Yang, everyone was hostile towards Liu Wei. Most of them even hated him very much.

Lost Dream smiled coldly and said, "Obviously. You have not seen what powerful men can do when they are provoked!"

"Will it be very bad?" Daffodil Daydream was hoping that she could see the happy ending, no matter the person.

"That’s really hard to say, for now!" Lost Dream shook his head, "When the strength of a family has reached a certain level, they will have many enemies. Their capabilities will be beyond your imagination! Furthermore, the worst, intolerable thing for men is having your girl cheat on you behind your back! I guess Liu Wei will never be able to let go!"

"Anyway, it has nothing to do with us! Let’s focus on slaying the boss, then!" Hundred Shots put the topic to rest.

"Ha! It’s boring if we only keep fighting the boss, you know!"

Under the large influence of the Level Gap Suppression effect, the damage that the entire party could deal on the boss was unacceptably low. Fortunately, the AoE attacks of Zhang Yang was powerful enough to take out all of the Frost Spawns. So, no one in the party had to suffer any damage at all. Or else, the party would have been wiped out by the elite Tier monsters.

One hour later, the boss only lost 42% of its HP. Zhang Yang and his party were still far away from victory.

Unfortunately for them, the second attempt of {Glare of the Death God} was resisted by the boss.

Truth to be told, this Skill had an extremely high chance of being resisted by higher Tiered bosses. However, everyone could not help sighing and sobbing constantly, because this was an extremely important battle for them. It would affect the movement of their guild in the upcoming days! Fatty Han and Endless Starlight were working together in teasing Zhang Yang, as they kept saying that Zhang Yang should not leave his hands unwashed after taking a poop. That would leave a big mark on his own character. They even reminded Zhang Yang to help the elderly in crossing the roads whenever he could.

Fortunately, the party had come up with a Plan B before the battle. They would have Fatty Han activate his {Vampire Transformation} if they still could not take out the boss when Zhang Yang’s {God of War Transformation} ends. They did not fall into despair. Everyone was focused on dealing damage to the boss.

Another hour had passed, only 25% HP remained on the boss. However, that was also the moment when the duration of the {God of War Transformation} was expiring!

"Fatty! Transform!" Zhang Yang shouted at Fatty Han, 10 seconds before his {God of War Transformation} faded.

"Roger!" Fatty Han quickly activated his {Vampire Transformation}. In an instant, a pair of gray bat wings spread out from his back. Two long fangs came right out from his mouth and his skin turned pale all of a sudden. Fatty Han looked like a dried-up corpse.

"Wow! Fatty Han looks really abnormal now!" Wei Yan Er laughed out loud.

"It’s transformed! Transformed!" Fatty Han did not mind if people call him fat. However, he could not accept people for making fun of him like that. So he was trying to argue with the little brat while releasing arrows towards the boss.

3, 2, 1!

That was the moment when {God of War Transformation} finally faded. Zhang Yang immediately activated {Shadow of the Void} and escaped into a void dimension. After he had removed himself from the aggro of the boss, Zhang Yang reappeared and joined the battle.

Other than Zhang Yang, Fatty Han was dealing the highest damage to the boss currently. So, the moment Zhang Yang disengaged from the battle, Fatty Han became first on the aggro list of the boss.

"Damn mortals! I’m going to crush you! Destroy you!" The Frost Lord turned to Fatty Han and gave fatty a good slam with his hand.


An extremely high damage value popped up on top of Fatty Hang. He was so shocked that he began to panic and scream, "What the f*ck! How is it possible that this boss is so much more ferocious than the boss that we encountered back in the Hardcore Mode for Dragon Throat Fortress!?"

"You idiot! That was just a Level 110 Violet-Platinum Tier boss and this is a Level 150 Ethereal Tier boss! What? Do you think you can compare that two side by side?"

"Hahaha! What a weak bunch of mortals!" The boss raised his palm again and smashed it straight onto Fatty Han.


An even higher damage value was struck upon Fatty Han!

"You f*cking fatty... are you made out of water, or what? How can the boss cause so much damage to you?!"

Fatty Han felt like weeping. Although his Defense was now several times higher after he activated his {Vampire Transformation}, he was only equipped with Leather-Armor. He only had 420 Defense, initially. Upon the 3 times boost on his Defense, he would only have over 1,260 Defense. That amount of Defense was not able to match the Defense that a Yellow-Gold Tier Shield could provide!

Meanwhile, Fatty Han only had 5% Passive Damage Immunity. His defense capability was not really different from his Defense before he activated his {Inheritance Transformation} Skill. The only thing that he could rely on was the boost on his HP. Upon that HP boost from his ‘transformation Skill’ and the boost from {Vitality Aura}, Fatty Han had over 1,736,000 HP.

He could only take on all the punishment from the boss head-on by relying on his long HP bar. As long as he is not taken out by the boss in one or two hits, then the Healers from the rear could still heal him up! Fatty Han did not have any Skill that was similar to {Block} which could protect him from damage for a short period of time. Therefore, the healing capacity of the Healers became the main key to his survival in tanking against the boss.

Just because of that, the pressure on the Healers became unimaginably high. They had never thought that it was possible for the act of healing a Tanker to become so stressful! The 13 Healers busted their *sses trying to heal up that fatty’s *ss. However, they could not keep up with the pace of the boss. So, the HP bar of Fatty Han was constantly reducing from 1,700,000 to 1,500,000, then from 1,500,000 down to 1,300,000 ...

If his HP bar ever falls lower than 400,000 HP, Fatty Han would risk being instantly killed by the boss with only one hit!

Just when things seemed to have become hopeless, the cooldown for {Glare of the Death God} was finally over! Zhang Yang prayed to his ancestors that the Skill would not be resisted by the boss before he threw it onto the boss.

Right after he cast the Skill onto the boss, a dark skull began to form on top of the boss!

The Skill was not resisted! Praise the lord!

Everyone was cheering, for victory was now possible!



High damage values began to pop right on top of the boss as the HP bar of the boss was reducing steeply!

"Holy molly! Every time when I look at this scenario, it always gets me pumped with hot blood!" Fatty Han was shooting with joy and excitement. Upon the activation of his {Vampire Transformation}, he had acquired a boost of 300% on his Attack. Every arrow he shot at the boss could cause about 70,000 damage! The amount of damage he could deal was so much higher than the amount of damage that Wei Yan Er could cause on the boss.

4 seconds later, the effect of {Glare of the Death God} had finally faded. The boss was only left with only 14% HP!

Now that the problem had been simplified, everyone only had to count on how long could Fatty Han last against the boss now!

Zhang Yang activated his {Indiscriminate} and gulped down a bottle of [Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)]. Then, he struck out at the boss with his {Killing Cleave}!


It was an unlucky attempt. Zhang Yang had only caused about 20% of his initial damage.

"Haih... there is not a sense of accomplishment at all from battling a boss which has a Level Gap Suppression over us. What can that little amount of damage really do to the boss?" He shook his head while giving out a heavy sigh.

"That’s true! That few thousand points of damage.. no... only a few hundred sometimes! Those numbers are why I’m depressed!" Lost Dream shook his head as well.

"However, this boss is not that powerful. At least his AoE attacks are not intimidating, or whatsoever!" Zhang Yang concluded.

Endless Starlight rolled his eyes at Zhang Yang said, "Boss, how can you say that! Even with you and Fatty Han transformed, we are still getting our butts kicked by the boss! What are you thinking?!"

Zhang Yang continued to shake his head, then he said, "If the boss has an even more powerful AoE attack, we would not have survived it just now. We would have to rely on healing to stay alive. Or worse, we would have to depend on our numbers and switch between batches of parties! It wouldn’t have been possible for a party with less than 50 players to take down the boss if that’s the case!"

"Haha! Judging from what you just said, this [Inheritance] of Lost Dream should be just like mine! It should also be a ‘shrunken’ one, eh?" Fatty Han could not help but feel happy, as he finally found someone to ‘go along’ with him.

"Urgh... the boss of this quest is still much harder to take on than the boss of your [Inheritance] quest." Zhang Yang said.

Even though their equipment had improved tremendously and they had two players with [Inheritances] to support them in battle, it was still much more difficult for them to kill this boss. Judging by the looks of it, this [Inheritance] should be more powerful than the [Vampire Inheritance].

Lost Dream could not help himself but sigh heavily. After all the trouble that he put himself through, he could only get a Class B [Inheritance] that would be slightly more powerful than the [Vampire Inheritance] that Fatty Han had. What a sad case!

As the HP amount of the boss had dropped below 20%, everyone had entered their own ‘Slaughter Mode’ as they unleashed their ‘killing-skills’ on the boss. Although the Level Gap Suppression still existed throughout the entire boss battle, the HP bar of Maron Curse was reduced rapidly at a constant pace! It was only a brief moment later when the boss was only left with 10% of its HP.

However, the circumstances were unfavorable for Fatty Han. His HP had dropped down to about 600,000 HP. The worst part was that the Healers could not heal him back up at all!

"F*cking fatty! Use your {Bat Form}! Now!}" Zhang Yang said.

Fatty Han would risk himself to be killed instantly by one single hit from the boss the moment his total amount of HP is lower than 400,000 HP.

"Roger!" Fatty Han replied. After that, his big fat body began to split into 10 little bats and charged towards the boss. Those little bats began to suck the HP off the boss to recover Fatty Han’s HP!

"What black sorcery is this?!" Maron Curse roared in rage as it began to slam its body with its own hands. It smacked the bats one at a time, trying to get rid of the bats.

However, the boss could only smack one bat every two seconds. So, it took the boss 20 seconds to smack all 10 bats from his body. By then, the bats had more than enough time to retrieve quite a substantial amount of HP for the fatty. After all the bats were taken out, Fatty Han reappeared on the battlefield out of thin air. His HP had recovered back to 100%!

After all, {Bat Form} was the ultimate Skill for Vampires to recover their health! Fatty Han could only use it once in every 30 minutes. Of course, it would be powerful!

8%, 6%, 4%!

Now, victory was imminent. Tens of minutes later, the Frost Lord collapsed onto the ground and dropped tons of loots across the ground.