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Chapter 586: Lost of Control over the Progress of the Dungeon

Chapter 586: Lost of Control over the Progress of the Dungeon

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After the boss died, Lost Dream was the only one who was excited. Others were just calm.

Well, the boss was Level 150. So basically, even if the equipment the boss dropped had the special attribute that reduces 20 levels on the Required Level, it would require players to be Level 130 to be able to equip them. Although the equipment was all good and powerful, none of them were up to that level yet. So, none of them would be able to equip any of the equipment just yet. It would only be an eyesore in the inventory.

On the other hand, Lost Dream had found and picked up the ‘Frost Essence’ that his [Inheritance] required. With that quest item, Lost Dream was just a few minor steps away from getting his [Snowman Inheritance]. He would only be required to run some errands and slay some mini-bosses for the remaining quests.

However, the equipment that was dropped by a Level 150 Ethereal Tier boss would really make players drool. These were some powerful and unique equipment! Although they could not equip them so soon, they would be able to feast upon the powerful equipment with their eyes for the moment.

The boss had dropped a total of 4 equipment. Two were Mythical Tier while the other two were Ethereal Tier! The gang naturally ignored the Mythical Tier equipment, as the Required Level to equip them was Level 130! By then, this equipment would be less powerful than they should be when compared to other Ethereal Tier Level 150 equipment. They were more eager to see what the two Ethereal Tier equipment had to offer.

Everyone moved their heads over a little to take a closer look at the two Ethereal Tier equipment. Of course, they were going to look at the ‘products’ after struggling for half a day, trying to bring down a boss.

One of the two equipment was a silver-gray shortsword while the other one was a necklace on fire. Would the necklace set the player on fire when the player equips it?

Wei Yan Er picked up the short sword and pasted the attributes onto the party channel.

[Half Moon Frosty Axe] (Ethereal, One-Handed)

Attack: 5,350 - 7,350

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 2,268

Equip: When the target is struck, there is a certain rate that the target will be heavily damaged, reducing its attack by 10%. Lasts for 10 seconds. The effect can also be applied to Boss-type monsters. However, the effects cannot stack.


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces 20 levels on the Required Level.

Note: This is a Weapon of God that was forged by the ancients. Even if you are far away from it, you can still feel the amazing power that is embedded within this weapon!

"This is obviously a Long Sword! Why is it called as an Axe? Isn’t this like saying that a deer is a horse?" Wei Yan Er squinted.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I can equip two-handed weapons. So I won’t be needing this axe. Endless Starlight, or whoever who is a Thief, who wants it?"

"I want it!"

"Me too!"

This time around, it wasn’t just the regular party members. Zhang Yang had also brought along the other members of his guild. Some even had [Flying Mounts], while some of them were Thief Class players. Since everyone had contributed to killing the boss, everyone had the right to claim any of the loots. Therefore, they had to compare their accumulated guild points in order to decide who could get the weapon.

When it all came down to comparing accumulated guild points, Endless Starlight would have the upper hand as he had accumulated quite some guild points back there. Without Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream fighting for the weapon, he managed to triumph over the others and kept the weapon for himself. The Special Effect of this weapon could reduce the damage of bosses by 10%. That was way better than increasing 10% Passive Damage Immunity of a Tanker. After all, bosses usually had AoE attacks.

The next item was the necklace.

[Wild-Fiery Necklace] (Ethereal, Necklace)

Vitality: +1,167

Strength: +396

Agility: +396

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 790 points.

Equip: Increases both damage dealt and healing efficiency by 5.6%.

Equip: Increases Damage Absorption by 340 points.

Use: Afflict Burning Effect to oneself and all targets within the range of 10 meters, causing 20,000 damage to everyone, including oneself in each second. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 2 hours.


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces 20 levels of the Required Level.

Note: [Wild-Fiery Necklace] was once the treasure of the Fiery Flame Demon King, Shakla. Ever since his defeat at the hands of Maron Curse, the [Wild-Fiery Necklace] has been in the possession of Maron Curse as one of its victory loots! Now, it shall belong to you!

All Physical Class players were very attracted to the accessory the moment they saw its attributes.

This necklace could trigger a deadly AoE attack to targets if supported by Healers. Whoever who equips it could unleash the deadly effect onto the enemies whenever the player is surrounded by many enemies.

Lost Dream made it clear that he was not going to fight for that equipment from the beginning. As he was content with acquiring the quest item for his [Inheritance] quest, he would like to let others have the joy of getting that equipment. After a session of auctioning, the necklace was taken by the little brat. She put it on immediately, but there was no effect at all, because she had not reached the Required Level yet.

"Do I look pretty with this on?" Wei Yan Er began to show off her new ‘jewelry’. The little brat had a pair of clear eyes and white teeth. She looked elegant and pleasant enough as she was. Upon putting the shiny red necklace on, the little brat looked even fairer and prettier. However, it would be a bad idea to praise the little brat. She would fly to the moon! Zhang Yang replied her coldly, "Hmm, not that bad at least."

"Your taste is awful!" Wei Yan Er humphed.

The other two Mythical Tier equipment had also found their owners. However, their owners had to reach Level 150 in order to equip them. That would mean that they would have to wait for a long time more.

Upon completion of the quest, everyone began to tear their [Teleportation Scrolls] and left. Meanwhile, Lost Dream persistently went on with his remaining quests to get his Class B [Inheritance]. After all, he was just a few steps away from getting the [Snowman Inheritance]. So he would like to get it done as soon as possible. By then, there would be 3 players with [Inheritances] in Lone Desert Smoke. That should give them enough Strength to take down the remaining bosses back in the Hardcore Mode of Dragon Throat Fortress.

Because the {Inheritance Transformation} Skills of Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were under cooldown at the moment, the party could not continue on slaying the final bosses for the Inheritance quests of Hundred Shots and Galileo. So, they had to wait for another 3 days before they could carry on with the task. They needed their {Inheritance Transformation} Skills to support them in order to kill those extremely powerful bosses.

Lost Dream completed the remaining of his Inheritance quests swiftly. It only took him two days to clear out the remaining quests and to become the third player in the Lone Desert Smoke with an [Inheritance]!

[Frost Armor (Passive)]: Reduce received damage by 5%. When struck by Melee attacks, can reduce the Movement Speed of the target by 50%. Lasts for 10 seconds.

[Frost Strength (Passive)]: Increases your damage by 40%, permanently.

[Frost Transformation]: Transforms into a snowman. Maximum HP increased by 20 times. Defense increased by 3 times. There is a 70% chance of being immune against Magic Attacks. Attack increased by 3 times. During your transformation period, you earn 1 Energy Point (EP) every second. You need EP in order to activate some of your special Skills. {Frost Transformation} can only last for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours.

[Frostbite]: Add the power of {Frost Strength} to your weapon. Upon hitting your target, you can cause additional 100% Frost Damage to the target. {Frostbite} will consume 1 EP in each second. The Skill will last until you deactivate it or your EP bar is depleted. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

After reading the Inheritance Skills of Lost Dream, everyone was thrilled.

[Vampire Inheritance] and [Snowman Inheritance] were both Class B [Inheritances]. Therefore, the normal enhancement that these [Inheritances] could provide to players were basically similar. Both of them could increase 40% damage and 5% of Passive Damage Immunity. However, [Snowman Inheritance] had an additional attribute that would reduce the Movement Speed of Melee attackers. Although it was not a ridiculously powerful Skill, one additional special effect is always better than having none at all. After all, the Skill was passive and it was ‘free’ to use!

More importantly, upon activating the {Inheritance Transformation}, the [Vampire Inheritance] focused on HP recovery while the [Snowman Inheritance] focused on boosting Attack. {Frostbite} could provide an additional 100 seconds of damage enhancement if the Skill is to be activated while the EP bar is full. So players would have to be wise in determining whichever was more important based on the situation in a battle.

Upon using two {Inheritance Transformation} on other quests, Lone Desert Smoke was now far behind in clearing the dungeon.

Crimson Rage, Nihilim, Imperial Sky and the other top Tier guilds had pushed down another boss on their own. They ended the week with the score of 11/15. Judging by the looks of this, the ‘First Clear’ of the Hardcore Mode for Dragon Throat Fortress would be claimed before the next dungeon reset or the following one.

Zhang Yang could not fathom it at first. Why were all of the top Tier guilds in this life so ferocious and efficient?

After giving it some thoughts, he finally understood why --- Battle Companions!

The biggest difference between his past life and this life of his was the Battle Companion System that he had brought out from the deepest part of the game. Underestimating the Battle Companion system was an error for him. Although a large number of players could only get themselves a Gray-Silver Tier Battle Companion, the bosses in Dragon Throat Fortress was capable of dropping exclusive equipment for the Battle Companions.

The Hard Mode and the Hardcore Mode of a dungeon did not share the same dungeon reset time. Players could have cleared the Hard Mode of the dungeon repeatedly to farm for some fine equipment for their battle companions before they went on to the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon. Just look at the Lone Desert Smoke alone. After a certain amount of time, the Battle Companions of every single member had managed to equip Yellow-Gold Tier and Violet-Platinum Tier items.

The dungeon was basically similar to the arena. Players could not mount their [Mounts]. However, the system did not forbid them from bringing their Battle Companion along to the dungeons! Dragon Throat Fortress was a 50-player dungeon. With 50 players bringing 50 Battle Companions along into the dungeon, the capability of the players in healing, attacking, tanking was almost doubled.

The players had also lost count on the number of times their party had been wiped out by the boss, when the HP bars of the boss was down to 4% to 5%. They were this close to bringing down the boss. With Battle Companions joining into battle, many impossible circumstances had turned possible!

Zhang Yang took a deep breath. He realized that the Battle Companion System had undoubtedly increased the rate of conquering dungeons. The existence of Battle Companions in a battle might even change the method and ways of killing the boss! That being said, his experience from his previous life might no longer be feasible in this life!

The ironic part of this incident was, Zhang Yang brought it all upon himself!

However, Zhang Yang had confidence that he would overcome any obstacles set in his way. It did not really matter much.

After carrying out a deep discussion among themselves, the Lone Desert Smoke finally decided to focus on clearing the Hardcore Mode of Dragon Throat Fortress.

This dungeon could be considered as the first important dungeon in the Chaos Realms. This was also the first time when all players from all eight different regions were fighting for the ‘First Clear’ title of a dungeon. Everyone would hope that their guild is the one that claims the title! Rewards like Skill Points no longer matter much. This had become a contest of dignity and honor!

It was similar to watching the Olympic games. Although you may not have heard of the contestant’s name before, it would get you high, hoping that the contestant would win by the end of the battle, hoisting up China's National flag! After all, everyone was from the same country. Of course, they would cheer for their compatriots.

Such was the power of patriotism.

Upon the dungeon’s reset, Zhang Yang gathered his best members. Lone Desert Smoke was finally going all out with the best party formation possible, in order to clear the Hardcore Mode for Dragon Throat Fortress. After all, that fortress had been blocking all players from progressing further for more than 2 months!

The party was very familiar with the first 10 bosses, as they had encountered them more than just several times. Even without Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and the other core members of the guild, the party would have slain them with ease. Now that the strongest lineup for Lone Desert Smoke had been assembled, they were clearing their way through the stages like a hot knife cutting through a butter! It did not take them long to reach the 11th boss of the dungeon.