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Chapter 588: Victory!

Chapter 588: Victory!

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"Give it all you got! Don’t hold back!"

Both the dead and the living were screaming and yelling like madmen.

10 minutes passed!

"You imbeciles! Feel my wrath!" Argent let out a raging roar. Green veins began to pop up on the surface of Agent’s red skin thorough his entire body. The green veins spread across his skin like spider webs. It made the boss looked hideous and ferocious at the same time. Anyone would have a chill up their spines when they look at the boss!


The boss clashed his axe against the [Sword of Purging Devourer] and sent Zhang Yang flying. At the same time, his {Demonic Decay Aura} was causing 100,000 Shadow Damage to the eight players who were all still alive. However, that first tick of Shadow Damage had taken out 5 players at once, leaving only Zhang Yang, Fatty Han and Endless Starlight alive.

"Guild master! Brother fatty! We’re counting on you guys!" Everyone was cheering for the two.

After all, only players who have activated their {Inheritance Transformation} would be able to survive the damage of the {Demonic Decay Aura}.

Endless Starlight felt gutted, and protested, "I’m still alive too!"

"So what if you’re alive! You can’t hurt him either way!"

Endless Starlight filled his eyes and cheeks with tears. When the second tick of the {Demonic Decay Aura} struck, Endless Starlight could only face the truth and collapse on the ground. Without anyone healing him, he was already as good as dead. So, he joined the dead and cheered for the remaining two.


The boss swung hard at Zhang Yang and caused about 300,000 damage! Even though Zhang Yang had a very long HP bar, that was an amount of damage that took away approximately 5% of his entire HP bar!

Just when the situation seemed bad enough, the boss activated {Wind Walk} and disappeared! The next split –second, the boss reappeared right behind Fatty Han! With a leaping smash, he smashed the giant axe at Fatty Han.

Unfortunately, Zhang Yang did not have time to use his {Sacrifice} again. So he could only watch Fatty Han being struck by that heavy smash helplessly.


Fatty Han received a substantial amount of damage and he was almost killed instantly. He panicked and activated his {Bat Form} immediately right after. Upon splitting into 10 small bats, the bats flew over to the boss with the attempted to recover some HP for Fatty Han.

Zhang Yang was standing right next to the Fatty Han when that happened. In an instant, he activated his {Killing Cleave} and gave the boss a good, solid hit!


A shockingly high damage value popped right on top of the boss! That powerful hit had managed to grab hold of the aggro once again. With that, Zhang Yang managed to buy Fatty Han sometime for him to suck some blood from the boss.

However, 2 seconds later, the damage wave from the {Demonic Decay Aura} was triggered again, causing a damage of ‘-100,000!’ on the 10 bats, killing all of them in an instant. The {Bat Form} was interrupted and Fatty Han had to reappear.

However, things did not go as badly as expected. Each of the bats managed to suck off 2% HP for Fatty Han. So, Fatty Han had recovered 20% of his HP, leaving him with about 500,000 HP at the moment. Although that amount of HP would not be enough to take one hit from the {Berserker’s Strike}, it would be sufficient for Fatty Han to survive a few more seconds of the {Demonic Decay Aura}.

Another 20 seconds had passed, Argent vanished, thanks to his {Wind Walk} and reappeared right behind Fatty Han once again. With a powerful leaping smash, the boss swung his giant axe at the neck of Fatty Han!


Just in the nick of time, Zhang Yang threw his {Sacrifice} on Fatty Han right before the sharp edge of the axe could decapitate him. He had protected Fatty Han from death!



Zhang Yang had over 26,200 Defense attribute. However, that amount of Defense was far from enough to sustain the basic Attack of the boss that had already exceeded 1,000,000 damage! Fortunately for him, Zhang Yang had reserved his {God of War Shield} for the boss’‘berserk’ stage. Upon activating it, Zhang Yang gained an addition of 20% Passive Damage Immunity. That was how he had managed to reduce the damage received to below 1,000,000 damage!

"Little Yang, you’ve done it again! You saved my *ss! Unfortunately, my heart belongs to someone else already. We can’t be together anymore!" Fatty Han just had to open his big mouth.

"So tell me, brother fatty. Are you saying that your heart belongs to me now? Unfortunately for you, I only love you like my own brother! So, I can’t accept your love!" Endless Starlight was no much better than the wretched fatty. The moment he heard Fatty Han spouting nonsense, he joined in.

"Guildmaster! Do your best!" the other party members decided to ignore those two wretched men as they continued to cheer for Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang resolutely activated his {God of War Devastation}. A value of 300,000 damage popped right on top of the boss. That amount of damage was almost as much as the damage dealt by his {Killing Cleave}! The boss roared in pain as he swung his giant axe around, attempting to land a hit on Zhang Yang.

The wretched fatty continued to fire his arrows at the boss. Unfortunately for them, the {Demonic Decay Aura} was too much for them. Their Battle Companions had been sent back into the Battle Companion Slots due to that reason. Their [Mounts] had long succumbed to the merciless assault. The only ones left were the two of them, and Zhang Yang’s {Shadow Clones}. They were still hanging on, trying to deal as much damage as they could on the boss.

Unfortunately, the boss would only target players upon using his {Wind Walk}. Zhang Yang could not activate his {Sacrifice} or {Vanguard’s Aggression}. He could only pray that the boss would pick him over that wretched fatty.

Half a second later, the boss reappeared! However, the boss reappeared behind --- Fatty Han!

Poor fatty.

Argent took his head off with a mighty swing.


"Ugh ---" Fatty Han’s body went limp. Even though he had transformed, but no one, not even him, would be able to survive the powerful strike from the boss that was already berserk!

"We are so close! We are about to clear this!"

"Victory is just in front of us!"

"We are number one in the entire world!"

"Lone Desert Smoke is the best!"

"Guildmaster! Just one more! One more hit!"

Nobody bothered consoling Fatty Han. Not when the boss was left with only 1% HP at the moment!

Zhang Yang let out an intimidating battle cry. The attacks from the boss, fuelled by his {Hysterical Drive} were too much for Zhang Yang to handle. Zhang Yang was forced to activate his {Shield Wall} and {Radiance of the God of War}! He had no time to hesitate at all. Currently, the boss was only left with 1% HP, which was only about 2,000,000 HP!

No time to lose! Going all out with no regrets!

{Horizontal Sweep}! {Destructive Smash}! {Frost Strike}!

Zhang Yang had unleashed all of his Skills at a high damage output. All of his ‘Shadow Clones’ were also repeating his attacks, using all of the Skills he activated as well! Even though the ‘Shadow Clones’ could only deal 10% of the damage that Zhang Yang could deal, every little bit counted at this stage of the battle! After all, that 10% damage of his {God of War Transformation} was no small matter!

Suddenly, Zhang Yang could feel a heat starting up in his right hand. That strange feeling rushed straight up to his chest again. A golden dragon emerged from his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and charged straight at the boss! Everything happened so quickly that Zhang Yang could not react at all!

{Rising Dragon Strike}!


It felt so awesome!

"Argh!" The boss let out a miserable roar as his last chunk of HP was emptied out by the {Rising Dragon Strike}. The boss was thrown to the sky, 3 feet high and collapsed straight on the ground heavily. The crimson-red eyes started reverting to their original color --- only death could reverse the corruption of the demons.

‘Ding! You and your team have acquired the Dragon Throat Fortress (Hardcore Mode) First Clear Title! As the leader of the party, please key in the name of your party. Your name will be published in the list of the First Clear title, allowing the world to praise you!’

That moment onwards, the Server notification began to boom across Zhang Yang’s ears. The key-in interface appeared right in front of him. After putting the obligatory advertisement slogan, the news was announced repeatedly on the server.

‘Server Announcement: Lone Desert Smoke has succeeded in acquiring the Dragon Throat Fortress (Hardcore Mode) First Clear Title, their great deeds will be published on the list of the Hardcore Mode First Clear title. Please cheer for them!’

This time, the list of Hardcore Mode First Clear title did not have a remark that specifically mentioned ‘China Region’. That could only mean, it was the only ‘First Clear’ title of all eight Regions! This was the first ‘First Clear’ that involved the entire Server!

"YEAH!" the party cheered.

"We won!" every member of the Lone Desert Smoke was cheering in unison.

Yes, that’s right. Lone Desert Smoke has won the title on behalf of the entire China Region!

As the announcements rang out, all China players were feeling proud. They could push their chests up while walking on the streets, especially when they see players from other Regions. The first ‘First Clear’ title of a ‘Hardcore Mode’ in the entire world had been claimed by China Region! How cool is that?

Those who were killed during the boss battle began to run back to their dead bodies. After everyone was resurrected, they gathered around to look at the loots. Zhang Yang put Mountain Mover in-charge of distributing the loot among the party members. Meanwhile, he dug his own pockets out and gave all guild members that took part in clearing the dungeon a bonus of 100,000 dollars each. He even clarified that he would have given the money out, even if they did not get the ‘First Clear’ title.

It took them approximately two months to clear the dungeon, from the first boss to the final boss. There were more than 100 guild members of Lone Desert Smoke involved in clearing the dungeon. Although he only gave each of them 100,000 dollars as a reward, it totaled up to 10,000,000 dollars!

However, that amount of money was just an insignificant amount to him. With his current wealth, he could just easily give that amount of money out like it was nothing. Furthermore, this was the first ‘First Clear’ title involving all 8 Regions. That title meant something special! So it would not be a waste for him to spend such money. After all, they had struck an impression upon the entire world! Lone Desert Smoke was even more famous now. Naturally, the brand of ‘Silky Soft’ would become even more renowned!

That aside, it seemed that the overseas expansion plan of Silky Soft Holdings was going proceed without a hitch, after all!

Zhang Yang added the Skill Point that he acquired from the system reward to his {Shadow Clone}. He could summon two Shadow Clones at the same time, now. That would mean his damage efficiency could be increased by 20% for two minutes. It was a notable rise in power!

However, each map in the Chaos Realm spanned over a large gap. The next minimum level upon entering the next dungeon would be higher than before. Now that they had already cleared the map with a level gap of between Level 100 and Level 120, it would mean that the players would need to grind up to level 120 before they could enter the next dungeon. Of course, they would only need to do that if they want to challenge the map without any restrictions by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game. The next dungeon would be a Level 120 dungeon. Furthermore, that dungeon would be another large-scaled 50-man dungeon. Therefore, Zhang Yang would have to wait for quite some time before he could acquire Skill Points by clearing a dungeon.

Acquiring the First Clear for Dragon Throat Fortress was something special. Even the officials were trying to make a big deal out of it. They specially made an exclusive documentary out of it! They listed out the names of those who acquired the ‘First Clear’ title for the dungeon from Normal Mode to the Hard Mode, and from the Hard Mode to the Hardcore Mode. They even listed out the names of guilds and the bosses killed by them. Nihilum and Crimson Rage were able to get much attention from the public.

Of course, by the end of the day, the Lone Desert Smoke was the center of the topic. The officials had even sent their own reporters to interview all the core players of Lone Desert Smoke! They even made the interviews live on their own channel for others to watch.

Fatty Han was ‘tuned’ up the moment he saw the reporter was a bombshell with two big and round honkas right on her chest. His eyes glittered all the way as he spoke. Instead of answering the questions, he became the one asking the questions! The wretched fatty had even asked about measurements of the reporter’s chest, waist, and hips. Well, the bombshell was giggling all the way, only arching her back, pushing her boobies further out at him.

The consequences for doing that in a live stream was very clear to Fatty Han. He had to face the ‘female tiger’ back at home. As for his ‘argument’... well... everything was crystal clear on the live stream. No matter what he said, he could not be saved.

Truth to be told, although this wretched fatty is easily attracted to beautiful women, he would not dare to do it. He would just wag his tongue about, without truly taking it all the way. Therefore, the ‘drama’ between that wretched fatty and the ‘female tiger’ was only full of sound and fury but had little action. The two of them went back to being happily ever after in no time at all. Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er who were expecting a ‘spectacular’ drama that would find its place in soap opera, were very disappointed to see it end so uneventfully.

The contest of acquiring the ‘First Clear’ of the dungeon was put to rest. All guilds began to turn their attention towards grinding their levels again while trying to snatch some boss kills and acquiring high Tier [Inheritances] to build their Strength. They were getting ready to strike for the second world-level ‘First Clear’ of a dungeon.