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Chapter 589: Crown of the Living Frost

Chapter 589: Crown of the Living Frost

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Lone Desert Smoke included, every guild in the entire game was busy grinding their levels. Most of them had entered the Chaos Realm in search of the [Inheritance]. Those who were still below Level 100 were trying even harder to get their levels up in an attempt to reach the required level to enter the Chaos Realm. They had yet to feast their eyes on the vast and new world. Furthermore, most of them wanted to join in their own forces against other forces from other Regions.

As each Region had their very own ‘Proprietary Map’, it should be enough for players from each Region to grind their levels without much problem. Unless they were required to run an errand in order to complete a quest, players had no reason to set foot on the map of others. Therefore, the quarrels and wars between players of different Regions were not very intense as of now. A few small-scale party battles broke around the borders, but nothing big had taken place yet.

In a nutshell, everyone from all eight different regions was very focused on grinding their levels. The situation would only change when the players are ready to enter a new map. By then, war would become inevitable as players from different regions would want to secure new territories, leveling areas and resource points for their own regions.

Over the next month, Zhang Yang aided Hundred Shots, Galileo and Endless Starlight in acquiring their Class B [Inheritances].

Zhang Yang and his party members were forced to rely on the success rate of the {Glare of the Death God}. The Level Gap Suppression function of the game had surely increased the difficulty of slaying these high-level bosses. Furthermore, these three bosses were much tougher and much more powerful than the Vampire Count Ferra and Frost Lord Maron Curse. To depend on such an unpredictable factor like the {Glard of the Death God} was not a very reliable option. The party was wiped out several times in each of the boss battles before they could finally slay the bosses!

Other than that, the party had to wait for 3 days after each failed attempt, due to the cooldown of their {Inheritance Transformation} Skills. They could only transform once again, 3 days after their previous activation of their {Inheritance Transformation}. Therefore, it took the party about one month before they could finally slay all three bosses and get the tasks done.

They could still rely on luck when taking on the final bosses of Class B [Inheritance] quests. However, luck would do them no good at all if they were to confront the final boss of a Class A [Inheritance] quest. Without any [Forbidden Scrolls] on hand, even after Zhang Yang, Lost Dream, Endless Starlight and Fatty Han activate their {Inheritance Transformations}, they could not even see a glimmer of hope at slaying the boss.

It would be a waste of time to even consider challenging the final boss of a Class S [Inheritance] quest. So, everyone in the party could only focus on getting themselves up to Level 120 before thinking about that.

In just a blink of an eye, it was already the end of November. The League Championship was coming to a beautiful end as the official finalized the final scores. Most of the parties had put their very best for the final sprint. The situation was extremely intense.

The current scores for the S Class League Championship were as follow:

1. Silky Soft Battle Team (Lone Desert Smoke): 65 Points.

2. Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team (Imperial Sky): 58 Points.

3. Crimson Rage Battle Team (Crimson Rage): 57 Points.

4. Hundred Towers Battle Team (Sunset Amber): 55 Points.

5. Shun Feng Battle Team (Breaking Dawn): 45 Points

There were still 7 rounds of Championship battles that yet to be carried out. The Silky Soft Battle Team had basically secured the Number One in the League Championship. However, the competition between the second, third and fourth places were very intense. Nobody would be able to tell who the first runner-up would be.

After all, the first in place and the second in place for the S Class League Championship would be competing against each other for the title as the ‘Number One in the entire World’ during the finale of the World League Championship!

Number one in the entire world!

The prize of 5,000,000 dollars reward was not the only tempting reward that drove these players to strive for the ‘Number One in the entire world’ title. There was also the honor and glory! Every Region had sent two Battle Teams to join the World League Championship in hopes of acquiring such honor. Every player was hoping that their own regions would be the one to obtain this highest form of honor.

Zhang Yang had reached Level 117. He planned to reach Level 120 before the World League Championship begins. By then, he should be able to help Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er acquire their [Inheritances].

Although players were not allowed to use their {Inheritance Transformation} Skills, they still had the major passive boosts that came with [Inheritances]. Players without [Inheritances] would still suffer disadvantages far beyond what they could imagine if they were to engage players with [Inheritance]. Players with [Inheritances] also had a high resistance to ‘Status Restriction Skills’!

Status Restriction Skills were essential during a one-on-one battle. Meanwhile, there was a total of 7 one-on-one battles each player was required to participate in. Battling opponents without being able to use Status Restriction Skills effectively on them would prove to be fatal!

Therefore, Zhang Yang was focusing on grinding his own level up, while urging all his guild members not to let up for a second. Everyone should grind for Level 120 to eliminate that annoying Level Gap Suppression function of the game. Without that annoying function, Zhang Yang would be able to bring along his party members and possibly earn two more players with Class S [Inheritances] and one more player with a Class A [Inheritance] for Lone Desert Smoke.

Atop Thunderhawk, Zhang Yang now hovered above a land of ruins. He had focused on grinding his level up and sending his [Herb Foraging Familiar] to pick some high quality [Herbs] for him. By doing so, he could balance out his heavy consumption of ingredients. Well, Zhang Yang had lost count on how many [Potions] Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue had taken from him. If this goes on without having his [Herb Foraging Familiar] helping him to restock so efficiently, Zhang Yang would have to pick up [Herbs] all day long, without having any time to grind his own level!

Camping at one site to grind would be a little more efficient than taking quests, running around to complete them. However, slaying the same types of monsters in the same area repeatedly would both be physically and mentally tiring. Completing a quest would be much more interesting and fun.

Originally, this was an elegant palace where civilization flourished at its prime. Unfortunately, the palace was now left in ruins. There were innumerable broken beams among the ruins and there was not a single room left intact. Zhang Yang could see the partitions made by the walls clearly as he flew around in the sky. This place had become inhabited by the Spectres. There were Spectral monsters dressed like maidservants of the palace wandering about in the entire area.

Zhang Yang had received a quest that required him to collect 10 pieces of [Flawless Gemstones] from the monsters in this area. After seeing the monsters, Zhang Yang descended down to the ground in excitement. Felice had also transformed into her Thunderhawk form, as she seemed to share his eagerness, "Big brother, should Felice charge in and begin the battle?"

This little girl was in fact, rather brutal. Whenever they engaged in a battle, she would terrify Zhang Yang with her violence and ferocity. In fact, she was actually quite similar to Wei Yan Er! Felice was truly related to the Goddess of War. Anyone could see that she was hooked on battles!

"Alright, go ahead!"

Zhang Yang nodded and gave his permission to Felice. With such an aggressive Battle Companion, he would really earn a substantial amount of experience points within a short period of time! Compared to that Messick who always fled when his life is at stake, Felice was so much better!


Felice launched a {Fire Missile} at one of the Spectre maidservants and caused a nice amount of damage to the monster. That hit took out 3% of the monster’s HP bar.

[Wandering Maidservant] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Magic Attack: 6,478 - 7,478


[Shadow Strike]: Strikes the target with Shadow Energy, causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to the target. Chanting time: 2 seconds.

[Screech of Death]: Terrifies a target and causes the target to flinch in terror, causing the target to scurry away like a rat to its hole. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Note: These Spectral maidservants have been wandering around for decades, or even centuries. They are loyal to their masters. They will strike down any unwanted guests down with no mercy. Protecting the princess has always been their single, indomitable goal! That was also the main reason why they have become Spectres.

"Intruders of the Princess’s imperial burial site shall be eliminated at once!" the Spectral maidservant let out a screeching roar as she turned the ignited flames in her empty sockets towards Felice. At the same time, the monster had already activated her {Screech of Death}!

Right after that, Felice began to fly around as if she had lost control of herself. A terrifying skull appeared right on top of her head. She had been afflicted with the Terror Effect.

The Spectral maidservant began to chant her {Shadow Strike} right after that. It seemed that this monster was good at chaining her Skills. Restricting the target followed by the chanting of a longer, more lethal spell was surely an effective way of battle. Unfortunately, Zhang Yang was not a bystander. He patted Thunderhawk and charged towards the maidservant. With a powerful swing of his shield, the monster struck in the face so heavily that it took a few steps back.

If the chanting progress could be interrupted, the monster was better off not chanting anything in front of Zhang Yang. After all, Zhang Yang could easily interrupt the chanting progress with one ‘Supporting Attack’.

After a series of bashing and smashing, the Spectral Maidservant collapsed onto the ground and dropped a few [Inscribed Clothes] and a few Silver Coins. There was no sign of any quest items that Zhang Yang needed.

Zhang Yang did pay it much heed. He did not expect any monster to just drop a quest item. Since the Palace Ruins was rather vast and the number of monsters was as many as the hairs on an ox, Zhang Yang decided to take his time collecting quest items. Killing the monsters would bring him a lot of experience points. So, he carried on at leisure.

Only one [Flawless Gemstone] would drop upon killing about 5 monsters. Zhang Yang would need to kill approximately 100 Wandering Maidservants in order to acquire 20 pieces of [Flawless Gemstones]. It took him a while before he collected enough [Flawless Gemstones]. Zhang Yang patted Thunderhawk and both of them made their way back over the indented path of the valley to hand in the quest items to the NPC.

It was a goblin that given Zhang Yang the quest. His name was Lincols. The moment when he saw Zhang Yang coming back to him with those gemstones for the quest, he immediately revealed a greedy expression as he quickly shoved all gemstones into his backpack. Then he said, "Hehe! For an ugly human, you did pretty well back there! My friend, are you interested in having a big go with me?"

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Flawless Gemstones. You received a reward: 3,000,000 experience points.’

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "A big go? Tell me about it, how big exactly?"

Lincols hopped onto a large rock and patted Zhang Yang’s shoulder, then he said, "Have you ever heard of the Princess Helena?"


"What a sad case... she was deemed as the greatest beauty that had ever walked beneath the sun, among you mortals! According to rumors, her smile could make the great eagles forget that they ever had wings! Even the crabs will forget how to breathe under the water! Unfortunately, a plague came over the land and robbed that beautiful woman of her life!" Lincols said it with a regretful face.

"Hey, goblin! Drop the act! You only feel pity for the treasure that was buried together with her!" Zhang Yang immediately saw through the real desires of that greedy little goblin.

"Ugly human! You have humiliated the pride of us goblins! I want a duel with you!" Lincols jumped 3 feet up and leaped around like a monkey in front of Zhang Yang.

"Fine... fine... however, I’m just one man. I cannot possibly take so many things from there!" Zhang Yang raised his hands up in a ‘you-got-me, do-as-you-wish’ gesture.

Lincols calmed down almost immediately. He obviously chose the gold coins over his pride! After all, what Zhang Yang was about to bring him could be everything that a goblin could dream of! He rubbed his bald dome and said, "Human, I need you to take Helena’s [Crown of the Living Frost]. That is the truly valuable thing that is worth a few cities!"

‘Ding! Lincols has a quest for you: Crown of the Living Frost. Would you accept it?’


"Hey, human! Why are you still staring at the sky? Get going already! Time is gold, you dumb *ss!" Lincols snapped all of a sudden.

That f*cking goblin!

Zhang Yang quickly pulled Felice away from a potential act of murder and the two of them went up the back of Thunderhawk. The little lady was that close to waging war between the humans and the goblins.

[Crown of the Living Frost] (Difficulty: Rank-B)

Description: Lincols wants you to enter the Palace Ruins and locate the whereabouts of Helena’s mausoleum. When you do, find a way in the place and find the [Crown of the Living Frost]! According to the great goblin Lincols, the location of the royal mausoleum should be in the northwest corner of the palace. "Hey, human! It’s very simple, isn’t it? Quickly! Time is gold! You dumb *ss!"

Completion: Acquired [Crown of the Living Frost] 0/1