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Chapter 593: Saving Banct

Chapter 593: Saving Banct

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The only response to Liu Wei’s cruel act was to just insult and curse behind his back. There was literally nothing that anyone could do. If scolding could solve most problems, having a debate would solve any world’s problem.

Zhang Yang had other things to do at the moment and put the thought about Liu Wei behind his head. Zhang Yang was riding to the castle and by the time he arrived, the ruins were not as bad when he left the place. Even though it was not fully rebuilt, the roof of the palace had been remade.

Zhang Yang wandered around the palace and found the princess standing on a broken balcony. The sun was setting then and the sky was dyed in red. The princess was gazing into the horizon. She looked like her thoughts were somewhere as far as the bird in the sky. The soft wind blew, gently caressing her hair and dress.

She turned to Zhang Yang and walked back into the room. "Do you have news for me, adventurer?" she asked anxiously.

"Yes." Zhang Yang walked closer and told everything that had happened to Banct Roland.

Helena took the news about Banct poisoning and imprisonment rather calmly. In the end, she walked back to the balcony to ponder a while. There was a conflict in her mind which was obviously betrayed by her facial expressions. Right then, when Zhang Yang was about to approach her to ask of her next move, she turned to Zhang Yang and looked him in the eye. There was a heroic aura that rose from her eyes. The aura grew stronger and when she got closer to Zhang Yang, the bricks around immediately turned into fine grains. Excited, anxious, and agitated, Helena roared. "I understand! I understand everything now! I will save him!"

Thank god that was her response.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Searching for News. Obtained 3,000,000 Experience Points!’

"My princess. Please allow this lowly adventurer to join you in your rescue mission!" Zhang Yang lowered his head and kneeled.

"I allow it!" Princess Helena stood stoically and roared.

‘Ding! Princess Helena has a quest for you: Saving Banct Roland. Will you accept it?’


[Saving Banct Roland] (Difficulty Level: S)

Description: You have decided to join hands with Princess Helena to charge into Anjar Castle to rescue Banct Roland. Warrior, you must keep both eyes open at all time. Countess Amansari had control over the entire castle. The hostiles you are about to face will be a devastating army!

Completion: Secured Banct Roland 0/1

Princess Helena did not own a flying mount. Back then, Zhang Yang had Serena when she was still a princess, riding along with him. Now, he had Princess Helena sit behind him! Perhaps it was fortunate that the Thunderhawk was a Mythical tier mount. If it was any lower tiered, the princess might have just trampled over the poor bird! They had to resort using a mount to travel since the [Teleportation Scroll] would not work on an NPC. It would have been much faster to travel from Morning Town to Anjar than where they were.

The two of them flew quickly and arrived at the Grandu Ice Ridge. Since the place was at the borders of Japan-Korea region, many players from that region were wandering around the map. Even though Zhang Yang’s appearance was not recognizable from that distance, Princess Helena was standing out a little too much. Plus, the word "Mythical" was hanging on her name tag like a beacon on a starless night.

It did not take long before groups of players chased after Zhang Yang like sharks. All of them were staring at them with the eyes of a hungry ghost. It was difficult enough to find a Mythical boss anywhere around the world. How could anyone let go of an opportunity when a boss is miraculously flying over their territory?

Still, it was impossible for anyone to chase after Zhang Yang since his flying mount was zooming across the sky like an F22 jet. Half an hour later, the Thunderhawk arrived at the top of Anjar Castle. This time, Zhang Yang ignored the no flight rule and descended down straight towards the tombs.

"Insolent fool!" Four castle guards armed themselves and chased after Zhang Yang.

"Hmph!" Helena scoffed with disdain and glared at the guards with such a strong killing intent that even Zhang Yang could feel it. A bright phantom sword formed around the guards and started cutting them up.

Helena’s attack was not strong enough to instantly kill the guards. The damage dealt to them was only around 80,000 which only sent them staggering back momentarily.

"Kill!" With a strong sense of duty, the guards rallied themselves and came back at them.

This time, Helena had focused her thoughts on killing the guards and demonstrated the power of a Mythical boss. Her feat was not that of a second-rate boss like the Vampire King. The princess cast another phantom sword and dealt more than 80,000 AoE damage. The sword she cast could attack targets as far as 50 meters away, and also possess a strong knockback property. Zhang Yang was glad that he did not have to fight her. Any class fighting this boss would surely be frustrated!

Though they received some damage from the guards from time to time, the damage dealt to her was so low that it was merely an ant’s bite, since she had a HP as long as 40,000,000. On the other hand, she did had the skill {Spectre Regeneration} which could restore 1% of her HP every 30 seconds. A measly attack from the guards required only 1 second to allow her to recover completely.


"There’s a killer on the loose!"

Cries and roars of guards and soldiers echoed throughout the castle.

Zhang Yang thought of an idea and decided to linger a little longer around. He wanted to lure more Japan-Korea Region players around and kill them with Princess Helena’s super skill! Even though her HP was not particularly long, Zhang Yang was sure that he could at least create some trouble for the players while Helena slaughters them all.

Lo and behold, players from Japan and Korea arrived on their flying mounts. When they saw Helena battling with the elite guards of the castle, their hopes rose and they cheered. "The NPCs are fighting the boss! It’s time for us, the real fighters to show them a good battle!"

The player approached closer and immediately unsummoned their mounts. They were obedient players who were scared of being killed for breaking the rules of the castle!

{Thousand Shadow Slash}!

Helena thrust her sword into the sky and created a phantom sword. With a swift swing of her own physical blade, the ethereal phantom sword cut through the field horizontally, damaging many players and pushing them back by 3 meters.

As expected for a powerful Mythical tier boss. They were, after all, the dominant entities in the Level 100 – Level 130 maps!

Helena jumped off the Thunderhawk and swiftly dashed towards a guard. Zhang Yang could not believe his eyes when he saw the princess executing her skill, {Chaos Strike}. The movements of the sword were so quick that she had left afterimages of herself slicing about!




The damaged chained on and on by more than 80,000 per strike and killed the guard instantly.

The scene of the princess dancing around and killing the guards almost in a split second had left the players shivering in fear. If the princess could deal such high damage to an elite guard, it would be much higher to them! Without an Inheritance Transformation skill, nobody would be able to stand against her.

"Stubborn fools!" cried Helena. From her perspective, all who had attacked her were those who had been sent to stop her from saving Banct. The sole reason for Helena to rise again as a Spectre was the purity of her love for Banct. Those who place themselves between Helena and her goals will be executed without a second thought!

{Thousand Shadow Slash}!

{Thousand Shadow Slash}!

{Thousand Shadow Slash}!

What that makes a boss so strong would be the ridiculous cooldown rate of their super skills. Their skill could be used at will without the need of obeying the rules of the game system! Helena danced around, slashing her blade about, on and on. The skill {Thousand Shadow Slash} was used every 2 seconds on average. The powerful damage output was so strong and fast that even Zhang Yang would think twice before having her as an enemy.

"Eh!? Isn’t that Zhan Yu!?" Finally, someone recognized Zhang Yang.

"You’re right! It’s really him! F*ck that guy! He thinks that he can hide behind a boss! I can smell him even from a mile away!"

"Kill the bastard!"

Zhang Yang stopped trying to avoid eye contact any longer. He was now public enemy number 1 in the eyes of the Japanese and Korean players. The hatred directed to him was as if he had just killed the prime minister of their country.

There were some players that got hot-headed and charged at him. However, their actions had only caused them to be the next target for Helena. With only one use of {Thousand Shadow Slash}, the player’s HP was reduced by half.

Zhang Yang laughed at their pathetic attempt to attack him. He then unequipped the shield and raised a middle finger up high in the sky to allow all players see his gesture.

When the hatred towards him was already boiling up like a kettle, the middle finger gesture had turned them into steam. Like a kettle, the players started cursing and insulting Zhang Yang. No matter what flowery language they used, based on the intonation and pitch, Zhang Yang could have guessed that they were synonyms for "screw you!".

"Don’t think too highly of yourself!" A player stood out. Zhang Yang turned over to the source of the voice and noticed that the person was expanding in size. The muscle around his body began to turn into stone. Gradually, his entire character had turned into a moving stone sculpture! With a loud deafening voice, the player cried out, "I will kite the boss away. You guys take down that Zhan Yu!"

"It’s Ganwu Martial’s main tank! Uldaht!" Someone else recognized the player and cheered happily. "The man has a C class Inheritance, the Rocky Stone Inheritance! It is the best counter for all physical attack bosses!"


Each step he took after he had activated the Transformation skill made the earth rumble.

As compared to the A class and S class Inheritances, Zhang Yang had a better understanding of B class and C class Inheritances. In his past life, he had never once able to get along with players of higher tiers. As a result, the company he mingled around were most players with only B class and C class Inheritances. The Rocky Stone Inheritance was almost similar to that of the Petrification Inheritance. The only difference was the Rocky Stone Inheritance would receive 50% extra damage from taking a magic attack. Hence, it was marked as a faulty Inheritance and thus ranked at C class.

Princess Helena unleashed a flurry of attack using {Thousand Shadow Slash} and only managed to force Uldaht to move a few steps back unlike other players. Furthermore, the damage he had received was only over 40,000! After using the Transformation skill, his HP had been boosted up to 900,000!

"Hahahah!" Uldaht laughed and pounded his chest like a gorilla. Sparks could be seen flying about as he did it. The tank then stomped the ground and hurled a {Spear of Obliteration} at Helena. Sadly, his skill was for naught. The battle had been going on for a while and the princess’s aggro was fixed mainly on the NPC guards.

Zhang Yang smirked and called for Felice. "Felice! Could you do me a favor and attack that stone man?’

"Yes! Big brother! Felice will do her best!" Although Felice was no longer a little girl, she was still as spirited when it comes to battle, just like the Wei Yan Er. She quickly morphed into her Dragonhawk form and blasted Uldaht with a {Fire Missile}.

With Zhang Yang’s micromanagement, he had led the Thunderhawk to send a blast of {Thunder Ball} towards Uldaht.

When Uldaht had activated his Transformation skill, Zhang Yang would find some trouble dealing damage to the tank. Hence, he had exploited the weakness of the Inheritance and attacked with both Felice and the Thunderhawk magic attack! His weakness had only turned them both extremely strong! No healers would dare to go near to heal Uldaht when the princess’ {Thousand Shadow Slash} could reach as far as 50 meters! No Spellcaster or other paper-soft class would survive her attack!

Now that both Felice and the Thunderhawk had attacked Uldaht vigourously, he would not stand for long.

"Allow me to help you!" cried another player. It was a player donning a white robe. He too activated his Transformation skill and created a doppelganger behind him. The player than rushed over to Uldaht. When the player raised his staff, his doppelganger mirrored his actions and chanted a spell together.

That was the Doppelganger Inheritance! An Inheritance that could create a mirror image, 10 times the HP bonus, double the Defense, and a 10% chance to nullify a magic attack! However, the Inheritance did not provide any damage boost since the doppelganger was already a damage boost. Although the Inheritance had not provided any permanent damage or healing rate bonus, a C class Inheritance as such would always provide a 35% reduced damage or a 35% increased healing rate. It was like 2.7 healers healing Uldaht at the same time. At the current stage of the game, it would take an immense effort of a guild to obtain one C class Inheritance! Naturally, the player’s equipment would not be weak! The healer who had just jumped into the fight was able to delay Uldaht HP from dropping like an open faucet, even when Felice and the Thunderhawk were attacking him rapidly! However, it was only a delay, his HP was still dropping down, but at a slower rate, allowing him to last slightly longer.

After a few skills, Uldaht was finally able to gain the aggro of Helena. He then quickly kited the boss away and created more distance between her and Zhang Yang. Since the boss would be affected by the aggro system and Zhang Yang could not, Zhang Yang only needed to follow the boss, leaving the tank’s effect for naught!

Zhang Yang set his eyes on Uldaht and was surprised to see that the man’s Defensive ability was indeed strong. However, he could change the tide of the fight, simply by attacking him with a {Destructive Smash} to reduce his healing rate by 75%!

Now that Uldaht had been inflicted with the debuff of {Destructive Smash}, Uldaht had no way of preserving his HP. He was only able to hold on for now because of the new healer. As such, his HP started plummeting.

More healers came to his rescue. However, with Helena’s merciless {Thousand Shadow Slash} attacks, no healer was able to last longer than 5 seconds after taking 2 skills from the attack.

To properly fight the boss, they would have to form a perfect healer formation where a bunch of healers stand 30 meters away from the boss and another party of healers stand 60 meters away to heal the healers. However, since everyone here practiced the "every man for himself strategy", no one could form a proper party and was killed by the boss.

Uldaht may have activated the Transformation skill, and a C class Inheritance had increased his HP by 10 fold, and he may have over 900,000 HP, but it was not able to endure the continuous attacks from Zhang Yang, the boss, Felice, and the Thunderhawk. With the {Destructive Smash} debuff on him, the poor tank turned into a pile of stones in less than a minute.

Technically, Zhang Yang had predicted that even with or without a player with Uldaht coming in to tank the boss, killing everyone in the castle would be a matter of time! Especially when she was spamming her OP skill - the {Thousand Shadow Slash}! All players from Japan and Korea had to turn tail and run back to their mama!

It was extremely frustrating!

How could one fight a fair match when a player would receive 80,000 AoE damage just by standing there!? They could not even put up a fight! However, if they do not, they would have to allow the bastard, Zhang Yang, to enter their own territory!