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Chapter 594: Standing Guard

Chapter 594: Standing Guard

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How could the Japanese and Korean players stand aside and allow the invader to waltz in at will!? That man was the player who snatched their Territory! The same man who had caused them huge shame! Look at him! The man had even shoved his finger up and showed the world a middle finger! How could one remain calm when 1,000 players are being overwhelmed by one man and a boss?!

Eventually, rage had clouded their judgment, making them jump into the fight. Sadly, their rage was immediately repaid with Helena’s {Thousand Shadow Slash}, turning them into a pile of diced meat. Furthermore, the players who receive a single attack, either from Zhang Yang, the Thunderhawk, or Felice, will suffer the experience point loss penalty and the chance to lose equipment and items in their inventory.

"Stop rushing in, morons! He’s provoking us!"

Atop on the castle walls, there was a group of players who had remained where they were. Instead, they were simply observing how Zhang Yang killed everyone without putting much effort.

Zhang Yang had purposefully entered the Japan-Korea territory and provoked the players there to kill, and not that many have turned up when scaled to the magnitude of an entire Region. No one would be willing to engage in an all-out war against a single player. Right then, the current priority was to grind their levels. All of the players of Japan-Korea region had 5 levels reduced since they had lost all their main cities during the Ancient Creature war. Many of players who had managed to get into the Chaos Realm had been immediately kicked out. No one would be willing to fall for Zhang Yang’s trickery in delaying their grinding. Hence, with that sentiment in mind, the players who had gathered in Anjar Castle barely amounted to one thousand.

Technically, 1,000 men would be more than to kill Zhang Yang over and over, since some of them possessed Inheritances. The problem then was that no one had expected Zhang Yang to call in a boss to do the killing. A Mythical tier boss with the power to spam instant-kill skills would be an impossible target without the help of a [Forbidden Scroll]. Either that or a sea of 10,000 players!

After all the players in Anjar Castle were killed at least once, they felt the sense of defeat and called for reinforcements all over the nation. As such, the entire region was provoked and started expressing their disdain all over their own channels. No sooner later, the disdain, the disgruntlement, morphed itself into an intense rage. Insults and scolding gradually turned into threats. If he was to continue his foolish and selfish acts, he will be hunted down!

Zhang Yang merely shrugged. All of the threats were nothing but keyboard warriors.

On the other hand, it was not like Zhang Yang was the aggressor in here. He was doing his own business! It was the boss, the Mythical tier boss that had "enticed" them! The players that were attacking him must be thinking of killing it to obtain her precious drops. Helena was, after all, a Level 130 Mythical who could drop equipment with lowered Level Requirements! Skill books! Inheritance Fragments! There’s just so much temptation that no one could let it go!

The princess was a walking treasure chest!

"Hmm." The same group of players who were standing far from the fight scoffed as they saw many more ignorant players arriving at Anjar Castle.

"We gotta thank that China dude for bringing us a boss," cried the newcomers.

The initial players who had been fighting since the beginning had to withdraw from the fight and flee as far as they could. Before reinforcements arrive, they would have to stay alive. It was not possible to get even close to the boss with just a thousand players. Something like her would take as much as 10,000 players!

Helena sheathed her sword. There was nothing but dead bodies around her. Her aggro list was now empty. She brushed off a speck of dirt that was on her dress. It was impressive, that with all the slashing about, there was not even a single drop of blood on her dress!

She stood there, with a pair of beautiful, dazed eyes, as if she was in a trance. The dress flapped gently in the quiet battlefield. The fabric of her royal dress was plastered against her skin, emphasizing her slender body. It was truly a sight to behold that could bewitch any living man.

Zhang Yang was not there to witness that pretty portrait, he was busy searching for the entrance to the tomb. When he found it, he cried out, "Princess. Over here!"

As Zhang Yang voice rang loudly, Helena’s eyes regained focus. She turned her head around only to turn away coldly. She scoffed at the bodies of both players and NPCs and moved towards the tomb.

With haste, the two of them hurried through the staircase towards the interior of the tomb. There, Zhang Yang pulled a wall off and exhumed Banct Roland. Right then, Banct had already passed on. Helena wanted to cry, but there were no tears for her to shed. As a spectre, she could not shed tears.

"He’s dead…" Helena’s voice cracked as she could not hold in her pain. "If not for those people out there…I-could’ve—I should’ve—ARGH! I HATE THIS! WHY!?" She buried her face in the chest of Banct. No matter how much pain she felt, she could not shed a single tear. "I WILL KILL THEM ALL!"

Looks like, thanks to their doing, Princess Helena had declared all Japanese and Korean players as her enemies.

Zhang Yang gave her some time to mourn the death of Banct. When her cries soothed down a little, Zhang Yang pats her shoulder and said, "My princess, Mr. Roland had been suffering in a state of being poisoned. Perhaps, death was a good thing for him. He is no longer in pain."

Helena adjusted her hair and stared down at Banct’s still face. Right then, there was a conflict in her eyes which Zhang Yang knew very well.

Without looking at Zhang Yang, she spoke softly. "Warrior. I will now turn this man into a Spectre. Warrior, I have but one request for you. Please guard me. The process is extremely delicate. I cannot be disturbed, or both Banct and I will be trapped in the limbo of darkness!"

Zhang Yang saluted the princess and said, "Princess. Zhan Yu is here to serve. I will protect you and the one you love!"

"I leave my life to you."

Helena smiled as she gently caressed Banct’s wrinkled face. "Wait for me, my love."

Helena lay her hands on Banct’s chest. She focused her thoughts and a green, emerald light started radiating out of her chest. The aura grew bigger and connected both Helena’s chest to Banct’s at where their hearts were. Helena grunted in pain as both of them hovered above the ground. The green light grew bigger into a large orb and encased the two of them.

Zhang Yang eyes were locked on them for the entire time. When both of them were engulfed by the light, Helena’s character disappeared. The ball of light replaced their bodies.

[Defensive Barrier] (Summoned)

Level: 130

HP: 1,000,000

Defense: 0

Note; A weak barrier created at the very last minute. The barrier must not fall, or both Helena and Banct will be trapped in the void.

Zhang Yang sucked in a deep breath and braced himself for what that is to come next. The quest had been set to an S level difficulty. Hence, a Mythical tier boss might even make its appearance. There was a high possibility that the boss would be the Countess Amansari. Zhang Yang guessed that he would have to kill the countess to proceed with the quest. That is, if the barrier does not fall first.

Right then, Zhang Yang was faced with another huge problem. A boss would be rather easy to handle due to their robotic manner of movement. The real threat to Zhang Yang would be the players of Japan-Korean region. They had been held back by Princess Helena’s {Thousand Shadow Slash}. However, Zhang Yang was sure that some smart players would have noticed Princess Helena disappearance and would act accordingly. When they attack, they attack Zhang Yang and bring down the barrier!

Zhang Yang feared to bring in Han Ying Xue. It would be too dangerous. Alone, Zhang Yang could escape any time he wants with {Burrow} and {Shadow of the Void}. If he had a party with him, he couldn’t simply leave them behind to fend for themselves.

Zhang Yang thought about it for a bit. He had his last trump card, the God of War Transformation skill that would give him 2 hours of valuable time.

"Kill the intruders!" The voice of Amansari rang, and a portal appeared in midair. A group of 10 elite tier guards stepped out of it. 7 of them attacked Zhang Yang and the rest moved towards the barrier.

Zhang Yang rushed over to the three guards that were approaching the barrier and stunned one of them with {Charge}. He then cleaved another guard for over 28,000 damage and struck the ground with {Thunder Strike} to slow all three of them down.

Zhang Yang’s {Thunder Strike} skill had been enhanced to reduce movement speeds by 90%! Previously, before Zhang Yang had obtained the {Superior Thunder Strike}, his enemies that are struck would already be moving like snails. Now, after the skill upgrade, the guards were moving so slowly that even a caterpillar could edge out ahead of them!

Zhang Yang smirked. He turned behind and blasted the other seven guards with {Horizontal Sweep}.

Zhang Yang relaxed when the guards reacted accordingly to the aggro system. After attacking, the monsters will not attack the barrier until Zhang Yang, their aggro target is killed. Felice and Thunderhawk joined the fight promptly, unleashing both AoE skills and single target skills. Flashes of the blue lightning and red flames illuminated the entire tomb.

Zhang Yang adjusted himself and controlled the position of the guards, stunning all 10 guards with {Blast Waves}. After that, he waited for {Thunder Strike} to be ready and struck the ground at the moment the guards regained their control. All them of them were slowed down again, and Zhang Yang kited them away from the barrier.

Right then, {Thunder Strike} could inflict a 90% reduced movement speed debuff. Even though the target would regenerate 10% movement speed every second after being struck, {Thunder Strike} only had a 5-second cooldown, allowing the user to strike again, when they have only recovered 60% of their original movement speed.

It took around 2 minutes for Zhang Yang, Felice, and the Thunderhawk to kill all 10 guards.

"Useless buggers! Can’t even kill a single man! Do not force me to do this myself!" the voice of Amansari ranged again and out came 20 heavily armored guards.

Clang! Each step the guards moved made their heavy armor plating clank together. The uniformed movements of all the guards were extremely organized. All at the same time, they unsheathed their swords and prepared for a battle.

Zhang Yang frowned but relaxed immediately when he realized that all the guards were melee attackers.

Zhang Yang slid across the ground with {Charge} and crashed into the organized formation of the guards. With a quick stomp, Zhang Yang inflicted all the guards with {Thunder Strike} and slowed everyone down.

Like any AoE skill, the more enemies, the better the effects!

If Zhang Yang only used {Thunder Strike}, {Blast Wave}, and {Horizontal Sweep}, and take 2 minutes to kill a 1,000,000 HP monster, he still only take 2 minutes to kill 5, 10, or even 20 of them! Such is the power of AoE skills. This is why many players preferred to kite monsters and kill them in groups instead of one by one.

However, {Horizontal Sweep} was not a penetrative type attack. Depending on the size of the monsters, there will always be a limit to the number of monsters that would be inflicted by the attack. Even if the number of monsters increases, the skill would only strike a few monsters at a time. Hence, instead of 2 minutes, Zhang Yang might take 3 minutes to kill 20 guards!

"A bunch of useless, good-for-nothing scums! Kill the man already!" out came the voice of Amansari from the portal.

"Yes! Countess Amansari!" The voices that replied her was a group of cheerful females. As such, 20 female wearing white robes waltzed out of the portal. The women were roughly the age of 20 and wore long white dresses that revealed parts of their thighs and waists! If they wanted to, the whole world would be able to see their huhas if they took larger strides!

The dresses they wore had deep V cuttings that covered part of their hooters! Their entire abdomens and bellybuttons were completely exposed!

Zhang Yang’s eyes automatically started drifting, but he frowned a little, as he could not take the battle seriously. This is a fight, goddamit! Not a fashion show!

[Personal Attendant] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 125

HP: 1,250,000

Defense: 1,300

Magic Attack: 6,478 – 7,478


[Frost Arrow]: Conjures an icy shard to pierce a target, dealing 200% magic Frost damage to a target. Reduce the target’s movement speed by 50%. Last for 5 seconds. Channeling: 2 seconds. Range: 30 meters.

Note: Countess Amansari’s personal attendees. Loyal to her and only her. No man would even try to talk to them!