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Chapter 595: A Fierce Fight with the Japanese and Koreans

Chapter 595: A Fierce Fight with the Japanese and Koreans

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20 magic attackers!

Zhang Yang caved in and resorted to using the God of War Transformation. A bright radiant light blasted out as a pair of light wings protruded out of Zhang Yang’s back. With a light flap, Zhang Yang zoomed towards the ladies.

"Kill the intruder!" cried the spellcasters. The women quickly sidestepped to dodge the attack and quickly cast {Frost Arrows}.

{Blast Wave}!


Zhang Yang leaped backward and swung his sword hard, creating a powerful blast of air that stunned all 20 enemies. Felice and the Thunderhawk had not needed to withdraw, so they simply continued attacking the monsters.

Unlike melee attackers, ranged attackers would always try to remain a distance from their attackers. Hence, after they recovered from the stun, each woman ran in a different direction. Some of them were still fixed at their positions and could only attack from where they stood.





A sky full of {Frost Arrows} landed on Zhang Yang but only some of them had dealt damage, the rest of the arrows disintegrated immediately when it touched Zhang Yang’s character. In the Transformation status, Zhang Yang had a 40% chance to nullify magic attacks, hence with his boosted long HP, 7,000 magic damage was nothing but an ant’s bite for him.

(Author’s Note: The previous setting of 90% chance to nullify magic attacks for S class Inheritance was too OP. Hence, all magic nullifications will be reduced to balance it out. S classes will have 40% chance magic nullification, A classes 30%, B classes 20%, and C classes 10%)

Once the monsters had spread all over the place, Zhang Yang killing efficiency had dropped dramatically. However, note that he had already activated the God of War Inheritance. With 5 times the attack power and {God of War Crushing Strike}, it was a massacre! Zhang Yang had taken less than a minute to kill all 20 "hostess".

Zhang Yang killing power during then could be on par with Princess Helena’s {Thousand Shadow Slash}.

"Useless! Utter garbage!" cried Countess Amansari’s voice from the portal. "Must I do everything on my own!?"

As such, the glamorous countess came out of the portal. Upon her arrival at the tomb, the portal pulsated violently and shattered apart like a mirror being struck by a stone.

Zhang Yang quickly examined the boss’ properties again to recall her skills.

[Flare]: Blast flames in all directions, dealing 50,000 Fire damage to all targets within 40 meters.

[Explosive Flame]: Deals 200% magic Fire damage to a target. Range: 40 meters. Channeling: 2 seconds.

[Flame Shield]: Creates a shield made of fire. Protects the caster for 1 minute or after absorbing 1,000,000 damage. Attackers will receive 10,000 Fire damage for every attack received.

Zhang Yang summed it up quickly and concluded that he cannot allow the boss to remain in the vicinity of the barrier.

Although {Explosive Flame} was a single target skill, it was something he could take head-on. {Flame Shield} is a spiky defensive skill. It was not a problem. However, the skill {Flare} was the problem. It was an AoE skill that could deal 50,000 damage in all directions, 40 meters from her. If the battle is to be held in the tomb, the skill would directly damage the barrier. It would take only 20 hits for the barrier to be destroyed!

Zhang Yang spread his wings far and wide and zoomed towards the boss. With a quick turn, Zhang Yang tossed a {Spear of Obliteration}.

"Pathetic!" cried the boss as she gave chase.

Zhang Yang moved towards the entrance of the tomb and kited the boss to the exit of the tomb. Once there, he zoomed towards her and gave a slash. He positioned himself between Amansari and the entrance of the tomb.

Amansari charged towards Zhang Yang. In retaliation, Zhang Yang had not flown upwards, instead, he brandished his sword and blasted out waves of attack.

{Horizontal Sweep}! {Destructive Smash}! {Frost Strike}!

Leaving only afterimages, the sword flew around as Zhang Yang controlled the movement of the sword in his hands masterfully. He wanted to try and mimic the speed of Princess Helena’s {Thousand Shadow Slash}. However, there was still a limit to his own Dexterity and the speed of which he could it move around. Even so, splashes of blood poured out of the boss and tainted the sky.

"D*mn you! D*mn you!" The countess was enraged. She then cast a {Flame Shield} and chanted {Explosive Flame}. Since the boss’ skill cannot be interrupted, the boss did not need to keep a distance from Zhang Yang like a player does. The only thing that was probably going on in her mind was to kill Zhang Yang as fast as she could.

"Is Zhan Yu alone?!"

From the corner of the buildings, a few Japan-Korea region players were lurking about. They gathered their courage and moved closer to spectate the battle. After they ensured that Helena was no longer in the fight, everyone cheered and entered the battle to attack Zhang Yang.

All ranged attackers stood at 30 meters away from Zhang Yang and attacked. As for the melee attackers, they shot to the sky and formed a formation to attack Zhang Yang in a group.

"We will let this f*cker has a taste of his own medicine!"

"Someone! Go and guard the graveyard! Don’t let him revive there and get away!"

"That’s right! Even if his level remains, we can still get all his equipment and item!"

Zhang Yang could not believe what he just heard. Did they really think that they could fight him, let alone kill him when he is in his God of War "mode"?

Zhang Yang waited until the melee attackers got closer to him and activated {Shadow Clone}! At the same time, he cast {Crushing Strike}!

By then, his God of War EP was at 12 points. Zhang Yang had only attacked the boss with his normal attack. He had, instead, used the 12 EP on the players. On average, his attack power was already beyond 100,000. The end result of the {Crushing Strike} would be 300%! A total of 300,000 damage!

By then, if no one had their own Transformation skills activated, everyone would be instantly killed! When the bright light flashed by, 12 players who were the closest to Zhang Yang were killed instantly. They had no idea what even happened!

Sadly, the clones produced by the skill could not carry the equipment special effect. Hence, the attacks dealt to the boss was exactly 10% of Zhang Yang’s original damage.

Take note that the damage dealt by Zhang Yang could only be seen by him! There were three Zhang Yangs on the field, now. Players around started to feel a sudden fear creeping into their souls! One Zhang Yang was already a problem, but there were three now!

"It’s fake! It’s a mirror image!" someone cried. "The fake ones shouldn’t be as durable! Kill them!"

All ranged attackers then adjusted their crosshairs and aimed at all three Zhang Yangs. However, all three Zhang Yangs had the same 7,000,000 HP!

How do you explain that!?

During the God of War Transformation effect, Zhang Yang would have 40% magic attack nullification chance. His physical attack Defense would be extremely high, even when compared to his usual standards. With the extra 20% damage reduction skill, the damage reduction was far greater than the Level Suppression of a boss!

How does one kill God of War Zhang Yang when regular Zhang Yang is already freaking hard to kill!? There’s three of them, for God’s sake!

"What is that Inheritance?! The Doppelganger Inheritance?"

"No way! It’s even stronger than the Mirror Image Inheritance! He has made 2 copies of himself!"

Not many knew of the {Shadow Clone} skill and had wrongly guessed Zhang Yang’s Inheritance. The truth was that the skill {Shadow Clone} was a reward gained from the main story quest that Zhang Yang had accepted when he was only Level 10! Perhaps, it was yet another one-of-a-kind skill!

Zhang Yang scoffed and left them to their misguided assumptions. The battle continued on with a strong fervor. On one hand, Zhang Yang was fighting the boss, on the other, he had hurled {Spear of Obliterations} with every chance he got. Now that he had gained a power boost, every hit of his {Spear of Obliteration} was 98,311 – 113,988. Unless Zhang Yang’s target was mounted on a Yellow-Gold tier mount or higher, they would be killed instantly.

Felice and the Thunderhawk remained in the tomb with the barrier on Zhang Yang’s command. They had been asked to stand guard over the barrier to alert Zhang Yang if any intruders manage to infiltrate the entrance. That, or the possibility of a player having a skill similar to {Burrow}.


Amansari cast {Flare} continuously onto Zhang Yang. The damage dealt to him was roughly around 36,000 damage. However, there was still a 40% chance of her attacks being nullified! Every time her flames were extinguished by Zhang Yang, she would shriek out in frustration and cast another {Flare} at an increased power and size.

Zhang Yang could not be bothered by it. Or rather, he could not find a single f*ck to give. Zhang Yang only needed to make sure that he remains between the boss and the entrance. As such, the space given to the other players to attack him was extremely limited. With both a high magical attack nullification chance and extremely powerful Defensive abilities, it would be extremely difficult to hurt him.

"Wretched one! I curse you! Curse you to hell!" Amansari bellowed like a deranged woman. Although she had the {Flame Shield} to provide herself a temporary HP extension, the skill had a long 1-minute cooldown. Under Zhang Yang’s heavy barrage, the shield could only last as long as 10 seconds before it is removed.

While the battle between the boss and Zhang Yang was going on strongly, players of Japan-Korea regions were so embarrassed and frustrated that they could have just raged quit the game! Zhang Yang was practically surrounded by a thousand players, yet they could do no damage to him! It’s a shame that no man could bear if word spreads out!

Right then, the reinforcements had arrived. From 1,000 players, their numbers rose up to 2,000. Slowly and steadily, the numbers had even increased to 7,000! Amongst the 7,000 players, many of them possessed Inheritance. They had immediately activated their Transformation skills and charged towards Zhang Yang at great speed.

"Zhan Yu! Today is the day you will die!"

"I’ll tear you up! Limb from limb!"

The fuss and panic one man could bring to an entire server already brought them great shame. It was a shame that would not be redeemed, even with Zhang Yang’s death! However, if they could not kill him, the shame of it would be so bad that it would even affect their name in real life! It was a national pride!

Zhang Yang merely scoffed at the sight of the players. {Shadow Clone} would only last for another 10 seconds. Right then, players had not even managed to detect the real Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang focused on the task of killing Amansari first. The reason was to allow Helena to rejoin him in battle to kill all the players who had butted into his quest!

The poor Amansari was a Mythical tier boss, and her skill {Flare} was as strong as {Thousand Shadow Slash}. Since Zhang Yang just alone, the skill was completely wasted on him! On the other hand, {Explosive Flame} could deal as much as 80,000 damage to Zhang Yang, but it could not be compared to Helena’s {Chaos Strike}!

Even though the boss had 39,000,000 HP and the one-minute long cooldown {Flame Shield}, Zhang Yang’s super-powered DPS of over 100,000 was bringing down Amansari’s HP like an unstoppable avalanche!

"Zhan Yu! It seems that you’re bullying your way around as usual. I shall have you taste your own medicine!" A familiar male voice roared from the side. Zhang Yang glared from the corner of his eyes and saw the source of the voice. It was Musashi Ousama.

"Don’t think that we are pushovers!" cried Shuro Ousama, who was standing not far away from Musashi Ousama. One by one, more and more players arrived by their side and unleashed their Transformation skills.

All of the players of the Japan-Korea region had suffered the Level -5 penalty from the Ancient Creature war. It was a huge, negative impact on them all! The reduction of levels have delayed the players in finding Inheritances! Even though it had been a month, most of them had not yet still regained their levels from the penalty! Inheritances were still very scarce in this region!

Only 7 players in the entire crowd possessed Inheritances!