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Chapter 596: A Change of Stream

Chapter 596: A Change of Stream

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Seven Inheritance players, one boss against one Zhang Yang, and not a single d*mn was given. He merely threw a disdainful glare at them and focused on the boss. The boss cannot be underestimated. Even though Zhang Yang was in his super-powered mode, he had to end the fight as soon as possible.

"Zhan Yu! Enough with your insolence!" Musashi Ousama screamed angrily. He raised a palm up and twisted his arm in dramatic fashion, conjuring a tornado which zoomed towards Zhang Yang.

The tornado skill was Musashi Ousama’s Inheritance skill. It could deal massive damage, and spins the target in the air before disappearing, which will cause the target to fall and receive heavy fall damage. Although Zhang Yang could avoid the fall damage since he could fly, the tornado would still send him spinning in the air uncontrollably. Technically, the tornado skill’s movement speed was slow and was much more suited for large crowds. Musashi Ousama used the skill because he had assumed that Zhang Yang would not move away from the entrance of the tomb and would take the skill head on.

Zhang Yang noticed the incoming tornado and raised an eyebrow. He was disappointed that Musashi Ousama would even think of using a skill like that against him. Zhang Yang calculated the trajectory of the tornado and the E.T.A of it. When the tornado was about to touch him, Zhang Yang simply moved around, circling the boss, and came back to his original position without a scratch.

Shuro Ousama did not stop there. When Zhang Yang was about to return to his position, he sneaked behind the tornado, planning to strike Zhang Yang without him noticing. However, Zhang Yang was circling around the boss, so, when he made a 360 degrees turn, he coincidentally ended up behind Shuro Ousama. Zhang Yang cranked up his muscles and put his entire weight behind the shield and slammed Shuro Ousama in his face. The shield bash was so powerful that even though it did not inflict any HP damage, it still caused Shuro Ousama’s neck to snap backward. Like a gymnast performing a backflip, Shuro Ousama was sent flying, some of his teeth crushed into pieces. Half of his face was bulging out like a fat pig.

Zhang Yang snickered and returned to his original position to continue his fight with the boss.

"ARGH! I will kill you!" cried Shuro Ousasma. The player was a Berserker class. He should have more strength than a Guardian, but his equipment was simply not up to par with Zhang Yang’s. Thus, he was forcefully "knocked back" by Zhang Yang’s Supporting Attack.

Shuro Ousama got to his feet and roared to the high heavens. The ground cracked opened and out came a large, 3-meter tall white skeletal soldier. The skeletal soldier did not approach Zhang Yang, rather, it moved towards the dead bodies of the players around.

[Skeletal Infector] (Summoned)

Level: 103

HP: 200,000

Defense: 1,100

Attack Power: 6,853 – 8,853


[Corpse Infection]: Infects a corpse and bring it back to life. Limited to Humanoid corpses 10 meters around the caster. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

In the beginning, there was only one. The summoned unit was not a threat, especially when it only had 200,000 HP. However, the unit was extremely useful in a full-scale war when there are plenty of bodies lying around! Although the summoned unit had a low time duration, it would form a large army of skeletons. When the death toll increases, so would the number of skeletons.

Zhang Yang was bound to the entrance of the tomb. Even a monkey would know that he was defending something inside. Hence, all of them changed their strategy, their new aim was to infiltrate the tomb!

Zhang Yang threw a {Spear of Obliteration} towards the Skeletal Infector and had dealt damage equivalent to slightly over half of his HP, failing to kill it. The Infector moved to the dead body of a player and spat a black cloud at it. The darkness entered the body which made it expand, eventually blowing up in a bloody scene of exploding guts and innards. A new Skeletal Infector was born and joined the fight.

Shuro Ousama laughed evilly and even licked his lips. "Yes…That’s right. More skeletons! Make more skeletons for me!"

The numbers shot up exponentially from 3 to 8, to 27 monsters. Due to the sheer number of dead players around, an army of Skeletal Infectors was born easily.

"Have no fear! Just charge in and kill! I will turn you into attackers even after you die!" cried Shuro Ousama proudly as he omitted the crucial word, "Undead" attacker.

It was extremely easy to counter such a pushing strategy. All he had to do was to rush over to Shuro Ousama and kill him! With the summoner, all the summoned unit will perish along with him. The problem then, was that Zhang Yang could not move away from the spot! He could only watch the skeletal monsters rise in numbers! Still, even if there were a million of them there, Zhang Yang’s immense defensive power, even in his normal mode, would reduce their attack down to 1. How could they attack him when his Defense is so much stronger than their attack power!?

Zhang Yang was obviously calm, while Shuro Ousama was cheering and jumping with joy. Zhang Yang chuckled at his monkey-like behavior and turned back to the boss.


As Zhang Yang was hacking away Amansari’s HP down, the players around could not do anything since they were an ally of Amansari. They could not even heal her, as she was a green-tag NPC! The system only allowed players to heal NPC from their own major cities. For example, players from all over China could heal NPCs of White Jade Castle but could not heal NPCs from Morning Town. It was beyond their jurisdiction.

Hence, players around could only stare in dismay as their territory boss crept closer to death. They could not even butt in to attack her! Killing a friendly NPC would not provide any experience points or loot.

When Shuro Ousama was satisfied with the number of Infectors that he had "made", he ordered all of them to attack Zhang Yang. A sea of skeletons rushed over and got between the boss and him. As many thin, brittle skeletal arms smacked him, the only sensation Zhang Yang felt was a tiny bump. As if someone was using a cotton bud to gently prod him. When Shuro Ousama saw this, he stopped cheering. It was already too late for him to realize that Zhang Yang was completely out of his league. Zhang Yang’s level was not something that a normal monster could harm!

Zhang Yang’s skills {Shield Wall}, {God of War Radiance}, and {Rearm} were all used to initiate the counterattack.


Zhang Yang thrust his hands out and cast {Glare of the Death God}. A black smoke appeared on Amansari’s character and formed into a grinning skull.


Zhang Yang then summoned Devastator. He went all out; throwing {Horizontal Sweep}, {Frost Strike}, {Destructive Smash}, {Force Strike}, and a few strikes of {Cripple Defense} to fill up the time. Since all skills shared a global cooldown, he had made sure to deal a normal attack in the gaps. Hence, in 10 seconds, he had only managed to deal 13 attacks. Devastator had also contributed 10 hits, which totaled up to 23 hits. Among the 23 hits, only 4 hits had triggered the {Glare of the Death God} effect. It was rather unfortunate, but he had wasted 6 strikes.

Although the Devastator was destroyed by the players in a matter of minutes, Zhang Yang was not bothered by it. All he needed Devastator to do was to increase the attack count for the skill {Glare of the Death God} to proc.


Death was certain for Amansari, and players of Japan-Korea region were going crazy. Their numbers had shot up to tens of thousands by then, but all they could do was to stare blindly and awkwardly at Zhang Yang killing the boss. Even though he had positioned himself well, it was still something no single man could pull off!

It was a huge shame to them! Zhang Yang had not even taken note of the players around and entered their territory boldly, taken their boss, and battled on their grounds! Whoever who could handle the shame and disgrace can become a god!


The players made a last-ditch attempt and charged towards Zhang Yang.


"I-I grah! No!" Amansari was killed by Zhang Yang and exploded with loot. Those were Mythical equipment! Players who had charged in were instantly distracted by the drops and stared at them. Amansari was a friendly NPC to him, so, even if they had struck her, the loot that dropped from her cannot be picked up by them. Zhang Yang blasted few players aside and proceeded to pick up all the loots.

It was a tough battle for Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was not afraid of physical attacks, come one or a million of monsters, he would take them and return their attack ten fold. However, magic attacks such as {Fire Missile} and {Frost Arrow} were threats to him. Even though their individual damage was not particularly high, one hundred of them would kill him nonetheless! Hence, after he had picked all the loots, Zhang Yang rushed into the tomb.

"Chase him!"

Players noticed his immediate withdrawal from the battle and followed in as if they had just gained the advantage. Only Dusk Phoenix had ever forced him to flee before, and that was already an achievement. Even though they did not know why he fled, they claimed the credit and chased after him.

"You’ve done well. Zhan Yu. I was right to put my trust in you!" Zhang Yang could hear the voice of Helena echoing in his ears when he was close enough.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Saving Banct Roland. Obtained 10,000,000 Experience Points! Defensive Barrier HP: 1,000,000. Score: Perfect!’

‘Ding! You have obtained a reward: Helena’s Charm!’

[Helena’s Charm] (Mythical, Accessory)

Equip: Increases your attack and healing rate by 5%.

Equip: Grants a 1% chance to create a Life Orb upon receiving an attack. A maximum of 10 Life Orbs can be created. In non-combat status, all Life Orbs will disappear after 30 seconds.

Use: Consumes all Life Orbs and heals you by 30,000 HP per Life Orb. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Level Requirement: 130

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

Note: The charm was made with the power of an ancient magician. You can sense a powerful magic just by holding it in your hands.

Zhang Yang nodded his head, pleased.

Zhang Yang replaced the accessory [Heart of the Death Knight] with [Helena’s Charm]. The accessory [Heart of the Death Knight] had been nerfed greatly and would only give Zhang Yang a split-second Invincibility, and nothing more. It was time to replace it.

Thud. Thud.

Two footsteps were heard. Helena tenderly supported the handsome, restored Banct Roland out of the barrier and the two shared an intimate moment.

[Banct Roland] (Mythical, Spectre)

Level: 130

HP: 39,000,000

Defense: 5,560

Magic Attack: 41,464 – 51,464


[Corruption Arrow]: Launches arrows with the power of corruption in all direction 40 meters from the caster to deal 50,000 Shadow Damage.

[Crippling Pain]: Tortures a target, dealing 200% magical attack, Shadow damage and reduces the target’s attack power by 20%. Channeling: 3 seconds. Range: 30 meters.

[Soul Offering]: Burns own soul and sacrifice the caster’s 10% HP to restore 30% of Helena’s HP. Grants Helena "Berserk" and increases all her attacks by 100%.

Note: Once a famous and powerful magician in the land. Although he was turned into a Spectre, his knowledge and power remain. His mortal body may have perished, but his love for Helena burns brightly with an undying will.

Another Mythical tier boss!

Zhang Yang was delighted. With two Mythical tier bosses and him, and his S class Inheritance, he could wipe out all the players in the map till they cry back to their mummy’s arms.

"Congratulations to Princess Helena and Mr. Roland. May the fire of your love burn for all eternity!" Zhang Yang wished them from the bottom of his heart.

"You have my most sincere gratitude, warrior!" Banct lowered his head to thank him.

"Come, my love. We must leave this place!" said Helena.

Banct nodded and said, "People think that I have been long dead. I plan to keep it that way."

"Kill!!!" Echoes of players’ roar come into the tombs and a few had even shown up.

"Hm? More Insolent fools." Helena glared and unsheathed her sword. Banct gently held her face before letting go. The woman exchanged a loving stare before her eyes were filled with intense killing intent. She rushed over to the players and unleashed a barrage of {Thousand Shadow Slash}. All of the players who entered the tombs were instantly killed by her.

"WHAT!?" None of them had expected Helena to still be alive. Before they could run out of the tombs, they were killed by Helena. Silence crept back into the tomb when all players were killed mercilessly.

Helena took the lead while Zhang Yang and Banct followed behind, unobstructed. With haste, all of them made it out of the underground tomb.

The moment Zhang Yang stepped out, players saw him. However, before they rushed in, they noticed both Helena and Banct. The new boss’ skill was strong. Any smart person could see that they should not attack Helena first since the skill would heal and provide a 100% attack boost. The correct strategy to kill both bosses would be to separate them both. One tank would need to kite Helena away while all other DPSers would have to kill Banct as quickly as they can.

The problem was that Zhang Yang was protecting them! What kind of strategy could help them then!?

"Two bosses!? Haha! Awesome!"

"Kill them both! Get their loot!"

"Hah! Zhan Yu as well! Kill them all!"

The players who were late to the scene had not seen Helena’s prowess in battle. Hence, they rushed in without thinking much and attacked.

"Hmph." Helena scoffed and brandished her sword. With lightning speed that surpassed anyone in the world, she unleashed her {Thousand Shadow Slash} continuously, killing all who dared attack her.

The Spectre Princess was just like Queen Serena. When they wished someone to die, not even fate could prevent that. Her attacks were quick and ruthless. She could instantly turn a player who was standing still into perfectly diced cubes of human flesh with {Chaos Strike}.

"Swarm them!" cried Shuro Ousama. Many players had fallen to Helena, and the number of Skeletal Infectors had increased exponentially. With such numbers, even ants could take down an elephant. Using that strategy, Shuro Ousama was hoping that his army of the undead would kill both bosses by slowly hacking away at their HP.

Clak Clak Clak Clak…

All the Skeletal Infector marched towards Helena and Banct. However, when Helena noticed their arrival, she lowered her sword and glared at the army. A sudden bright light flashed across her eyes. At the same time, her mouth muttered something in an inaudible and foreign language. It was subtle but the effect was obvious. All of the Skeletal Infectors stopped their movements and bowed down to Princess Helena as if they were her own soldiers and Princess Helena was their true ruler. None of them even stopped to listen to Shuro Ousama’s command!

The day of revolution has arrived!

Shuro Ousama’s jaw touched the ground.