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Chapter 597: Scared

Chapter 597: Scared

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Shuro Ousama had spent the whole time creating an army of Infectors but all of a sudden, all of them had turned against him. He quickly turned tail and ran. All of the Skeletal Infector had turned around to attack him.

He had never expected his own ultimate skill to be used against him. The first slap in his face was that all the Skeletal Infectors could not do any damage to Zhang Yang. The second slap, and the hardest one, was that he had just given the boss an army of Skeletal Infectors for free! By the looks of how the Infectors had bowed respectfully to the boss, they would most likely be used against him!

Princess Helena made another inaudible and incomprehensible muttering, causing all the Skeletal Infectors to turn around and glare at the Japan-Korea region players. Their original hollow eye sockets burned brightly with the green-emerald flames of the Spectre!

Thousands of Skeletal Infectors marched outside the tomb and laid waste to all the players.

"Oi! What are you doing Shuro Ousama!"

"Wrong side! Wrong side! Friendly fire!"

"F*ck you! You’re worse than a stupid pig!"

Even though the numbers of Skeletal Infector were only by the thousands, the few tens of thousands of players in the castle were getting the goosebumps. Abyssal Skeletal Inheritance was the Inheritance that Shuro Ousama had. Even though it was only a C class Inheritance, given enough time, the cumulative damage of the entire army of Skeletons would be extremely powerful. Hence, when the Skeletal Infector was turned to Princess Helena’s side, it was terrifying.

Shuro Ousama had to keep his mouth shut, even though he was enraged and ashamed. How could he have predicted that Helena would have the power to subdue his own army of skeletal soldiers!? Still, if you were part of these attacking players, you would surely be cursing him as his army washes you away!

Technically, the skeletal soldiers were not that hard to deal with. Zhang Yang could easily deal 70 to 80% damage with a single strike of {God of War Crushing Strike}. However, unlike Zhang Yang, players with no Inheritance Transformation skills would find them troublesome. The main problem was their numbers, not their attack. Together, they stood strong, like an army of ants gobbling up an elephant. Plus, they looked extremely disgusting, with innards dangling out of their rotten jaws.

After all the Skeletal Infectors had marched out of the tombs, it was Princess Helena’s turn to shine. She walked out of the archway and revealed herself to the world. Her blades were unsheathed and {Thousand Shadow Slash} was unleashed onto the players. Banct followed closely to her and fired {Corruption Arrows}. Even though Banct’s power was not as devastating as Princess Helena’s {Thousand Shadow Slash}, it definitely helped finish off any player who somehow survives. Both of their aligned attacks can instantly kill all non-tank players effortlessly.

Zhang Yang was still in the archway, leaning against the pillar and laughed at the scene of pathetic players attempting to land a hit on Princess Helena. After a good laugh, Zhang Yang showed his presence in the battlefield by striking the floor with {Crushing Strike}, dealing blasts of light from the earth to deal more than 30,000 damage to everyone. Sadly, without the little annoying brat’s {Strength Aura} 12% Strength bonus, his damage would not reach above 40,000. No matter, his attack was extremely useful, since the AoE was 100 meters wide! As long as he lands a hit on everyone, it would work wonders!

With haste, the two bosses and Zhang Yang had immediately gained the upper hand in the battle. Plus, with the thousands of Skeletal Infectors "assisting" the fight, the Japan-Korea region players stood no chance!

Naturally, being the easiest to kill, many Skeletal Infectors were destroyed. However, now that Princess Helena had taken over the controls of the Infectors, the dead players were being converted to more Skeletal Infectors to replenish the army! In the end, the players came to a final decision.


The active time limit of the Skeletal Infectors was 2 minutes. Many of them knew about it. However, due to the unfavorable conditions of the battle, the players decided to fall back and leave the field to prevent further deaths until the time limit. After that, all of the Skeletal Infectors should fall apart, and players would have it slightly easier. It was not worth dying to those pathetic Skeletal Infectors and wasting their money on repair fees.

After several hundred more players died during the retreat, the battlefield was now barren. From afar, all the Japanese and Korean players recuperated. The number of Skeletal Infectors had returned to Princess Helena’s side and had organized themselves in a neat formation. With Princess Serena, Banct, and Zhang Yang as the central point, the Skeletal Infector formed a defensive formation, positioning themselves to protect the central point from all attacks from all directions.

No one could expect someone like Zhang Yang to bring out a boss like that into the castle and wreak havoc.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud at the useless attempt of the Japanese and Korean’s provocations to challenge him to a one on one duel. He flew upwards and hovered slightly above the castle’s peak and bellowed in the public channel.

"Fellow players of the Japan-Korea region, if you do not wish to continue our friendly match, I will now humbly take my leave!"


"Give us back our territory!"

"One day, we will have our revenge! We will dominate all of China’s major cities!"

"Kill all the Chinese dogs!"

Knowing that they could not hurt him, they could only shout empty threats to him, hoping to scare him away.

Zhang Yang spotted the group of players who were screaming the loudest and decided to teach them a lesson. He spread his wings out and zoomed towards them. With a quick slash of his blade, he dealt more than 200,000 damage in one hit and instantly emptied out the field of noisemakers.

There was another group of players behind the first that he had obliterated. They had intended to help, but seeing how the others had been instantly killed by Zhang Yang, they had no choice but to run away. Zhang Yang flew to them and activated "Crushing Strike" to deal 30,000 damage with 20 bright blasts of lights. All that was left behind were the dead bodies of players, and three surviving players with little to no HP left. Zhang Yang shot to them and landed a series of skills to end their lives.

Initially, the noisy chattering went on and on. However, after Zhang Yang terminated a group of players, the ranting stopped immediately.

Anyone could be a legendary killer if they get their hands on a strong Inheritance. However, getting their hands on one would be another matter. Only strong players like Zhang Yang, an entity of a Death God could obtain such an Inheritance and become something even stronger. He was not some random strong player that could be killed with numbers. The group of players that Zhang Yang had just killed was the noisiest bunch. Zhang Yang was weeding out the noisy chickens. It caused a domino effect that had sent a message to all players around. Everyone was silenced immediately. Someone as powerful as Zhang Yang could immediately snipe the general of a million soldiers by flying straight into the formation without the need to fight.

The group that Zhang Yang had just killed had dropped a few Yellow-Gold equipment and one Violet-Platinum equipment. While everyone was watching, Zhang Yang flew down to the ground and picked the equipment casually. Everyone was furious, however, there was nothing that they could do. They did not even dare make a squeak, fearing that they might be his next targets.

"Zhan Yu! We must make haste!" cried Helena.

"Yes. My princess!" Zhang Yang smirked to the other players who had retreated and flew back to the bosses.

Before leaving, Banct turned back to the castle and stared at a particular window on the far side of the castle. There was a glint of longing and regret. Zhang Yang patted his shoulder and gave him a smile. Banct recollected his composure and nodded to Zhang Yang before taking hold of Helena’s hands. Banct then conjured a shadowy portal.

"Let’s go." Princess Helena voice tone was extremely soft and soothing when she spoke to Banct. Banct nodded and smiled at her as the two undead lovers crossed the portal, leaving Zhang Yang still on the other side.

Before he left, Zhang Yang turned back only to find the Japanese and Korean players about to jump at him. Zhang Yang smiled, said nothing, and went into the portal.

If he were to say anything at all, the public channel would be flooded with more insults and curses. However, his gesture, his actions had spoken of his intentions. He was completely looking down at them! When a victor had won a meaningless battle, he would be so disappointed that he would not even give a demeaning speech. That was a psychological attack that would break anyone!

When Banct Roland was a dying, he could still conjure a portal that led Zhang Yang out of Anjar Castle. Now that he had been reborn and gained the status of a Mythical tier boss, his powers had been upgraded. The portal that he conjured had led all of them straight to Tibanya Wasteland’s, right at the palace ruins.

"Adventurer. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us," said Banct as he held Princess Helena’s hands. Princess Helena smiled as she stared at Banct lovingly. Zhang Yang felt a strong sense of dismay. Now that he had worked so hard with these two Spectre bosses, it would not be right to bring a team to kill them!

Zhang Yang felt the need to leave them alone.

"I bid you farewell Mr. Banct. Princess Helena." Zhang Yang bowed and left the two long lost lovers alone. Zhang Yang’s God of War Transformation was still active and there was still time before it ends. Zhang Yang took this opportunity to hunt for monsters to grind some levels.

As he killed a few strong monsters, Zhang Yang took the time to review some of the items that he had collected from Amansari. She was a Level 130 Mythical tier boss. Her loot should be of some standard.

The boss had dropped a total of two Mythical tier equipment and two Violet-Platinum equipment. There was also one skill book and one Amateur tier Aura Stone. Zhang Yang had not bothered to look at the Violet-Platinum tier equipment. Before he examined the other items, Zhang Yang used the Aura Stone and leveled his {Vitality Aura} to Level 7. At Level 7, the {Vitality Aura} would provide a staggering 28% Vitality boost. His maximum HP was now 7,996,800. His normal HP should be 199,920!

Fortunately, the skill book he found was a Warrior class!

[Superior Cripple Defense (Passive)]: Reduces 5 seconds from the cooldown time of {Killing Cleave} with every successful hit of {Cripple Defense}.

The skill {Killing Cleave} can only be used when a target’s HP is below 20%. After the patch, the skill’s Rage cost had been readjusted to make it even easily accessible. Not only could it be used to deal an explosive amount damage, it would help a player fully utilize the Rage points efficiently.

Since {Killing Cleave} had a 30 seconds cooldown time, it would be extremely difficult to be used in PvP battles or boss fights. Hence, with the skill {Superior Cripple Defense} upgrade, granting a 5 seconds reduction in cooldown time with every hit of {Cripple Defense}, {Killing Cleave} could immediately be used when Zhang Yang lands 5 strikes of {Cripple Defense}. Take note that there will be a 5 seconds global cooldown duration. Still, even though Zhang Yang had gained this upgrade to {Cripple Defense} it did not mean that he should be prioritizing {Cripple Defense} instead of other skills like {Horizontal Sweep}, or {Destructive Smash}.

{Cripple Defense} could be used to compensate an attack when {Horizontal Sweep} or {Destructive Smash} was in cooldown. Since the skill was, technically free for him, be it a 5 second or 10-second reduction in cooldown, it was a buff that should be utilized.

Among the two Mythical tier equipment, one was a Sacred Knight class, but the other was applicable to him.

Zhang Yang trained a little more and when the Transformation skill ended, Zhang Yang went to White Jade Castle and had the two items Identified.

[Silent Destroyer Glove] (Mythical, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +160

Vitality: +1,376

Strength: +646

Dexterity: +281

{Level 4 Socket}

Equip: Increases 2,750 maximum HP.

Equip: Increases 5% attack and healing rate.

Equip: Absorbs 545 damage when attacked.

Level Requirement: 130

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

After the glove was Identified, Zhang Yang went ahead and socketed a [Level 4 Strength Gem Stone]. All in all, the Attack Boost Zhang Yang had gained from all his equipment was 100%. It was another huge jump in power!

[Player: Zhan Yu]

Level: 117

HP: 215,120 (Vitality Aura)

Defense: 5,320

Attack: 30,512 – 35,056 (15,256 – 17,528 X 200%)

Damage Absorption: 4,472

Zhang Yang smiled at the thought of posting those stats to all his friends. They would surely be jealous!