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Chapter 599: The Myth Assaults

Chapter 599: The Myth Assaults

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This entity…should be the character of an important story. Or was…

The strongest ranked characters among the demons would be the Demon Leaders like Rougelier, or the Fallen Wind Ranger Calina, who were all Celestial tier bosses. Any bosses lower than the Demon Leader’s position would be the Demon Brigadier Generals followed by Demon Generals.

Hachilles was only banished, exiled after he had made a move on the wife of his higher-ups. From a certain perspective, this character should be extremely tough, since he had not be subjected to execution! Either Hachilles himself was too strong to be killed, or the higher-ups had been lenient enough to spare his life. Either way around, the Demons are not to be messed with.

Still, speculations would not help in games. There was no way to judge a character’s strength until one fights him. However, in a situation where you are playing an ultra reality MMORPG, you could judge a person’s strength just by looking at his or her status profile or flavor text. The demon’s AoE attack power was already insanely strong. Or better yet, his normal single target skill would kill a player in a matter of a second! If he kills one player every 2 seconds, he could possibly kill 1,800 players in just an hour. That would only be his single target skill alone! Such a boss would definitely possess a strong AoE killing skill! Queen Serena has her Meteor Sword, Princess Helena has her {Thousand Shadow Slash}, what would stop this demon general from having a skill of mass destruction!?

A proper analysis would show you that Hachilles has two AoE skills, the {Meteor Reign} and the {Shadow Cleave}. {Shadow Cleave} is a skill that could be easily avoided by standing away from his front. On the other hand, to compensate for that limited AoE, Hachilles possess the {Meteor Reign} which randomly strikes a large area! The problem was that the true area and timing of the attack would not be known.

The icing on the cake would be the boss’ {Devilish Tenacity}. With 300,000,000 HP, the demon could heal 1% or 100,000 HP every 30 seconds. To put it in simpler words, if the entire army of players could not fork out more than 100,000 damage every 30 seconds, defeating the boss would be an impossible task. You can stand there and swing away for an entire year, and the boss would still be doing his own thing without even noticing your presence!

Zhang Yang frowned. This calls for extreme improvisations. The boss’ skill had rendered his usual "grinding" strategy useless. That, and the skill - {Glare of the Death God}. He would barely manage it if the entire team devotes their resources only on staying alive!

Even if they could somehow stay alive and deal as much damage as they could, the boss’ Level was still much higher than theirs. With the level suppression gap system in place, both the players’ output damage and damage taken will be affected greatly. Paired with the boss’ ability to restore his own HP, it would take a miracle to kill him.

That was the reason why Zhang Yang and his merry friends had not managed to take down any S class and A class Inheritance bosses. All of them had HP recovery skills which would grind the players down instead of the other way round.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. He had not expected Hachilles to own such a bothersome skill.

Snow Seeker walked over to Zhang Yang and pats his shoulder. "It’s up to you now, guild master Zhan Yu. We’ll be counting on you."

Snow Seeker’s sudden intimate mannerism greatly emphasized her mature-lady beauty. The way she winked her eyes at Zhang Yang made Endless Starlight and Fatty Han drool all over the floor.

"Ayy boi, bring it out then yeah! Stick em hard! Stick em rough!" Perfume Water teased them with her boisterous, tomboyish attitude. She had even winked playfully and glanced at Zhang Yang’s crotch. The other girl players around giggled as she did.

Zhang Yang continued to sigh heavily. Fatty Han got agitated and spoke out, "Perfumed Water, little Yang’s is only medium sized! Would you dare feast your eyes on my cannons?!"

White Orchid immediately scoffed. "Actions speak louder than words. I dare you to strip down right now and show it to us!"

"Yeah! Show it! Show it!"

"Strip! Strip! Strip!"

Right then, the girl squad cheered on and moved closer to Fatty Han menacingly.

Fatty Han’s attempt to incite shame on the girls had backfired in his own face. Feeling overwhelmed, Fatty Han hid his crotch with his hands and hid behind Zhang Yang. Fatty Han was terrified of them. It was as if they would pounce on him and tear his clothes to pieces. Endless Starlight, who was quiet the whole time, patted himself on the back. Fortunately, he had held his silence, or he would be harassed by the girls, again!

Just as the party was making preparations to fight the boss. Zhang Yang shouted at the top of his lungs. "STOP! WE HAVE COMPANY!"

"Who is it?" Snow Seeker rushed to his side and asked.

"The Myth. Liu, mother*cking, Wei," said Zhang Yang slowly, word by word.

From a great distance that was barely visible to the naked eye, a cloud of dust moved closer to their general direction. Countless mounts were galloping towards them, leaving a trail of dust clouds so big and wide that it resembled a small army. In the sky, there were also players flying in the sky thanks to their mounts, leading the army towards the not-so-tall-mountain.

Within a few minutes, the dust settled and the army stood before them. With a loud deafening shriek, a large bug with a sharp prickly body landed in front of the group of players. The large bug was a housefly. A 4 meter tall, disgusting, putrid housefly.

Sitting on the repulsive fly was the same disgusting player. Not that his appearance was disgusting, but the man that was sitting on it himself, everything from his voice, his eyes, his thoughts, were disgusting on a whole other level. It was Liu Wei, or Heaven’s Pride.

"Look what the cat dragged in. It’s Snow Seeker guild master!" Liu Wei looked down at her with eyes that spoke of indecency at the utmost level. Like a spider with only two eyes, the man laid his sight on the woman’s curves and traced every bend and arch that was on her body.

"What a coincidence! The gods must have a liking for me, for I must thank them for allowing me to meet you here, guild master Snow. Perhaps, we should talk to each other more often, face to face," said Liu Wei with a sinister grin.

Snow Seeker smiled coldly and replied him with professional courtesy. "I have to apologize for not being too familiar with Heaven’s Pride. I beg your pardon, however, we, Crimson Rage are currently in the progress of an activity. If you may excuse us, we shall be on our way.

"In that case, I will take that offer and allow you to be on your way. We, The Myth are here to defeat the boss right there." Liu Wei had failed notice it initially, but he had spotted Zhang Yang who was only standing next to Snow Seeker. Zhang Yang met his glare with his own and saw a glint of deep hatred in his eyes. Despite having vengeance towards the man, he had kept his mouth quiet and kept his composure. The case in Shanghai where he was thrown in prison for three days had made Liu Wei realize that Zhang Yang was a man with dangerous connections. He was not a man to be trifled with.

Snow Seeker immediately frowned when Liu Wei revealed his intentions. Anger burst out but was quickly hidden away with a poker face. "Guild master Heaven’s Pride. We, Crimson Rage were the first to be here. The boss is a target for elimination for a certain quest that we have. I urge you to maintain a certain level of courtesy and allow us, Crimson Rage to have this kill."

"Now that is what I call an interesting offer. As long as guild master Snow agrees to answer to only Heaven’s Pride, putting Crimson Rage to be under the command of The Myth. Get a room, lock the doors, and we will talk business." A shield bearing Knight rode out to the front and stood beside Liu Wei, spouting those words.

When the Knight spoke, players around Liu Wei had started to chuckle as they laid their lustful eyes on all the female players of Crimson Rage. It does not take a master in rocket science to know that they were having indecent thoughts.

Perfumed Water and the other female players fumed. Their faces burnt with fiery rage. They may tease and play with the Crimson Rage members, but no one will disgrace their Snow Seeker like that in public.

"I’d say, someone, is too lonely and dry! I urge you to run back home and jerk off to your own mom’s photo!"

"What a shame! Your father should have ejaculated to the floor when he prodded your mom! That’s where all the good ones went, you’re a leftover!"

"I have not lain with a man in half a year, and I would not even think of getting it on with 2 inch long dudes like you!"

All sorts of insults and dirty jokes were bombarded at the guys of The Myth. These women were not to be messed with, especially when even open closet perverts like Fatty Han and Endless Starlight would be terrified of them!

Liu Wei kept his composure like a professional. However, no matter how much he tried to hide it, Zhang Yang could still see the twitches of anger in his poker face. The girls of Crimson Rage had insulted him and his forefathers before him, his mother and her mother before her to the point where his entire family line had been shot down to the bottom of the society.

"Snow Seeker guild master!" Liu Wei suppressed his urge to strike as he raised his voice. "I’ll be frank here. I need an item from the boss to complete an Inheritance quest. Might I suggest a perfect solution to this mayhem? Perhaps we could cooperate with each other. The Myth demands nothing but the quest item only. As compensation, we will hand over all the other drops to Crimson Rage."

Zhang Yang widened his eyes in shock. Could it be that Liu Wei was also after the Demon Summoner Inheritance Keepsake? Zhang Yang could not help but worry. He was sure that the Inheritance Liu Wei possessed in his past life was the B class Inheritance Fiery Phoenix Inheritance.

Snow Seeker had grown tired of his false pretense and waved him off. "Coincidentally, we are also after the boss for an Inheritance quest. I have nothing to offer but apologies. I insist that Heaven’s Pride guild master allow us Crimson Rage to have the first kill. The Myth should wait for the next boss spawn to complete your quest."

"Hmph! Why should we wait! You’re the ones who should wait since you brought the idea up!" cried another player who had jumped to the front. He noticed that Liu Wei was in a pinch. He knew that Liu Wei wanted to get to Snow Seeker’s good side, yet could not bear to let the boss go. As a good underling, the player must step up to defend their boss when he is backed to a corner.

As such, Liu Wei raised an eyebrow and gave him an approving look.

"Nonsense! An open-world boss is there for all to kill! If there’s no agreement here, let’s kill for it! The winners take all!" Mellow Venom rudely interject and glared at the men of The Myth with killing intention.

"You wanna go!?"

"Bring it on, woman! Like I care about you!"

Both sides started trading insults and provocations. By the looks of it, a war was unavoidable. Both Fatty Han and Endless Starlight, who have been silently watching since the beginning were feeling a little left out.

Snow Seeker, on the other hand, sighed heavily at the behavior of her own members. If asked, she would confess that it was her fault for not taking care of them "properly". After all, they were a guild of 100% female members. Any form of maiden-demeanor had been dropped. No need to be "lady-like", faking their behavior for the likes of men. They were in a virtual reality after all. No one will know their real identities. Those that had expressed the most barbaric, savage attitudes were the white collar workers who were stressed out at work. It would be impossible to pinpoint the same person based on their appearance and behavior in the game.

Liu Wei dropped a cold stare. "Snow Seeker guild master. Do you want to have a war?"

Fatty Han finally gathered his courage and voiced out his opinion. "Liu Wei. You’re such a pussy, you know that? The ladies here are ready to strike on call and you’re standing, there asking for permission to even take a piss! Could it be, that you too, have been castrated? Don’t you have the balls to start a war on your own?!"

"Aww Yeah! Good one! Fatty bro!"

"Woohoo! I never knew that Fatty Bro is so manly! I’ll even consider having you in bed with me!"

"Fatty bro! Let’s do it after the boss fight!"

All the female players cheered for Fatty Han, which left Liu Wei in an even worse situation. With a solemn expression, Liu Wei turned to Zhang Yang, "Are you going to fight me again?!"

Zhang Yang shrugged and replied without looking him in the eye. "That, I say, would be an interesting event, wouldn’t it?"

Liu Wei scoffed and waved his hands. The army of players behind him fell back to create distance between the two guilds. A war was going to happen, no matter what.

Zhang Yang quickly switched to his party channel. "Do no use your Inheritance Transformation skills! We still have a boss to fight later! Spread it out!"


"Time to kill some boys for dinner, babes!" cried the girls of Crimson Rage.

They say there is a calm before a storm, a moment of peace before war. Whoever said that had never been in a female army! The atmosphere was so noisy that Zhang Yang had trouble paying attention to the actions of Liu Wei in the distance.

Liu Wei retreated to a safe distance and prepared himself. While Crimson Rage was still noisily raging on, The Myth was completely quiet. With a wave of his hands, Liu Wei signaled the advancement and thousands of players rushed onwards.

The Myth was a guild of elite players who had broken off from Imperial Sky. Using his semi-perpetual source of money, Liu Wei had bought a majority of professional players from Imperial Sky, forming The Myth with strong players. Crimson Rage was a famous top guild in the whole of China, so The Myth could be on the same level as them, only in terms of strength but not popularity.

The two sides clashed with each other, turning the quiet field into a sea of blood and bodies.

Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight, Lost Dream, and the other Lone Desert Smoke Inheritance holders joined the fight. Even though they had not activated their Transformation skills, their overall power and defense were above what normal players could take on. A small party of six Inheritance holders would be like a spearhead piercing through the thick mass of bodies, leaving nothing but dead players in their wake.

Under Snow Seeker’s personal orders, a group healers, consisting of 20 Priests and Sacred Knights tailed behind Zhang Yang’s party to keep them healed at all times. Zhang Yang was sure that his party would do just fine, however, from Snow Seeker’s perspective, they were her precious guests and must be kept alive at all times. If they were to be killed and lose their experience points as a result, or worse, drop an equipment, Snow Seeker would never again request for Zhang Yang’s help!

Zhang Yang’s current move was to aim at their leader. To kill a nest of bandits, kill their ringleader first. Zhang Yang aimed to take down Liu Wei before all others. Hence, with him taking the lead, Zhang Yang leaped into the air and zoomed towards Liu Wei on his Thunderhawk. "Don’t follow me. Stay on the ground and kill them!"

With {Burrow} and {Shadow of the Void}, Zhang Yang would never die even, if he was surrounded. He had made sure that no one would follow him in his crazy suicidal act since they did not possess any means of escape. Not even Lost Dream, who had {Vanish}.

"Zhang Yang. Are you here to kill yourself?" Liu Wei cried out when he saw Zhang Yang coming for him. Raising his voice, he cried to his army of players, "KILL THE MAN!"

Even though he had made sure that his voice could reach the sky, no one moved a muscle. Naturally, the man was infuriated. "Are you planning to betray me?" He snarled.

"Master Heaven’s Pride. It’s not that!" someone came to the front and explained promptly.
Zhan Yu is too high in the sky! He’s out of range!"

Liu Wei scoffed and stretched his neck to observe Zhang Yang’ position in the sky. He did not dare to lower his guard even though Zhang Yang was alone. After all, Zhang Yang was famous in China and even in Japan and Korea! From the commotions back in the Anjar Castle, Liu Wei knew that Zhang Yang was someone strong, even though he despised the man.

High in the sky, Zhang Yang was lost in his own thoughts. How is he going to reach that man? He then summoned Felice out and patted her head before asking her to kill Liu Wei. "Felice, could you be a dear and help big brother kill that bad guy there?" said Zhang Yang as he pointed at Liu Wei.

"Yes!" Felice squeaked in delight. "Felice would be happy to kill that bad guy!"

Liu Wei nearly spazzed out. How was that proper treatment to a child!? However, before he could react, Zhang Yang had shot down like a thunderbolt and appeared 2 inches from his face before burying his sword in his chest.


The attack had dealt an overwhelming damage that cost him more than one-third of his HP.

Liu Wei jumped backward and instantly activated {Ice Barrier}. Even though Liu Wei was fully equipped with Violet-Platinum equipment, his maximum HP was only over 60,000, and barely grazing 100,000 HP, even though he was on his battle mount. A few strikes more and Zhang Yang would have killed him.

Zhang Yang laughed and soared back to the airspace, 40 meters above Liu Wei. There, he circled around for a few moments to allow Liu Wei’s {Ice Barrier} to expire. 10 seconds was all Liu Wei had, after that, nothing is going save him from death.

"Those with flying mounts, get up to the sky and f*ck him up now!" cried Liu Wei as he started running to his bodyguards. "Anyone who can kill Zhan Yu will receive 100,000 dollars as a reward!"

They say that money can buy anything. In this case, a lot of money can buy a man’s courage. More than 20 players got on their flying mount and chased after Zhang Yang.