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Chapter 600: Chokehold

Chapter 600: Chokehold

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Zhang Yang smirked at their weak attempts of attacking him. Hence, to give them their fill of bloodthirst, Zhang Yang moved towards the incoming attack group and cut down the first player closest to him. Fresh blood splattered across the airspace.

"Use {Breaking Shot}!"

One of the Hunters fired an arrow which struck Zhang Yang on his head, successfully stunning him.

It was an extremely lucky shot. For a non-Inheritance player, it would be extremely tough to land a status effect skill on a player with Inheritance, due to their high resistance to status effects skills. If Zhang Yang were to activate his Transformation skill, the chances would be even lower.

{Warrior’s Will}!

Zhang Yang forcefully dispelled the stun effect on him and plunged his sword at the hunter with the skill {God of War Devastation}. The skill immediately killed the Hunter. Instead of waiting to be revived, the Hunter had immediately released his soul from his body and chose to revive at the graveyard. The now lifeless body slid of Zhang Yang’s sword and fell off its mount to the ground. The body struck the ground hard and became a human pancake.

Many other players behind the Hunter stopped and turned around as quickly as they came. Even though they had the advantage of numbers, Zhang Yang’s brutality left a frightening impression of Zhang Yang. No would want to be each other’s cannon fodder just to kill him! Why would they put their lives on the front line and be killed when other players behind would only benefit from their death!

With such a thought in mind, the melee fighters decided to fall back, allowing the ranged attackers to attack from afar.

Liu Wei saw the retreating players and bellowed angrily, "What are you scums doing!? Kill the f*cker! What am I paying you for? Hiding behind your mothers’ skirts?!"

Zhang Yang laughed and rode the Thunderhawk towards a Thief class player who was clearly running away from him. With quick, agile movements, Zhang Yang slashed the player on his right and maneuvered to his left and laid down another sword attack.

Naturally, the player was shocked to see him appearing on his right and left. There was nothing the Thief player could do because of the battle mount restriction! Mounting a battle mount had its advantages. One of the most profound benefits would be to increase the HP limit of a player. They would also gain a fair bit of DPS. However, during mounting, there exist restrictions on certain skills. For example, Zhang Yang was unable to use the skill {Thunder Strike} since it required him to stomp the ground and allow the electricity to travel through the ground!

As for the restrictions for Thieves, they would be unable to use the skill {Vanish}!

The main threat of a Thief to other players was their hidden presence on the battlefield, striking down foes without them realizing it. However, what do you call a Thief without the ability to remove his presence from the battlefield?

The skill {Vanish} could not be used during a player was mounted on a battle mount. However, if a player does use it forcefully, he will be forced off the mount. He would vanish instantly like normal, along with the mount. However, the Thief player that Zhang Yang was attacking was currently airborne! If he forced his mount back into his inventory, he would plummet straight down to the ground! If the fall damage does not kill him first, he would be rendered visible by taking damage all the same. It would only make him an easy target to kill.

Hence, Zhang Yang had prioritized Hunter and Thief classes first. At the very least, the skill {Blur} could still be used during mounting. The Thief that Zhang Yang was attacking had swift reactions. Just as Zhang Yang was about to land a third strike, he activated {Blur} and gained an enhanced evasion rate. His skill had been level up to Level 10, granting him 95% evasion rate, which was almost the same as gaining a 95% damage reduction ability.

Zhang Yang scoffed and left him alone. Naturally, he would not waste any skill on a Thief player who has activated {Blur}. The only thing that would strike him would be the unblockable, undodgeable -{Killing Cleave}.

Turning away from the Thief the Thief, Zhang Yang rode the Thunderhawk and zoomed in and out around the fleeting players of The Myth. Felice kept herself preoccupied. Since Liu Wei had gained invincibility from his {Ice Barrier}, she left Liu Wei alone for the moment and targeted the players in the sky. The little girl’s attack was strong enough to kill non-tank players in three to four hits, as each of her {Fire Missile} could deal close 40,000 damage.

"Kill that firebird!" cried one of the random players on the ground.

"F*ck! What is going on?! Doesn’t Zhang Yang own a blue bird pet? How is there another flaming bird in the sky?!"

Zhang Yang’s weaving around them had truly made them annoyed. Since they could not target Zhang Yang, they turned to Felice instead. Since they were afraid of Zhang Yang, they headed towards Felice, since her attacks were not as crazy and unpredictable as Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang sighed at their behavior. Targeting the weak first, typical.

Little did they know that Felice has over 170,000 HP. Even though her Defense in her Dragonhawk form was not high, her magic defense was at 4,830. Sacrificing her physical defense, she had gained strong magic defense. Naturally, it still placed Felice in a dangerous position. As such, Zhang Yang did not ignore the danger she was in. With a quick dive attack, Zhang Yang shot down to an area with the highest concentration of players and blasted {Horizontal Sweep} to attack 3 players at the same time. One of them was even a Critical hit which dealt over 130,000 damage, instantly killing the fellow.

"Someone get over here and hold off Zhang Yang! The f*cker’s attack is too strong!"

"F*cking ignore the pet! Come and gank Zhan Yu! Kill him and the pet will disappear! Don’t be a f*cking pussy and get your *ss over here! He is alone! We can kill him with just 20 of us!"

"Kill him! Don’t be scared!"

Since the beginning of the so-called war, the players had finally realized the true method of defeating Zhang Yang. However, their reaction rate was so slow that it made Liu Wei felt like Stephen Hawking. Does it really take a genius to understand that with numbers, they could take on a single player?!

Zhang Yang braced for the oncoming players head on. With his current devastating attack power, and his Strength value was far higher than any players then, Zhang Yang trampled over player after player like a tank! He wasted no time and struck players with his shield at every global cooldown second! Most of them had greatly swollen faces, while the magic class players could barely cast anything at all!


Cries of pains and grunting could be heard from all over the battlefield as Zhang Yang attacked like a raging tank that was on blast of NO2! Leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, Zhang Yang had made great progress in weeding out the players from behind enemy lines. However, there was a drawback, Zhang Yang had taken many attacks and had his HP was down to less than 50%!

Thanks to his powerful equipment, Zhang Yang had been able to withstand for so long being attacked by more than 20 players at the same time! If someone else had taken his place, he or she would have been killed for god knows how many times!

Even though Zhang Yang was still taking damage, it was now far lesser. The number of players in the sky had dropped exponentially. Zhang Yang continued hacking away, until there was only three of them left in the airspace, not including Zhang Yang, Felice, and the Thunderhawk. The three The Myth players looked at each other, exchanged worried looks, and fled as fast as they could to the ground.

Zhang Yang laughed and did not chase after them. It was not wise to chase a few stray dogs into a pound of hundreds of players who were ready to strike him down. Zhang Yang noticed that the {Ice Barrier} on Liu Wei had expired and he bellowed at him. "Oh Master Liu, it will be your turn next to visit the afterlife. Please wait patiently for your turn!"

With intense madness and rage, Liu Wei narrowed his eyebrows. However, there was an odd aura emanating from his character. Liu Wei’s principle was that he may lose to a person, but never the war itself. He smiled coldly and refuted Zhang Yang. "I can wait for my death. The question is, could you?"

Less than two minutes ago, Zhang Yang’s sudden charge towards the enemy line had thrown Liu Wei off his guard. However, even though it was only brief, he had made preparations for a counterattack! There was no reason to be afraid of him!

Liu Wei clapped his hands once and 12 Guardian players emerged behind him and formed a perfect line. Each of them had equipment that gave off a Violet, metallic muster. Without a doubt, they were all wearing a full set of Violet-Platinum armor, even though they were not particularly high level.

What was he planning?

Zhang Yang squeezed his brains and finally found the reason behind the odd formation.

Guardians have a skill called {Sacrifice} which could be used to divert all incoming damage on someone else to oneself for 5 seconds. To put oneself on the front line and protect the teammates is the job of a Guardian, as the name itself suggests.

Liu Wei probably wanted all 12 Guardians to create a 60 seconds {Sacrifice} chain cast. Since each skill could only last for 5 seconds, 12 of them could create a perfect 60-second protection without breaking the chain!

It would be troublesome for as long as the Guardians remain alive, so would Liu Wei! This tactic was not of Liu Wei’s original creation. Zhang Yang recalled that in his past life, a guild had used this formation to kill a boss, using a number of Guardians to spam {Sacrifice} to protect the main tank. However, that was an event in his past life. Chronologically, it would only happen in about half a year from now!

Perhaps, Liu Wei was the mastermind behind it!

"Hahaha! Come and get me! If you dare!" Liu Wei laughed maniacally! All 12 Guardians then spread out while keeping Liu Wei in range. They were all spread out to make sure that Zhang Yang would not strike them all at the same time. All of their attention was focused on Liu Wei alone. It seems like that they had practiced this formation countless of times. At most, they could cast {Sacrifice} on Liu Wei at the very last second before an attack would land on Liu Wei. Back then, when Zhang Yang had managed to land a hit on him, the Guardians were not present, since no one would expect a player to charge behind enemy lines to attack their leader.

To place one’s attention solely on protecting a person was extremely taxing. It was something that would not last perpetually.

When Liu Wei noticed Zhang Yang wavering reaction, he laughed and provoked him to come down to challenge him. At the same time, the players behind the Guardians prepared to attack him the moment he gets within range.

"Hmph." Zhang Yang scoffed. "I must say, don’t make me force you to beg me to kill you!"

"Zhan Yu! Even if you’re China’s number 1 tank, you couldn’t possibly take on us all!"

"What are you playing at? Faltering in the face of Heaven’s Pride?"

"Zhan Yu! Come down and bow to Heaven’s Pride! Beg for his mercy and he might give you a bone to gnaw on!"

More and more players started throwing all sort of insults, provocations, and even false accusations!

Liu Wei laughed, seeing that Zhang Yang was still in the air. "What can you possibly do now!?"

Zhang Yang focused his thought and immediately came up with a plan. With quick reflexes, Zhang Yang dived down towards Liu Wei.

"F*cking prick!"

"Kill him!"

Everyone roared and charged towards him. Spellcasters still needed to channel their magic while Hunters had already released a volley of arrows at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang flipped a medal on his chest and activated the {Medal of Bravery} effect!


A glowing metallic barrier appeared in front of him and reflected all arrows that struck it, and they fell to the ground in pieces.

Liu Wei was startled. The first {Sacrifice} had already been cast on Liu Wei. With a confident stare, Liu Wei chuckled. "Zhang Yang, don’t think that you will walk away from this. Not even you would have an unlimited Invincibility effect skill!"

"Haha! I don’t need such a thing! All I need is 10 seconds.!" Zhang Yang slid across the ground and rushed over to Liu Wei. With a quick thrust of his right arm, Zhang Yang grabbed hold of Liu Wei’s neck and pulled him up. Spellcaster had little to no Strength value since they were, after all, a class that prioritized in Intelligence!

Zhang Yang jumped up and on his Thunderhawk. Carrying one extra player on its back was not a problem for a Mythical tier mount! As such, with his arms around Liu Wei’s neck, they rose as high as 40 meters in the air.

Everyone on the ground stared in disbelief. Did Zhang Yang just kidnap Liu Wei? Is that even possible!?