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Chapter 601: Liu Wei’s Torture

Chapter 601: Liu Wei’s Torture

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Zhang Yang spun around the players of The Myth, all the while grabbing Liu Wei’s neck, wringing him like a goose. After he was satisfied dragging Liu Wei around, he zoomed towards Crimson Rage and released his grip.


Zhang Yang was 10 meters above the ground. At that height, any normal players would surely receive a tiny amount of fall damage. Hence, when Liu Wei struck the ground, he took a small amount of damage. However, he had landed on his head and started to bleed. Naturally, the rich boy started squeaking like a madman.

"There’s no need to be such a pussy about a little pain! Get up!" Zhang Yang landed by his side and grabbed him by the throat. With only one hand, Zhang Yang lifted him off his feet and grinned evilly. "I told you this. You’ll beg me to kill you!"

Liu Wei froze. He had never expected that all his hard work of crafting the perfect {Sacrifice} strategy would be for naught. It was the first time he had implemented the strategy in battle. Even though he had made sure that there were no flaws in his plan, Zhang Yang came in like an eagle and took off, something no one could have thought off.

Now that Zhang Yang clearly had the upper hand, he smiled like the devil himself! Liu Wei could not help but feel scared!

"I’m warning you. Don’t overstep your boundary, Zhang Yang. You know who I am. If you wrong me even more, I’ll make sure that you’ll never see the light of day!" Liu Wei resorted to threatening Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang scoffed and whacked the snob with his shield in his face.

"BARGH!" Liu Wei grunted in pain and stared into Zhang Yang’s eyes. Zhang Yang cocked his head and make sure he had not smashed his throat, he still needed him to throw more insults.

"You know, Liu Wei? The debt in Shanghai…I’ve yet to repay you!"

Liu Wei spat a mouthful of blood on the floor and glared helplessly. "You did. You had me locked up in a rotten cell for 3 whole days! Wasn’t that enough!?"

"Please…" Zhang Yang lowered him down to his feet but did not release the death grip on Liu Wei’s neck. "That, was my second wife’s doing. Not me." Based on their ages, Han Ying Xue was older than Sun Xin Yu. Hence, Zhang Yang had placed Han Ying Xue as the older wife, while Sun Xin Yu was the younger one.

Zhang Yang grabbed his shield with both hands like an oversized plate. "Look here. This is my doing. My revenge."


Zhang Yang smacked the man’s face with his metal shield.

Liu Wei’s head snapped to the right immediately. A fresh stream of blood, along with three broken teeth, flew into the air. The left side of his face was swollen so badly that the bulges had forced Liu Wei’s left eye shut.

"Zhang Yang! You’re going too far! Do you want to sign a death deal!?" Liu Wei burst out with anger. He did not care about what Zhang Yang was going to do to him. Even though the shield attack could not deal any HP damage, it did manage to disfigured his face! The humiliation of being beaten to a pulp, in the midst of a crowd of women at that too, was something no one had even dared to do, all of his life!

The death deal had already been signed in his previous life. Zhang Yang swore that he will not rest until Liu Wei sleeps in the gutters of the slums!

He lifted Liu Wei up again and slammed his shield against his putrid face over and over until all his teeth were out of his gums until the floor was painted with his blood! He was beyond recognition! Still, all his punches and facial reconstruction will be for naught when Liu Wei relog or respawn.

As the one-sided beatdown continued, the girls of Crimson Rage spotted Liu Wei and started to talk amongst themselves.

"Isn’t that the man the one responsible for One Sword Stroke’s incident?"

"I heard something else as well. I heard that he had One Sword Stroke’s wife raped! What a pig!"

"A pig?! No! He’s worse than a pig! I’ll smash his one-inch long tool!"

As their conversation heated up, the girls of Crimson Rage who were recuperating after taking too much damage had surrounded Liu Wei after getting a thumb’s up from Zhang Yang himself. With a barrage of kicks of slender legs, the girls stomped with all their might on Liu Wei’s already deformed face.

Plenty of players had heard of the tragedy that had befallen on One Sword Stroke and his wife, Lou Xin Yan, and felt disgruntled. The girls of Crimson Rage felt the need to enact justice on their own and would not turn away from this opportunity to smash this bastard.

"I’ll remember this! Zhang Yang! Mark my words! You and your whores! I will get people to f*ck them all to kingdom come!" Liu Wei knew that Zhang Yang would not leave him be. Hence, with the humiliation he was receiving, he decided to throw some threats out. Whether or not he would enact his revenge at a later time. After all, the physical pain he felt then, was all digitalized.

"Come and f*ck me then! The useless d*ck at home is not enough for me! Send me some muscular ones!" cried out a slightly masculine female player as she stomped on Liu Wei’s crotch.

"Hell yea. Anyone of us is enough to handle a few men. Bring more!"

The female hooligans started to wreak havoc.

Zhang Yang laughed with a strong satisfaction. In his past life, he was never able to have his revenge on Liu Wei due to his financial ability and his status in society. However, in this life, he had everything. With Silky Soft Holdings earning profits that reached up to 600,000,000 dollars, Zhang Yang could not help but feel invigorated. A few months back then, when Silky Soft Holdings was about to close down due to bankruptcy, despite a 600 million-dollar profit still being less than what Silky Soft Holdings used to earn in the past, it was still a considerable overturn!

Furthermore, the profits of Silky Soft Holdings had not shown signs of slowing down! Zhang Yang predicted that in just two more years, Silky Soft Holdings will return to its full productions speed!

On one hand, Zhang Yang had Hundred Shots, Daffodil Daydream, and Mountain Mover to help further improve the status of Lone Desert Smoke. One day, for sure, Zhang Yang will make Lone Desert Smoke stand on the podium, becoming the number 1 guild in China and the world!

Right then, Zhang Yang personal accounts had amassed to several hundreds of millions. With Silky Soft Holdings in his back, he could stand on equal grounds to fight with Liu Wei. Even though Zhang Yang’s fortune was not as grand of the Liu family, Liu Wei himself was not the man in charge of all of the fortune of Liu family! The power and resources that he could manipulate were extremely limited.

"Zhang Yang! Mark my words! I will not let you go! I will ---GRAH!" The man was being pummeled by a group of berserking female players. There was no escape for him. Unless he could die and be revived at the graveyard!

"Hmph. The feelings mutual, my friend." Zhang Yang had stopped his attacks on Liu Wei since the female players were more aggressive then he could ever be. All he had to do was to stand aside, cross his arms, and enjoy the show.

"Just you wait! GRAH! I will be back for your heads! I will be back!" Liu Wei could no longer stand the humiliation. His character disappeared into nothing as he forcefully logged out.

The Myth guild had never been on par with Crimson Rage. At the start of the war, Crimson Rage had already managed to push The Myth back. Now that they had lost their leader, everyone had lost their will to continue on. The battle had now turned into a one-sided massacre which led to players of The Myth to retreat. Some had even used their [Teleportation Scrolls] to escape.

As such, the war ended quickly and concluded with bodies of players of The Myth. Both guilds had come here to fight the boss, however, the field was already drenched in blood even before the fight had begun!

Everyone took the opportunity to rest and recuperate, healing all their HP and MP while at the same time, camping on the battlefield. Everyone stood guard until all members of The Myth had left the place. Zhang Yang took command when all the dead bodies of The Myth members had disappeared and prepared for the boss fight. To come back to where Zhang Yang was, from the nearest graveyard would take a very long time. Hence, it will be safe to fight the boss without anyone trying to bother them.

Zhang Yang and Snow Seeker grouped up and discussed the strategy. Since the boss’ overall stats could be examined, all they had to do was to aim at the right places and dodge at the right timing. However, it was merely speculation, that the boss skill’s activation rate or area of effect range would not be revealed. Most importantly, the skills spamming rate!

For example, Princess Helena’s {Thousand Shadow Slash} had a 2-second spamming rate. If the skill had been unleashed one minute at a time, Princess Helena would be 4 to 5 times easier to kill! Each boss will have a strong skill. The main point would be to discover the frequency of its usage. Depending on the skill usage, it could either be a normal boss, or a world boss!

Zhang Yang examined the Demon General and explained, "The boss should not be a normal boss that we fight every now and then. I fear that the skill {Meteor Reign} will be the most problematic skill."

"It can’t be helped then! Even if its problematic, we still have to fight it." Snow Seeker patted Zhang Yang shoulder confidently. "After you, guild master Zhan Yu."

"Yeah! Go Zhan Yu! Go! We’d be rooting for you! Whip it out! I don’t care whether it's twirly or as straight as a horse d*ck! Just give it to the boss!" Such an inappropriate phrase coming from the mouth of Thorny Rose was rather normal, Zhang Yang had been on her hate list for quite some time now. However, when her lustful eyes were glaring at Zhang Yang’s groin, it was extremely weird.

In the end, Zhang Yang ignored everything and everyone around him and focus on the thought of killing the boss. With a quick flash of light, Zhang Yang activated the God of War Transformation skill.

"My god. He’s so cool and handsome…"

"I wish my boyfriend is as cool as him…"

The girls that were gazing longingly at Zhang Yang, not just Thorny Rose alone. Zhang Yang was China’s number 1 tank. The popularity of it had fans building up a fan base just to admire him.

"What is that? Is it an S class Warrior Inheritance?" Mellow Poison asked with admiration. However, even if S class Inheritance was not a unique type Inheritance, Mellow Poison already acquired the Petrification Inheritance. There was no other way she could change her Inheritance unless she deletes her character and starts from scratch.

Zhang Yang zoomed towards the boss and tossed his first attack, a {Spear of Obliteration} and dealt 23,139 damage. In return, the boss growled and spread out his bat-like wings and hurtled towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang was extremely disgruntled that he had only managed to deal 23,000 damage to the boss. The level suppression damage reduction was too much. Zhang Yang had more than 100,000 basic attack, yet he could only deal 20% of his original attack to the boss.

Lost Dream, Hundred Shots, and the rest of the Inheritance holders activated their own Inheritance Transformation skills to join the fight. All of Crimson Rage Inheritance holders joined in and activated their Transformation skills as well. There was a total of seven of them. In fact, all Inheritance holder present in the field had activated their Transformation skills, besides Endless Starlight and Mellow Poison.

They were tankers. In a situation where they could not defeat the boss in two hours, both Endless Starlight and Mellow Poison could utilize their Transformations to stay in the fight.


Zhang Yang took a great deal of damage from a single normal attack by the boss. Everyone quickly sucked in a deep breath, seeing the damage that Zhang Yang just took could have wiped them off from the face of the earth.

Zhang Yang felt annoyed at the luck he was having. The reason why the damage dealt by the boss was so high was due to the 500% level suppression system had granted to the boss. It was but a 10% chance to deal such a damage yet it had immediately occurred on the first strike. When the damage far exceeds the Defense value, it would be useless then, not to even mention the Damage Absorption he had. The best skill he had, for now, was the skill he obtained at Level 10, the 20% damage reduction passive.

"What a powerful boss!"

"Teehee, guild master Zhan Yu is so soft, just like a flaccid d*ck head! A little touch and he would be crying in pain!"

"Sigh…he is too weak!"

Snow Seeker immediately went up to the girls and gave them a good lecture. She did not want to anger Zhang Yang in the middle of an intense battle.

Zhang Yang was not paying attention to any of them. He maneuvered around the boss and cast {Glare of the Death God}. A black smoke formed on top of the boss character but was immediately repelled.

Zhang Yang had failed to cast the {Glare of the Death God}.

"Hmm…Humans, Beastmans, Elves, Dwarves…You are nothing but insects to me. You wish to fight me?" Hachilles mused and unsheathed a large blade from his back and struck a large boulder in front of him to display his powers. The rock was completely smashed into tiny pieces, and even the air around him was being blasted away.

"Come and fight me then. It’s been a while since I last tasted the meat of humans and elves."