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Chapter 602: Hachilles

Chapter 602: Hachilles

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Hachilles waved his left hand up at the sky. Countless meteor rocks suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rained terror upon the players on the ground!



As the meteor rocks came crashing down, everyone received massive damage. Furthermore, the meteor rain did not stop after one wave of attack, it continued to spread terror upon the ground! It was as wide as 10 X 10 meters. That surface area was rather vast, even for an AoE attack!

Such was the boss’s {Meteor Reign}. The Skill would aim at three different spots at a time and cause 50,000 Fire Damage per second. Targets within the effective range of the meteor attacks would receive five strikes. Most of the normal players would be dead the moment they receive the third strike.

Crimson Rage was worthy to called one of the top Tier guilds in the entire China Region. However, not all players from the guild were top Tier players. Although everyone was familiar with the boss’s Skill, with the meteor rocks were raining upon them, some of them froze for a split second and could not get clear of the danger zone. Some of them were still be chanting their spells or firing their arrows at the boss! Those who had lesser HPs were killed after receiving two rounds of damage from the attacks. Those who had more HP would only last for an additional one or two hits before they too fall dead.

The players had started the battle on a bad note. The first wave from the boss had already taken out tens of players. The players who got killed immediately released their souls and began running back to their dead bodies to resurrect.

However, that did not matter much. It was not as if they were going to rely on their numbers to oppress the boss. When some players were killed, the players from the rear would fill in their place to battle against the boss. Due to the limited range of the players, the 30-meter radius around the boss could only be occupied by as much as thousands of players. So there could only be so many players launching their assaults on the boss at the same time.

However, the boss was starting to use {Meteor Reign} at an increasing frequency. The first wave of {Meteor Reign} was followed closely by the second wave of {Meteor Reign}. The Skill picked another 3 spots at random. The ladies ran around dodging the attacks like chicken flying across the skies and dogs dancing around in a rain shower!

It was really annoying!

Bosses that could deal damage to one target at a time were not really scary. They could only kill one player at a time with their powerful Skills. However, bosses with extremely powerful AoE could spam their AoE attacks, killing many players in a shot! These are the truly troublesome bosses! Take too long to react, and you would be dead.

Although Zhang Yang’s {Vitality Aura} could increase everyone’s Vitality attribute by 28%, the aura only covered a 30-meter radius. Those who were not within the effective area of the {Vitality Aura} would not be able to enjoy its effects. However, even if the {Vitality Aura} could cover the entire battlefield, it was only like the cherry on top of a pudding. It would not do much help for everyone. Death was guaranteed.

Even though Hachilles did not have any Skill that could deal a substantial amount of damage to one single target, his basic damage was monstrously high. Furthermore, the level of the boss was too high, causing the Level Gap Suppression function of the game to kick in. Therefore, the boss could deal 180,000 damage to Zhang Yang at best, and almost 650,000 damage at worst. Zhang Yang would never be able to sustain that amount of damage. So he had to rely on the dozens of Healers to remain alive. Furthermore, he also needed his {Shield Wall} to heal himself up. With those two conditions, Zhang Yang was safe from death.

"Only Zhan Yu can tank against such an amount of damage!" Mellow Venom muttered.

Endless Starlight stared at the pair of boobies that jiggled proudly atop her chest and drooled. He did not want to appear inferior in front of her and quickly spoke up, "With the high damage value that the boss deals to us, our equipment would only give us more HP. The equipment will not be able to provide any edge defense-wise. Even if it was us tanking against the boss, the amount damage we receive would be the same as the amount of damage my boss is receiving!"

Mellow Venom humphed and said, "It is obvious that HP is the key to tanking against this boss! So, how much HP would you have after you activate your {Inheritance Transformation}?"

"... I would only have about 80,000 HP without boss’s {Vitality Aura}. If I get on my [Pet], I should have about 130,000 HP. If I activate my {King Kong Transformation}, I can boost my HP up by 20 times. By then, I should have about 2,600,000 HP!" Endless Starlight stated proudly.

Mellow Venom stared at Endless Starlight with scorn and said, "With the Level Gap Suppression function boosting the boss’s damage by 5, you can only take 4 hits from the boss. Without any healing Skill that can heal your HP by its percentage, can you really heal yourself up quickly enough to stay alive?"

Well, everything she said was right. It would not be possible for Endless Starlight to heal himself up under those circumstances! However, when in danger, Starlight could let other Guardians use {Sacrifice} on him. Although those who use {Sacrifice} on him would definitely be sacrificed, literally, that would buy enough time for the healers to heal Starlight back up.

Everyone was able to know about the special tactic for tanking a boss because Zhang Yang had told them about the cowardly Liu Wei. As long as they had enough Guardians around, the Guardian who is tanking against the boss would be completely protected from one solid hit, even if the sacrificial Guardian’s equipment is not that great! Furthermore, Guardians could also activate their {Shield Wall} and their {Sacrifice} at the same instant. They might just earn enough time for the Guardian on the front line to be invincible for 5 seconds!

A dungeon would have a limit on the number of players that could enter. So, it was not possible for a party to bring in so many Guardians into the dungeon. However, the circumstances were a lot more different when challenging a boss in an Open World Map! There was no limitation on the number of players that could join the battle. As long as players could reach out, it would not matter if there were 100,000 or 200,000 players joining the boss battle. Even if the number of players got up to 2,000,000 or 20,000,000, nothing would stop them from attacking!

In Zhang Yang’s previous life, the Japan-Korea Region had sent over 1,000,000 players to challenge a Level 190 Ascended Tier boss named ‘The Lich King Auwheila’. They had etched themselves on the world records for having the most players joined a boss battle in all of history! Unfortunately, even though they had the numbers, the entire army was taken out in no time.

That boss had a Skill that could turn every single one of the players that he killed into an elite Tier Skeleton Soldier monster! Furthermore, the AoE skill of the boss was extremely powerful and deadly! As the battle went on, more Skeleton Soldiers sprouted up. In just a short moment, the players were ‘drowned’ by the massive army of Skeleton Soldiers!

The more interesting thing about that boss battle was that there were a few players from China Region who had been lying in wait. When the players of Japan-Korea Region were wiped out, they revealed themselves and kited the boss over to the nearby Territory of the Japan-Korea Region! By the end of it, Auwheila led her army of Skeleton Soldiers over to the Territory and leveled down the Territory of the Japan-Korea Region in an instant! The boss was performing like a Celestial Tier boss! Upon the annihilation of the Territory and its people, the boss had remained in the vicinity, wandering about with no intentions of leaving!

In the end, the Territory was seized by the boss for over half a month. The players of Japan-Korea Region could only ask for help from the Officials. However, there were no GMs in the ‘God’s Miracle’. The Officials could only take the server offline to send the boss back to where it came from. Well, that had also created another record in the history of the game.

That was way too outrageous!

However, the difficulty of facing a boss in an Open World Map did not depend on whether the Tankers could survive. That difficulty would actually be based on how powerful the boss’s AoE attack be, and how the players would nullify that threat!

Truth to be told, even if Hachilles had no tank distracting him, he only had one other AoE Skill, the {Shadow Cleave}. He would still hit several players at once. However, the boss’ {Meteor Reign} could not be tanked by anyone. The meteor rain attacks would just rain hell upon the players, no matter what. Tactics worked on Dungeon bosses, but not Open world bosses.

Endless Starlight realized that if a woman was interested in you, she would accept and even agree on every word that you spout. However, if a woman hates you, she would only feel irritated, even if you try to praise her with all the sweet words that heaven could offer.

Therefore, he knew it was time to back off. He ended the argument by saying, "As long as the death rate can be reined in, we should stand a chance taking this boss down!"

However, the boss also had {Devilish Tenacity} to recover 100,000 HP every second. Furthermore, the boss would not be affected by {Destructive Smash} when the effect of {Devilish Tenacity} is activated. Although the boss was losing more HP than he could recover, it was only because of Zhang Yang, Lost Dream, Galileo and other players of Crimson Rage being in their {Inheritance Transformation} forms. They were on steroids for the moment. Once the two hours pass, everyone would turn back to mere mortals. Their damage output would plummet.

By then, the boss would be regaining his HP. Zhang Yang and the ladies would have to spend 5 hours, 10 hours, or even a day or two before they can empty out the HP of the boss! Meanwhile, the bodies of the players were not made of steel. A long battle could exhaust a player’s mind, causing them to lose focus. They also needed sustenance like water and food.

Only those players who were used to ‘soaking’ themselves in the game server would be able to endure such a long battle. As for other players, they would need to take turns resting. They might simply snap or drop dead if they do not so.

The Crimson Rage only had over 5,000 players in this boss battle. The {Meteor Reign} of the boss could really kill a lot of players each time it struck! There were about 10 casualties every second! That meant about 600 players dying in each passing minute! Furthermore, the dead players would need 9 minutes to run all the way back to their own dead bodies to resurrect. Then, they would need about another minute to take [Snacks] and recover their HP. Therefore, it would take about 10 minutes for them to get back into the boss battle at the moment of death.

If they really want to kill the boss, they would need to maintain their deaths per minute down to 500 players in order to form an effective attack cycle. Otherwise, the party would only have one choice left, to be destroyed and try again. Other than that, among the 500 players that took part in the boss battle, many of them were Healers. It would be great if each of the DPS players could deal about 400 damage per second!

Suppressed by the Level Gap Suppression of the boss, the total damage that the entire party could deal on the boss was only about 100,000+ damage per second. With the boss being able to recover 100,000 HP each second, the damage that got past that superpowered regeneration was about 10,000+. When the 2-hour duration of the {Inheritance Transformation} expires, the total damage that the players could deal to the boss would become even lower!

"Hahaha! You imbeciles! Eat my blade!"

"You bunch of girly imbeciles! Just die already!"

"You flimsy imbeciles! Tremble before the great demon!"

Hachilles continued taunting them. He whirled, whipping the blade out of his back like a lively dragon. He would strike with the shadows of blade from time to time. Upon successful stunning Zhang Yang occasionally, the boss would turn around and attack the other players, including those who had activated their {Inheritance Transformations}.

Fortunately, the {Shadow Cleave} could only be activated once every 30 seconds. Zhang Yang could immunize himself from the attacks of {Shadow Cleave} by activating his {Warrior’s Will}. The boss would only turn around once in every 60 seconds. Players with their {Inheritance Transformations} activated had no problem at all in taking the Skill head on. As long as Priests and the Holy Knights could activate their {Dispel}, the boss would turn his attention back to Zhang Yang. So the players did not have any big problems in handling the boss.

In just a blink of an eye, an hour had passed. The HP of the boss had dropped down to 68%. Zhang Yang attempted to cast the {Glare of the Death God} for the second time --- and it was resisted as well!

How unfortunate that was!

"Little Yang, I’ve told you this many times over! You must wash your hands after you’re done with the big ones in the toilet! Why have you not listened to me? Not even once!" Fatty Han was very distressed about it, blaming Zhang Yang for not washing his hands right after going to the toilet.

"Ayyyyy!" the pretty ladies who overheard what Fatty Han said were disgusted and glared at him altogether.

"You f*cking fatso! Can’t you just keep your mouth shut once in a while?" Zhang Yang grit his teeth. Everyone could not avoid having one or two of such friends, after all.

"Hahaha! Let me tell you about something that I encountered yesterday!" Fatty han was well known for his ‘bragging’ attitude. He would become merrier when there are more people around him. He said, "Yesterday when I and Xiao Wei went out to buy some groceries, our car tyre got punctured because some idiot decided to put nails on the road! So we had to call for the tow-truck. After putting the car at the workshop for repair, we had to take the bus back to our place. There were no seats available for us. So I had to let Xiao Wei lean on my meaty body!"

"You wretched fatso! Are you really so bored that you would even talk about this?"

"What the f*ck! No! That’s not my main point yet! Patience! So I was being really patient and aware of the surroundings as I was listening to the people all around to see if we could get a seat for ourselves. There was a family of three on the bus. They were seated nicely. But their child couldn’t wait to get off. So, his mother told him that they would get down at the next stop! I was happy to hear it. So we squeezed our way through to the end of the bus. We thought that we could finally get ourselves a seat! But who would have guessed it... that mother kept repeating the same answer every time the child made some noise about getting off the bus! We went through 7 stops and the mother was still saying the same thing to her child! They were still on the bus when both of us got down! Parents really do love to trick their children... and they’ve tricked me as well!"

Everyone laughed after hearing what he had to say. This wretched fatty was actually pretty good at making people laugh.

Another hour had passed, and the duration of Zhang Yang’s {God of War Transformation} was finally over. So he quickly said, "It’s time for you to take over, Mellow Venom!"


The aggro value on Mellow Venom was slightly higher than the aggro value on Endless Starlight. It was natural that she would be next in line as tank. Endless Starlight would have to wait for her transformation to end before he steps up.

Upon activating her {Petrification Transformation} almost immediately, Mellow Venom was instantly covered in an extremely thick layer of white rocks. It looked like she had a second layer of armor that covered her entire body!

3, 2, 1!

The moment his {God of War Transformation} ended, Zhang Yang activated his {Shadow of the Void} to disengage.

The amount of aggro on Lost Dream and Hundred Shots were much higher than the amount of aggro that Mellow Venom had, as they had activated their {Inheritance Transformation} Skills. The moment Zhang Yang disengaged from the battle, Hachilles did not attack Mellow Venom. The boss turned his attention over to Galileo instead --- Thieves could use {Vanish} while Hunters could fake their deaths to clear out the amount of aggro on them. However, Berserkers could only stay there and accept their doom.

Fortunately, their {Inheritance Transformations} had expired. So, it did not matter if they die. They could just release their souls and come back to their dead bodies to resurrect themselves. Then, they could simply resume battle.

When the boss had killed all three players with {Inheritance Transformation}, the boss finally turned over to Mellow Venom. The transitioning of the next tank had finally taken place.

Zhang Yang came out from the void dimension and threw the third {Glare of the Death God} onto the boss.

A dark skull began to form right on top of the boss. It was a terrifying grin!

Finally! It was a successful one!

400 players striking a boss at the same time was no joke! The moment the Special Effect of the {Glare of the Death God} kicked in, the boss began to receive ‘-3,000,000!’ damage repeatedly within a very short period of time! In less than 2 seconds, all 10 available strikes of the special effect had been used up completely.

The total amount of Hachilles’s HP had dropped down to 28%!

"Huh? What happened? How did the boss lose so much HP all of a sudden?!"

"What just happened?"

"I saw that many of us caused about 350,000 damage to the boss in one split second!"

"It wasn’t 350,000 damage, it was 3,500,000 damage!"

The ladies from Crimson Rage were not aware of the Special Effect that {Glare of the Death God} could provide. They were very shocked.

"Guild master Zhan Yu, what Skill was that?" Snow Seeker was a professional player who possessed heavenly skills. She truly had sharp senses. She had noticed Zhang Yang’s minute movements the moment that ‘miracle’ occurred.

Zhang Yang nodded, and showed the description of the {Glare of the Death God} to Snow Seeker.

"Szz---" Snow Seeker took in a breath of air after seeing the description of the Skill. So that was the ultimate Skill that Zhang Yang has been using to slay bosses! She immediately said, "Is this the Skill that was dropped by the final boss you slew back then to complete your Class S [Inheritance] quest?"

The officials had stated it with crystal clarity. The final boss for the Class S [Inheritance] quest would drop a [Skill Book] upon being slain. If players were to slay the boss without accepting that particular Inheritance quest, the boss would not drop that sort of additional reward. Even then, such rewards only occur once when they do.

"Guild master Snow is indeed wise. You got it right on your first guess!" Zhang Yang laughed.