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Chapter 606: The Black-Hearted Goblin

Chapter 606: The Black-Hearted Goblin

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"Grandpa, who would put so much poison in the food?" Zhang Yang asked

Charlie Moto let out a series of sighs and said, "This is a land of divinity given by the gods. It has the power to provide us with an endless supply of food. No one will have to starve here! However ... a bunch of crazies lost their minds, trying to mine the possessions of the gods. Rumor has it that the possessions of the gods can give one tremendous power! However, why would any of us offend the gods in order to help them when we’re all living peacefully in the land?"

The old man shook his head staring at them darkly. He continued to talk, "Therefore, they came up with numerous dirty tricks. Like how they poisoned our God-given food! So they came up with the idea of poisoning our food with Melamine, poisonous Shadow Glue, Gutter oil... I’ve mentioned all of them earlier on! They’re trying to force us into submission, to help they mine for the ore, or they will not give us the antidote!"

"Granpa, do you have any antidote left to save the poor little girl? Please help her!" Zhang Yang quickly said.

"This little girl was too greedy. She ate too much poison. Normal antidotes would no longer work on her. You must get an Enhanced Antidote to save her! But, you will need to exchange some of the finest [Divinity Ores] that are being guarded by tons of ferocious monsters in the mountains for the Antidote! Or else, those lunatics won’t be willing to give them to you!"

Now that the objective had become crystal clear, Zhang Yang weighed between the two solutions that lay before them. They could just mine for the [Divinity Ores] and exchange them for the Enhanced Antidote, or they could just get it the Enhanced Antidote by killing the lunatics.

The second method seemed to be more direct and simple. However, would the system really let them off easily if they really did that?

Zhang Yang and the ladies asked Charlie Moto about the whereabouts of the ‘lunatics’. After parting with the old man, the three of them left the village and headed towards the location provided. Players were not allowed to fly on their pets in this strange and colorful land. All pets, including Violet Thunderhawk and Winged Tiger, could only run on land.Wei Yan Er was laughing all the way through as she was observing how their butts wriggled about as they ran.

After running forwards for about half an hour, the three of them arrived at the weird house that had been mentioned by Charlie Moto.

It was a gigantic mechanical house built with cogs and gears. The cogs spun constantly as they screeched horrendously all over the place. There were a few greenish goblins standing guard at the entrance of the building. They held some simple and crude weapons in their hands.

[Black Heart Goblin] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 110

HP: 1,100,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 9,742 - 11,742


[Melamine]: Smears some poisonous Melamine on the weapon, 50% rate to afflict the target with a Poison Effect. Causes 10,000 Nature Damage to the target.

Note: Black Heart Goblins are the greediest race in the entire Secret Wonderland. They are delusional to get their hand on the possessions of gods. They always want to become the richest in the entire world.

Zhang Yang and the ladies could not help but to be disappointed. These Black Heart Goblins were all green-named monsters. In other words, killing them would not help them get the Enhanced Antidote to save Alice.

"Hey, you lazy humans! Go mine us some ores now if you want to get the antidotes and live!" a Black Heart Goblin detected the presence of Zhang Yang and leaped over to them. The goblin was trying to lift its head as high up as possible.

Zhang Yang stopped Wei Yan Er who was on the verge of punching the goblin and said, "We need Enhanced Antidote. So what is the price for that?"

"Enhanced Antidote? Hey, that can only be exchanged with some [Divinity Ores]!" the few Black Heart Goblins laughed out loud, "Which one of you actually ate so much of the poison? Hahaha! Humans are stupid indeed!"

"Hey, hustle up! The one who needs the Enhanced Antidote cannot afford to wait long. Or else, you better dig up a good grave for him!"

"Time is gold, human!"

"10 pieces of [Divinity Ores] for one bottle of Enhanced Antidote! No discount at all! Not even one!"

With the laughter of those goblins echoing after them, the three of them left the cog building and headed towards the mountain far ahead of them.

"Those stinky goblins! When I’m back, I’m going to crush their bones and heads! How dare they poison me!" Wei Yan Er was swung her fists around while saying that.

After entering the mountains, Zhang Yang and the ladies ran across every corner of the mountains. As Charlie Motto had mentioned earlier on, the [Divinity Ores] would be guarded by ferocious monsters. Therefore, locating the monsters would lead them straight to the whereabouts of the [Divinity Ores]. The task was as simple as that.

"Rawgh!" a roar was heard and a gigantic monster appeared right before Zhang Yang and the two ladies. The monster was black and it looked like a ferocious tiger. However, the monster had a tail that looked like the tail of a scorpion. The end of the tail was as sharp as the tip of a blade. It was so sharp that anyone would feel a chill up their spine when they see it.

[Scorpion-Tiger Chimera] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 112

HP: 1,120,000

Defense: 1,200

Melee Attack: 9,756 - 11,756


[Pounce]: Pounces on a target and knocks the target off balance. Can interrupt a chanting process. Also, stuns the target for 3 seconds.

[Scorpion Sting]: Attacks the target with the scorpion tail and afflicts the target with a Poison Effect. Causes 15,000 Nature Damage to the target.

Note: One of the most ferocious monsters in the Secret Wonderland. After the Black heart Goblins poisoned the land, these creatures survived and underwent mutation. They have extremely strong toxicity.

The monsters charged at Wei Yan Er the moment it appeared. With a powerful bite, it caused about 10,000 damage to the little brat. On the other hand, the rage bar of Wei Yan Er was increased by more than 50 points.

"You stinky noob tank! Get it off me!" Wei Yan Er immediately screamed for help.

Zhang Yang laughed at her and said, "It’s a good thing that the monster hit you! You won’t have to worry about having not enough Rage Points to spend!"

"You bus tart noob tank! I curse you! Stomachache for the rest of your days!"

Zhang Yang was only teasing the little brat. Because Han Ying Xue was supporting them from the rear, the elite monster could barely do any long-term damage to the little brat. Zhang Yang summoned Felice and threw a {Provoke} to lure the monster over to him. After getting the aggro of the monster over onto him, he threw a few more Skills and firmly got the monster’s full attention.

The Scorpion-Tiger Chimera kept biting Zhang Yang with its big mouth. However, it could only cause about 676 damage to Zhang Yang. Some of its attacks could not even deal 1 damage to Zhang Yang. On the other hand, Wei Yan Er could cause about 10,000 damage to the monster with 1 hit. The difference between the attacks of both sides was vastly different!

"Hey, noob tank! Your skin is really thick! You can’t even feel pain after being bitten by the monster!" Wei Yan Er was unwilling to admit, "Your defense is high, and your damage is also high! How is that fair!"

"Haha! Just wait until you get your Darkness Inheritance. By then, you wouldn’t be too bad compared to me!" Zhang Yang said.

"God damn it! So how long will that be? We can’t even take down the final boss for the Inheritance quest yet!" Wei Yan Er sighed.

Han Ying Xue was feeling depressed as well. Getting a high-Class Inheritance was not easy at all. The difficulty of getting the Inheritance would be too great, especially when the final boss of its quest was too powerful for players to take on at their current levels. Therefore, Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu had been stuck with the final bosses of their Inheritance quests for quite some time already.

Although the Defense of Wei Yan Er was a lot lower than the Defense of Zhang Yang, her Attack power was extremely powerful. Furthermore, they were supported by Battle Companions and Pets. In just a brief moment, they took care of the Scorpion-Tiger Chimera and picked up a few strands of [Tiger Fur]. Wei Yan Er was dissatisfied with the loot and made a huge fuss out of it.

After killing the monster, the three of them discovered a piece of golden stone that was flashing in golden complexion right beside a large piece of rock. This might be the [Divinity Ore] that they were searching for.

[Divinity Ore]

Description: This is a fantastic specimen. Weapons forged with it will have abnormally destructive power.

Very good. The first piece [Divinity Ore] has been collected.

The three of them continued to push forward. They encountered many other Chimeraeic beings such as Thunderous Light Leopards, Bat-Pythons, Wolf-Apes and many more. They were all mutated because they had eaten the poisoned food. Each of the monsters had extreme toxicity. However, among many monsters that they encountered, only a few of them were guarding a [Divinity Stone]. The remaining monsters were spawned to give players some challenge while attempting to complete the quest. Furthermore, Zhang Yang and the two ladies were able to earn quite a substantial amount of experience points.

Two hours had passed in just a blink of an eye. The three of them had finally collected 10 pieces of [Divinity Ore]. So they made their way back to the ‘house of cogs’ and attempted to exchange them for the Enhanced Antidote.

"Hey, you three humans are more durable than we expected! You could actually gather so many [Divinity Ores]!" One of the Black Heart Goblin received the [Divinity Ores] from Zhang Yang. Then the goblin passed a glass bottle half-filled with dark liquid in it. "Haha! We just need a few more of these before Master Sosh’s Light Beam Gun can be completed!"

Zhang Yang and the ladies quickly rushed back to the village. The quest had a limited time frame. The duration they take to complete the quest would affect the final reward that they could claim from the quest.

After reaching the house of Charlie Moto, Zhang Yang took out the Enhanced Antidote and fed it to Alice. Pink life returned to her pale and lifeless face in just a moment. After about 10 seconds, she opened her eyes and looked around in confusion.

"Alice, we are here to get you back to your parents because your parents asked us to find you. They are worried sick at home!" Zhang Yang quickly explained to Alice.

After Alice got down from the bed, she bowed to Zhang Yang and the two ladies and said, "Big brother, big sister, little sister, thank you for saving me!"

"Little sister?" Wei Yan Er was very sensitive to the word ‘little’ or ‘small’ at the moment. She immediately looked down at her own boobies that have not undergone any change for the past 6 months. Then, she looked at Alice’s pair of boobies that were still small but seemed to have great potential. She could not help but to grind her teeth together in anger.

"Alice, let’s go home!"

"Alright, big brother, big sister, and little sister!" Alice said in a very soft and polite tone. At that last bit, Wei Yan Er almost crushed her teeth against each other into bits and pieces.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: The Way of Healing, you received a reward: 20,000,000 experience points!’

"Wow! That’s a lot of experience points!" Han Ying Xue felt almost breathless. The Main Story Quests that they completed together before had never rewarded them with such amount of experience points. It seemed that the system was very generous this time.

"That’s why they’re called ‘Hidden Quest’! Of course, the rewards will be much better than those normal quests!" Zhang Yang nodded. He was very satisfied with the reward as well. Currently, his main priority was to reach beyond Level 120. Therefore, every bit of experience point that came his way now would be more than welcome. As long as all of his party members, including himself, could reach beyond Level 120, they could get rid of any Level Gap Suppression function from all bosses and all monsters that were Level 150. The chance for them to take down a Level 150 Ethereal Tier boss should increase twofold. When that becomes possible, they should be able to acquire the two Class S Inheritances and one Class A Inheritance. With those Inheritances, Lone Desert Smoke should be able to acquire a solid victory in the World League Championship!

"Grandpa, thank you for taking care of me for the past few days as well!" Alice bowed to Charlie Moto as well.

"You must not be so greedy and eat so much again!" Charlie Moto laughed as he told the girl.

"Yes! I’ll keep that in mind, grandpa!"

Zhang Yang could not help but look at Wei Yan Er with a sarcastic smile, "Same goes to you as well!""

Wei Yan Er scoffed and said, "I’m not a child anymore! How was I greedy?" She was still looking at her own pair of boobies, or lack thereof, constantly from time to time. It was a real thorn in her heart.

"Adventurers from the outside world, can I ask of you for one more matter?" Just when the four of them were about to walk out of the little cottage, Charlie Moto suddenly opened his mouth and made a request.