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Chapter 609: Eat Your Way to Level Up!

Chapter 609: Eat Your Way to Level Up!

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"Haha, noob tank! You’re a greedy eater as well! How dare you point at me, saying that I’m a greedy eater!" Wei Yan Er grabbed the opportunity to shoot Zhang Yang off with a few words. Of course, she was not going to let it slide.

Zhang Yang smiled quietly as he continued to take as much ‘leaves’ as possible into his hands and ate them. He also picked up ‘rocks’ to eat and ‘river water’ to drink! He kept eating as every second passed. By doing so, he would earn 10,000 experience points with each passing second! That was quite a substantial amount of experience points he could get, considering that he was getting the same amount of experience points for killing a Normal Tier monster every 2 seconds! His experience bar was shooting up!

Han Ying Xue realized that there was something off about it. So she picked up the ‘leaves’ as well and put one into her mouth. Right after her first chew, her eyes were widened up and she also took up as much stuff as she could and put it into her mouth like how Zhang Yang was doing. Both of they were basically gorging down everything that was placed right in front of them.

"Oi... what are you two doing? Are you possessed or what?" Wei Yan Er could not fathom why would they go all ‘berserk’ on eating.

However, the little brat was not stupid as well. After seeing Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue ignoring her and gobbling on, she knew that something was off as well. So she picked up one of the ‘leaves’ and gave it a tentative chew ---

"Wah! Stinky noob tank! Stinky cousin sis! Both of you are really mean! How can you hide such a good thing from me! I despise you two!" Wei Yan Er immediately complained in her annoying voice. After that, she joined them both in the feast.

No wonder one of the quest rewards was simply letting them stay a little longer in the Secret Wonderland. Everything made sense now! Zhang Yang had finally uncovered the amazing truth behind the reward. Any hesitation would have cost him more than a few fortunes! Wasting one second would mean losing 10,000 experience points!

Wei Yan Er was naturally a greedy eater. At first, she acted all nice and gentle because she had experienced the poison after eating the poisoned food. Now that she knew that there was no longer any threat, the little brat began to shove everything down without any table manners. She looked like a little girl that was eating in joy.

Zhang Yang intended to take away the ‘food’ while he was eating. However, the ‘food’ here would vanish upon be picked up. The ‘food’ would only exist for 5 seconds. In other words, players could only eat here. They could not take anything away from here! He also attempted to summon the other 9 of his party members to enjoy the ‘food’. However, he received a system notification saying that he was forbidden to use the item at the moment. It seemed that the developer had left no loopholes for him to drill through.

All he could do now was to focus on eating as much ‘food’ as he can before the time ran out!

"Haha! Cousin sis! Your stomach is so round already! Do you still want to eat?"

"Noob tank, why are you taking off your helmet? Are you pregnant? Haha!"

The little brat was indeed talented in eating. She could still talk while chewing on the ‘food’! More importantly, her words were crystal clear! Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue could not help but admire the ‘gift’ that the little brat had.

‘Ding! Congratulations! You have leveled up to level 119. You received a reward: 5 Attribute Points!’


‘Ding! Congratulations! You have leveled up to level 115. You received a reward: 5 Attribute Points!’


‘Ding! Congratulations! You have leveled up to level 116. You received a reward: 5 Attribute Points!’


Two hours later, Zhang Yang and the ladies managed to level up once. However, the three of them were even fatter than the world’s fattest human alive on earth! Even if Zhang Yang wanted to do a french kiss with Han Ying Xue at that moment, the two of them would be having trouble locking each other’s lips while having their big round stomachs in-between them!

3 hours, 4 hours... 6 hours...

When they finally used up all the time allocated by the system, they were forcibly teleported to the entrance by the hole in the tree. It was the same hole that they had gone through when they first arrived at Secret Wonderland. The little girl Alice was also with them.

By that time, Zhang Yang had reached Level 122. On the other hand, Han Ying Xue had reached Level 118 and Wei Yan Er had reached Level 119. The three of them suddenly became the world top three on the Global Level Ranking List. The fourth in place was a player named ‘Ghostly Buckingham’, who was only at level 115. That was 3 levels behind the level of Han Ying Xue!

It seemed that Zhang Yang and the two ladies have struck the jackpot with this quest!

Upon seeing the three of them rocket up their levels in such short period of time, many players began to make some noise on the forum about it. The Japan-Korea Region players were sworn enemies to Zhang Yang and the Lone Desert Smoke. Many of the players began to question the officials about it. How could a player... no... three players manage to level up so fast in such a short period of time? Could the three of them be cheating?

Although players could not use cheat engines in the game, they could still take advantages of BUGs to grind their levels. Just like Zhang Yang back then. He used the Spider boss to grind his level by letting the boss lay eggs repeatedly so that he could slay the baby spiders repeatedly to spam for experience points. If the official ever finds out anything like that, they would take back the Levels that players ‘stole’ by taking advantages of the BUGs.

However, the complaints were informed to be invalid by the officials: Everything was under the surveillance of the system. No unfair means had been used.

So, the players from Japan-Korea Region could only lower their banners and muffle their drums regarding that issue. There were also other players who were curious about how did they level up so rapidly. What method did they use to be able to grind so quickly within half a day? They did not suspect it was part of the system reward because if it was, their levels would have been elevated up instantly. However, Zhang Yang and the two ladies were leveling up over the past 6 hours! So, what was really going on there?

If this continues to happen, a player could potentially reach Level 300 within days!

On the other hand, Zhang Yang and the two ladies were being very secretive about it. The other curious players could only feel the itch to know without being given an answer. Fortunately for them, Zhang Yang and the ladies did not level up any further after that. The anxiety and the tension among the servers was finally put to rest. If they could just simply level up like that, other players would definitely be frustrated over it.

Many players have guessed that Zhang Yang and the two ladies had completed some sort of hidden quest that rewarded them with such means of leveling up. However, none of them could understand the details of it. No matter how smart they were, no one would have thought that the levels were earned by ‘eating’!

Before this, Zhang Yang aimed to reach Level 120 as soon as he could. Now that he had accomplished it, he could finally relax. So he was very focused on gathering Herbs by sending out his [Herb Foraging Familiar]. Upon gathering enough materials, Zhang Yang began to make more [Armor Piercing Potions]. Now that the potions were out of stock on the market, Zhang Yang could make more, and sell more to earn another set of fortune!

Sadly, his other party members had not reached Level 120, other than himself. Powerful DPS players like Hundred Shots and Lost Dream should grind their levels up to Level 120 as soon as possible. By then, they would be able to remove the Level Gap Suppression function of the game when they battle Level 150 bosses. Although they might be a little short on numbers, everyone could simply activate their {Inheritance Transformation} Skills when the Level Gap Suppression function no longer affects. When another two players with Class S Inheritances and one player with Class A Inheritance joins in, then Lone Desert Smoke would be invincible in the World League Championships!

Dream Technology announced that the first World League Championships would be held in Los Angeles, America. All parties that were qualified to enter the competition would get free tickets, back and forth. Their lodgings during the competition period would be covered by the Organizing Committees.

The competition would be held on the 15th of January next year. The competition would go on for 4 days straight. As a safety measure, Zhang Yang and his party members would definitely travel over to the competition venue on the 14th. They would want to avoid any possible flight cancellation due to reasons such as a storm or other unforeseen circumstances. If that could happen, they might risk missing out the competition.

Silky Soft Battle Team had won the first place in the China Region S Class League Championship. However, the competition of acquiring the second place was extremely intense. The results would remain unknown until the very last second of the competition.

"Noob tank! Come back here! Quickly!"

Zhang Yang was currently grinding his level in the Hidayat Wilderness, a Level 120 - 150 map. It was not because the environment was suitable for ground level. Zhang Yang was there because he could allow his [Herb Foraging Familiar] to gather high Tier materials for him. The materials that his [Herb Foraging Familiar] could gather would allow Zhang Yang to earn even more!

Just as he was grinding his level halfway, he suddenly received Wei Yan Er’s call.

--- a player can receive a call from the real world even as they are logged in the game. It was really convenient.

Zhang Yang was shocked, so he asked, "What’s wrong?"

"Oh my god! Oh my god! You’ve got to come back now, noob tank! Wu wu wu!" The voice of Wei Yan Er was trembling in fear.

"Silly Yu, just come back quickly!" Zhang Yang could also hear Han Ying Xue’s voice. Her voice was also trembling with fear as well!

Could it be Liu Wei? Did he finally come to take his revenge?

Zhang Yang jumped out of his chair and threw the game helmet aside. With a few heavy steps, he charged out of his office with a loud bang through his office door. His secretaries were shocked.

"That bastard! Liu Wei, if you dare lay any of your fingers on any of my girls, I will not mind to die with you one more time!" Zhang Yang’s eyes were fueled with murderous intend. Han Ying Xue was his beloved woman, while Wei Yan Er was his girl he loved dearly as well. If anything were to happen to any one of them, or worse, two of them! Zhang Yang would definitely go berserk and do something crazy!

So why... why would Liu Wei make a move now! Even if he does not know Sun Xin Yu’s background, but he had tasted the consequences of trying something funny with Zhang Yang. So he, of everyone, should know that things would not end well if he planned to mess with Zhang Yang! Everyone should just compete against each other in the light. If anyone would try something insidious and caustic under the table, the consequences should be unbearable for anyone!

God damn it! Zhang Yang was on the verge of breaking!

He sped his sports car up as he was on his way back to Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. He raced through several red lights to get there! It only took him about 12 minutes to get back to the house. Normally, it would take him about 20 minutes to do so!

"Witch! Little brat!" After getting into the house, Zhang Yang quickly shouted out their names. His voice was trembling with fear. He even felt that his own voice was unfamiliar to himself!

"--- noob tank?" weak voice of Wei Yan Er came from a corner of the house.

Zhang Yang immediately regained his conscious and reacted to the voice. He turned his head to the direction of Wei Yan Er’s room. Her voice came from the room. Zhang Yang quickly took a few steps forward and kicked the door open with a powerful kick. Bang! What he saw before him was Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er holding each other tightly as they were trembling with fear. The two ladies were pale. It was obvious that they were terrified and scared of something! Something must have happened!

Fortunately, none of them were hurt.

Zhang Yang let out a breath of relief. He could feel that his body had been drained of his energy the moment he knew that the two ladies were fine and safe. His legs were suddenly so weak that he fell and sat on the floor.

"Noob tank... quickly... help us change the disc!" Wei Yan Er pointed at the TV right in front of their beds and said.

Zhang Yang was stunned for one brief moment, then he said, "What disc?"

"I rented a vintage horror movie from the university. Now that we’ve finished watching the A-side of the disk, we are both terrified. Both of us dare not step off the bed. So we had to call you here to help us!" Wei Yan Er was acting innocent all over again. Then she continued to say, "We’re at a cliffhanger now. So quickly! Change the disk now!"

Zhang Yang could only frown intensely as he tried to get his anger back in place, "So, you called me back here just to ask me to change the disk...for you?"

"That’s right! What else could it be!" Wei Yan Er was still talking, unaware of the ‘danger’ that she was about to face.

"I’m going to teach you a good lesson today, or you’re going to turn the sky upside down! You little brat!" Zhang Yang walked up to the side of the bed swiftly and tugged the little brat out of her blanket! Then he pushed her down to the floor, facefirst. With his hand lifted high up, Zhang Yang smacked the palm of his hand straight on the little brat’s buttocks! He did not hold his strength back at all!

"Argh ---" Wei Yan Er was afraid of pain. She immediately attempted to struggle and tried to get up from the floor. However, Zhang Yang was very strong! How would she beat Zhang Yang in term of strength then? She could only wriggle like a fish out water.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Zhang Yang did not hold back at all as he continued to smack the little brat’s buttocks. Wei Yan Er was smacked to the point that her pretty little face had turned pale. She began to sob and cry.

"You bastard! I’ll never forgive you! I hate you! Wu wu wu... ouch! Wu wu wu.... I’m sorry! I was wrong! Please! Stop hitting me!" The little brat could no longer endure the pain and she began to beg for mercy from Zhang Yang.