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Chapter 612: The First Step to Acquiring Phoenix Pet

Chapter 612: The First Step to Acquiring Phoenix Pet

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The moment when the boss was dead, Wei Yan Er rushed up to the boss and picked up all of the loot on the ground. She was giggling with joy after seeing the amount of coins she got.

"Wa --- Yan Er is going to get her Class A Inheritance!" Lost Dream and the others were envious. They were not patient enough to wait for the appearance of other Class A Inheritance previously, they had made a ‘fatal’ decision to take a Class B Inheritance for themselves. Now, they could only look at other with regret.

"Haha! From now on, you guys should just call me Wonder Girl Little Yan Er!"

Everyone laughed. Zhang Yang bent down and picked up all the loot from the ground.

The boss was not generous at all. He had only dropped 4 pieces of equipment upon his death. However, items and equipment dropped by Open World bosses were usually unique. Unique items and equipment were usually impossible to be found among loot that have been dropped by bosses from common dungeons! Among the 4, there were two Ethereal Tier equipment. These two were the best equipment at the current stage of the game. Theoretically speaking, players would need to clear Level 170 dungeons in order to acquire Ethereal Tier equipment. Furthermore, the Ethereal Tier equipment would not have the Special that could reduce the Required Level by 20 levels.

It made sense after all. Players could repeat a dungeon as many times as they like. The refresh rate of a dungeon would usually be short as well. If the items and equipment that drop upon clearing a dungeon are not adjusted appropriately, many players would be able to acquire unique equipment just by farming in dungeons. By then, would those so-called ‘unique’ items and equipment still be unique?

The two pieces of Mythical Tier equipment were ignored by the gang. Everyone had their eyes on the two pieces of Ethereal Tier equipment,

"It’s so much better for us to kill a boss on our own! Everything dropped would be ours to take!" Fatty Han sighed as he recalled back to the memory where they were aiding Crimson Rage in slaying Hachilles. By the end of it, they had only acquired a piece of Alchemist Recipe --- although that piece of recipe did bring endless fortune upon them.

Zhang Yang laughed and pasted the link to the attributes of the first Ethereal Tier equipment on the party chat.

It was a dark-blue amulet that could cover one’s entire neck just by wearing it.

[Amoss’s Nose Hoop] (Ethereal, Necklace)

Vitality: +1,167

Strength: +396

Agility: +396

Equip: Increase Maximum HP by 2,330 points.

Equip: Increase both damage and healing efficiency by 5.6%.

Equip: Increase 340 Damage Absorption when being hit.

Equip: Your normal attack will have 7% rate to increase 20% additional damage to your next Skill attack.


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduce 20 levels of the Required Level

Note: Amoss was a Minotaur Warrior. His legendary tales were so abundant that they could be compiled into a thick book!

... a nose hoop. Everyone was disgusted upon hearing the name of it. However, the attributes of the nose hoop were very appealing. Everyone was tempted to take it. After all, this was an authentic Ethereal Tier equipment. Furthermore, they could already equip it the moment they get to Level 130! It would not be long before they would reach Level 130 anyway!

"Roll for it then." Zhang Yang nodded. Without wasting any more breath over it, everyone rolled to see where their luck would lead them.

The nose hoop was a unique Physical-type equipment. Any other equipment of the same type with the same level would never match this unique equipment. Warriors, Thieves, Hunters or Knights, all of them did not wait for the opportunity to slip away as they rolled and let the system decide on who should have it.

By the end of it, Zhang Yang triumphed over Wei Yan Er. He got 97 points while Wei Yan Er only got 96 points! There he went, shoving the necklace into his inventory with joy.

"Humph! I don’t feel like having a stinky nose hoop that was worn by a Minotaur anyway! Pui!" Wei Yan Er lost only by one point, so she could only comfort herself with that little mouth of hers.

The party chuckled lightly at that statement. Then, they turned their attention towards the second Ethereal Tier equipment.

It was a refined leather armor made with master craftsmanship. The leather armor had all sorts of runes that formed multiple mysterious magic circles all over the surface of the equipment. The equipment was glittering with the radiance of morning light. It was mesmerizing to look upon it.

[Hell Lord Rune Chest Plate] (Ethereal, Leather Armor)

Defense: +192

Magic Defense: +192

Vitality: +4,668

Strength: +680

Agility: +1586

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 9,330 points.

Equip: Increases both damage and healing efficiency by 5.6%.

Equip: Increases 679 Damage Absorption when being hit.

Use: Forms a Magic-Reflector Shield. Can reflect all Magic-type attacks (Including Healing Spells). Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 4 hours.


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces 20 levels of the Required Level

"Wow! This is an item that could turn a player into the public nemesis of all Spellcasters in the entire game!" Daffodil Daydream screamed. Players who equip it would not only have Magic Resistance, but also the ability to form a Magic-Reflector! It was obvious that the purpose of designing such equipment would be to put down Spellcasters and Witch Doctors!

"Hmm... that’s right! Once the Magic-Reflector is on, Spell-type players will only be able to stare at their opponent!"

Unfortunately, as the equipment could disrupt the balance of a 1-VS-1 match, this equipment would not be allowed to be equipped during any League Championship. It was an adjustment made by the system: You seldom see players fighting one on one in Open World Player VS Player matches. Players would usually battle in numbers. Although this equipment would be powerful, others would still be able to work around the specialized defense.

Hundred Shots, Sun Xin Yu and the others that required Leather Armor participated in rolling for the equipment, and even Wei Yan Er felt like joining into the bet as well! Although the equipment was just a piece of Leather Armor, the Defense attributes of it were much higher than the Defense attributes of a Mythical Tier Heavy Armor. It was more of a metallic hide than a piece of leather! Furthermore, it would also greatly boost the Vitality, the Agility of the players who wear it. The only thing that was lacking was the Strength attribute boost.

Finally, the equipment was claimed by Lost Dream, He could not help but smile in joy.

Other than the four equipment, the boss also dropped other additional loot: A [Skill Book], a piece of [Skill Point Crystal] and three [Middle-tier Chaos Gems].

One [Middle-tier Chaos Gem] could expand the inventory of a player by 20 slots!

No one would ever complain about having additional slots in the inventory. Therefore, everyone began to roll for the three [Middle-tier Chaos Gem]. Zhang Yang was lucky enough to get one of the three. With that, his inventory was expanded to 210 slots.

Naturally, the [Skill Point Crystal] was even more precious than the three Chaos Gems. After rolling for it, Sun Xin Yu won the bet and kept the item in her inventory.

The last item was a [Skill Book] named after the name ‘Angel’s Compassion’. The Classes were limited to Priests and Holy Knights only. Obviously, it had to be some sort of healing or buffing ability.

Since that there was no Holy Knights among their party members, only Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart qualified for it. So the two of them began to roll for it. By the end of the ‘contest’, Witch Snow was the one who rolled out her best luck and claimed the [Skill Book]. Upon learning the Skill, she posted the description of the Skill on the party chat.

[Angel’s Compassion (Level 1)]: Casts a shield to everyone in the same party (Maximum 10 players). Lasts for 30 seconds or after absorbing damage equivalent to 500% of the amount of your Magic Attack value. When the shield is effective, the targets can recover 1% HP every second. On every additional level up, you can cast the shields on two additional targets. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

The gang was amazed by the description of the Skill --- it was very impressive!

That was right! This could be one of the best healing Skills at the current stage of the game! The Skill did not just allow the players with the shield to absorb a substantial amount of damage but also allowed the players to recover 1% HP in each second! Although 1% HP seemed a little low, it would really add up if players activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills! Furthermore, the Shield would support multiple party members at the same time, 10 players to be exact! When the Skill is upgraded up to Level 10, the user could support up to 28 players in the same party with this Skill! The possibilities are mind-boggling!

The party almost broke into a cheer. With Han Ying Xue learning the Skill, the survival capability of the entire party would definitely increase by a lot. There should be nothing better than this, for now.

After killing the boss, the party dispersed, as everyone had something of their own to settle at the moment,

Wei Yan Er went on to complete the final steps of getting her Inheritance. It would only take a day or two for her. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang brought Fatty Han along and headed over to the Aomori Moss Land. That would be the location where Hunters could trigger the Hidden Quest for the Phoenix Pet.

Because there were only 10 of them in the party, without the support of their Inheritance Transformation Skills, Zhang Yang and his party would stand no chance at all in bringing down the final boss of a Class S Inheritance quest. Therefore, they were forced to wait for three days until the cooldown period for their Inheritance Transformation Skills were all over. By then, the party should be able to take down the final bosses of Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu’s Class S Inheritance quests. Lone Desert Smoke would have 3 players with Class S Inheritances, by then!

"Little Yang, why are you being so secretive while dragging me across half the planet over here?" Fatty Han could not stand being dragged around by Zhang Yang anymore. So he began to ask Zhang Yang for some explanations.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I’ve seen the information on the official website. There should be an NPC who will give a Hunter’s only Hidden Quest. The rewards should be extremely good! Since we’re both waiting for our Inheritance Transformation Skills to cool off, why not make use of our time and earn some good stuff!"

"You could have simply said so earlier! Haha!" Fatty Han nudged Zhang Yang with his elbow, gently, of course. The two of them walked into a small village together.

It was an ancient village that seemed to have existed since the time of the ancients. The villagers were all human. There was a big difference between the way the villagers dressed the way people from other places dressed. It was most probably because they had been isolated from the outside world for far too long.

"Haih! When can I taste the barbecued meat of a Mello Ram again..." there was an old man standing by a little cottage not far from where they stood. The old man was mumbling audibly. Zhang Yang and Fatty Han could catch on to every word he said, if they paid attention.

"Old man! Stop dreaming about it already! Mello Rams can only be located in the deepest parts of the forest. Even the best Hunters do not dare to step foot into that part of the forest! Just eat what you have now!" An old lady came out of the little cottage and shoved two white buns into the old man’s mouth. Then she went back into the cottage.

[Old Hunter Karnoss] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 130

HP: 36,400

Note: Karnoss was an outstanding Hunter when he was young. Although he is old now, his knowledge and experience would always remain with him!

Zhang Yang smiled politely, and said, "Old man, we’re on our way to hunt. So where’s the Mello Ram that you mentioned a moment ago? If we get to hunt it down, we shall cut you a deal and give you some of the rewards!"

"Haha! Mello Ram is so much more than you’ve heard! It’s not just a simple and tamed ram! Although they don’t eat meat, they are far more ferocious than any beast I’ve ever known! Even tigers tend to stay away from them! Young man, please do me a favor and stop thinking about dying for nothing!" Karnoss told Zhang Yang and Fatty Han with a serious face.

"If we succeed, what’s in for us then?" Zhang Yang smiled.

"Hehe, then I shall give my previous bow that I’ve kept for tens of years!" Karnoss replied.

‘Ding! Karnoss has given you a quest: Hunt for the Mello Ram. Do you accept?’

Of course! That was the first step to activating the hidden quest that both of them had been looking for!

[Hunt for the Mello Ram] (Difficulty: Rank-B)

Description: You’ve made a bet with Karnoss. You bet that you can hunt down one of the most notorious beasts in the mountains --- The Mello Ram! Warrior, you better be prepared. Not everyone is capable of handling the Mello Ram! Don’t get yourself killed just because you thought you could one-up an old Hunter!

Completion: Kill Mello Ram 0/1

Quest reward: Karnoss’s Ancient Bow

[Karnoss’s Ancient Bow] (Violet-Platinum, Bow)

Attack: 3,618 - 4,618

Attack Interval: 3.3 seconds

DPS: 1,248

{Level 4 Socket 1}

{Level 4 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases your damage by 5%.

Required Level: 130