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Chapter 616: High Priestess Chiffony

Chapter 616: High Priestess Chiffony

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As expected of an S class Inheritance skill. As the level grows higher, the stronger the skills will be. Luckily that skill effect had taken percentage into account, or else the skill could be extremely useless against highly-leveled bosses with more than millions of HP! Zhang Yang would have to grind his way slowly and only use the skill when the boss drops below his own HP! By then, the boss would already be dead.

As a tank, especially during a boss fight, Zhang Yang’s HP will fluctuate up and down between 50% to 80% depending on the healer present. It will be a rare case where he would be at full health. As such, the skill {God of War Heavy Axe} would need to be timed precisely in order to deliver 300% damage. A careless miss and he would be dealing normal damage to the boss.

After Zhang Yang picked up the skill from Area, he left the place and proceed to grind his level. Right then, he had two Level 130 equipment that were just sitting in his personal storage, waiting to be equipped! With determination and the temptation of the potential reward, Zhang Yang fought hard and fast to push his Level higher. Also, he was still wearing a Level 80 Titan’s Necklace, which was in need of being replaced as soon as possible.

Zhang Yang was alone when he searched for the perfect spot to grind his level. Alone, his efficiency was far greater than when he was with anyone else. The map he found had a high spawn rate of normal tier monsters. As such, the monsters were unable to deal any speck of damage to him. Hence, he was able to kite a large number of monsters and kill them with a few blows. Sometimes, when he was extremely lucky, the {Rising Dragon Strike} would proc and kill all monsters in a single blow.

In one day, he had gained no less than 6% experience points. If he could maintain such speed, he would take at least in-game 17 days to gain a level, which was equivalent to 6 real-time days. He was only able to achieve such a high grinding speed due to his powerful equipment and overwhelming skills.

Zhang Yang continued his grinding until everyone’s Transformation skill had finished their cooldown. Zhang Yang then recruited everyone and briefly explained about the boss that they were about to kill. Han Ying Xue’s S class Inheritance quest boss, the High Priestess Chiffony was located at the Xixiluca Sea.

Unfortunately, Fatty Han was not invited as he was still camping in the Snow Spirit Canyon, trying to catch a fox. Even though Zhang Yang’s "kill squad" was short of one Inheritance DPS player, the little girl with her newly acquire Darkness Inheritance was good enough to replace his spot! In fact, the little girl might be a better replacement and bring a higher DPS rate to the party. The little girl was a battle maniac. All the while she had better battle prowess than Fatty Han. Now, she would be extremely powerful in battle, since her Inheritance was one tier higher than Fatty Han’s.

Additionally, Zhang Yang had also recruited guild players with D class and E class Inheritance. Even though they do not possess the Transformation skill, their attacks were still boosted since they were, after all, Inheritance holders. At the very least, their attacks were higher than normal players. Even if they died in battle, they could just revive on the spot and fight the boss again!

The entire squad traveled high and low and ventured through thousands of kilometers before reaching their destination, The Xixiluca Sea of the Holy Island.

The Holy Islands were completely different from the other palaces that Zhang Yang had traveled to before. It was like Eden itself. There was flora that he had never seen before. The animals spotted the squad and showed no sign of aggression nor fear of humans. They had only raised their heads to look at the party and went back to do what they loved to do, feeding on grass and fruits. The little girl was greatly excited and tried to capture the rabbits and doe as pets. Naturally, her barbaric behavior had sent all the little critters running away. Zhang Yang teased Wei Yan Er and coaxed the girl by lying about getting her a pet at home. Only then would she obediently rejoin the group and venture deeper into the island.

The party arrived at the center of the island and found a building which was as large as a basketball court. It was an open-air altar, prepped with chairs and ceremonials tables that resembled a church. At the center of the altar stood a woman in a white priestess gown who was fully focused on praying to the sky. Her back faced them, so the party could not fully examine her appearance. However, judging by the soft fabric of her uniform, she was, undoubtedly a woman with an hourglass body figure. Her golden hair was long and soft that even though it grew to her hips, the hair could sway with the wind.

[High Priestess Chiffony] (Ethereal, Humanoid)

Level: 150

HP: 500,000,000

Defense: 9,950

Magic Attack: 45,314 – 55,314


[Blazing Holy Light]: Casts a powerful light that would burn everyone who is within 40 meters from the caster. Deals 40,000 Holy Damage to all targets every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.

[Higher Healing]: Heals oneself, restoring HP equivalent to 200% magic attack. Channel: 2 seconds.

[Endurance]: Restores 3% HP every 30 seconds. Healing rate would not be affected by any status effects.

Note; Chiffony holds the title of the High Priestess. She believes that the god will only descend to the mortal realms by purifying all negative humans. Her beliefs had led her to be excommunicated by the Creed since her views of the gods were too extreme. However, no one would deny that her power and affiliation with the Holy element is strong.

Zhang Yang had tried to fight the boss once before but was completely wiped out. The boss’ skill {Blazing Radiant Light} was her one and only skill, it possessed little to no threat to the party. However, since it was her only skill, she would cast {Higher Healing} after {Blazing Radiant Light}. Coupled with her own passive regeneration skill, the Priestess was as tough as Zhang Yang, being incredibly hard to kill! It was the reason why Zhang Yang had failed the boss fight even though he had brought many players. The main reason being, not enough DPS to counter her healing rate.

"…Could we really do this?" said Han Ying Xue, as she doubted the DPS power of the party then. Everyone was traumatized before and was scared, even now.

"Yes. We can. I’m sure of it!" said Zhang Yang with forceful confidence. Previously, their DPS was greatly affected by the annoying Level Suppression system. However, things had changed now, since the main attack force had reached Level 120. Even though many were still under-leveled, they were mainly the healing squad and would not be affected by the Level Suppression system.

"Alright. Get your Transformation skills ready now. We’re attacking now!"

Zhang Yang activated his Transformation skill and consumed a bottle of [Strength Potion] before charging to the boss.

"Impure beings! You will be cleansed!" Chiffony turned around to face them. She had crystal-clear eyes that sparkled with an aquamarine blue. Her face and skin were as fair as snow, a little soft and silky at the same time. However, looks do not matter. In the game, if a boss is extremely beautiful, she would be extremely powerful! The boss created a magic staff in her hand and struck the ground hard, creating a golden hue blast wave that spreaded out in all directions.

{Blazing Radiant Light}!

Right after the skill was unleashed, Chiffony started to heal herself.

{Destructive Smash}!

Zhang Yang leaped towards the boss and vertically slammed his sword to hack at her. Although Zhang Yang could feel his sword attack connecting with her body, the Priestess cloths remained intact as if it was made of the greatest Kevlar armor. Still, it was just aesthetics purposes, the damage had still landed without any reduction.


Chiffony finished her channeling and healed only a quarter of her original amount of 100,000 HP. Even though the {Destructive Smash} could not affect the healing rate of her passive skill, Zhang Yang had still prioritized attacking her with {Destructive Smash} to disrupt her {Higher Healing}.

The rest of the party were not far behind. Right after Zhang Yang had landed {Destructive Smash}, the rest of the party member had activated their Transformation skill and attacked. Amongst the party members, the most excited one was Wei Yan Er.

The little girl had always been a curious cat. After obtaining the Darkness Inheritance, she had been itching to test out its prowess. Since Zhang Yang had told her about the High Priestess long before anyone else, she had kept her skills and only wanted to unleash it on the boss. Hence, when it comes to attacking, no one could be as excited as her.

{Darkness Transformation}!


Clouds as black as calligraphy ink formed around her feet and engulfed her entire character. The clouds formed an opaque layer which grew darker and blacker. Eventually, her entire character was completely dyed in black. Her eyes, however, remained the same with white sclera and dark pupils. The little girl jumped vertically and could fly without the use of mounts.

Flight ability was granted only to S class and A class Inheritance. However, as a compensation or rather, a limitation, S class and A class Inheritance Transformation were forbidden to mount anything. However, it did not matter since the Inheritance Transformation skill had increased the player HP and Attack by several folds, overtaking the HP and Attack bonuses provided by the mount. On the contrary, while B class Inheritances or lower could mount a battle mount, the HP and Attack bonus provided would not be included in the attack multiplication. For example, if a B class Inheritance player activates their Transformation skill, provided that their original HP was 150,000 and their battle mount has 100,000, the end result would be as such: (150,000 x 20) + 100,000 = 3,100,000 HP. It would not be (150,000 + 100,000) x 20 = 5,000,000 HP.

The little girl laughed manically as she rushed behind the boss and swung her huge battle axe at her target. However, before she could land an attack, she had taken the {Blazing Radiant Light} damage and took more than 60,000 damage.

Due to her passive skill {Enemy of the Light}, Wei Yan Er would receive an additional 50% damage from Holy damage in her Transformed form. At the same time, she would deal 50% extra damage to a target that has Holy elemental attribute.

The little girl grunted a little and continued her attempt at striking the boss.



The first attack Wei Yan Er landed was a maximum charged {Shadow Vengeance}. With 250% melee damage, adding with 50% additional Shadow amplification, her attack had dealt more than 300,000 damage.

"Holy crap! Little Yan Er’s a true berserker now!" Lost Dream gasped at her power. Before that, Lost Dream was able to stand closely behind Zhang Yang as the second highest DPS dealer, being above Sun Xin Yu, Daffodil Daydream, and Wei Yan Er herself before she had acquired an Inheritance. However, it was merely temporary since Wei Yan Er had demonstrated a destructive power that had clearly exceeded his. 300,000 damage in a single hit was something Lost Dream could never achieve.

"Impure being shall be cleansed! Only then the gods shall descend to the earth!" Chiffony bellowed as she struck the ground again with her staff, releasing a massive shockwave that had sent her own hairs swaying with the impact.

"Tch! Stupid boss! You’re the one that needs to be cleansed! Such big breasts…stinky boss…hmph!" Wei Yan Er struck the boss again and was greatly disgruntled when she noticed the boss’ breasts jiggling about.

The girl herself had a chest as flat as an ironing board. Hence, her ire was for those who had bigger breasts than her. Aside from men, her enemy was practically all other women!

Zhang Yang casually cast a {Glare of the Death God} and by chance, the boss did not resist it. The black cloud formed into a grinning skull.

"Evil! Impure! Sinful humans! You must be cleansed!" cried the boss. Even though she did not possessed a single attack skill, between her castings of {Higher Healing} she would occasionally strike Zhang Yang with her magic staff. However, the physical attack was easily negated with {Block} which only provided Zhang Yang with an additional attack and a free {Shield Bash}!

Upon the successful casting of {Glare of the Death God}, everyone attacked as fast as they could. One by one, the increased attacks proceeded continuously and quickly hacked away t10% of the boss’ HP. The battle had taken off with a good, smooth start.