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Chapter 618: Milkmaid Deity

Chapter 618: Milkmaid Deity

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Although the equipment contained the word "Knight", its properties did not seem to share the similar implications. It did not even have a single Intelligence Point. Zhang Yang’s Titan Chest Plate would be nerfed considerably when he reaches Level 130. He decided to swap it out and threw a large sum of guild contribution points on the table to claim the Heavy Armor.

"Dear brothers and sister, mister and missus, could I have this please?" The little brat carried the [Skill Point Crystal] in her palms and pleaded to the entire party, complete with puppy eyes and a cute smile. Zhang Yang frowned immediately. He knew the little brat wanted the best thing for herself!

Zhang Yang would not have minded giving Wei Yan Er the item if they were in their own regular party. He would even tease the little girl until he is satisfied. However, things were different now, since the party then was filled with other guild members who mostly knew her in passing or by name. He might even call it a guild activity, there should not be any favoritism, or in this case, nepotism. Zhang Yang tugged on the little girl’s earlobes and made her apologize for her selfishness and resumed the regular bidding for the item via contribution points.

However, since Wei Yan Er had voiced out her childish wants, Hundred Shots and the other core members had already intended to give it to her. Hence, with only 400 guild contribution points, the little girl had managed to haul the item for herself.

Zhang Yang and his core party members were the ones in the guild who possessed the highest contribution points. It was something that Zhang Yang had no power over. The contribution points of Lone Desert Smoke followed a proper in-game system which gives points to those players who contributed to the guild. Zhang Yang had even established a point exchange system to allow players to obtain items, equipment, ETC items via collecting guild contribution points.

The system would generate contribution points depending on the activity the player is involved in, such as group dungeon raiding, defending a territory, guild vs guild PvP, and other activities that Zhang Yang organizes. Points will be given depending on the difficulty of the task from 1 point in dungeon raid, to 2 points in winning a PvP match. Everyone in the guild will receive the same amount of point and would not be amplified or reduced by ranks of the player in the guild. Zhang Yang will still earn 1 point from raiding a dungeon as would a random player in the guild.

Naturally, ranking officers such as Hundred Shots or Zhang Yang had the authority to deduct and reward points to members. If someone were to violate the guild rules, Hundred Shots would deduct their points. If someone had joined the raid in saving Princess Serena back then, Zhang Yang would have rewarded them with a massive sum of contribution points. Everything was done with the highest transparency. Hence everyone could find out from where and how the contribution points are earned. Cases, where players are rewarded with contribution points, were as rare as events in the game.

The method of distribution was even and fair, hence no one had any objection to Wei Yan Er placing a large sum of contribution points to obtain the [Skill Point Crystal]. The points were earned, fair and square by the little brat’s own hands.

After Zhang Yang distributed the crystal to the little girl, he messaged her privately and said, "Why are you hoarding up so many points?! They were meant to be used! Don’t use your cheap tactics to get items!"

"Pff. Points are like money! Saving is key to spending in the future!" Wei Yan Er sulked as she blew raspberries at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang chuckled. As expected of the family, the little girl was exactly like Han Ying Xue in terms of hoarding. Zhang Yang knew the reason behind it. When they were much younger, the amount of pocket money they received was extremely limited. While the two sisters might leech from Zhang Yang for the simplest things like toilet paper, they would splurge their money when it comes to cosmetic products.

Wei Yan Er then posted a skill book. All skill books will only display the name of the skill and not its description. However, when everyone saw the name of the skill, everyone immediately knew the properties of it. It was {Soul Cleansing}. The exact same skill that Chiffony had gained when she was possessed by the "unidentified being".

When the boss was using the skill, she could just kill someone off literally by pointing her finger at them! If players could own the skill, they would definitely be a PvP king!

As such, everyone unloaded their contribution points on the table to bid for the skill.

Zhang Yang had a feeling that the skill would not be as strong as it was when the boss was using it. If the skill works just like it did for the boss, where one could point and kill anyone at will, there would be no reason to hunt for equipment anymore! Even so, the boss had strict conditions for "activating" the skill, for she must "die" once and could only use the skill with less than 10% HP!

However, since the skill was dropped by an S class Inheritance quest boss, so it had to be a game-changer. It should be weaker than the boss but stronger than normal skill. Zhang Yang purposefully dropped out of the bidding session since he already had an array of powerful unique skills.

Sun Xin Yu placed almost all her contribution points to get the skill book! Her points were almost the same as Zhang Yang.

After learning the skill, she posted the skill description for everyone to see.

[Soul Cleansing]: Attempts to cleanse the target’s soul. If your target is a player character or a non-boss monster, the skill will kill the target after 3 minutes, as long as the caster remains alive during the skill effect duration. Skill cannot be used on boss monsters. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

As compared to Zhang Yang’s S class Inheritance quest boss drop, the {Glare of the Death God}, {Soul Cleansing} can be cast and left be until the time ticks away. All Sun Xin Yu has to go is to stay alive for 3 minutes, unlike {Glare of the Death God} where Zhang Yang would have to constantly attack his target to proc the skill’s effect. On the other hand, the skill had only a short 10 minute cooldown time! It was extremely useful in a PvP battle arena!

The only shortcoming of the skill was the caster would have to stay alive until the target dies. Considering the fact the skill could not be used against bosses, it had a 100% kill rate of any other target! While killing an elite tier monster would not require 3 minutes, the skill is probably only useful in PvP. The skill would be particularly useful since the owner is Sun Xin Yu. In a 1v1 PvP battle, she could use the skill and run away with stealth. She would only need to stay low for 3 minutes to win the battle.

Everyone walked away, satisfied with the distribution of the haul. Han Ying Xue came in and picked up her quest item. While everyone else returned to town to do their own thing, Zhang Yang stayed behind to grind his levels. He had three equipment that were waiting for him to reach Level 130. As such, the motivation of equipping the equipment, as well as trying to achieve Level 130 before the world Professional League competition pushed him to another level. If he succeeds in achieving Level 130 before the match begins, he would be the only one in the battle arena wearing strong Ethereal equipment!

When everything was over, the poor Fatty Han was left alone, still camping in the Snow Spirit Canyon. He had been camping there for no less than 24 hours. Fatty Han had revealed that since he could not log out of the game, his girlfriend, Xiao Wei had to feed him his meals. He might have exaggerated the part where he could not even do it with her! All the romantic feeling would be lost if he could not give her the daily dose of the D! The poor woman who was left with a long dry spell had called Zhang Yang a few times to complain about the quest! Even a prisoner would have occasional, conjugation visitation.

Somehow, Zhang Yang had a premonition that the cucumber stalls around Fatty Han’s house would have some good business.

Two days after the fight with Chiffony, Han Ying Xue had completed all her quests and obtained the S class Inheritance, the Milkmaid Deity. As an S class Inheritance that was sided towards Priest, the skills and effect of the Inheritance had granted Han Ying Xue a massive power boost to her heals. Some of them were better than Wei Yan Er’s Darkness Inheritance.

[Milkmaid Deity’s Purity]: Permanently increases the damage and healing rate by 50%.

[Milkmaid Deity Transformation]: Transforms into the appearance of the Deity herself. 4000% increase in HP, 500% Defense increase. Gains 40% chance to nullify magical attacks. Further increases your damage and healing rate by 500%. You will gain 1 Milkmaid Deity Energy Point per second in this form. Milkmaid Deity Energy Points can be used to cast a few skills. Last for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours.

[Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple]: Heals all allies within a 100 meters x 100 meters area. Heals 10% HP every second. Costs 10 Milkmaid Deity Energy Points to cast. Lasts for 1 second. Every additional 10 Energy Points will extend the active duration by 1 second. Requires channeling. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

[Milkmaid Deity’s Protection]: Casts a protective barrier on a target, increasing the target’s healing rate by 20%. You may only cast one barrier at a time. Last for 1 minute. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Cost: 5,000 MP. Range: 30 meters

[Emergency Portal]: Creates a pathway to escape. The portals should be no further away by 40 meters from each other. Players can enter through any side of the portal. Each usage of the portal will prevent the player from reusing the portal for 30 seconds. Portal will last for 5 minutes or until it is destroyed. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

[Chain Healing]: Heals multiple targets. The first target will restore 300% magic attack as HP. The skill will jump onto a nearby target which will restore 200% magic attack as HP. The skill will jump onto the third and last target which will restore 100% magic attack as HP. Cooldown: 1 minute. Casting time: 2 seconds.

Han Ying Xue was already a super healer since the beginning of the game. After acquiring so many skills, she had practically become the embodiment of healing itself!

"The skill {Emergency Portal} is very useful for evading a boss skill." A few of the guild member had beginning to formulate a battle plan using all of Han Ying Xue skill and offered their insights to Zhang Yang.

"I still think that the [Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple] was the strongest skill. With 100 EP, she could heal all players within 100-meter square to full HP. The AoE is just too big! How many players would fit in a 100x100 area?!"

Zhang Yang agreed. The skill was indeed powerful. First, its healing amount. Second, the AoE size was so large, it could be compared with a [Forbidden Scroll]! Naturally, the skill had restrictions for being so strong. The skill can only be used during the Transformation skill.

With such a powerful healer in hand, the later Inheritance quest boss for Sun Xin Yu would be extremely easy! In truth, even if the boss has a massive AoE attack skill, Han Ying Xue could counter the skill by activating her Inheritance Transformation. With an array of skills to preserve the life of the players, all they had to do was to attack!

Even though it was slightly troublesome, the party gathered again and managed to take down the Inheritance quest boss within 2 hours! Sun Xin Yu’s Inheritance quest boss was defeated within 2 hours! Not long after that, Sun Xin Yu acquired her own S class Inheritance!

Zhang Yang was extremely pleased. So happy, that he had been smiling all day! How could he not be? There were only six S class Inheritance in the entire game and Lone Desert Smoke alone had three of them. Furthermore, all three of them shared the same bed, bathing in each other’s sweat, entwined with each other intimately and intensely.

As Zhang Yang was celebrating, the poor Fatty Han was still shivering in the pile of snow in the Snow Spirit Canyon, still waiting for the wretched Fox Snow Spirt!