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Chapter 620: Blazing Fire Phoenix

Chapter 620: Blazing Fire Phoenix

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Zhang Yang was excited, but he was not as excited as Fatty Han. In fact, when the two of them left the straw house, Fatty Han was practically dragging Zhang Yang out. The two of flew towards Longulr Hills with their flying mount. With the exact location marked on the world map, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han had taken roughly 20 minutes to land.

The hill was completely devoid of trees. There was a good reason for it as well. Before Zhang Yang had land, he could feel that the air around him was hot. It was a complete opposite of where he had come from. The air was so hot it felt like Zhang Yang was hovering over hot steam.

Before landing, Zhang Yang had advised Fatty Han to lower his Sensitivity setting to the minimum. The two circled around the hill and could not find any creeks or caves. Kronoss had mentioned that it was going to be hard to locate the entrance to the cave. Hence, with great reluctance, the both of them got off their mount and traveled on foot.

The hill was not small. Additionally, their search was narrowed down to the west side of the hill. However, in less than 10 minutes, Zhang Yang found the narrow entrance in between two suspiciously placed, large rocks. Fatty Han came over and laughed when he noticed the entrance was about his size. "Please, don’t tell me that the Phoenix is the size of a chicken. I mean, how else could it enter that cave in the first place!?"

"Please. If you can walk through the entrance, so can the Phoenix."

"What are you trying to say? Am I as cool as the Phoenix?"

"Please bro. You’re not cool. You’re hot!"


The two of them laughed and chat as they proceed into the cave. However, before the darkness engulfed them, both of them had started taking damage.

It was an attack that could not be blocked nor reduced. Initially, the damage were dropping "-1" and "-1". However, they stepped further into the cave the numbers shot up higher and higher. Eventually, in just 40 meters into the cave, the damage they received per second had jumped as high as 500!

Neither of them knew how deep does the cave goes. If they were to recklessly walk deeper inside, the damage may reach as high as 10,000 damage per second!

"What do we do, Little Yang?!" Fatty Han started to be nervous.

Zhang Yang’s body started to sweat. He wiped away the dripping sweat on his face and tried consuming a bottle of [Fire Resistance Potion]. However, after taking a bottle, the damage remained the same. As time was of the essence, Zhang Yang had no other choice but to rely on his Inheritance Transformation.

"Go back. Out of the cave now. After we heal ourselves back to 100%, we will use our Transformation skills to rush in."

Zhang Yang felt that if the two Korean players could do it, so can they. He could not believe that they had more HP than Zhang Yang and Fatty Han after activating their Inheritance Transformations. Back then, the two Koreans had acquired the Phoenix pet when they were Level 150. At most, they should have 800,000 HP with a full set of Holy tier equipment. Naturally, they would have higher maximum HP if they had a strong Inheritance classes. Zhang Yang remembered that the two of them were just normal players with C or D class Inheritances. Or else, they would already be strong without the Phoenix pet.

Fatty Han was stunned at his sudden outrageous proposal. "Are you sure you wanna use the Transformation here? Who knows, we might run into a boss later?"

"We’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. For now, do you want a Legendary Beast as your pet?"

"Tch! Who knows whether the old fart was telling the truth!? We are only Level 120. How is it possible to obtain the Phoenix Celestial tier pet? At most, I think the Phoenix would be an Ethereal tier!"

Zhang Yang blinked repeatedly. He could not believe that the man had said something that made sense! Still, his prediction and assumption was true to a certain extent. Even though the old man Kronoss sounded as if he was exaggerating the prowess of the Phoenix, the system would never just release a Celestial tier pet at the current stage of the game. It would break the game’s balance!

Having a powerful Inheritance Transformation comes with a price. It has 72 hours long cooldown! However, a Celestial pet will always be a Celestial pet!

Zhang Yang snickered awkwardly. "It’s fine. At the most, the cooldown is 3 days. There aren’t really any bosses to fight these days, anyway. Might as well use it now!"

Fatty Han crossed his arms as his mount was gnawing on recovery snacks. He nodded eventually after Zhang Yang had explained the risk of not activating Transformations. Although he agreed, Fatty Han felt that it was a wasted usage of Transformations.

They were still in the cave, since Zhang Yang had realized that they were able to consume recovery snacks despite taking damage. As they HP reached the high point, both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han activated their Transformation skills and flew deeper into the cave. While Zhang Yang wings were wide and radiant, Fatty Han’s were dull, dark and spiky. Zhang Yang’s character was glowing brightly like the sun while Fatty Han’s character had turned pale white. He had even fangs growing in his mouth! Side by side, Zhang Yang was more on the cool side, while Fatty Han was more towards evil.

Fatty Han sulked and said, "Next time, don’t Transform next to me. You’ll complete overshadow me with your handsomeness!"

"Ah huh. Right. Don’t waste time. 2 hours is not much time to waste." Zhang Yang did not fly. Instead, he accompanied Fatty Han on the ground. The useless Fatty Han does not have flight ability even after activating his Transformation skill. He could gain a temporary flight ability by using {Bat Form}. However, the EP required to activate would it meant it would last for only 30 seconds and have 30 minutes long cooldown. It was a skill to restore HP instead of flying.

The two of them sprinted. As they did, the temperature in the cave started to grow higher. The damage they received from the burn had increased drastically from 500 to 700, and even reached as high as 5,000! By then, the cave walls were glowing red-hot. Even the ground felt soft and squishy! The rocks below the ground that had melted!

"Holy %@$#%^@$$@! This is @#%^&@$% hot! F*ck me!" cried Fatty Han.

"I’m almost out of HP!"

Zhang Yang frowned. "Use {Bat Form} to suck my HP!"

Zhang Yang smiled. "Genius!"

At that moment, both Fatty Han and Zhang Yang had reached their maximum EP. He then split apart into 10 individual bats and latched themselves onto Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang spread out his wings and shot like a missile as quickly as possible.

"Fatty! Don’t revert back to your human form even when your HP is fully recovered! I can still take us further!"


The bats that had latched on to Zhang Yang were immune to the fire damage around, allowing Fatty Han to gain a temporary form of invincibility. After 30 seconds, Fatty Han had reverted back to his normal form and had regained full HP. The damage around had reached a staggering 10,000 damage. Fatty Han could last for 5 minutes with his 3,000,000 HP.


Zhang Yang managed to zoom out a tiny hole and came to a large chamber. Fatty Han’s {Bat Form} ended just in time and he landed on the floor.

The chamber was well lit and it was as large as a basketball stadium. The walls, ground, and even the ceiling were glowing ominously. There were sparks of fire that burst out of the walls. Sitting quietly in the deepest corner of the cave were two red eggs. The eggs were as large as a American football. Since it was large and possess a deeper red hue, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were able to spot it immediately.

"Little Yang!" Fatty Han widened his eyes in delight. "There are two eggs!"

In the beginning, Fatty Han was extremely frustrated. He had thought that there would only be one Phoenix and had kept on debating with himself. Being a brother, he should let Zhang Yang take it since he was the superstar. However…deep down, he too wanted the Phoenix! When Fatty Han saw that there was one for each of them, he was extremely grateful!

Was this the bug in the game that the two Koreans had mentioned about? There should be only one Phoenix but now, there are two eggs!

So be it, take the egg first!

"Go!" Zhang Yang yelled.

Fatty Han sprinted with all his might. Zhang Yang flew closely behind him and the two of them swiped one egg each.

[Blazing Fire Phoenix: Incubation Phase] (Hunter’s Pet)

Use: Drip blood over the shell to form a pact and obtain a Blazing Fire Phoenix as your pet.

Binds upon pick-up.

Hm. Bound. It was expected.

The two of them quickly tore a piece of [Teleportation Scroll] but was quickly interrupted by the damage tick. Teleporting requires uninterrupted channeling!

Zhang Yang quickly equipped the [Lover’s Charm: Yang] and had quickly asked Han Ying Xue to put on hers. After a few seconds, Zhang Yang disappeared with a quick blink. As he arrived at Han Ying Xue’s side, Zhang Yang put on the [Party Summon Order] and pulled Fatty Han out of the sea of fire.

"FUAH~ Cool air!! I’m alive! I’m alive!" Fatty Han dropped to the ground and sighed heavily. He spread his legs and hands all over the floor, not realizing Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue had left him alone.

"Hey! Wait!" Fatty Han got up and chased after Zhang Yang.

"Let’s crack the eggs!"

"Eggs?" Han Ying Xue turned around quicker than Zhang Yang. She was practicing cookery at that moment. She had learned that through food and cooking, a woman could reach a man’s heart! She had learned it through woman’s magazines and other female friends like Daffodil Daydream. If she were to ask Fatty Han, the open closet pervert would say something like, to earn a man’s love, the woman must be able to pleasure his dingdong at all times. After that, she would hold on to it and never let go!

"Little Yang and I had just obtained a Phoenix’s egg!" cried Fatty Han.

"I see. Well, hand it over. I can try and make Phoenix’s egg omelet!"

Zhang Yang laughed and took out his egg and gave it to Han Ying Xue. "You can try!"

Han Ying Xue cocked her head and raise her eyebrow. When she took the egg, it immediately disappeared from her hands. It reappeared inside Zhang Yang inventory. It was the "bound" effect. Once an item is bound to a player, it cannot be taken away forcefully.

With shaky hands, Fatty Han took out his egg. With another hand, he used one of his arrowheads and prick the tip of his finger and drip the flowing blood onto the Phoenix egg.

Once the blood touched the surface of the shell, the egg made a cracking sound, followed by the appearance of a big crack on the shell. The cracking continued and eventually, the small fiery bird was nestled on his palm. There was still a tiny hat-like shell that was stuck on its fluffy little head which Fatty Han helped to remove. The chick was completely dyed in a deep red color. The newly formed feathers on its body had a flowing, swirly effect which made it extremely beautiful.

"Woah!" Han Ying Xue cried. "It’s so beautiful!"

She turned to Zhang Yang swiftly and said, "Get me one!"

Zhang Yang shrunk away from her and sulked. It was a Unique beast. One of a kind. Or rather, two of a kind!

"Why? What’s mine is yours! What’s yours is mine!" Zhang Yang laughed awkwardly.

He too, took out his egg and dripped his blood on it.

[Blazing Fire Phoenix] (Black-Steel Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 0

HP: 50

Defense: 0

Attack: 3 – 5 (Melee Attack, Fire Damage) (Attack Interval: 2 seconds)


[Evolve]: Can evolve to gain a tier. Next tier: Green-Copper. Level Requirement: 10.

Since Zhang Yang was not a Hunter and the Phoenix pet was a battle pet specifically made for Hunter, the Phoenix pet had become a mount in his hands. The difference between the norm was normal mounts will be in the state of a pet before it reached Level 30. On the other hand, the Phoenix pet was already summoned out as a Battle Mount!

However, at Level 0, the Phoenix could not be mounted. How could he? One single step and the pretty bird will be squashed. Hence, the Phoenix pet then could not be mounted.

"Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Don’t tell me I’ve wasted 11 days camping in the snow just to get a Black-Steel tier pet!? WTF!? COME ON! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!" Fatty Han screamed to the high heavens which immediately drew the attention of a few players around for a brief second.

"…Stupid fool!" Zhang Yang slapped Fatty Han in the face.

"Look at the skill! Don’t you see that it could evolve to gain tier?!"

"So what?! The next tier is only going to be a Green-Copper!" Fatty Han retaliated and cried like a kid that had lost his toy.

"Oh my god! May the great Buddha have mercy on your soul! Stupid f*ck! Who told you that the highest tier it can reach is Green-Copper?! There’s still Gray-Silver, Yellow-Gold, and many more tiers!" Zhang Yang snarled.

"…Oh!" Fatty Han stopped sulking and smiled innocently. "How come I never thought about it! Haha! My bad!"

"F*ck off, you! Go and train or something." Zhang Yang slapped Fatty Han in the back.

"Owwie!" Fatty Han grunted and left. "Thanks for everything, Little Yang. I’ll go and grind the little chicken’s Level for now!"

Han Ying Xue insisted on continuing to practice her cooking Profession, so, Zhang Yang was left alone to do his own thing. Zhang Yang bade Han Ying Xue farewell and went off to a field packed with monsters. Right there, Zhang Yang summoned the little fiery bird and let it roam around for a while. The little feather ball had imprinted Zhang Yang as its mother and stayed around Zhang Yang. Every time Zhang Yang moved a step, the little chick would have chirped a little and followed Zhang Yang closely. The little chick would occasionally burn a few grass around it with its tiny flamethrower.

If Wei Yan Er was there, she would definitely be pestering Zhang Yang to hold on to the chick. He could not deny that he too was dazzled by its cuteness. Its big eyes were almost half of its head!

"Big brother! Felice could feel a tremendous amount of energy from within the little bird!" said Felice after Zhang Yang summoned her to start killing monsters. Previously, when Zhang Yang and Fatty Han was in the oven, he could not have summoned her, for she might be burnt to death!

"Ji! Ji! Ji ji!" The little Phoenix chirped happily as it saw the big sister standing next to Zhang Yang.

"Hm. Little Felice, this bird is a Legendary Beast! Probably the last of its kind!" said Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang kited a few hundred of monsters with a single trail and wallop them all with a single {God of War Crushing Strike}. The counter for the God of Wat Transformation skill had not yet ended ever since they obtained the egg from the cave.



More than 100 damage texts jumped out, covering and overlapping each other after Zhang Yang struck the ground. The monsters around were elite tiers. The strike dealt more than 30% of their HP in an instant. Felice morphed into her Dragonhawk form and shot out to the field to finish them off.

Even though the little Phoenix was still in its juvenile stage, it did not stand helplessly. Instead, the chick ran up to several monsters and spat some fire. Although the little chick could not deal much damage, Zhang Yang was extremely surprised to see that its flamethrower attack could hit three targets at the same time!

Was that its normal attack? It was the same when Zhang Yang had fought the dragon. Its dragon breath skill could deal AoE attack damage even though it was not an active skill. In fact, it was also a magic attack which could ignore Defense!

Woah…As expected of a Celestial tier pet. Even though it was still a baby, it was already frighteningly powerful!

With a few more attacks from Zhang Yang in his Transformation skill, all the monsters that he had kited around were killed in a matter of minutes. As such, the little chick gained so many levels that the pillar of light did not seem to dissipate, like it was permanently there!

[Blazing Fire Phoenix] (Green Copper Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 10

HP: 1,200

Defense: 100

Attack: 183 – 243 (Melee Attack, Fire Damage) (Attack Interval: 2 seconds)


[Fire Build (Passive)]: Gains immunity against Fire attack. Able to consume Fire-based attacks and restore the same amount of HP based on the attack. Receives 50% increased Frost Damage.

[Evolve]: Can evolve to gain a tier. Next tier: Gray-Silver. Level Requirement: 20.

A short while later, Zhang Yang train killed more monsters.

[Blazing Fire Phoenix] (Gray-Silver Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 20

HP: 4,000

Defense: 300

Attack: 1,017 – 1,217 (Melee Attack, Fire Damage) (Attack Interval: 2 seconds)


[Fire Build (Passive)]: Gains immunity against Fire attack. Able to consume Fire-based attacks and restore the same amount of HP based on the attack. Receives 50% increase Frost Damage.

[Reborn from the Ashes (Passive)]: Revives from the flames upon death. Restores 100% HP and resets all skills that has less than a 24 hours cooldown. Cooldown: 24 hours.

[Evolve]: Can evolve to gain a tier. Next tier: Yellow-Gold. Level Requirement: 50

After a whole day of grinding, Zhang Yang was able to push the Phoenix’s Level to Level 124 which was the current limit since Zhang Yang was also Level 124. As such, the final result for the Phoenix was simply horrifying!

[Blazing Fire Phoenix] (Mythical Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 124

HP: 267,720 (Vitality Aura)

Defense: 5,200

Attack: 31,436 – 41,436 (Melee Attack, Fire Damage) (Attack Interval: 2 seconds)


[Fire Build (Passive)]: Gains immunity against Fire attacks. Able to consume Fire-based attack and restore the same amount of HP based on the attack. Receives 50% increased Frost Damage.

[Reborn from the Ashes (Passive)]: Revive from the flames upon death. Restores 100% HP and resets all skills that has less than 24 hours cooldown. Cooldown: 24 hours.

[Phoenix Transformation]: Gains 2000% HP, 300% Attack, 300% Defense. Lasts for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours.

[Forbidden Firefall]: Summons a rain of fire, deals damage equivalent to the current melee Fire attack every second to all targets within 100 meters x 100 meters area. Lasts for 30 seconds. Can only be used in {Phoenix Transformation}. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

[Adaptability]: Can shrink itself to fit in smaller environments.

[Evolve]: Can evolve to gain a tier. Next tier: Ethereal. Level Requirement: 140

[Shared Life (Passive)]: Combines the HP of both the pet and the master.