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Chapter 621: Death Arbiter

Chapter 621: Death Arbiter

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"It keeps getting stronger!" Every time Fatty Han’s Phoenix pet evolved into the next tier, Fatty Han would never fail to report it to Zhang Yang until the pet reached Level 120. By then, Fatty Han’s voice was already cracking with joy.

Zhang Yang could understand why Fatty Han was so excited about the Phoenix, as well as why Hundred Shots would be able to stand over A class Inheritance players despite only having a C class Inheritance… or was it B class? Zhang Yang could not remember it clearly. The reason was due to the skill [Phoenix Transformation]. If Zhang Yang’s Phoenix had such a skill, the Red Dragon pet that Hundred Shot would definitely possess a similar skill. The skill had to have similar effects as well.

When a player activates the Inheritance Transformation, the mount would not obtain the Transformation boost effect. Even though B class Inheritance and lower could be mounted after Transforming, the added bonus of the battle mount would be too small. However, the Phoenix pet’s Transformation skill was like a pet’s version of an Inheritance Transformation skill. The power when the master and the beast unleashes their Transformation skills would be ridiculous!

The pet phoenix will become stronger as time goes, which allows growth, just like a player gaining more power via equipment. Let’s do a mental comparison between the strength of a regular battle mount and the Phoenix pet.

Player X is an A class Inheritance player with 150,000 HP, (The highest non-tank player), with an average attack damage of 35,000 (based on Zhang Yang own’s attack), and owns a Violet-Platinum pet (normal) with 35,000 attack damage.

Player Z is a B class Inheritance player that has all the same stats and equipment of Player X. Player Z’s pet will be the Phoenix pet with 150,000 HP and 35,000 attack damage.

The only difference between Player X and Z would be their Inheritances.

After activating their Inheritance Transformation skill, Player X would have 4,500,000 HP and 175,000 attack damage (along with the damage of the pet).

Player Z would have over 6,000,000 HP. (Shared Life + Transformation bonus of both pet and the player). Attack damage of 210,000!

Hence, the player with the Phoenix pet will overwhelm the other player despite having lower class Inheritance. It was better and more flexible since the pet and the player would activate their Transformation skills at different times.

The strongest skill of the Phoenix pet was the skill {Forbidden Firefall} that can only be used in the Transformation form. It was a full-screen Tornado Cleave! A super-enhanced AoE attack skill! Plus, it was also 30 seconds of DoT! A miniature version of a {Forbidden Scroll}!

No wonder the skill could have the name tag "Forbidden"!

Thought the Phoenix pet does not have many attacking skills in its normal form, its attack would already be enough to cause havoc! When the Blazing Fire Phoenix reaches Level 100, its normal attack, the flamethrower attack would reach as far as 10 meters. Even though it was not very wide, it was similar to an AoE attack! All targets in the line of attack will receive damage! Furthermore, it had only a 2-second attack interval! The damage was either equivalent, or stronger than the Thunderhawk!

The only drawback of the Phoenix pet was that it could not learn additional skills from skill books. Instead, it will gain skills as it evolves.

As a conclusion, the pet truly deserved to be called a Legendary Beast!

"Guild master. I have urgent news for you. The Myth is issuing us a challenge to duel!" Just when Zhang Yang was about to test out the Phoenix’s attack capability in further maps, he received a message from a random guild member.

Zhang Yang was surprised but he remained calm. "The Myth? Hmph. What does Liu Wei want now. Does he not know when to stop?"

The guild The Myth was a "rejected" customer of Morning Town. Like the poor, unfortunate players of Japan and Korea, they would have to travel a long distance through the Ten Barren Sea to reach the Chaos Realm. As such, it was extremely inconvenient, not to mention the time wasted. Hence, the trouble that was self-imposed on them had made them rather grumpy.

"They have a Berserker! He is very strong! Right now, he is waiting in Morning Town! He has challenged only Lone Desert Smoke and had already defeated most of us!"

Zhang Yang snickered. "Alright. Sent Galileo in. Let the two Berserkers have a go!"

Zhang Yang had not cared about the menial dispute and continued on to the outskirts of Morning Town to kill. Compared to Zhang Yang himself, the Blazing Fire Phoenix’s AoE attack were much stronger! One single blast of fire could cover an area so long that it could rival {Blast Wave}! Though the Phoenix’s fire attacks were extremely potent and fatal!

At such rate of killing, Zhang Yang had the confidence to gain a Level in just 5 days! That is, if they had enough monsters to kill in the first place. He wanted to reach Level 130 before he departs for Los Angeles for the World Championship. If he could, he would be able to equip a few new equipment! Felice and Phoenix would also gain a new tier upgrade!

"Guild master. I’ve lost."

Roughly half an hour later, the little boy had reported his loss with a solemn voice.

Zhang Yang was thrown. "How could it be?"

The little boy was a skilled player who learned at an extremely fast pace. His PvP skills were also above average! He also had the B class Light and Shadow Inheritance and an array of strong equipment. Yet, he lost the fight? Zhang Yang was greatly intrigued. "Who is the enemy?"

"A player named Death Arbiter. Level 120. His equipment was better than mine. He too, had a B class Inheritance. I was completely outmatched by his skill! I lost the match badly!" said Galileo.

Death Arbiter.

For someone to defeat Galileo in a fair fight, the player must be someone strong and not some random player who had come out of nowhere. Death Arbiter was a famous player in Zhang Yang’s previous lifetime. In fact, the person could be one of the top 3 Berserkers in the whole world. The problem was, he had recalled that Death Arbiter was a core member of Rolling Rocks guild. Perhaps, due to Zhang Yang interference, something had changed the outcome, causing Death Arbiter to move to The Myth instead.

"There’s no shame in losing. Just don’t give up. Improve. Overcome. Improvise. Train harder so you could fight back next time!"

Zhang Yang sighed. He knew it was going to be messy if he goes to the scene. However, as a guild master, he had the obligation to retaliate. Zhang Yang unsummoned both Felice and Phoenix before teleporting back to Morning Town.

In town, Felice would not draw much attention other than regular perverts. On the other way, it’s the Phoenix that he was worried about. The bird was huge and not to mention, fiery. If he had flown in with the bird, its wide 10 meters long wings and 30 meters long fiery tail would surely be the center of attention. Unlike other people, Zhang Yang does not like to attract random eyeballs to glare at him.

Zhang Yang walked casually towards the center plaza and saw Death Arbiter standing at the center of it taking all the limelight. There were buildings around the plaza which was filled with players. Players were completely jammed pack together like sardines in a can. Zhang Yang could not even move closer to the make-shift arena and could only stand behind the massive crowd. Zhang Yang wished he could join the players that were in the sky, riding on their flying mounts, rather than standing among the noisy crowd on the ground. However, thanks to the noise, Zhang Yang could pick up a few chatters regarding about the fight.

"That dude is strong! He had defeated Galileo!"

"Why? Was Galileo strong to begin with?"

"Yeah! He is the main attacker for Lone Desert Smoke secondary raid team!"

"Death Arbiter…The guy is indeed strong. Why haven’t we heard of his name before?"

"You’re the only one that had never heard of his name. The guy is famous. Before he joined The Myth, Death Arbiter was the main attacker for the guild Goldilocks. However, since the guild was only a small guild. The equipment that the guild could provide was not on par. Even the guild’s own Battle Team were not as strong as they could only fight in the C class Professional League. Hence, the man decided to leave the guild to join The Myth. I heard that the guild master had a high expectation of him and spent a fortune to buy him the equipment he needed. The guild master had also used all his members just to help the man to level up!"

"Holy cow! If only someone treated me the same way! I’d sell my soul to him!"

"Probably no one would."

"What does that mean?"

"I don’t have to explain."


While everyone was busy chatting, Zhang Yang tried to recall the past history of Death Arbiter. He was an Orc Warrior and had a set of armor that gave off a particular metallic luster. Based on the appearance, Zhang Yang deduced that the man was wearing a full set of Mythical tier equipment. Perhaps, only the ring and necklace were Violet-Platinum tier.

Hm…That’s a lot of money spent… By then, Mythical tier equipment were extremely expensive and rare. Some of them even could not be bought with money alone. If Liu Wei had sorted out the equipment for Death Arbiter, he must have done something else than just throw out cash.

"Good job!" Liu Wei clapped his hands when Dearth Arbiter had taken down two to three more Lone Desert Smoke members that had confronted the man.

With his arms crossed, the man looked down to all the spectators and bellowed, "Is there no more strong players in Lone Desert Smoke? Is that what you have to offer? How dare you call yourself China’s number one guild! You cannot even defeat a nameless player of a small guild! It’s a shame that the world is looking up at a disgraceful guild!"

"Did he just insult us?"

"WTF did he just say?"

"Ayy! You wanna fight!?"

"I’ll fight you here and now!"

Many players were stupid enough to fall for Liu Wei petty provocations and started to push forward into the plaza.

Liu Wei stood still and glared at the players with condescending eyes. "Look at you all. None of you could stand alone and fight and have to rely on numbers to defeat a single person. Such a shame. So be it. Come! Come at me with all your wrath! I shall stream this live, for the entire nation to see! See what their representative guild had fallen!"

"Pfft! Well said guild master! Lone Desert Smoke might have the numbers, but where are the strong ones!"

"Hmph! None could defeat our Death bro here!"

The players of The Myth had naturally stood with Liu Wei. In fact, there were a few other guilds members had voiced out their disdain towards Lone Desert Smoke. As such, there was nothing Lone Desert Smoke could do at the moment. All they could do was to clench their fist and swallow their pride. Streaming? There’s no need to do that. The crowd around them was enough to put shame on the guild since they could not put up a solo 1v1 fight with Death Arbiter.

Death Arbiter laughed. "I do not mind a group fight. You…you…Let’s see. 1,2,3,4…Hm…All 13 of you, come at me! None of you could even put a dent on me!"


Even fuming with rage, all the Lone Desert Smoke had not rushed in.

"Come on! Why are you not attacking?" Death Arbiter struck his axe to the ground and said, "Do you want me to replace my axe with a Level 10 White-Wood tier axe? Guild master, have someone deliver a White-Wood axe here, please. I’m afraid they would not dare to attack me if I am not using a noob axe!"

"HAHAHAHA!" Laughter blasted in the town as players from The Myth laughed with disdain. Even players that had no business in the fight had laughed as well. Naturally, the spectators were there to watch the fight. They had no inclination to support either side. However, even though most of them had a negative perception toward Liu Wei, Death Arbiter however, was able to win the support of the crowd fair and square.

In the end, a strong player will always win the support of mass.